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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dangerous Ghosts - Caution and Common Sense and The Famous Zombie Word Alert

(Time once again to get serious, resume 'work' and lay further foundation for the next round of paranormal exploration - The Sapient5)

Make no mistake: Whatever, whoever or however ghosts may be, they are real, as such, and sometimes pose a danger to those who chance within their range of interface.

Beyond the mere creation of tulpas/energetic thought forms - ghosts, at least those possessed with a modicum of self awareness and freedom of action, may exhibit envy of the living, confusion as regards their etheric state, and a deeply egotistic need to re-establish their place within the material/physical world.

However, as evidenced by right-brained dominant dream behavior by those of us still 'living', many ghosts may have little to no control in the sense of rational, logical and deductive reasoning skills necessary to successfully 'cope' within their new found plane of existence. They are hampered by the right side of the mirror-state of consciousness, and may require weeks, months, years, eons to fully grasp the mechanics required to operate within the astral (for lack of a better term) realm. When we consider how difficult it is for most of us to conduct ourselves with any degree of logical, left-brained behavior within our nightly dreams, so may the same hold true for humanity's deceased.

This is more important than many of the living realize, for one day they, too, shall walk** within these same etheric shoes and face the same dilemma. It is crucial now, while we are yet alive, that we learn to successfully negotiate the darkened corridors of the mind, how to tame and harness our emotions, and how to correctly recognize/read the metaphoric language of the right brain hemisphere - for we will surely 'flip' sides of the consciousness coin once our last breath has expired. Reality, as experienced by man's current state of consciousness, operates as a mirror device. The yin/yang; the primal dichotomy; the indrawn and outdrawn breath of God.

So then, with a greater understanding of the mechanics of death, and where we will someday find ourselves, what is it that makes a ghost, shade, spook, potentially dangerous to the living? It is precisely this right brain dominated state of operation, for there is less the influence of left brain rationality imposed upon the ego.

Consider the near manic height, the extreme of emotion as occasionally experienced in dreams. If we were to exhibit this degree of raw emotional response on a daily, waking beta state - we would be delusional at best and psychotic at worst. Emotions - in the dream state - are of such an unshackled variety, so raw with anguish, the intensity so unbearable as to render our morning awakenings a relief, an escape if you will. Now imagine that this emotional extreme was your normal, everyday modus operandi ...

That, I believe, is the danger - the inherent difficulty - of interfacing with the Dead, at least some of them. For whatever reason, (aside from the energetic recordings/playbacks and other non-sentient 'ghostly' interfaces), many of humanity's dead simply cannot be properly reasoned with. Literally, they may have truly 'lost' their ability TO reason. They no longer have access to their left brain faculties.

For these beings, the mirror is reversed. What was left becomes right, and so forth.

The solution, if such can be said, would be to gently, persistently stimulate the left brain functions of the deceased, and downplay the sensationalistic, emotion-inducing tactics displayed by the naive, curiosity seeking ghost hunter. Simply put, do not add more fuel to the fire. Do not feed the right brain state of the ghost, keep one's own emotions under tight check, and remain cool/calm.

Personally, I cringe whenever I see or hear about someone taunting or engaging in otherwise provocative behavior when they are trying to 'flush out' a suspected ghost. Such behavior would be deemed disrespectful, rude and aggressive by any living individual, and certainly cannot be appreciated by those who are not. Because, whether living or dead, people are still people - let's remember that from now on.

A final word of caution: in my opinion, the height of folly and irresponsible behavior comes about when we prowl around in sanitariums, prisons, abandoned hospitals and such in our quest for ghosts. These souls were ill/unpredictable/dangerous when alive. Death, with its tendency to flip consciousness, may not have improved matters any.

A little common sense seems to be in order.

Updated 9/3/2009:

I realize that some of my readers may not have a full understanding regarding the mirror state of consciousness in specific, nor the mirror state of reality in general. In all seriousness, I cannot recommend enough that interested individuals (or those who suspect they may have experienced interfaces with the deceased) familiarize themselves with this phenomenon of consciousness.

A truly excellent book on the subject, one of the best known to me and far more elucidating than my postings could ever hope to be, is called The Lost Secret of Death by Peter Novak. In absolute honesty, if one could ever hope to attain a rock-bottom foundation on which to build a sincerely educated understanding of the paranormal field, Mr. Novak's book is a must-have starting point. (as a quick aside, please check out my list of recommended books - there are many worthwhile ones on this list)

Furthermore, should an interested reader wish to validate the mirror state (or Binary Soul Doctrine) for himself, it is a simple matter best accomplished by paying the closest of attentions to any and all details as remembered in one's dreams. Given sufficient recollection, one will then notice/remember many suggestions of 'reversal'. E.g. - if one is short and plump with black hair in 'waking life', one may see themselves as tall, thin and blonde. And so forth.

Whether or not this yin/yang mirror phenonema is indicative of the true workings of reality, or simply how man's consciousness experiences reality, is a matter of debate (and a subject of no little import, in my opinion). I could go on, but I'll save this one for later postings ~

** Zombie Word Alert: While most humans can easily discern in advance an approaching zombie by his stiff, erratic gate, and thus seek a proper zombie-reinforced shelter or simply run like heck, behavioral scientists have recently noted a rather unfortunate similarity between the 'zombie walk' and pop-music enthusiasts clumsy rendition of 'walk like an Egyptian' dance moves. This mis-identification has led to several avoidable mishaps with shotguns, and as such, has led to a bill currently under consideration in Congress to ban dances such as The Funky Chicken, Egyptian Dance, The Frug, The Swim, and may go so far as to include The Mosh. Please write your local congressperson to protect your rights to simulate the Undead, as proposed under Article 1221-457 of the Anti-Zombie Act of 1997. Thank you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

2012 Prophets and Warnings : The Psychic Material, and the Famous Zombie Word Alert

December 21, 2012 :
Seth, Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce - the psychics were right all along?

In the mid 1980's I happened to chance across my first real exposure to psychic and channeled material via the writings of Ruth** Montgomery. As unique and interesting as I found her books to be, nevertheless there sat a rather large grain of salt on my shoulder as I plowed through book after book. Walk-ins, reincarnation, aliens and angels ... interesting, but not necessarily believable. Where was the proof?

Then along came Shirley MacLaine. She, too, had plenty to say and was quite good at saying it. In fact, one of the most interesting (to me) tidbits I tripped across was a little reference she made in regard to her oversoul or higher self (the sum total of who and what we really are). This OverSoul she described as having an oriental flavor, and the more she elaborated on her impressions of he/she/it, the more I realized that what she described was what, I, too had come to encounter more and more frequently in my imaginative musings. In fact, if such a thing could be true, then (as the years rolled by and I made comparisons in retrospect) the being she hinted at was most definitely cut from the same cloth as my own ... as though they shared the same species' traits. Again, interesting for what it was worth. But her accounts of aliens, UFOs, ETs, etc etc ... another grain of salt was added.

By 1989 or very early in the 1990's I was led further afield (psychic matters have a very definite way of doing that - leading the curious forward like stones in a pond) into the accounts of Edgar Cayce, which were not as easily understood/translatable as the other psychics' material. (Thank God I had not first started with the Seth Material).

Edgar Cayce, certainly very detailed as his accounts were given as to his bodily and etheric states, held a deeper fascination for me as now we were at last getting into the meat of the matter, the psychic potato patch, and I devoured his books of guides, guardians and prophetic events. Little did I then know of things quantum or energetic, but the ground was fertile for future planting and, with a firmer understanding upon which to build, my next foray led me to:

Jane Roberts, The Seth Material (btw - her Education of OverSoul 7 is one of the best I've yet to come across. If you haven't done so, get your hands on any or all of the Seth books. Absolutely the cream of the crop.) ... Seth, her channeled oversoul, was a prolific and erudite speaker. Not only did Seth go to considerable lengths to explain the workings of God (All That Is) and His extensions (we, the energy units - reincarnated and otherwise) - but he was verbose on the subject of what lay in man's most probable future (again, here I was introduced to the idea of probabilities/many worlds/string theory). However, in 1993, I simply could not believe - no matter how entertaining the dialogue - some of Seth's claims.

Always after his host, Jane Roberts, to cease her smoking - he remarked on how in the near future, cigarette smoking would become totally socially unacceptable and, those that continued to do so, would become ostracised for their habit. (As stubborn as Jane, I, too, continued to puff away because no blasted ghost, personality fragment, or channeled spook was going to dictate my God-given rights. Sigh.)

Furthermore, and more ominous yet, Seth spoke at great lengths about a severe economic breakdown, food wars, Global depression, oil shortages, climate change, the shift of the axis, and all manner of gloom & doom that seemed, well ... sensationalistic at best and plainly fabricated at worst.

Little did I know.

Then came the alien encounters. The Grays with their warnings and chastising. Unfortunately, much of the material at that time pointed directly or indirectly at the mark of the millennium, 2000, as the pivotal point, and when the year 2000 arrived with its business as usual ... it was hard to fathom that in a little more or less than a decade, the world would not quite BE THE SAME PLACE. In a word, to all intents and purposes, the psychics were actually right - by and large.

Given an overall excellent track record, where does that leave us now?

** Zombie Word Alert: Although hard on decaying teeth and gums, many zombies have a distinct sweet tooth (usually just the one and hanging by a visibly disgusting thread) and are simply gaa-gaa over Baby Ruths! Recent studies suggest that as high as 26% of the known Zombie population may be either diabetic or in stage 1 pre-diabetes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Paranormal Potluck and the Famous Zombie Word Alert

Or: How to Annoy Just About Everybody on the Other Side

I don't know why my mind works the way it does. Honestly. If I hadn't been so blasted sick these last few weeks, with one silly thing after another, we'd already be pineal deep in ghosts and aliens, and especially the shaping, making and dissection of a theoretical entity I've dubbed, at least for the moment, Sapient5 (beyond the Gray Aliens, you know) (Way beyond...)

Instead, I am sitting here scabbed over from 3 weeks of poison ivy. Despite my ego's insistence that I am an evolved and higher-minded 'old soul' - - - all that is apparently a LIE because, as I am sitting here typing these words, I am first and foremost an itchy and ill-tempered monkey and I want to feel better ASAP so I can get back to the things I.WANT.TO.DO.

Oh, ... I almost forgot ... I just turned 52 (both my bust and uterus are in a race to see which one can fall the fastest) so I'm also feeling the age thing this week. AND my favorite mouse has mysteriously shot craps; the one I've replaced it with is suspiciously contrary, roams, jumps text, and (it seems plausible) - is possessed by Satan.

So maybe it's the fever, or the fact that I seem to have a surfeit of ghosts/dead friends/relatives popping in and out of my dreams lately like paranormal popcorn ... but as my mind's a funny little thing and not always prone to high-minded matters ...

I thought it might be amusing to take a lighter look at Gray Aliens, ghoulies and goblins.
Why must we be so depressingly serious all the time anyway?

God, we love our drama! Someone is always trying to trick us, deceive us, use and abuse us. Enslave us. TPTB. A One World Order. We are always at the heart of some nefarious plot or other. The entire universe, astral plane, heaven and hell, et al ad nausea revolves (how apt) around mankind.

Sure it does.

We are high frequencied, 12-stranded DNA with some shut off, powered-down, forgetful and forgotten godlings who must - surprise surprise - resist the negative influences of our Earthly abode to enter into the 4th and 5th dimensional realms that call beyond the veil superimposed on humanity's awareness.


Mind you, I'm not stating that the above isn't true. It's just so 'old school'. So here's some new school stuff to kick around:

Think your home is haunted? By a real, sentient, self-aware entity/dead person? Not a self-generated poltergeist or energetic replay, but an honest to goodness ghost? Make up a few signs that read YOU ARE DEAD/THE YEAR IS NOW 2009/YOU MISSED THE LIGHT/etc etc and leave these around your home (you might want to put these away when company is expected).

Furthermore - due to the mirror effect of consciousness - letter these signs in the mirror/backwards fashion so they may be easily understood by the deceased. AND - if you don't feel like a complete fruit cake** doing this - rather than ordering your ghostly guest to begone - you might try communicating in this manner, at least for a couple of experimental shots just to see what happens. For example, invite your ghost to a game of chess, to watch a movie with you, enjoy a book reading and so forth. But do keep in mind that they are now the opposite of YOU - you are particle, they are wave. You are left brained, they are right. And so forth. Just play around and see what happens.

Or don't. It's your call, not mine.

More fun and frolic - want to test The Powers That Be? Want to see just how far you are or are NOT empowered? Okay then. Become neutral. Stop spewing your angst and energy all over heck and back like a firehose run amok. Do not emotionally react (to the news, to the alerts, to the economy, to the foreclosures, etc etc). Own your own energy. Don't picket, don't protest. Also, quit buying crap you don't need. Downsize from the 1,800 ft. home with three TVs that you don't need in the first place, and can no longer afford. Instead of whining and wailing, take a long walk. Do a little thinking. Come home and put your crap on eBay, host a neighborhood yard sale, buy a sack of flour and packet of yeast and learn how to bake your own bread. Quit surfing the Internet for things you don't need and can't afford. Walk to work. Use your head and save your heart. Clean up your own backyard before attempting to clean up the world. Mind your place. I know I get preachy, but really, it's all common sense. We just get so worked up over things seemingly beyond our control, we forget the basics.

Speaking of basics. You do understand how energetic focus actually works, I presume? It doesn't matter if the belief clothing is voodoo, hoodoo, Christianity, satanism, etc. All that is window dressing. Applied conscientious focus/directed energy is the key - in an Alpha brain wave state usually induced by monotone, ritual, candles, chant, and so forth. All else is minutia, when one gets right down to basics. Just like 'gravity' doesn't particularly 'care' if it's used for good or ill, the same applies to other energetic forces across the board. Energy is amoral.

And as such, it's fun to play with. And there is nothing disrespectful, sacrilegious or otherwise about it. The good/bad lays in how a person directs energy, that's all. An apple isn't bad, but if I chuck one at somebody's head and maybe do them an injury - that is bad. Capeesh? So I wonder what it would be like to take a slinky, or a tin can, or maybe a wad of chewing gum with a plastic flower jammed in the center, and direct my attention there?

Start looking for aliens and angels, look hard, and you'll begin to see them everywhere.

This is what reality does when it is impressed by consciousness. The harder/deeper/frequent the impression - the faster the result. For every action there is an equal/opposite RE-action. Remember this always.

Don't take your tulpas so seriously. Invite a ghost to dinner. Buy a toy babydoll and leave it for the aliens to 'abduct'. Put a glass of V8 on the nightstand for thirsty vampires. Plan a nice, quiet romantic evening with an Angel (remember, they do have a thing for the daughters of man - or so it was said). Play chess with a ouija board. ( I don't know why, but this just popped into my mind - has anyone ever thrown things BACK at a poltergeist??? )

Life, when we remember to be at peace with death, becomes just too, too funny.
Gentle play never hurt anyone ~

**Zombie Word Alert: No matter how well intentioned, it is never a good idea to give a zombie a fruit cake! Even if it's Christmas Eve, you're out of cash, the stores are closed, and Aunt Emma's lastest batch of holiday fruit cakes are buckling the kitchen counter. NEVER give a zombie a fruit cake. It is better to look like the cheapskate, low-life, self-centered puny human that you are, than to give one of the living dead something that could well turn out to be a deadly weapon used to smash your tasty brains out! God help us all if zombies should ever learn to cook...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Same Ol' Drama and the Famous Zombie Word Alert

Yesterday I spent many long, tedious hours surfing the Internet for information pertaining to the gray alien enigma, and - while this won't make me popular - I was absolutely appalled at the amount of utter nonsense b.s. I came across! What, in God's name, is wrong with people that they are so desperate for drama, for fiction, for conspiracy ... words simply fail me.

My intent, mind you, was to uncover complimentary information as might pertain to those I have dubbed Sapient5 (whom I will elaborate on in upcoming posts).

Sadly, what I encountered instead was a plethora of alleged races, beings, entities - akin to a game of Dungeons and Dragons - and, central to the purpose of these alien entities, was - naturally, man and/or planet Earth.

Same old song and dance.

So, let's pour ourselves a big cup of logic and regain a little objectivity, folks. I feel this is necessary before I proceed any further in my postings, since I never know where a 'noobie' has stepped in, nor what post he/she would happen to come across. Since this is my dime, my work, my life and time - I get to call the shots.

Still with me? Good.

Now, here is just a partial list of the supposed alien players I came across:




























+++ others**

Well now. I had no idea man was so important, nor Earth so coveted. Wouldn't you think that at least some of these species, especially those so highly evolved and technically superior, would have something better to do with their time? Or look for greener pastures? This nonsense is like turbo Star Wars.

So here's what I think. The known universe is huge. Immense. Really, really large. Lots of stars, planets, places to go and things to do. It only seems logical that there do exist countless species, races, lifeforms - higher, lower, sideways, etc - planted here and there. Has to be. Some of these we would no doubt recognize as sentient, others perhaps not. Irregardless, it's not too unlikely that at least one race out there has discovered Earth - though at what window of time would be a guess. Maybe yesterday, maybe three days after the mountains formed. Or maybe outside of time in a way we can't fully understand at the moment.

Nevertheless, a lot of what has been supposed as actual, living, material personages is actually early man's anthropomorphism of stars, planets, comets, and so forth. These weren't people, ok. So that knocks a few players off the ET board.

Reptilian blood drinkers? Satanists? Sounds like psychosis. And, despite the alleged need for these individuals to gain human energy through negative emotions, open portals, and so forth, at our early stage of the 21st century man, himself, can do better than that. We can induce all manner of brain wave states with, what has come to be, common technology. There is no need to skulk under cover of graveyards, inner sanctums, earthly ley lines and all the rest. A lot of work, a lot of risk, and very immature. If there is any shred of truth to this particular theory (negative reptilian energy/blood seeking portal opening/satan (Saturn btw) worshiping entities, they might as well as be walking to the grocery store instead of jumping in the car and pressing a gas pedal. Too inefficient, too much wasted time. The long way around. Doesn't make sense.

(now, I am certainly not stating that disturbed individuals do not exist, nor that there are no evolved, sentient reptilian entities about. But if they need our blood, flesh, etc there would be easier ways to obtain it. Any intelligent, powerful species would have discovered this, at least by coming into contact with man's own scientific advances in so many diverse areas. As far as a planned overthrow of the Planet, NWO, enslavement of human kind {although I do think we will eventually be united in a type of one-world-order}, okay... THEN what? The solar system? The galaxy? The universe? The multiverse? THEN what? doesn't make sense either, for consumption has its limits. As does power. THEN what? think about the end result here.)

Okay. So we have drama and intrigue out the wazzoo. Well, of course we do. Man is still animal enough, albeit intelligent enough, to engage in espionage, deceit, power play, survival struggle, yada yada ... and so we color all else with the same brush. Once WE evolve, so shall our antagonists, trust me. They always have, they always do. They always will.

As I see it, one of the largest hurdles and easiest areas in which to manipulate common man, is that we lamentably cannot imagine beyond what we know. We can imagine variations/combinations of those things, those traits, those purposes of which we are already familiar. But we cannot truly imagine that which is completely unfamiliar - in some way or shape - to information we already possess. The human brain simply does not allow for it. Thus, for man to enlarge upon his starting point, is a slow and tedious path, where in the end Z may be light years beyond its relationship to A, but still in all it was a continuous forward march with one step leading to the next. Anything, any color beyond our available spectrum, cannot be imagined nor understood. We have to acquire this understanding, this vision in a series of steps. Otherwise it is either invisible to us, or nonsensical magic. We have to earn our comprehension.

So here in again, we find ourselves embroiled in another war for what we possess. Sure, the players now have starships (maybe they always did?), they are either 1) disinterested (neutral) 2) for us (good guys) or 3) against us (bad guys). Or man against man, man against self, man against God/nature. Same ol, same ol.

With as utterly astounding and so rich a potential as life in our known universe must surely contain, we're never going to experience our share of it if we don't cut out the nonsense. Whether I am correct in this or not, time will tell. It usually does. But anything, anybody, any entity or lifeform allegedly still mired in the struggle for energetic/material 'goods' is truly not worth our while. We've been there, done that (still are). We need new friends to play with. We've (surely folks) outgrown the need for the same old drama, it gets us nowhere fast.

Let's try to stretch our boundaries just a wee bit. Break out of the perceptual/cultural box. Expand our imagination, our capabilities and ignore anything that keeps us within the same old worn-out paradigm. Let's take another step forward in our thinking. Until we open the door for higher exposure, we are standing in the dark. There are races, species, entities beyond our wildest imaginations. Forget the experts, no one agrees. Forget the drama of good vs evil, there is really no such thing.

Try thinking outside of the three-sided box (A, B, combination of both).

What would a species be like that has overcome entropy, survival need, time, space, matter, motives of altruism - curiosity - judgment, boredom, megalomania, apathy and desire? Where DO we go from here? How do we get beyond that which we are already familiar with? Can we? What characteristics, traits, agendas, goals, motives might there be that we have yet to conceive of? That is where we must turn our imaginative energies. And it has to be done laboriously, step by step.

A journey worth taking, I think.

** Zombie Word Alert: Others may or may not include zombies. No one really knows where their allegiance lies, as they are very tight lipped (those still possessing lips or a reasonable facsimile thereof) about their political/paranormal affiliations. When in conversation with a zombie, it is considered bad manners to inquire.