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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fourth Dimension - Frictionland

Here's something else I was thinking about just the other day: the value of dimensions, beyond terms of spatial measurement, and what they might represent in terms of energy.

Now, this is just armchair exercise, but if it's true that each dimension is perpendicular to the one which precedes it, then after a point - per the hypercube - successive, higher dimensions must (in a sense) go within, right?

We're all familiar with the onion skin or box within a box analogy, insofar as those examples take us. But in terms of the Tesseract, of course - we are talking about an inner dimension in motion, one in which the outside of the orange, box or onion is as accessible as the inner, without piercing the rind.

Okay, now that aside - let's go back to the starting point (no pun intended) and begin with the first dimension moving outward, from point A to the second point B. Just those two dimensions for the moment, aka Flatland.

So I was thinking about the polarities between the two points (chee, doesn't everyone wonder these things?), and also about the apparent dichotomy that seems inherent in all our experiences as human beings: dark/light, up/down, black/white, good/bad, male/female and so forth. The entire yen yang thing.

This whole dichotomous yen yang thing seemingly produces a great deal of friction, be it on a social or emotional level, or simply as heat generated by the the two opposites coming together. A push me, pull you kinda thing.

Okay then. I think it would be correct to state that (according to this line of thinking) dichotomy is necessary for the production of energy.

As much as man is ever trying to reconcile the two halves of his being, as much as we struggle to find the 'middle ground' in every situation, we are constantly embroiled in an ever-changing balance between the two polarities. Perhaps our struggle is necessary and pre-ordained by a universal need for friction, no matter how large or small the scale?

I dunno.

But anyway. Man is generally considered a 3-dimensional being. His state of existence seems to be that which is resultant and successive to the first two points. Man has exited Flatland, he is now a resident of Frictionland. This is unarguably represented in everything he touches, experiences, thinks, and begets.

We can throw time in with this, or out the window for all I care, because no matter what anyone has to say about time, I think it's a relativistic 'thing' and more of a side effect generated by the experience of 3-D space, if that makes any sense. So I'm not going to do much with time right now. It can sit on the window ledge and gather dust for a while. So let's just dispense with the entire 'Time as a 4th Dimension' song and dance.

Alrighty then. Back to fun times in Frictionland. As previously stated, man's habitation of three dimensional existence - this plane of everything vs everything else, of Point B coming into juxtaposition with Point A resulting in a third movement aka space (or the third coordinate) - can be seen as more than just object dimension.

Philosophically speaking, we certainly seem to be trapped in some kind of yen/yang experience, or two sided object desperately struggling to reach that third point (think of a triangle here). Anyway, inasmuch as I was mulling over the dimension thing in my head, I wondered if there was any escape, besides stasis, from our predicament?

Besides being forever caught between a pendulum swinging first left, then right, then at rest in the center (no friction/energy produced there, I'm afraid), how can we and what would it be like to progress/inhabit a 4th coordinate state of being?

[As an aside - that is one of my biggest gripes regarding Sci/Fi and other speculative fiction. We can imagine/create all day long, until we are bleeding out our ears, beings and worlds and fiction set within an imagined 4-D realm. But, since it is beyond the reach of our 3-D being, all we ever manage to postulate are dilemmas and dichotomies under the fancy label. Same ol', same ol'. No 4-D here folks, nothing to see, move along ...]

So. What would we experience could we move into a fourth state of being? Mind you, I'm certainly no mathematician, and I'm speaking beyond abstract theory or philosophical conundrum. I'm just wondering, is all. What would it be like were man to suddenly 'shift' into a higher coordinate of existence? How would it be to navigate a tesseract? Would our wars come to a halt? Would we still reproduce sexually, and if so, how? What would happen to birth and death? Would we be on a endless Mobius strip kind of ride? Would we meet ourselves, past, future, and otherwise?

What would happen to the yen/yang? I'm really curious about all of this, especially, as I've oft mentioned, when coming across sayings and anecdotes from religious works - such as 'The Kingdom of Heaven lies Within'. (although that could be likened more to a state of stasis than progressive movement)

Furthermore, to climb a really long limb now, - could there exist beings, aliens, creatures, sentience, whathaveyou, whose physiognomy allows them a place in this 4th dimensional state of existence? Theoretically, I would say yes. Would these entities be subject to the rules of thermodynamics/entropy? Would they even be subject to any of the physical laws as we know them?

And again, what would man be like were he to escape friction, stasis and move into a higher factor of being? Can we even reasonably conjecture such a thing?

Well, I wish I had the mental accuem to do more than wonder about these things. Any input, folks?

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  1. I believe in order for man to experience the 4th dimensional plane, he first has to be born into the 3rd dimensional plane, exist and then depart (death), upon which his soul (since it is in itself a 4th dimensional beingness) is then weighted opposite of his heart (a 3rd dimensional organ) and if his soul weights equal to or greater than of that of his "whole-heartedness" heart, then and only then can he (his soul) assend into the 4th dimensional state of being. But keep in mind, that this is only for man because man was made intellectually inferior from those whoms image we were made from and we were not given the ability to "Know All Things" or else we would know how to prolong our own lives and live hundered(s) of years and/or also know how to ascertain existence into the 4th dimensional state of being while existing within the 3rd dimensional state of being. It is also my belief, that the "tunnel of light" that is so commonly reported from those of near death experiences, that tunnel is the very instants when our 4th dimensional soul leaves its 3rd dimensional state of being(human body) and assends into existence of the 4th dimensional state of being or plane. The 3rd dimensional state of being is of: Heart, Mind and Soul. The 4th dimensional state of being is of: Mind, Soul, Emotion (since motion is how we got from point A to point B in the 3rd dimension, emotion is the 4th dimensions form of motion, which explains how emotion can fuel a persons action into motion in the 3rd dimensional plane) and finally, Forever. Within the 3rd dimension (human form), Time is only considered in theory as a 4th dimension because we consider time as/for measurement, having a beginning and an end, but considering the 4th dimension as a state of being, then Time has to be considered as Forever; as in being in existence without both birth or death, beginning or end, like our souls. So in order for us to experience the 4th dimensional state of being, we first have to have to literally detach our souls from our physical human body because man was not given the ability to "know all things"