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Monday, September 14, 2009

11:11 and the Famous Zombie Word Alert

The 11:11 synchronicity is simply maddening, and seems to be on the upswing. Most of you reading this will know what I'm talking about. You see eleven or multiples thereof EVERY where. From clocks to license plates to house numbers and on and on. Is this a mind trick, a gateway to soul enlightenment, a glitch in the matrix, an alien reminder or nothing more than mere coincidence?

I'm not sure if we notice it because we've noticed it, to notice it further, gaining exponentially like a snowball rolling down a mountainside.

In paranormal parlance, we call this phenomenon The Awakening. The awareness of ONE - the I AM. Multiples of ONE. The great division of consciousness, of conscious awareness. The ability to see one's reflection in the higher hall of mirrors a/k/a The Mirror Effect.

Again, the 11:11 synchronicity can be quite maddening when it hits hard. We grimace, mutter something about coincidence and wander off to other distractions.

And every guru, every armchair expert (with the exception of Moi), has his irrefutable and oft long-winded explanation for the 11:11 experience. I guess I'm still a noobie.

I have no hard explanation, really (not yet, anyway lol). I can't claim verifiable contact with The Galactic Brotherhood or secreted information gleaned from the crumbling tomes of Illuminati grimoires. That would be too easy ... sigh.

But yesterday was a day fraught with elevens. To the point of redundancy: I am the 11Th of seventeen siblings. I am introduced to a man who is the 11Th of twelve. Later, stopped at a house (number 713 = 11, apartment sign read 713 - 317 = 11:11 mirrored) on a separate errand, met another stranger, an incredibly talented artist who lived there. Stranger's artwork he happened to have laying about the garage depicted the ascension of Chakra energy vortexes, their mirrored counterparts and all within the framework of what he dubbed 11:11 zero point. (My God! I had no idea this person had the slightest interest in the paranormal. We were simply visiting a yard sale in a different town. Sheesh.) Two cans of paint in the back of our vehicle were lot number 11 (two cans - two elevens). Get home in the afternoon, glance at clock - 1:11.
I know I'm forgetting further incidents, but so what. You get the idea.

I've written about the 11:11 thing before, the post is around here somewhere (gotta start learning how to embed those stupid link thingies! arrgh) - where I mentioned many, many of the incredibly bizarre 11:11 synchronicites that occurred when first I dipped my curious monkey toe into the occult waters. But this 11:11 thing doesn't seem to be limited to deliberate paranormal excursions, although maybe the later interest tends to exacerbate the awareness of such.

If I have to conclude with anything, I am guessing super synchronicities - such as 11:11 - may truly be one of the major ways that the Satient5 program reveals itself, like a glitch in the software. That's the theory I'm going with today.

Tomorrow, who knows? Because each day reveals another paradox.

Right now, I have hungry cats and zombie squirrels** to go feed, lest they attack under cover of night.

** Zombie Word Alert: Just a matter of time...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Soul & Alien technology - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ, and the Famous Zombie Word Alert


I don't know how many of my readers are familiar with Michael Newton's two incredible books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, but some of the accounts as given by several of his hypnotically regressed subjects got me to thinking.

To preface in summation, these accounts revolve around the hypnotically retrieved memories of what souls experience between lives. This includes soul group trainings, counseling, recreation, vocations, and so forth. Particularly intriguing are the reports of preparation for upcoming lives and body choices, time-line selection, trial runs and much more. These last few are the accounts that prompted a great deal of puzzling** on my part, fascinating as I found them to be.

As an example, picture the following scenario: You, as a human soul, have finished (died) a life experience, and return to the Spirit World. After much time/study, it is suggested to you - or you feel the time is right - to choose a body for your next incarnation. You and your guide discuss those situations in which you need to gain further understanding and self improvement (e.g. overcoming feelings of rejection and low self esteem). You agree the time has come to be 'tested' once more. Your guide accompanies you to the area of body selection. (Here's where the paradoxes arise, if one really picks this process apart!)

So. You find yourself in a panoramic holographic setting with, typically, no more than three different bodies to choose from. These bodies are what the time line masters and your guide have narrowed down the possibilities to, as deemed to be most fitting to suit your soul-educational needs. Most souls state three choices are ample and do not feel they are being short-changed in any fashion.

You may then try on and 'sample' any or all of the three choices, and you find yourself 'enmeshed' inside this body choice - breathing, living, tasting, feeling, (and aware of the body's THOUGHTS) - as a sort of trial run, and all within this incredibly high-tech holographic stage. When you do decide on which body/life feels right, it's considered a 'go' and then the process of immersion/reincarnation/energy entrapment begins in earnest, rather like starting a computer simulation from which there is no backing out. You have just pushed off from the very top of the energetic 'water slide' and now the process takes over. It's a done deal. And so we find ourselves, once again, fully encamped within yet another human body as a sort of energetic invader, until we blend our soul identity with that of our human host - and another being has joined the Human Race. This is the school, the training ground for souls. Earth is but one of many classrooms.

Okay, then. This is where it gets important, so please stay with me:

While we are so used to the term soul, and rather jaded to the concept of karma, reincarnation - I think that, what with all these trees in the way, we are missing the point of the forest, or simply not seeing what I've come to wonder is perhaps the actual thrust of what is going on and why. So I want to toss mysticism, religion, superstition and the rest right out the window and take a good hard look at this body selection process and what it must actually imply.

How is it then, that these sentient energetic beings (let's call them S5 for Satient5 - an unknown non-human/Earth generated intelligence) are able to reconstruct or fashion such a process in the first place? What does it imply if the S5 can access, from given points on Earth's time line of progressive history, a particular body choice - let alone implant a host consciousness? And do not forget ... the soul or implanted consciousness, is NOT given full awareness of events destined to befall this body choice. That is part of the training, after all. The surprise elements and how the soul will then learn to deal with the predilections of its host and said events.

As a hint of where this line of reasoning leads us ... consider the following as well: Souls have reported visiting other worlds. In one such 'visit', as part of a learning 'field trip', a group of soul students visited a lifeless planet, its previous inhabitants long dead/immigrated to other systems. Yet, despite the fact that this planet was no longer inhabited, the students were able to somehow access the record of the planet's inhabitants and see them as they once were, going about their daily business.

Now, unless my reasoning is flawed beyond redemption, all the above points undeniably towards a very nuts & bolts physical technology more so than a fuzzy, quasi - metaphysical state of harps 'n heaven.

It would seem that the S5 are able to access what was ONCE the history/events on Planet Earth and, accessing this, implant what we call our soul consciousness into a physical vehicle. This sounds, at the least, like future sci-fi technology and, at the most, technology that someone ELSE, if not our own future offspring, has developed and been using for a long, long time.

Additionally, the S5 KNOW what is to occur. They have stated that, while we should do our best within our body choice, all events and their outcome are KNOWN. That we are not to worry, all is okay and will be okay. The end results are ALREADY KNOWN.

Therefore, what I am suggesting with good reason, is that Earth and it's history, inhabitants, and future events is already a done deal. What WE are reincarnating into and experiencing in our 'daily' lives, is merely a holographic SIMULATION of past events - a computer program or recording of the highest calibre - (harken to the most recent theories in physics, if you will. Or take it upon yourself to do some research for further understanding in this area).

Imagine a 3-dimensional book, the characters and plots already written. But, you are able to recreate or construct a simulation of these characters and events, and insert your consciousness into the drama. No, you do not effect the ORIGINAL work, but you ARE able to play and learn within a duplicate of this story, with a creative free will. While in the ORIGINAL 'Gone With the Wind' Rhett leaves Scarlett with a "Frankly my dear, I don't give a d**n", in your simulated version you may, as Rhett, swallow your pride and give Scarlett yet another chance.

This is the free will component, the right to improvise.

However, in order to keep the story line as close to the original as possible ... to get the most soul learning and 'bang for the buck' out of the simulation, and to insure that your soul students take the teaching experience seriously ... you don't just 'plunk' them in their body choice, like a kid in a costume. You have to do so in such a way that they cannot realize this is but a play (albeit of the highest order), so you have to render their awareness fuzzy. The child on stage must really believe he is Caesar. The S5 must implant our consciousness in such a way that we cannot know the play isn't REAL.

We are expected to take matters seriously. We are expected to learn something of value.

And someone, the S5, have gone to a considerable amount of trouble to insure that we do. Hence, our awareness is stored deeply within the subconscious areas of the human brain (or something similar). This is the only way the reincarnation process can work. This is THE school of schools.

NEXT POST: The S5 Program itself, Earth's Original World.
are we merely being trained by Alien Beings, or are we the young of Aliens? And what happened to the Original Earth? Exactly where ARE we in 'time - history' ? Is death nothing more than exiting the simulation? What is the hard technology at hand? Who created this simulation? How did they do it?

AND ... can we 'force' this simulation to reveal itself for what it is?!!! Is synchronicity the key?

MOST IMPORTANTLY ... why the need for a simulation in the first place. Where is it that the learning is to be applied?

** Zombie Word Alert: It is a little known fact that, when fleeing a horde of brain hungry zombies, additional fleeing time may be bought by tossing out one or more interesting puzzles. Of particular interest to the zombies are those puzzles picturing kittens in a bed of flowers, kittens in bed with flowery sheets, and flowers in bed with kittens. Puzzles of 500 pieces or more are highly recommended, as zombies - while rather quick to put together the boarder, often have trouble filling in the center. This is generally attributed to a lack of dexterity in their rotting zombie fingers, although general stupidity should not be over ruled.