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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Evolution of a Belief 'System'


So. No matter if I'm immersed in the mundane of day to day living, my mind is always thinking, plotting, comparing, conjecturing and analyzing. I can wash dishes while contemplating null physics. [note: I said contemplate, not comprehend]

Sometimes I'm more overwhelmed not by which we know, and how to apply it, but by the simple enormity of what there must exist which we don't know and perhaps never will.

Too many questions, not enough answers. And certainly not enough time to sort through this mess-in-progress.

It amazes not only friends and family, but myself also, if I'm to be quite honest, that I should pen a blog on the paranormal and aliens and life after death, yet remain so objectively skeptical and (so I've been accused) cynical. Devils and demons - what do they matter?! bah ...

Yet, there are worlds undreamt, Horatio ...

Which brings me to a point of absolute honesty in regards to "what I think", this blog and my respected readership. Mind you, the following is a strict matter of my opinion, ONLY ~
With the year 2009 fast approaching its close, this is where I am, right now. Mental attitudes always subject to fresh input, of course. So take it for what it's worth, dust it off, shine it up, use it if you like or shove it under the bed to be devoured by alien dust bunnies. Here ya go:

There is no GREAT GALACTIC BROTHERHOOD (at least in our neck of the celestial woods). There are no ships, no rescuers waiting to 'beam us up'. No ET paramedics hovering by in case we really screw up and blow ourselves to bits.

There are no good guys, bad guys fighting over planet Earth and human soul energy, precious metals, water rights, yada yada yada. Yes, I know. If it's been written once, it's been repeated 10 zillion times on 10 zillion alien blogs ... there are beings both light and dark. Soul wars. Planetary wars. Evil reptilians and benevolent Grays. Or bad AND good gray aliens. Different agendas, programs and desires. Will someone PLEASE (sound of long-suffering sigh) GET.OVER.THE.VS.BIT?

Just because man is given, by a dichotomous brain system, to view all of creation and everything contained therein in terms of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, left vs. right. Really, now. Even if it makes for dramatic entertainment, can we please dispense with the vs. nonsense? Hmm?
A. It is highly unlikely that the entire cosmos revolves around mankind.
B. It is further unlikely that someone has nothing better to do with their time than to attempt to trick poor, gullible-yet-earnest man into accidentally aligning his soul with the opposing (bad) faction/team.
C. God/Creator/Source does not spend its every conscious moment outmaneuvering the powers of Darkness/Evil, like some spiritual chess match. These are personifications of the forces whose interactions create the friction/energy which, presumably, is necessary to keep the universe in motion. FRICTION. The resultant energy when two diametrically opposed factions meet. We see this in every aspect of life, we live it every day, we are locked into this system of observation by our basic physiology. Now, get over it.
D. Which leaves us with a rather large GRAY area (oh, the irony of it all!) to navigate once we get past the vs. crap. It could be a lot of fun, once we make up our minds not to be chained to brains.

The 'Illuminati' agenda has been thoroughly blown up beyond reasonable proportion. Furthermore, any 'agenda' beyond the rather base human desire for control, power & wealth (which are FINITE rewards) may be so well hidden it will be simply years and years before it's revelation. Should such an agenda exist, most of us living now won't see its fruition. I would sincerely suggest we cease fighting paper dragons and focus our energy on being the best we can be, where we are, with what we've got. Fini.

Additionally, per the above - at one time 'we' railed against a devil, Satan, Samael, who was believed to be the cause, the tempter, the foe, the root of mankind's woe & suffering. A true scapegoat if there ever was one. NOW, its the rich, the powerful, the Illuminati with a capitol I, who are behind the scenes, fueling the war & money machine, the puppeteers making man dance to a tune he's turned a deaf ear to for far long a time.

GROW UP, PEOPLE. No one made our choices for us. WE choose cheap products from overseas - it took too much time to read a label at our busy, big box stores. No one MADE us over extend ourselves financially, no one made us rack up the credit cards. We really didn't care about anything, too much, as long as our desires were met and we were able to live in comfort. Man has had an 'entitlement' attitude for far, far, far TOO long. If we were given enough rope to hang ourselves, most of us couldn't do it fast enough. No one MADE us put the noose around our collective necks. But we did it, anyway, all by ourselves. By our ego-driven desires, our selfish Me First attitude, our rape & pillage of the natural world (btw - so how does it feel to be on the other end of a slaughter house, my friends?) ... WE did it to ourselves.

Sadly, this isn't exactly a cutting edge idea, or a late-breaking news flash. We all already know these things. But the record's gotten stuck in the same ol' groove, playing the same ol' song...

Our basic, pre-programmed animal herd survival instincts are, ironically, the very instincts that pose us the greatest danger in our present state. When there comes a time in which humankind stands impervious to ego driven machination and manipulation, greed, superstition and fear, ME vs THEM thinking, that is the time our demons are rendered powerless, will remove their frightful masks, and we discover - much to our surprise - that they were our friendly saviors all along. Challenging us by whatever means available, in order to lead man beyond the nature of the animal, to a level of first hand experience of what sentient responsibility is really all about.

And from that point ... well, I imagine that is when reality will reveal itself to be something so amazingly incredible it will truly blow our minds! Personally, I can't wait because I'm bored out of my hominid skull by all the current day to day crapola.

Logically, reasonably, mathematically, extraterrestrial life forms exist. Forget the pros and cons regarding the likelihood of whether or not 'they' attend our planet, the problems of space/time, distance, et al. There is a 50/50 chance aliens have, are or will eventually notice Earth. So go with the flow. If you've experienced something strange (like moi), or suspect you've been visited and so forth, figure it out for yourself. Don't contaminate anything so precious with one more idiot's belief system (mine included).

This idiot also suggests we forget UFOs! Again, in my humble opinion, any sighting post-1920 is a huge waste of time. Yet, go TOO far back, and that's another big waste as well. From military test vehicles to mis-identifications, religious and superstitious overlays, one may very well be chasing their own tail in a vicious circle that doesn't really prove anything (although it makes for one dandy research & development distraction) besides, it's more than likely that any truly advanced technically superior space traveling species would have long dispensed with the need for a lumbering, bulky 'physical vehicle' in the first place. So forget the Stealths, the Auroras, the anti-gravity proton driven light-absorbent Star Wars wannabees. Somebody, somewhere, has certainly by now learned to traverse the heavens without the aid of a souped up Chevy truck. I would cast my vote on a technology utilizing Light, in some fashion or another. I mean, it certainly seems reasonable to me.

Crop Circles. This is a hotly debated topic, as well as a fairly lucrative CASH crop on the ol' paranormal circuit. Undoubtedly, most crop circles are real beyond the simple board & string hoaxers. Many are of these latter day crop circles are simply astounding works of complex mathematics set in pictographic form. But, no matter the rapidity by which these circles may manifest in the fields, no matter the complexity of the messages, nor evidence of genetic alterations in the grains, and so forth ... no matter the mysterious lights observed just hours or moments before another enigmatic crop circle is heralded into existence ... CROP CIRCLES are most certainly not the work of ETs (I don't' care how many alien faces are depicted!). SOMEHOW, the deciding coup de grace pro ET perpetrators seems to lay in the notion that (1)since no one is seen in the fields making these things, and (2) SINCE the pictographs are swiftly produced, and (3) SINCE the images are dazzling mathematical/cosmic/geometric works of art (complete with swirls, bends, and genetic alterations) ... the UNDENIABLE CONCLUSION is that these beauties could ONLY be the work of ETs, desperately trying to communicate with man on a large open-work canvas for the viewing pleasure and edification of all!

BS. IN fact, I find it rather depressing that too many gullible, yet otherwise intelligent people should be so quick to assume that 1 & 2 & 3 makes 10. Instead of figuring out how man COULD be producing crop circles, let alone WHY, the populace jumps to the only, obvious (?) conclusion - which is that aliens are the culprit. In my opinion crop circles are very, highly and absolutely most likely created by Earth's own military scientists utilizing microwave laser beam cannons - as both a means of weapons testing, as well as psychological study. Really, it's the most logical conclusion there is. So please don't send me the latest Crop Circle calendar. I'm not that impressed.

Moving on now: Ghosts. Now here's a rather interesting situation. Mankind seems to have been experiencing manifestations for ages. And now, we can even capture some really amazing footage on closed circuit cameras. With our EVPs, as well as some other really fun toys to go a-ghost-hunting with, all kinds of anomalies are getting recorded for examination.

But man is still somewhat in a pickle about the 'afterlife', we just can't pin the dead down to our collective satisfaction, despite our current best efforts, no matter how hard we try. Instead of the existence of ghosts (I really hate that label), the survival of our dead (in some form or other) being a given/known, we are still bumbling about in the dark trying to convince ourselves that mortality is but an illusion.

And here I must concur. Mortality is an illusion, or another step on the ol' existence/energetic ladder, but we've got a few rungs left to climb before we can take the notion of spirits, spooks, ghosts, the afterlife et al out of the belief system debate and render it a known.

Our electronic toys, and future similar gadgetry, will eventually establish irrefutable evidence of such, as well as reveal the modus operandi or physical laws which operate in the soul/ghost/wave state. Then, when this breakthrough occurs, we will, again eventually, learn to cross the two-way communication barrier, until at some Utopian point contacting our beloved dead will be as commonplace as contacting the bloke who lives down the street. Oh, we'll do it, trust me. It's really inevitable, if for no other reason than that our inherent survival instinct drives us to achieve this level of knowledge, because with this knowledge will come a freedom, of sorts, from mortality itself. And AT this future point, man will have put paid to one more dreary 'belief' system weighing him down - because the belief will have become a known. One more shackle broken. And won't that be a jolly relief?!

{If today's posting doesn't read as smooth as usual, it's due to the fact that on Monday I snapped a tendon in my left ring finger, and everything - most especially keyboarding - is a tedious, awkward process. I may have to keep it splinted for as long as 22 weeks. Unless, of course, the gray aliens deign to abduct me and repair it anytime soon. I'd love to see that happen, but won't hold my breath}