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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alien Thoughts - Part 1

For someone with a lot to say, I haven't written a peep on my alien blog for the last eleven months. Two separate instances of a broken tendon in my left hand - as well as various commitments - have rendered me quiet, kept my writing to a minimum, and I've used a great deal of that time to lay low, read, observe, and to further think about things.

Really think.

It's so easy to miss THE primary paradigm; life being the fractal experience that it is.

Let me clarify this for a moment, please. Everything repeats. Every thing we experience is somehow a variation of what has come before. Both on a personal as well as a global level. From cycles in weather to war, pick your poison - nothing is new. Not really, not if you take the time to examine the root experience, or 1st Cause.

Our personal lives are not one iota different. Certainly, the circumstances including people and places may be somewhat changed, but the core experience is not.

And yet. And yet - there IS a change, on the surface at least. And that surface change is the yardstick by which we measure our progression as an individual, a member of society, a species, et al.

So we might term the above as Superficial Growth. Which is infinite, and YET ... like a fractal, the core from which it springs is finite, as in the Golden Ratio. There is an outward movement from the center, creating magnificent variations that distract and delude us into imagining that we are somehow progressing forward, when ... we're just *patterning*, is all.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that while I suspect a lot, I don't really know anything. How can any of us? And yet, God love us all, we certainly try to understand. Over and over and over and over. We keep on keepin' on, trying, because some how, some where, a new day will dawn - with bluebirds chirping on the windowsill, deer scampering through the lush green grass of our collective backyard, etc - where everything will be fresh, will magically change, where we will somehow, some way, be granted the epiphany key to unlock the great Mystery of Life. And to change, adjust and re-align this absurd, sorrowful fubar each of us are trapped within.


Here's the kicker.

The program is set at the Golden Ratio. Think of it in terms of binary code. Super Mario cannot ever achieve anything beyond what he is programmed to do. C-code, ones and zeros. You get the idea.

So how does one 'bust out', we rightfully ask? Because, to be blunt, planet Earth truly sucks, for most of us, more often than not. And, depending on one's belief system or lack thereof, things are rather *iffy* once we seemingly *exit* our tour of duty here on planet Fubar.

How do we - to quote Robert Monroe - achieve escape velocity?

For what it is worth, to be taken with a grain of salt, here follows my current way of thinking on the aforementioned:

That there is not one, but rather at least two pre-programmed paradigms, or code if you prefer, at work.

The Primary Paradigm is 1111. Yes, you heard me right. A programmed code where nothing can be greater than one, or THE ONE. All is a multiple of the first cause ... the singular entity, - be it you, me, he, she, it, they, them, here, there and so forth. Eleven or 111 or 1111 or 111111111111111111. It's all the same. I call it the *Mirror Effect*, because it sums things up in a nutshell and I like how it sounds.

Everything repeats.

The Second or "Complementary" Paradigm is the Golden Ratio. The importance of how this added condition affects the first paradigm cannot be over emphasized. For here there appears to be outward movement, infinite growth no less, but it's all an illusion - astounding as that illusion may be.

Our attention becomes fixated, mesmerized by this illusion of change, of growth, and yet we haven't really *gone* anywhere. We circle, spiral, endlessly repeating self within a boundary of pre-set constraints, never to venture further than our own backyard.

Pretty, pretty patterns. And again, to those familiar with the journals of Robert Monroe, this isn't exactly new News! However, man's attention span being the sorry thing it is, a reminder is in order.

So, in blunt basics, it doesn't really matter too much whether or not man is still gnawing bones around a campfire, or walking on the surface of the moon. For wherever we go, there we are. We take ourselves - 1111 - with us. Different day, same sh*t.

We take ourselves with us, and become fixated on a (seemingly) new event/growth/experience. But as the core stays the same, so does the Complementary paradigm - another duplicated pattern emerges, we ooh and ah! - and yet, all stays the same. We haven't really *gone* anywhere, or *changed* anything. At least, not below the surface.

And that's what keeps us trapped. Self, and the patterns we make, which are experienced by self, and so forth. Sounds like a bad LSD trip, doesn't it?

Worse by far, rather than expending the enormous effort to actually *change* anything, it's a lot easier to chalk it all up as a lot of New Age mental masturbation, leave the problem(s) for someone else with a better head to deal with, and continue on our merry way. What's for dinner, what's on the telly, and who's up for the World Series?

For all our pyramids and plasma Televisions, Man is a lazy animal. He really is, you know.

[My apologies, but I have to stop here, and put this out in multiple posts. I can't keyboard while wearing the finger splint, but I'm limited as to how long I can tolerate its absence. The spirit is willing and such, but my finger bloody well hurts.]