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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reincarnation and Aliens The Earth School

Nothing fascinates me quite so much as reincarnation and all things applicable.

If you are already familiar with my writing and thought process, then you know that I am a meticulous thinker, analyzing every thing to death and always on the look out for new ways to approach old ideas.

Now, if we've heard the old/new age adage which proclaims earth as a school for developing souls, we've heard it a million times already. Granted. But sometimes when you've become saturated with an idea, or a label, you cease to think about what it really means. Similar to gravity. We all 'get' the idea, but no one is exactly sure of the whys and wherefores. So we agree to a common term, but that's about as far as our edification goes.

Whether or not we like it, death will come to us all. For something so inescapable, we do everything in our power to pretend like it doesn't exist. Even though we may know something intellectually, emotionally we shove anything we don't like under the mental carpet and blithely go our lackadaisical way.

As comforting as the label of reincarnation may be [giving us some meagre assurance that we won't be totally screwed], we're still somewhat fuzzy on the mechanics of death/rebirth and would rather leave the details to be dealt with when the dreadful time arrives. Which, honestly, is about the most asinine behavior I can think of.

For if there is anything that should concern us more than the preservation of our conscious awareness ... I can't think of what that something would be. I am 110% serious when I say this.

Even with the full-on albeit unpleasant realization that we have only a handful of decades to call our own, humans have this ridiculous tendency to obsess over such fleeting and transient concerns such as money, sex, appearance, status ad infinitude. And yet, the ONE major in-your-face obstacle we face as individuals AND a species is the one thing we prefer to overlook.

Or, if not overlook, we 'like' to hand off this issue to a higher power[s], God, Jesus, whomever. Our modus operandi is to wash our hands of the whole inconvenient mess and let Someone or something else assume responsibility for what should actually be our ultimate self-responsibility.

And that, of course, is virtually on the same par with those who accept certain things as inescapable fates, or discount the possibility of post-mortem survival period.

As both individuals and a species, I think we are out of our collective minds. The one major problem that should be first and foremost on the human list of *problems to be solved* is rather sadly relegated to superstition and apathy. Until man achieves the free transference of consciousness/immortality, we've got a sticky wicket on our hands and we need to do something about it. The sooner the better.

That's my opinion and I stand by it.

Alright then. Moving on from the mini-rant - as having stated the above I hope to have hammered home the importance of what I'm about to delve into: what may we expect to encounter/be subject to after death and what may we do about it?

It's one thing to get emotional and become all weepy-eyed at the notion of administering angels, reunions with loved ones, beings of light, soul teachers and guides and the usual list of suspects. It's quite another thing to take a hard look at the big picture [or that portion visible thereof] and begin putting the pieces together.

And the best way to assemble those pieces is by gathering all the common denominators together in one tidy pile with plenty of room on the table to add a few more should the need arise. Which it will, you can bet on it.

From NDEs to OBEs, from some of the most ancient systems of worship available for study, from the Sun [Ra] God of Egypt to modern day remote viewing, dreams, channelings, alien and contactee messaging, ad nauseum ... there is a great deal of talk about the human soul cycling, as it were, through multiple incarnations as a method used for ethical advancement.

Note the word *ethical*. Ding, ding, ding. Any bells going off here, folks? Every time we turn around someone is suggesting that the human soul is in the process of development. To become more loving, more aware, more selfless and less materialistic [which may be interpreted as become less *survival* driven].

All these chastisements and admonitions have one major common denominator and that is the development of ethical behavior.

Okay. The next question that should be asked is ... why the need? If we cease to exist once the body buys the farm, what is the point? Yet, if we DO continue to exist in some conscious, self-aware fashion, then where is this ethical behavior to be applied?

Just as it wouldn't make any sense to put a man through years of compulsory schooling regarding mathematics were he not to utilize it somewhere down the road, so it makes little to no sense for a soul to reincarnate, to develop a heightened awareness of ethics ... unless there was a NEED for such.

Like I said. It's dandy to feel all mystical and dewy-eyed at the thought of The City of Light/Heaven, so to speak. But to stop there is trivializing the entire process of what *appears* to be an extremely well-thought out and massively complicated project.

Somebody[s] has attached a tremendous amount of effort into rehabilitating a conscious, self-aware and intelligent species [homo sapiens]. Somebody appears to be fairly determined to help/push our species, to guide our development and *tame* or overcome man's primitive animal instincts.

Taking the above into account, what can we logically deduce about our mysterious teachers/guides/angels/Somebody[s]?

1) Ethics is highly prized. As above, so below kinda thing. You cannot teach someone what is unknown to you, therefore, it is safe to surmise that Somebody is part/parcel an ethical being/species/race and so forth.

2) Were human souls to be a one-hit wonder, a shot in the dark, with no continuance nor interaction with other beings once the dirt is piled on our coffins, then such a teaching program would be worthless. Therefore, let's conclude that we do indeed live & function and have the ability to affect/influence other life forms post mortem.

Now, an important item to consider, along with human continuance, is that while we *assume* this life after death to be sort of a *gift* to man from these spiritual teachers, that is an assumption that actually may not be true.

It's easy to get things jumbled up and assign credit where it doesn't necessarily belong. Just because Somebody has taken us [willingly?] in hand, does not or should not imply they are responsible for what could be a system of nature or the primary *Source* as already set in motion. We simply don't know.

But as matters do suggest that this Somebody[s] has gone to all the trouble to impart ethics to the savages, then ...

3) It is entirely likely that we [humans and our teachers] will at some point, or already DO, share a common environment. Think of it as living on the Savanna and it really being in your *best interest* to tame/train all those wild and unpredictable mosquitoes or lions, for both their good and your own.

4) So these Somebodies ... let's call them X now as I'm getting fatigued with all this typing ... X may be looked upon as either themselves assigned to taming man, or having this task assigned to them. With simply gallons of souls to deal with, to *track*, keep records on, to pop in and out of bodies like we are canning pickles in some ultra-fancy factory ... there has to be set in place a methodology or system at play.

Since I don't believe in magic, the closest analogy would be to call this process a technology. X either works in a high-tech factory, or owns the whole damn thing. Who knows? But taking into consideration how amazingly capable we primitive creatures have succeeded in advancing our own tech toys [nanotechnology just blows my mind!], can you imagine the technology that X must have, and would HAVE to have at it's disposal?

And given that all we hear is Light this, and Light that, it seems that X's technology would certainly seem to be some heretofore unknown type of technology using light, an advanced version of what we humans are currently twiddling with I imagine.

I mean, you can't hardly have an NDE without falling into some tunnel or light construct nowadays. Either X IS light, or has achieved/utilizes light as a means of consciousness *encapsulation*. Something along these lines, I believe.

You know, man is so small, and the universe so immense, that it is hard to say what business is being conducted beyond our puny senses. We're cute, and earnest, and often take ourselves so incredibly seriously, that we tend to forget that there is a rather large back yard we are playing within.

I know there are schools of belief that promote the idea of man's eternity in regards to the idea of continual, infinite worship [harps, song, whathaveyou] of some celestial Super-Being. Call this being what you will. HOWEVER, what passes for evidence combined with eons of antidote more than implies that man will have a lot more on his post-mortem plate than such superficial activity.

And I am exceedingly curious about X. There's plenty more I've thought upon, and have to suggest, beyond what I've written above. I don't know if a single whit of it smacks of accuracy or not. These are just my musings and nothing more. They aren't meant to be anything greater than what they are - and that is food for thought.

So I'll stop here and really, truly try to continue this train of thought as soon as possible. Sometimes the body tires before the mind is willing to take a time out, but that's how my story goes. In the meantime, thank you for visiting.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 End of Days

The much anticipated year 2012 has duly arrived. Man's penchant for doom and gloom, for all things apocalyptic has perhaps never been greater. We wait, each of us - some in trepidation, some with gleeful expectation - to see exactly how the infamous 2012 Mayan calendar end game plays out.

It seems everyone has an opinion regarding Dec 21, 2012. Is this the end times spoken of in various religious texts, will the Rapture be made manifest? Or does the Mayan calendar point to an astronomical event, something along the lines of the transit of Venus, or a rogue comet, meteorite or planetoid that poses a threat every X amount of years? Will Earth experience a massive CME [coronal mass ejection] the size of which deals a considerable blow to our world wide power grids? Maybe, God forbid, this is the year of epic natural disasters - will we see the eruption of a super volcano or will the North Atlantic current be affected to such a degree that we'll all be thrust unwittingly into a sudden ice age?

Could this be the year of confirmed extraterrestrial contact, or the year man manages to blow himself to collective smithereens? Perhaps 2012 will go down in history as the event that wasn't ... and we'll all awaken to the same *business as usual* on Jan. 1, 2013.

There are opinions upon opinions, and for every one of them comes pre-installed with an expert [self-proclaimed or otherwise] ready to enlighten us all as to what we may or may not expect to occur this upcoming December.

You know, calenders are funny things and sometimes go askew, requiring a bit of adjusting here or a few hours/days of subtracting there. Whatever the case may be, if I had to put my money on any particular ideology concerning the Mayan calendar - I would go with the astrological/astronomical theories.

And I say this, for what it's worth which certainly can't be much in today's uncertain market, because with rare exception nearly the entirety of man's early
civilizations paid some serious consideration to the movements of the heavens.

And I'm speaking far above and beyond the seasonal trackings which were, of course, a necessity for agriculture and so forth. Furthermore, unless I miss my guess, the Mayans weren't exactly a sea-faring people so navigating by the constellations, etc would not have been a priority.

No. There's simply no getting around the fact that the Mayans and their ilk, placed an untoward importance on the movements and tracking of the heavenly bodies. And this wasn't the kind of accuracy of information that could easily be gleaned over a generation or two.

For a civilization, or a culture, to predict with certainty that the movements of each constellation, or houses of the Zodiac, took 2,600 years to complete, then you can skippy well bet it took that culture a good 2,600 years [at least] to know this as fact. So when we take into consideration the vast amount of time, effort, and resources needed to comprise the Mayan calendar, it becomes clear to understand that this was not something the people took lightly.

Any endeavor of a people that takes away from or places a strain on survival/resource management, is an endeavor of high proportions. Especially those megalithic cultures that devoted absolutely gallons of manpower/resources in order to track the heavens. It goes without saying that someone placed a great deal of importance on what the heavens were doing, and where, and how often.

Simple religious fervor doesn't hold much weight and would almost certainly not be sufficient in and of itself, unless religious/mystical import had come to be associated with some event that could be astronomically tracked/predicted.

See, that's the sticky wicket we run into when we examine the origins of virtually all religions - that they are interwoven and heavily threaded through & through with astrology/astronomy, be they pagan or otherwise.

So back to the Mayans, et al. Somebody considered it extremely important to track the heavens. So much so that considerable man power was sacrificed that not only the specific generation at hand would be privy to the knowledge, but that it would be left in place - written in stone, as it were - for the edification of future generations.

Thus, no matter the mix of religion/spiritually that has come to obfuscate the importance of celestial knowledge, I'm inclined to believe that whatever potential *danger* we may face is a cyclic one, a threat that comes from the far, vast regions of outer space. A danger that our ancestors encountered and felt strongly enough about that they devoted considerable effort to track and predict when future generations might once again be threatened.

Or, and here's another improbable but not impossible theory. That man's early civilizations were given the knowledge by someone else. And that this Someone Else taught man the math by which to track the heavens.

Because really, when you get right down to it, either we were brilliant little things and somehow managed to put two and two together to make Pi, or someone else was kind enough to pass basic calculus onto the primitives when they weren't too busy waging war or hunting or procreating long enough to pay attention.

Now, it's not like man's myths, legends, & religions aren't absolutely swimming with hints on the above possibility. From the Sumerians to the Hebrews with a little Greek or Arabic thrown in for good measure, some God or Angel or Alien or Savior went about His business throwing bones to the local yokels. And except for the bloody wars trying to sort the whole mess out and establish once and for all who was right and who was wrong, thank you very much, Dear Someone.

On the other hand, man is a brilliant animal at best and it's entirely possible we have lived far longer on the face of this planet than commonly thought, and man discovered the importance of celestial knowledge and the associated mathematics all by his lonesome, if confused, self.

Either way you slice it, there's no argument to be had regarding our ancestors obsession with the heavens. And I don't mean in that wide eyed, awe-inspired way that most anthropologists condescendingly explain away early man's fascination with the heavens. Certainly there was that faction at one time or another, but the Mayans and so many other cultures obviously surpassed such endearing wonderment by leaps and bounds.

So, what exactly is it that those early civilizations held in such high regard or trepidation? I've read scads of information, both mainstream and otherwise, regarding the transit of Venus [Venus = Lucifer], the Oort Cloud, etc etc etc.
Whether or not the pseudo scientific Planet X, or Nibiru, or Marduk, I think
it's safe to say that at some point, if not this December, Earth will be affected/
threatened by an inner or outer planetary threat. Hopefully, by that time we will
have devised the means by which such a threat may be reduced, deflected or destroyed. Time will tell.

Do I think Jesus will return or aliens land on the White House lawn? No, I do not. Although if I'm wrong I certainly hope to watch the live updates on CNN.

Neither do I think mankind is ignorant/greedy/egocentric enough [as a whole, mind you] to blow himself or planet Earth to kingdom come. At least I hope not.

Do I think changes are in the air? Yes, that I do. Life is about change, for nothing else is so consistent. You can feel it, in those rare quiet moments between our daily onslaught of distractions.

But here is one last *thought* for both the doom Sayers and nay Sayers alike: live 2012 from your heart. Live each day in compassion, forgiveness and charity. Forget & forgive those who think differently from you. Forget the disbelievers, the sinners, the saints. If only for one stinking year each of us were to be the best most loving damn people we could be, and quit hurting each other, to cease comparing ourselves to one another, to put an end to bickering, gossip and that mindless, greedy beast called Ego that threatens to gobble everyone/everything in it's path ... what a year it would be!

This may sound heretical though I don't mean it as such, but CAN you imagine if each of us strove to be the BEST we could be, we wouldn't NEED a savior to return to do it for us. We HAVE the power, the ability and wisdom inside us to live in love, to do no harm. To respect the Earth and her creatures, to tread gently & lovingly with our fellow man, to turn a deaf ear to the clamoring of the ego and to tame our survival urge at the expense of everything else.

Whether or not 2012 ends with a bang or a whimper is not the point. The point IS to live each day in the best manner possible. That way, no matter how many or how few days remain in the collective hourglass, we have earned the right to rest content in the knowledge that we did the best we could.