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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Secret Power of the Mind Part II

Continued from previous post:

So how is it we may best utilize this God-given Mind Power? How can we successfully bring our hopes, dreams and desires to fruition amidst a daily bombardment of external negativity?

What, actually, is the secret of The Secret?

Unmitigated belief coupled with the unshakable faith of a child, within a continual expression of grateful expectation!

That's right. Grateful expectation - EXPECT your wishes to be fulfilled. Be grateful, in advance, that they WILL be fulfilled. Believe it, KNOW it to be so. Let there be no room for doubt ... in your private thoughts, in the words you utter, in the very actions you commit.

Furthermore, here's another biggie: Do not squander your precious energies in conflict with those other individuals who think differently, who act & speak in what you NOW know to be a negative, self-defeating manner. They, too, will and must learn according to their own free will ... it is THEIR God-given right to manifest how they so choose. So don't waste time and effort to become a Pro- Positive Thinking Zealot in an effort to save Joe Blow from himself.

All you are required to focus your energy on is everything that makes you happy. Give thanks on a daily basis, while eliminating all negative references from your thoughts:

E.g: (the incorrect way) "Thank you, Creator, for lessening my arthritis today and for keeping my teenagers out of trouble. I WANT (this implies you are in 'want') a new car, btw".

E.g: (the correct way) "Thank you, Creator, for healing my body. Thanks to you, I am pain free always. My teenagers are safe and always make good choices. And btw, thank you very much for the new car you are sending my way".

Play with these examples any way you like, as long as you've got the idea down pat. Be certain to both give thanks AND be grateful in advance. This should be easy, since you EXPECT your wishes (not needs or wants) to be granted in God's good time.

Now, backtracking a bit - here follows a wonderful method to successfully cope with the moronic co-worker, the whiny neighbor and ill-tempered spouse (respecting their right to be as moronic, whiny and ill-tempered as they choose)...

Since the Universe works as a mirror, use this 'mirror' technique to
'reflect' back at others all their negativity. Think of it as a high tech force field, an Archangel's Shield, or the White Light of God. Whatever best suits your imagination. With this mental image of a mirrored shield or force-field, what-have-you, know with certainty that NO external negativity may touch you.

Likewise, be aware that given the nature of the Mirror Effect of consciousness, YOU shall be reflected back to self. You could say this universal or quantum effect is Karma exemplified to the Nth degree. But it's really how things work, at the very basic bottom line of reality. So go with it, use it, and be respectfully grateful that God has set such a wonderful system of checks & balance in place.

This power of the mind, this incredible ability of the subconscious to mold and shape the very nature of man's experience is akin to one's having always in their possession a magic lamp! Think of it, inside each and every one of us we carry with us a tool, a power greater than anything yet created by man. Don't relegate your magic lamp to the compost heap.

Now that you KNOW you possess this, you and only you OWN this by the very nature of your being, pull it out of the back closet. Dust it off, polish it up, keep it shiny and well used for all the days of your life. It was freely given you by your Creator, so why throw this precious gift away? Make good use of it instead! Who knows what other gifts God may also bestow, perhaps depending upon how well we use this one?

The Power of the Mind cannot, nor should not, be underestimated. Wealth, health, love, joy, ... life is our banquet to enjoy. Starting today, right this moment.

To be continued ~

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