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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gray Alien Examination

Gray Alien Overview
In the interest of brevity, this article will presuppose a familiarity with the alien 'greys' on the part of the reader. It is beyond the scope and design of this article to debate the existence of greys. Rather, the article is intended to encourage thoughtful analysis based upon only ONE of perhaps many possibilities concerning what has been, iconically termed, the Grey.

The line of conjecture we will be exploring is this ... Alien Greys DO exist as physical lifeforms and what we may conclude from anecdotal (used here not as unreliable but simply unverifiable) evidence compiled from the vast amounts of material available - narrowed down to a specific line of intelligent reasoning.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the length and complexity of the material presented, this article will be posted in multiple parts. The following points of consideration are numbered; certain points are briefly made and may be elaborated on in later parts of this series (The Alien Grey), while other points are quite lengthy due to the author's desire to help facilitate a better understanding.

Part 1 is an overview, gleaned from many and diverse sources, and is not intended to offer hard and fast conclusions, or personal opinions to any large degree, nor to declare such points as absolute facts, and especially not to encourage a belief system based around said points.
An overview of the Grey Alien: PART I

1. Excessive thinness / insectile

2. Forearms proportionally longer than homosapiens

3. Disproportionally large brain cavity in ratio to entire skull

4. Oversized/more frontally located eyes - the existence or degree of peripheral sight questionable

5. Eyes either naturally dark suggesting enlarged pupils or covering of some sort may be present; photosensitivy

6. Mouth, nose, ears either atrophied or under-developed

7. Seemingly telepathic, communication non-verbal/audio

8. Possible inter-species communication of fast, high pitched buzzing

9. Has been seen to possess a type of bioluminescence or 'green-ish glow'

10. Height in average/reported range of 3 to 5 feet

11. Skin (as such) white - light grey - grey (though other variants have infrequently been reported)

12. Basal thumb joint appears higher up/behind the 'wrist proper' with little to no delineation between forearm and proper 'hand'

13. Respiration is not widely noted, possible atrophy or under-development of 'trunk' systems such as the respiratory and digestive systems

14. Ditto regarding the reproductive system, or is unknown

15. The Greys seemingly possess the ability (biologically or technologically or by other means unknown) to move through some solid objects, most commonly windows/glass. Reports suggest there may be limits or restrictions regarding this ability - as perhaps a pane of glass is easier to 'move through or alter the frequency of its particles' as opposed to, say, solid rock. It would not be accurate to make a blanket deduction such as "the Greys can move through solid objects".

16. Communication with the Greys largely involves imagery/metaphor which has led some researchers and the uninformed public in general to dismiss such communication as simply a subjective experience on the part of the person or persons involved. The answer could lay in the bi-lateral symmetry of the human brain engaged with another brain which may not be bi-lateral in construction and operation; or this may be the easiest way to overcome a 'language' barrier, so to speak.

17. Often overlooked is the Grey prediliction for 'matching up/culling' ... in other words, all humans are not treated or communicated with equally. Certain human 'types' seem to grouped/assigned to specific, almost pre-scripted communications (and experiences) which again has led to the conclusion that the experience is a subjective one as there does not seem to be a 'sameness' - one experiencer may report doomsday/save the planet imagery, another may report reincarnational/family/space brother type imagery, and so on. The common denominator may be found in a greatly enlarged overview of the entire process whereby HumanType A = Scenario 1, HumanType 2 = Scenario 2 and etc. On a very superficial level it first appears that certain humans are played for fools, lied to, treated carelessly or cruely and so on. It is difficult to say if the answer may lay in the basic 'mirror effect' of human consciousnes itself or if indeed there exists an objective type of 'culling' of our species or modus operandi [MO] at work.

18. The seeming ability to read minds to such a degree as to leave the human feeling 'naked/exposed'. Yet - (and this too bears scrutiny) - what is actually being reported is not precisely 'mind reading' as we would define it; instead, the Alien Greys appear to be able to pick up our 'emotional thinking' which is far different than thought-nouns strung together or roof-brain chatter. As such, this would explain the heightened sense of vulnerability humans experience as we oft hold our emotions as private and, sometimes, shameful. E.G. - the Greys may not be aware when we are wondering, calmly and coldly, how to operate their ship (etc)... but they do seem able to glean the image of a ship in our mind and discern our corresponding emotional state in regards to that particular image at that particular moment. As both researcher and experiencer, I would be quite curious as to what the result would be were someone of sufficient self-control and able to deeply suppress their natural emotional thought responses and even to generate mis-leading emotional thinking and/or imagery to test the level of absolute astuteness on the part of the Greys. I would imagine that someone with the ability to mislead or 'beat' a lie-detector would stand the greatest chance of success with an experiment of this type. Unfortunately, full lucid control is not a hallmark of the typical close encounter!

19. A marked fascination with the human reproductive system, and emotions relating to such.

20. A marked disinterest in the human adrenal, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.

21. The Alien Grey 'ability' to 'float or glide', or suppress known gravity.

22. The Alien Grey 'ability' to 'move exceptionally fast or beyond the speed at which the human eye can process movement.

23. The Alien Greys do not appear to 'sit' or 'rest' as such; or the need is on a more infrequent scale than humans. Possibly they do not experience gravity as we; however - their body type IS suggestive of origin/repeated exposure to a far lesser gravity field than that of Earth. Logically, one would conclude that they would tire more readily in Earth's heavier gravity, though they have not been observed to do so. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to conclude that the Alien Greys have used artificial means to overcome/reduce the effects of Earth's gravity on their biological system - possbily through a type of bio-engineering upon the body itself, or as an objective technological tool. Either way, it does appear that the Alien Greys have been specifically prepared aforehand to interact on heavy-gravity systems in general, or Earth's in particular. Their physiology does not suggest Earth as a point of origin, tentatively.

24. The Alien Grey prediliction toward 'mid-night rendevous'. There does appear to be a marked preference to stage close-encounters after dark, with a leaning towards the 3:00 a.m.-ish (again, leading some to conclude these close-encounters to be nothing more than dream sequences on the part of experiencers. It is interesting to note the cycles of human-brain melatonin production and release during typical sleep periods, as well as other chemical processes related to sleep including memory storage.) So, does this infer a 'covert' agenda, or sheer biological necessity/preference on the part of the Alien Greys?

25. And speaking of 'stage'. Many people report knowing or being given to understand that the images seen during their close encounter has been 'staged' for their benefit (?).

26. Demeanor. The Alien Greys (small) have been reported to come across as rather 'drone-like' and personality-deficient, displaying little, if any, traits of individuality (as we perceive individuality) or emotional climate. Conversely, the Alien Greys (tall) come across as much 'richer' beings in the sense of both individuality and emotional depth. Furthermore, many subjects have noted an attitude of suppressed superiority and reserve, as though the tall Alien Greys had great control of whatever emotions they do possess, to an often 'haughty' degree. Sometimes anxiety-provoking to human subjects, is the feeling that these taller Alien Greys have the capability of complete and total mastery over us, and could be viewed either as angelic or demonic, both view points suggestive of great power and control, and perhaps a 'Species Arrogance' - which is ironic in light of the all-too human tendency to view ourselves as masters and lords over all of Earth's creatures (lamentably for the creatures who frequently suffer from our mistreatment of them. Is this an object lesson, a mirror-effect, or only a particular characteristic of a particular alien species, OR a common trait found in higher life-forms? [let us hope not on the last one]).

27. Which leads us to a common supposition: The Alien Greys are an Advanced and Higher Lifeform. Well, here I must beg to differ. The facts do not support this supposition, and I am critical of those reseachers who are quick to dessiminate this idea to a generally uninformed, gullible and easily frightened public. Advanced, Higher, Lower, etc are terms that simply do not apply as there is little room for comparison, and it is not logical and may even be counter-productive to deduce any 'status-quo' type pigeon-hole-ing when we know so little about this species, and especially in lieu of our own close encounter interactions in which humans are not exactly handed a level playing field. (Then again, what kind of level-playing-field do we offer beef-cattle?) ... but, sticking to the point at hand - all that can be reasonably said is that the Alien Greys (tall) are different than humans, and there it starts and stops until more is known.

28. While this is not a characteristic of the Alien Greys, I do want to refer back to #26 and point out a frequent, human emotional response to the Alien Grey (tall), which is bonding, reverence and the like - frequently to the point of what psychologists term the Stockholm Syndrome - in essence, a human emotional need to abrogate a person or situation in which the individual is powerless, thereby creating a bond or bridge between the two and reducing fear/anxiety. The Stockholm Syndrome may be an instinctive life-prolonging response in certain circumstances, or it may swing the other way and bring about further harm/co-dependency to the victim. We see this common response in many dichotomous situations such as abductor/abductee, abusive husband/abused wife and so forth. Interestingly, this Stockholm Syndrome has been used to religate the Alien Greys to the category of suppressed/masked/abusive figures from one's own past/psyche. However, it could just as well serve to support the actual physical reality of the Alien Greys. As could also the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms occasionally noted. Ergo- scissors cut without regard to the color of paper.

29. The Alien Grey is rarely, if ever, seen to consume nourishment, which does not presuppose he needs none. The Alien Grey has been infrequently noted to immerse itself in an unknow liquid medium - shower, container, pond, pool, pod, tank et al. Alien young have been mentioned being seen immersed in a type of tank or container said to containing life-giving nourishment (similar to a human fetus in amniotic fluid).

30. Which briefly brings up the subject of Neotony [an interesting theory unto itself] - whereby the juvenile or fetal physical characteristics of an organism or animal are carried into sexual/adult maturity. It has not been overlooked that the Alien Grey bears, at the very least, a superficial resemblance to the human fetus.

31. "Our time is not your time", "You do not measure the true standard of time, humanity marks the rotation of your planet around your sun as time", "We come from outside your time", "Time is not what you think it is" and so forth. Added to the above purported remarks, those persons subject to repeated close encounters have also noted that the Alien Greys do not appear to age as we do, or age far more slowly and have far longer lifespans than we mere mortals. Some individuals have mentioned this in terms of reincarnation, or state that they have always known the Alien Grey (tall), or he has been in their life since birth (and before), spanning generations. A similarity could be made between we humans and our pets. We may cautiously deduce, if nothing else, a lower basal metabolic rate on the part of the Alien Greys - either naturally or artificially induced. We may also wish to examine the effect of sexual maturation against the biological decay of an organism. It has been theorized that such maturation may play a vital part in the deterioration of cellular tissues, and actually work against the continuence of the individual organism itself. E.g - once Bobby has matured and produced progeny with Suzy, Bobby's importance and continued well-being in the scheme of Nature is no longer a concern; in fact, Bobby may be seen by nature to be an encumbrance and a drain on natural resources earmarked for the next batch of Bobbys and Suzys to come along, for Bobby has fulfilled the role assigned him. It would not be unreasonable to state that, at least in part, the secret of species longevity may be to reduce/retard/delay said species' reproductive maturation.

32. The Grey Aliens are not only fascinated with human sexuality and reproduction, but reportedly harvest sperm, eggs and go so far as to arrange encounters between their studied humans. Aside from the prurient sensationalism in the media, this has been reported to cause repercussions ranging from love obsessions to severe traumatic stress and related-depression to physical injury in those individuals involved in this aspect of the close encounter scenario (The companion subject of Alien/Human hybrid programs will be examined at a later time)*

Next in Part II: Implications and Plausibilities

* The author intends to complete a detailed series of articles centered around or relating to the Alien Grey phenomena, as time and understanding allows. The author does not claim either expert/scientific status or access to 'secret/undisclosed' sources. The material presented is not to be taken as factual; it is to be taken as the author's sincere attempt to make sense out of nonsense - if such is the case. All anecdotal material should be taken with a reasonable grain of salt. The author appreciates the time the reader has taken to peruse his work, and is grateful if he has added anything of value to the reader's personal understanding of the Alien Grey enigma. As with all else in life, the reader must choose for himself what to accept into his worldview, and what to dispose.

Are close encounters real? Or true UFOs? Are alien beings and exquisite grey entities sharing our reality with us? Or is all a dream haunted by reptilians, crystal palaces and what we think of as alien abduction is merely a switch in consciousness? It is my opinion that life holds many mysteries, and we are best served by keeping our mind open to new ideas - our heart open to love - and our ego in check with the ability to laugh at our own mistakes. Have a Good Era!

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