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Thursday, June 9, 2011


For a change, I'm keeping this one short and simple - hence the title 'CLICK'. What I am referring to here is the mysterious click one may hear open exiting or reentering the human body in the wake of an OBE [Out of Body Experience].

Some people report hearing this *metallic* or sharply hollow sound accompanied by the heavy dross weight of the human body once again encapsulating their etheric form upon returning from NDEs [Near Death Experiences] as well.

So what the deuce is this sound anyway? Or rather, what is the mechanism responsible for the *click* heard round the world, as it were? Are we talking something as prosaic as a common auditory hallucination?

Or something more?

I've heard this myself, just a few times - so there's a vested interest in putting this question out there. In my case, the most recent, the *click* sounded like a robot had snapped it's fingers both inside and outside my head - without any perceived direction the sound had issued from.

But whatever the case may be, I find it wonderfully intriguing that this sound somehow seems to signal - like a mechanism designed especially for this exact purpose - the physical body springing open and releasing its contents, or swinging closed like a trap or iron maiden of yore.

One has to wonder [well, this one does at any rate] if indeed there is some type of vibratory/frequency gadgetry at work by who knows whom/what, where, when and for what ultimate purpose.

Which leads me down the speculative path [admittedly a long path with too many twists and turns] of those supposedly higher intelligences who would have designed such a thing in the first place.

(For some silly reason I'm seeing wee sparks of soul lights popped into the human form, assembly line style, like a sardine factory.)

Anyway, just curious about the whole *click* thing. Any input would be greatly appreciated~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ultraterrestrials and Other Strangers

While it's easy to jump on the UFOnaut bandwagon, there's an insistent part of my rational self stubbornly resisting the notion that our mysterious visitors - e.g. Gray aliens, for one - are physical 3-D explorers akin to some intergalactic Lewis & Clark team, zipping about the heliosphere waiting to pounce on unwary bipeds from backwater planets in order to deprive them of any superfluous sperm and ova.

Though I could be mistaken.

Nonetheless, for the sake of argument, I'd like to momentarily align myself with some of the more eclectic thinkers in this field of high strangeness - Vallee, Keel, Jung, et al.

What is proposed herein is that the entire realm of paranormal manifestation is a type of bleed-through or evolutionary pressure from a heretofore invisible ... how to put this? ... plane of existence beyond our normal, everyday ability to recognize.

And by recognize, I mean in the sense of mainstream empirical science. We cannot, at will, observe-measure-replicate the paranormal. We can approximate it. We can stimulate areas of the human brain to duplicate certain aspects of the paranormal/human response. But what we cannot do is to control the phenomenon itself.

We cannot manifest, at will, a throng of spindly bug-eyed creatures lounging about the lab for our viewing pleasure.

Admittedly, I have a strong bias against the UFO explanation to start with. If I've beat this drum once, I've beat it a thousand times and I'll beat it here again to briefly explain why I have this bias:
Any aerial sighting in the last approximately 80 years would be incredibly difficult to sort out as to it's origin - particularly in lieu of classified military R & D. It's absolutely pointless or unbelievably naive to expect any country's government to come clean on matters of national security. It's far more likely, - actually rather expected at this point - for test flights, etc to be conducted under the guise of UFO sightings then later denied out of hand. If anything, the paranormal phenomena of *whateverthehell* is going on serves as a beautiful blanket to cover up any messy, albeit necessary, matters of beta experimentation with those earthly technologies still in the early stages of development. And that includes any subsequent psychological/social experimentation as well.

PRIOR to the 20Th Century we did indeed have our reports of aerial ships (and I mean this literally) of which many have later been attributed to journalistic pranksters and their hilarious lot. With all the participants long deceased it would be exhausting to unravel those 19Th century threads to see where they actually originated.

Going further back yet, into the misty annals of written/oral history, we have anecdotes of vimanas, visitors from Sirius, and all the rest. Not to callously dismiss these accountings, but between astronomical anthropomorphics and religious metaphor, let alone misidentifications, et al - it would be akin to finding a needle in the proverbial haystack to factually and finally figure out exactly, precisely what our ancestors were trying to express.

It's pointless, is my point. You can't make good proof out of century old pudding.

So Then.

Better to start here and now, or as a famous President once stated - to do the best, where you are, with what you've got.

The alien phenomena with its associated missing time, sexual/reproductive overtones, false or distorted messages/prophesies and clandestine subjective interface - all sounds amazingly similar to what human beings the world over have struggled to express and understand since time immemorial.

And this is an ongoing phenomena, one that seems to mimic human expectations and our collective ability to frame an understanding for whateverthehellisgoingon. Something, or someone, like the famed Wizard of Oz, seems to be standing right behind a fine curtain, operating and pulling strings, and yet - for all our supposed intellect and technical prowess - we cannot pull this curtain aside and expose him to the light of rational day.

Frustrating, eh?

Which may, it is entirely possible, be the entire point of the matter.

It is a highly plausible theory that the quickest, most efficient way to prompt or jump start an evolutionary leap in species intelligence is to place a species (either collectively or individually) under stress. A stressed species must either adapt, quickly, or perish. This process of deliberate and prolonged stress may also precipitate a type of neoteny, which more than one researcher has hypothesized as being evident in those creatures commonly referred to as the Grays or gray aliens.

And one of the surefire unarguable stresses is to subject an intelligent species to a problem that it cannot intellectually resolve. A conundrum or paradox, maddening at times, presents itself in such a way that the stressed intellect must resolve - or is forced to resolve - the stress, and failing that resolution, the intellect is driven by an inherit survival drive to uncover new tools/methods to solve the problem.

Ask questions for which there are no answers. Demand answers for which no questions exist. The hamster must abandon the wheel, but he cannot until he discovers the means to unlock his cage. Until then, his very nature forces him to spin round and round, getting nowhere and exhausting himself in the interim.

One need look no further than this very blog, or countless others like it, in order to see the intellectual wheels spinning round and round. There are dozens of theories, from the sublime to the ridiculous, which struggle to make sense of the nonsense that many of us face in the subjective twilight of 3 a.m.

At the best we are respectfully heard and sympathised with, at the worst we are branded as lunatics and crazies. The very, VERY worst is when we are branded as mistaken. For those of us who have found ourselves in the grip of a powerful unknown, and have stood eye to eye with something that bares us to the depth of our eternal soul - something we cannot define, understand or express to our fellow species without fear of ridicule - we KNOW what we know to be true.

Whatever that is.

So, are we better off for our excursion into the unknown? Are we the victims of delusion, aberrant brain chemistry, EMF or ELF fields, psychological experimentation or old fashioned alien abduction?

Perhaps the proof in the pudding is what you make of it, after all.

Personally, I 100% do not recommend that one fall victim to the temptations of grandeur, nor any other trappings of ego. Forget the *I am a special chosen One* and all such nonsense. For if anything can truly be said about this phenomena, it has a distinct tendency to blow up in the ego's face.

The Ultraterrestrial theory lends one to suppose that there is a far greater agenda - natural or contrived - at play, and this agenda does its utmost best to manipulate the emotions, expose the ego, and force the intellect to abandon convenient explanations along the way.

Somehow, for good or ill, it forces us to be better than what we are, in a make it or break it kind of way. It doesn't allow for angels or demons, and other superstitious manifestations, for it blurs the line between such dichotomous thinking as the phenomena progresses - being first one extreme then the other.

The Grays themselves may be seen as Saviours or Satans, depending on one's critical thinking and emotional response to whatever experiences have been delicately crafted to the individual him or herself. In a horribly beautiful way it's all very personal, a cloth each of us must wear according to our own dimensions.

And just when we think we can pigeonhole the paranormal into certain well-defined parameters, it changes shape once again and defies the box we keep attempting to confine it within.

So it's back to square one. No matter how brilliant or deductive or clever we think ourselves, we are always sent back to square one.

Such is the nature of stress.