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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Recognize a True Vampire or Immortal Being

If vampires were real ... (for conjecture)

Actually, I've thought about this (okay, so I think about everything). With all the lace, accoutrement's, blood clubs, glamour goth, passions and immortal angst - well, all that's a load of (albeit delightful) crap.

No really. Imagine yourself truly immortal. At some point the desire for animal passions, for ego satisfaction, would have to cease. There would certainly come a point of absolute satiation. [And along this line of thinking, one can't help but compare angels & demons, God & demigods, et al]

At some absolute, inescapable point in the linear experience of a truly immortal (vampire or what have you) sentient being, there would and must come the moment wherein one would dispense with physical experience altogether, to become, how to put this ... a Creature of the Mind.

Boredom, satiation, insensate, you name it. There would no longer exist a desire (in other words, any possible stimulation resulting from) for physical experience. This point could take anywhere from a few days to centuries to arrive at, but its arrival would nonetheless be a given.

And while we like to assume the vampiric, immortal individual would so long (can anyone say Lestat here?) to rejoin, to reconnect with the human camaraderie left behind, to become mortal and feeling once again, I think this would be no more than a temporary nostalgic stage in the ongoing evolution - the continuing life experience - of an actual vampire.

Because we humans like to think that our passions and ego gratification, our desires and the fulfillment thereof, are what life's about (even though in our deepest center we fully know better). This isn't a matter of good vs. evil, its just the way things are. Whether a vampiric creature were the most self-centered being on earth, or the greatest altruist, the cycle would and must be the same for all. This state, as viewed from the perspective of a human being, would appear as amoral, when in actuality it would be better described as 'disinterested'.

That said, what happens next? What follows the abolition for physical experience? The mind, of course. All stimulation and experience would necessitate a mental channel. The truly immortal would cease to identify with the mortal, finite and physical herd, and hence go inwards, into the mental world and all that might encompass.

The amazingly talented and thoughtful Anne Rice wrote along this line of conjecture as well. However, she seemed to reach a stopping point and cycled back to where her characters did eventually, for whatever reason, seek connections, previous companionships and physical experience, to some greater or lesser degree. Perhaps this cycling was necessary in order to maintain a plot worthy of readers' continuing interest.

Fiction aside, and in terms of any potential reality, the immortal (vampire or no) must eventually lose any desire, any need for companionship, of any sort. There could no longer exist an external physical situation capable of producing the necessary stimuli/response.

All following stimulus must then be generated from within, from the mind itself. It would have to, following the above reasoning. And this mind experience would not be contained to solitary pursuits such as writing, art or music. Again, given those are physical actions, so they, too, must eventually fall by the wayside.

So, to recap and insist : a genuine immortal must as some point dispense with all things physical.

Here is where we reach a conundrum. What if the very state of immortality (such as the mythical vampiric state) requires a physical action in order to maintain its status? (blood in the case of the vampire)

Funny thing, but in the real, physical world there have been cases of individuals who somehow seem to exist on an absolute minimum of food and water, (the word autotroph comes to mind, but I've googled and can't find the exact term I'm looking for), their bodies somehow manage to recycle fluids, to literally restructure natural processes into a system of self, closed maintenance, and also to resist corruption after death (for no matter how well embalmed, most bodies are reduced to a skeletal state within a year of interment.

Any genuine factual and extant vampire (or any other type of immortal creature) would and must evolve into something non-physical. And with this action, would come a release from all desire and interest in the physical world, for no matter how interesting we mortals consider our physical existence to currently be, it is necessarily but a temporary interest.

Additionally, and most importantly perhaps, is given we have some understanding regarding how crucial the mind/body connection is in the human state of existence - stigmata and the placebo effect not withstanding - we must, however reluctantly, conclude that the more evolved-beyond-the-physical a sentient being would become, the less approachable, discernible and communicable by man such an entity would have to be.

A true immortal, those beings no longer subject to the constraint of seeking outside energetic nourishment and replenishment for self maintenance (and this too, would be an ever evolving state) must, to some greater or lesser degree, become closed systems in and of themselves. Entropy would cease to be an issue (and with it the laws of thermodynamics).

Where intelligence and self-awareness would fit into such a picture is a matter for speculation, and is it a state we, here in the physical, would actually find desirable?

I don't think so, at least not within our present ego situation. For quite likely there would also follow a dispense with the ego awareness altogether.

I suspect that a real and completely immortal being would and must morph into a creature we would have no commonality with, no recognition of, and scarcely a hope on which to find a meeting ground.

And, to take this conjecture another step onward, isn't this where our myths, legends and religions attempt to describe the ineffable? Would it be accurate to state that the more highly evolved an entity is, the less interested it would be in anything beyond its enclosed system of self? Would such an entity, eventually, even be aware there existed anything outside itself?

This is where I harken back to a few of those especially remarkable accounts of the DMT volunteers as chronicled in the book by Rick Strassman DMT The Spirit Molecule [by all means, this is a must read].

So in conclusion, we, ourselves, might consider dispensing with all minor physical tricks and toys in our attempt to flush out, to contact the truly immortal. Unless we wish to waste our time with beings no better off than ourselves, or at least not far beyond our own rung on the physical/soul evolutionary ladder, it would seem that any hope for valid contact with these conjectured entities must lay within the capabilities of our very own mind/s.

And this would include all contact, beyond an individual's sheer curiosity, with energy feeders, psychic vampires, demons (I use this label in the loosest sense), etc etc. These feeders would not be a particularly highly evolved class of beings, which goes a long way to explain most human/other interfaces. And anything or anyone requiring/suggestive of adulation, sacrifice, abject worship et al. would fall into this class of 'energy feeding', I believe, for what else would necessitate such focus?

Anyway, funny how 'That' with the least cause for interest in man is also that which man is, ultimately, the most intrigued by. What a paradox this truly is.

Therefore, if one desires contact with the ineffable, then be prepared to work/think/act beyond the physical 'box', and with the expectation of ineffable results. And sadly, a truly evolved and immortal being may quite possibly lay beyond our limited means to make any such contact with, period.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alien and Paranormal Experiments : Update 2

To recap, here is the main paranormal experiment I'm focusing on at the moment:

1) To garner proof (such as it is) that there does indeed exist soul guides/teachers and that I have one.

With the above goal uppermost in mind, last night prior to sleep and pre-hypnogogic, I did the following exercise (of my own concoction):

I pictured in my mind writing a letter, literally seeing myself write in large simple cursive text, carefully forming each letter character with a mental pen. This letter I addressed to SOUL GUIDE. In the body of this letter, I firmly declared my need/desire/demand for affirmation and all possible proof of the objective reality of such an entity. This was a somewhat slow and tedious process, but fortunately I was in the rare and perfect state of mind/body that it was easy to hold on to the mind awake - body relaxed awareness, even as the hypnogogic state was just a hair's breadth away.

How lucky is that?! Literally, I could feel the arrival of the hypnogogic state and yet was able to hover on the threshold while maintaining my conscious, beta awareness. Go team!

As I mentally finished up the letter (you've no idea just how tedious a process this was, mentally scripting each letter one by one), I then began the red emergency phone technique mentioned in a previous post regarding this particular experiment.

Then, when it came that I felt the hypnogogic state finally taking my consciousness over, along with the frequent (for me) inner mind's light and vibrations, I managed to combine all of it - the emergency phone, the yellow button, the letter, I spoke/thought/imaged the whole message at once ... one big information thought ball and let go.

Sleep had it's way with me.

Here was the resultant dream:
It was night, and I was walking the streets of our town. The buildings stood still and empty. I could see and feel the asphalt under my feet, and the brickwork of darkened shops stood out crisp and clear (parts of this dream were near lucid in sensory experience).

There were tall beings (!) about, pale humanoids placed here and there like sentient statues scattered sparsely about the town. They seemed like sentinels of some sort.

At home, my son was awaiting an interview for an employment opportunity, expecting to receive confirmation (!) via letter (!). When the letter finally did arrive, it was written in red pen and addressed to ME (!!!) (by Golly).

My son and I stood at our front door, me looking over his shoulder as together we read the letter. It was from a Mr. (something) Miller, with my name beneath (I don't know anyone named Miller in real life). The job opportunity was offered to me, and it was suggested that I write (or write/wrote a book).

There was more to the letter, but since reading is a left-brain faculty, it was difficult in my dream to do so. I'm amazed I was able to read as much as I did.

Now, whether or not this was merely a subconscious/subjective response to my pre-sleep directive, it would still seem to indicate some type of response to my set goal experiment.

Let's look for a moment at the choice of name Miller, at definitions for the word itself.
Miller: a person who owns or operates a mill
any moth with wings that look powdery or dusty
3 famous Millers were writers/authors (Henry, Arthur, Joaquin)
Another famous Miller was a stage comedian (Joe)
[I've been writing for years, and had my own humor column in our local newspaper]
Additionally, the act of milling is to, by force of grinding, to extract a substance generally used as a food substance (the "Loosh" aspect of energy feeding?)

So, as you can see, the use of the name 'Miller' may not have necessarily been a subconscious/subjective choice on my part. It does seem to point in an uncanny direction, doesn't it? And if the matter of selection was purely subjective on my part, how amazing is this that the brain can so beautifully co-mingle so many associative meanings via one single symbol. That feat in itself is certainly grounds ongoing study.

Anyway, I think I'm justified in thinking at the very least I'm making some successive headway in my experiment.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I'd also added to the process the imagery of a parcel man delivering a large box of tangible 'evidence' to my doorstep. Oddly enough, this morning UPS dropped off four separate parcels of books I've recently won.

Now, would that make the dream precognitive as well? Or a mirroring effect of my mental input into an objective format? If so, I need to quit dickering around with Soul Guides and start imaging large sums of cash ASAP.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grays Aliens and Geriatric Vampires

Today is one of those days. You know the kind I mean, where everything seems sorta goofy and not worth the effort to take things too seriously.

The world feels like one great, big surreal stage play and you're sitting in the audience. Minding your own business. Chowing down the gargantuan tub of $9 popcorn and a small diet coke. The plot's not grabbing you, so you turn your attention to those sitting around you.

There's some strange sights out there, and how much of it are we supposed to take seriously, to actually do something about? Is any of it real, does any of it really matter ?

Beats the heck outta me ...

But since I'm in this weird little mood today, here's a weird little post. Just because I LOVE you, even if you're weird, too.

Goofy weird things to think about:

Geriatric vampires (Why must all the vamps be young/hot). I mean, what if Lestat turned an old geezer just for kicks. Would you? Why or why not? Would the geezer turn his other geezer friends into vamps? Would they all end up in some kind of gated community where any vampire under the age of 50 wasn't allowed? Would they all drive gigantic Cadillacs and take up two parking spaces, or go down the highway with their left turn blinker on? Most importantly, could a vampire who wore polyester be taken seriously?

Vampires with Alzheimer's (Would they forget where they left their coffins and burn up in the sun?). What if they forgot who they had bitten, and kept on bleeding the same poor guy over and over and over.

Geriatric Zombies (Would we even know the difference?). My mind is giving me a picture here of all these liver spotted zombies twirling around the countryside in their wheelchairs, running into each other. Or doing one of those choreographed wheel chair commercials like you see on TV. And, if one tried to bite you would his dentures fall out? Would they just gum you to death???

Crop Circle puzzles (Like the NY Times variety). Or find a word. And how come we never see crop circles picturing kittens, butterflies or flowers? (although I still insist that Crop Circles [the real ones] are probably created by microwave laser beam cannons (look it up sometime)). How come they never draw naughty pictures? I know I would lol. Better yet: I'd sell the circle space to alien advertising companies (drink ZORP cola, more BURP for your ZURP).

Werewolves with a bad case of worms (Honestly now. You can't eat all that raw meat without ingesting some serious parasites! omg). Try to imagine a werewolf/boyfriend scooting his butt across your parent's living room carpet.

Gray Aliens with Agoraphobia (They'd never leave the ship).
Aliens with OCD (Wouldn't surprise me any).
Reptilians with an inferiority complex (They'd keep apologizing for the New World Order, while wringing their claws).
Nordics with bad skin (Somehow, it would be very difficult to take lessons in soul evolution or light beings from a tall, pale guy with zits. I mean, how could you not crack up? They would be going blah blah Star People yada yada soul blah reincarnation blah blah we are your creators blah and I would completely LOSE it. :P ).

OR how about somebody abducting the stupid aliens for a change? (The next time anybody thinks they are in the presence of one of those praying mantis/insectoid types, I DARE you to picture a huge can of Raid in your mind!) C'mon, do it - then let me know what happens :O

I have to wonder also, if anybody, anywhere, at anytime ... was ever visited by an Angel or God Presence or Demon, etc and had the actual nerve to speak in Pig Latin.

It's a strange, funny universe and I'm not even going to bother with spell check today ... :P

Have a Good Day and an Awesome Abduction!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Astral Travels 2

As mentioned per my previous post in conjunction with a couple of paranormal experiments I've recently began, there followed a wild dream containing benchmarks for what many of us may consider to be a Gray Alien Abduction or Close Encounter Type 4.

If you haven't already read my previous post, then I suggest you do so in order to understand the nature of #1 Paranormal Experiment (Which, in essence, is to "push" for some type of 'proof' of an actual Soul Guide via my own free will and choosing. To take matters into my own hands, so to speak. Just to see what - if anything - happens).

So in concluding my previous post, I mentioned a rather interesting dream and promised to write it up sometime later today. Here it is:

I dreamt I lived in a small brown brick home where I was in process of home repairs and beautifying. Unexpectedly, my home became invaded by a chaotic 'family' of destructive, sloppy habits who totally undid or made messes of all my hard work. I was very distressed at these 'guests' and happily anticipated the time when they would take their leave. I remember they had perhaps three small children who annoyed me no end; they were into everything and completely wild, unmanageable.

There came one night in the midst of this chaos, what my mind saw as a kidnapping of sorts. A blond woman (me???) was taken from her bed and somehow, for some unknown reason, I was to blame for this and it was 'my' responsibility to set things right. Somehow I had failed to do something required of me (surprise, surprise ... sigh).

The next thing I knew, I was in the midst of what I can only describe as a criminal headquarters (or underground element). Something hidden and covert that ran things behind the scenes. I had a slip of paper in my hand and approached the tall dark thin man in charge of this group, who stood behind a table while overseeing his operations. I was not really afraid, in that sense, but I was very respectful and apologetic, fully aware that I had somehow erred.

I said to the man, as he bent over and took the paper from me to examine it, "I really appreciate your giving me this second chance". And I was sincere in my statement, though now I have no idea what I really meant nor why I said such a thing.

He was firm, but quietly agreeable and led me to know that whatever it was would be 'taken care of'. Relieved, I then joked to him that (referring to this slip of paper that seemed to have numbers printed on it) "he really should scan those things".

Beyond this dream, there were other unrelated (I assume) bits and segments, but was the major dream from last night, following my first attempt at my experiment in pushing my Soul Guide for any type of tangible (!) proof of his/her existence.

I'm very curious to see where this pushing and forced imagery will lead. I can say that I've seen several 'mirror' numbers today, such as 52 (on digital displays they looked similar to a mirror effect).

However, back to the dream itself, you can easily see those benchmarks suggestive of what we could term a Close Encounter or Alien Abduction, as well as anything else - I suppose:
The three wild children
The kidnapping (out of bed no less)
The feeling of invasion
The meeting with a tall overseer
AS well as my 'notion' of having been given a 'second chance' after an error of some sort.

Now I'm just more stubborn than ever ... :D

Alien and Paranormal Experiments Begin!

Recently, I posted about alien/paranormal experiments I was hoping to get around to, eventually, when I wasn't so busy and tired. Last night, though, I decided there was no time like the present. It was time to get something in the works, and I spent a while thinking about what I'd really like to set my hand to. Things I was really curious about, or stubborn about, or silly/foolish enough to suppose I had a tiny chance of succeeding at. (the Ouija board did not chastise me for being willful and stubborn for no reason!)

You just never know until you try ...

So. I finally settled on two semi-related experiments:
1) To garner proof (such as it is) that there does indeed exist soul guides/teachers and that I have one.
2) To 'gate crash' heaven on my terms, without undergoing an NDE or the like

Let me explain. For Experiment #2 -it has long irked me that whatever heaven may or may not be, it is still a rather one-sided affair. Typically, a human being must under go an intensely psychological or physical event in order to 'gain admittance'. We cannot visit heaven with the same nonchalance with which we visit the mall, or our neighbor, or New York City. We, you and I, don't seem to have any say-so, any choice, power or free will in the matter. We either arrive there through events beyond our choosing, or (we are told) we must die first and 'pay' later.

Again, no matter what the tangible reality of heaven may or may not be; a higher frequency, a different plane/dimension of existence, an inner subjective state of awareness, a fairy tale, et al. No matter what the reality of this sought after location actually is, it just bugs me all to heck that we cannot enter and exit at will.

Keeping belief systems and religious connotations strictly out of the picture here, I simply am curious as to what heaven may actually be (and here I'd like to mention that many of the older references to 'heaven' actually did mean 'sky' or 'above', as opposed to a spiritually orchestrated realm of human attainment). The heaven I am referring here to, would be that area most of us consider to be the plane of existence post mortem, the land of souls, angels, the God force and whathaveyou.

Just wanted to make things clear regarding the whole heaven idea.

And for Experiment #1 ... I've certainly been given sufficient reason in my life to suspect at least some type of external influence, or guidance. Whether a higher self, oversoul, heavenly guide, teacher, alien presence, pick a label ... it doesn't matter how we mince words, I, personally, think there is something/someone at work and I want/ask/demand some type of tangible (I should live so long!) proof, at least in my own mind, of this elusive personage. By golly.

To sum matters up, I'm frankly a little weary of everything that smacks of heavenly guidance and spiritual hierarchy being so blasted inaccessible to the average Joe. Why must all these things be so one sided? Where is my free will to go, see and do where I please? Why must I wait until somebody, somewhere else, decides it is okay for this curious little monkey to get a peek, a few crumbs tossed my way, of all things heavenly?

Now, I'll be the first to admit this may sound a little arrogant, or not exactly a humble, patiently-awaiting attitude for a lowly mortal to display. Then again, the whole concept of heaven and soul may be so outlandish, or superstitious, or scientifically incorrect as to render any hope for results merely wishful thinking.

Whatever. I'm still curious.

So first on my list was to make a concerted effort to demand/contact my Soul Guide:
11/15/2009 11:31 p.m.
Due to my frequent ability to hang onto and stretch out the hypnogogic state, I chose this as a starting point.
Laying in bed, I intently imaged a deep red phone, the old standard desktop variety, with a large yellow button to the bottom left of the press numbers. I imagined an emergency phone similar to what we think of on the president's desk.
I held this image while my body relaxed, preparatory to entering the pre-sleep, hypnogogic state. The red phone resting clearly on the official desk.
THEN I began to press the numbers, and saw/thought/strongly determined to call my Soul Guide. With the receiver to my ear, I then pressed the dull yellow button, firmly, and saw it light up. Keeping firmly in mind the intent to connect with my Soul Guide, and to convey my request.
Here is where things began to speed up, and I had to maintain an alert mind as well as that fragile, tenuous relaxed hold on the hypnogogic state, all while being careful not to slip into sleep itself:

I was suddenly 'sending' a rapid stream of information; my demand for proof, my intent to connect, my curiosity regarding the reality of any Soul Guidance, - the whole potato became rapidly present as one entire conscious dictum, so rapid in fact that I mentally protested at the speed and my inability to 'keep up'. That is when I experienced the audio/visual of two sentences given me (and, idiot that I was, I thought at the time of the importance of having pen and paper right there in bed with me, to avoid having to unnecessarily disturb the hypnogogic state of mind, to write down at the exact moment, the exact communication. But it was too late, and the paper and pen had been left on my nightstand. Therefore, I missed getting the precise words as I was given (I won't make this same mistake again!) them. Here, however, is the gist of those two sentences I received (I both heard and saw them, simultaneously):

SOMETHING SOMETHING GIFT KEY SOMETHING THAT SOMETHING SOMETHING (aargh! I cannot believe how rapidly our minds forget, how difficult it is to hold on to this stuff!!!)

And, I got the impression there was hesitation/consideration over the use of the word 'THAT' in those two sentences. As though someone was having difficulty properly structuring the message within my human concept of time.


Then followed an interesting dream, one I actually did have the sense to take note of as soon as I awoke. That dream, honestly, had significant elements of a Gray Alien abduction more than anything heavenly. And I'll post that dream later on today, if time allows.

But, as I've already put into place this morning, I will continue to think, stress a contact/proof from my Soul Guide as the day continues. Keeping the red phone pictured. Along with the image of an express parcel serviceman delivering a package (physical proof) into my waiting hands. I'm trying to emphatically stress upon any Soul Guide I may have, not just words or thoughts, but intense images of what it is I am requesting. We'll see what, if anything, comes of this.

And I'll get that alien dream sequence posted soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Alien and Paranormal Experiments

There are so many ideas, so many experiments I'd love to try, if only I weren't so blasted tired these last few months. I've a veritable plethora of wee experiments I wish to put to the test, but I haven't the energy for establishing a solid routine as a good little researcher must certainly do. Fun aside, I'm highly curious (fancy that) about a few techniques I've thought to try, and I'd have to keep records, and so on and so forth, so here I am with nothing accomplished.

Now, I can't be the only adventurous paranormal / alien nut job, I mean researcher, who is currently wracking their brains for new avenues and experiments to consider.

In previous posts, I've mentioned a handful of interesting little tests to try out, and I've thought up a few more that I'd sincerely like to set up, if only I had the energy (!) to spare. So, as God knows when I'll get around to any serious effort for the following, here is a partial list of experiments I have under consideration for some mystical future day when I'm all spryly energetic and just bubbling over with spare time:

A) 'Playing' with synchronicity. By this I mean a deliberate system of directed, repetitive thoughts around any 1 or 2 (at the most, keep it simple stupid) mundane objects (let's say - a Purple Pig, or kiwi fruit) and see how long it takes for such objects to consistently manifest in a synchronistic fashion, and under what conditions.

B) Doing the unexpected (or my pathetic primitive attempt to 'think' outside the 'box') per paranormal truisms: E.g. - In complete reversal of the commonplace Gray Aliens abducting Man sort of thing, using a system of 'reverse' thinking wherein Man is abducting the Grays. In other words (and this is a little tough to explain in just a few sentences), but to set up a mental FALSE belief system and see how this projected, albeit false, belief affects things.

C) Experimenting concurrently with multiple Ouija boards with multiple players (perhaps in different rooms, different homes, different towns).

D) Directing thought toward undeveloped film, see what develops. The same holds true for cassette tape. I'm curious as to what might be imprinted.

E) Tulpas fascinate me, even though I'm fairly chicken to do much experimentation that way. And even though I'm fairly convinced most writers create tulpas all the time, to one energetic degree or another. I believe Michael Talbot may have manifested a little of this energy during his fiction writing.

F) Now, this next one if a really, really tough piece of mental meat, especially as I am most certainly not a mathematical savant. But. I am very curious as to how the Golden Ratio could be applied to a seemingly random number system, such as a state lottery. I imagine one would need to be the proud and wealthy owner of a very fast computer (anyone out there have a spare super computer on their hands?!) and the sophisticated mathematical software to set this us, but still, I am convinced it could be done.

Sadly, I am too slow and stupid to stumble my way through the reams of paper and pen it would take to attempt such a thing by 'hand'. Not to mention the hours of figuring. Still though ...

G) Hypnosis. I've only experimented with this one in the most minor of ways, and that was a considerable amount of time ago. But, I'm very curious as to what degree of physical manifestation the subconscious mind is capable of producing, and under what directives. And it's not so much that I necessarily mind being my own 'guinea pig', (I've got a fairly firm grounding in the ego so as not to risk losing any substantial 'grip' with physical reality - thank God), it is just that first I'd want to fashion my own hypnotic tapes geared toward my own agendas, and that would be a heck of a lot of work just to get things set up. Plus I truly hate gadgets in the first place. Still, one of these days ...

H) Looking for code within the holograph/universe. And no, not in the sacred geometry/mystical type of way. See, as the saying goes ... Path within, Signposts without. (Okay, this is another toughie to explain briefly and off the top of my head). (And worse yet, there are two particular experiments to this one notion). The FIRST experiment might be to, say, pose a SPECIFIC question to the 'universe/logo' at say, 10:00 a.m. each day. Then, to quiet the roof brain mind chatter, and pay close attention to what is presented into the field of one's objective reality ... say, again for example, for one hour. Document all externally experienced information, like a neighbor popping by with a bit of gossip or a slice of 'angel' food cake. You know, we always are busy questioning God, but we rarely are quiet long enough to hear Him answer.

And secondly, as a variation on the above as mentioned, to attempt to 'trick' the universe into revealing itself, and its mechanics, AND its level of conscious awareness. (Yes, talk about a rather tall and ambitious order!) I'm not sure precisely the best way to go about setting up such an experiment, but I've ONCE read about someone else who wished to do the same thing, and the very phrase he/she used was the same as mine - which is to TRICK the universe into revealing itself. I loved that idea, and it has stuck with me all these years (what I would give to remember where I read it and who the author was).

So many strange little ideas, so little time. I may, though, surprise me yet. Or surprise the Aliens and Angels given 'time'... or not, who knows ;)

Aliens and Angels Among Us? Where are the Sun Gods?


Perhaps it is the early onset of winter, with trees bare and skeletal, each week a dreary succession of one gray day creeping slowly past the other. The relentless, unavoidable season when we must turn inward, to reflect, to light fires and erect barriers in opposition to the yearly reminder of human mortality. In metaphor, man returns each winter to Gaia's womb.

These are the days, as of late, when I think on things.

I've wondered greatly about 2012. What it will or will not bring. I study more, I read longer and write. I think. Pieces, always too many pieces - and so the puzzle grows, too large for my consciousness to see in its entirety.

Recently, and just when I thought I'd nearly finished with the border of this puzzle. Just when I'd decided I was close to fashioning an outline to fill in with all the delightful bits of hearsay and heresy, facts and fictions, all manner of nonsense and common sense. This is when the world grows larger and we must begin again.

More pieces to do something with. So I think further and the jigsaw grows by leaps and bounds. And this is when it comes that one must admit they know nothing, or the next thing to it.

With every day arrives fresh puzzles to ponder. For instance ... am I to understand we have found antimatter close at hand? Does this mean it is a workable property, and if so, where will it take us? Can it be that an antimatter drive may actually exist, or soon to be? How would this fit in with interstellar space travel?

And, travel to what and from where? Or is the sun, Old Sol - truly, in the brassest of tacks, a verifiable black hole with an event horizon in Earth's backyard? Did there exist, and walked, procreated, in the flesh and blood of biological happenstance, a race ... a species of beings called the Sun Gods, or Ra? Giants in those days, we are told did exist.

What did the Earth, and man, see occur more than 10,000 years ago? Will our scholars someday have the courage, the wisdom, to acknowledge the fact of evidential archeology and admit the Egyptians did not build the pyramids ... when will we put aside the parroting that passes for outdated and inaccurate teachings, and have the maturity to admit our ignorance, our errors. To begin anew... to learn afresh.

And so I think. The same as you. And you. And I wonder, not so much about the things I know, or suspect to be true. But about all the myriad information unknown to me. Lost, overlooked, covered up and abandoned. How can we think outside the 'box', when we can't find the box to begin with?

How ever will we gain wisdom in a world that must assign a hierarchy to the dissemination of information. These are not questions, instead they are statements born of frustration, of curiosity and wonderment.

But I, you, we ... continue to think.

For a change of pace, let's forget the logic and reason and evidence for a while. Just for a change, and just for a moment, mind you. Because it suits my moment to pretend. And so we will think with our feelings, our imagination for this exercise:

Without fear of ridicule, or evidence and accuracy, or censure from our peers (such as they may be), it is a good thing to play with the imaginative mind because we may discover wondrous things on the rare occasion. Or create the same with our very thoughts.

Therefore, for this exercise, what do you think and wonder about? What do you imagine? What pieces do you suppose might lurk within the paranormal puzzle ... ?

Here are a few of my imaginative thoughts (straight from the right brain 'feeling') -
1) There are alien (non terrestrial origins) beings on planet Earth.
2) There have been in the past alien visitations, and 'they' went somewhere, far away, and it is not to be discussed/revealed (why I feel this thought to be true I've no idea).
3) Earth is not too big of a deal. Beautiful yes, with salvageable sentience, but by no means in the mid to upper echelon of planetary way stations.
Low to middlin', comes to mind.
4) We are watched, monitored. Not in a spiritual, mystical heavenly sense, but in a technical, mechanical way. Very humdrum. Very much business as usual.
5) Heaven does not exist in the way we think, nor describe, nor label according to our general consensus. Heaven is not a singular. What we call heaven is no more or less than a state of awareness, development, evolution. Better and different from here, that's all.
6) War is very much a primitive event, and as such, marks our species (as it should to our collective shame and embarrassment) as animalistic and base. As long as man bears the desire to war, to conquer and possess, to suppress and dominate, to dictate to another, then man shall most D.E.F.I.N.I.T.E.L.Y. not be permitted to venture afar from his nest. He shall be contained, restricted, and watched closely.
7) The ET presence/actuality shall not, CAN not be revealed until those generations of individuals (those minds unable to encompass that which is beyond the known, those minds who react as threatened and fearful, -closed) incapable of change have passed to dust. The reason for this mandate is that any external presence would either be worshipped as gods or exterminated as foes. Those minds must cease to be an influential factor per such revelations.
8) Each of us, in greater or lesser degree, already exists as a multi-being. We are not a singular mind, even insofar as our experience in a singular body.
9) Eons ago, when the planet was young and the primate yet in trees, humanoids walked the Earth. Millions of years ago.
10) Somebody, or many somebody's, have the ability to manipulate time/space.
11) There is something really big, really weird and strange, beyond the known multiverse, exerting influence.
12) Many 'gods' listed in mythology and religions are anthropomorphic references to astronomy.
13) Vampires exist somewhere, somehow, somewhy - if only because we've created them (barring the mundane such as rabies and hemophilia, etc).
14) Man is viciously in love with his image.
15) We may call the 'angels', we may summon the gods, the Elders ... if only we knew how to speak their 'language' and if we had the tools to do so.
16) Someday, somewhen, somehow, man will unthinkingly step back and forth through the curtain that separates the living from the dead. It will be as commonplace, as casual as placing a long distance call.
17) Evil is man's creation - from the medium of fear.
18) There is no devil, no Satan.
19) God is a collective, not a singular.
20) Zombies ... well, this is a fun imagination ... maybe they could exist as a 'glitch' in the consciousness of the body.
21) We're all witches, we just don't know how to manifest the magic of thought on a controlled basis.
22) We wouldn't know a UFO if one landed on our doorstep. I halfway imagine the concept of vehicular transportation unlikely per truly advanced species.
23) Atlantis, and a whole bus load of other long - lost civilizations undoubtedly slumber far beneath the surface of this beautiful planet.
24) There exist alien species far, far, far, FAR more intelligent than we. Some so much in fact that we may never comprehend them, nor they us.
25) The dinosaurs evolved in ways yet unknown.
26) And finally, my last imaginative and wondering thought of the evening ... the Gray Aliens may actually be very, very real.

So, what do you think and wonder?

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Scheduled Meeting With The Dead


Now, here follows a strange experience up for consideration. This is, or rather was, a dream I've kept private up until now, because it reveals the dynamics of an uncomfortable relationship with my adopted mother.

First, let me give you a little background information regarding my mother and myself. I was adopted at age 2 1/2. I was an 'only' child, as my parent's natural children (3) were all deceased by the time of my adoption. My new parents were wonderful, I was very well taken care of and undoubtedly loved & wanted.

However, there was also a thread of strangeness, one I've never been able to unwind, to answer to my satisfaction. (Which is a topic unto itself, and not necessarily pertinent to the subject at hand).

Nonetheless, my adoptive mother died when I was age 11, due to a major heart attack. She was 45. Three days after her death, she appeared to me in a dream, coming in through our front door. Even though I dreamed, I knew she was dead. Her silence, her altered appearance, her very presence terrified me so I hid. I refused to come forward and greet her.

Oddly, for the next 35 years I did not dream of her. I did not see her. In fact, while considering the numerous dreams of 'the dead' I was experiencing on a fairly regular basis (and still do) - those other loved ones and close friends who did visit in my dreams - my mother's absence was almost conspicuous.

Now, my adopted mother did not abuse me in any manner, shape or form. We spent a great deal of time together, as it was. She taught me the basics of art, she taught me to appreciate classical literature by the time I was nine, to the point I was reading grades beyond my level, with a high comprehension such that I was placed in a program (VIS) for very intelligent students. All this I attribute to my mother's influence.

There is so much more to tell, as my mother's life, above and beyond her relationship with me, was mysterious in ways I've yet to unravel. I wish I'd asked more questions when I was a child, but now it is too late. And in case you may wonder, my adoptive father is also deceased, and so the family door has swung closed.

There is no one left to question.

So. Years and years, as they are apt to do, have passed since I lost my mother. Then, in a remarkable dream, and via a type of arbitrator, I am given an opportunity to 'schedule' a meeting with my mother. I was fully aware she was deceased, but no longer fearful. Yet, as much as I wanted to meet with her, I could sense ... not a misunderstanding ... but a certain tension that stood between us. An unknown wall.

But I agreed to the meeting, and it actually took 'time' (real time, btw) for this meeting to be arranged. I was to meet my mother at such and such a time, at the park, and at least one invisible 'other' would be present to monitor the situation, to escort my mother to this place where the two of us could be visible to each other, to communicate. A way station comes to mind. Or a breach between two worlds. This detail in itself was strange, and is hard to precisely communicate to the reader. But details such as this were, are important. Looking back now, it seemed that there were perhaps four of us present at this meeting. My mother and her invisible escort, myself and my guide/or invisible escort.

And so I arrived at the park, via a bizarre dream state. I was a little tense, a little uncertain. There sat my mother and this invisible presence I was barely aware of (I saw her escort as a faint, fuzzy lighted blur - a smudged ghost would be a good description). Not coincidentally, the two of them sat at a card table, and now I realize it was a replica of the old lightweight wooden card table my mother
used when she was alive and would conduct a seance, to make the 'table' rise, and answer questions with knocks "once for yes, twice for no".

Anyway, my 'guide' stood back, watching, and I approached the card table and took my seat. I will never forget those few, hesitant steps to the table. Or the strangeness of my mother's appearance. I'd like to say that she looked beatific, that she looked youthful and glowed with health and vitality, and exuded love through her very pores. But the 'reality' was different than that, and defied words to describe:

1) She was overlayed, different and much, much more than my mother ever was. She had a depth of being far beyond the ego/personality I once knew. As if I had only known the surface, the human shell, and here sat a soul dense with the mass of greater experience. She was changed. This is so hard to get across, but even though her appearance was human, she was unfathomably more. And not in any way we are often given to suppose. It was high strangeness to say the least.

2) Basically, she resembled (and only such) her mortal appearance, yet she was slimmer, her hair reddish (gone was the gray) and she was serious in a way I cannot understand. And so we looked at one another. We stared.

3) And in this staring, we communicated (of a sort) without thought, without language. There was no sense of ESP or telepathy in the commonly used manner. The communication took place by the very closeness of our proximity to one another, and through the eyes. I 'felt' that whatever it was that had been communicated, that did transpire between the two of us, it somehow bypassed my ego awareness. Sadly, the wall - whatever it was - was not breached/healed by this meeting.

4) I had the notion that somehow, aside from being a gift of sorts, this meeting was also an experiment. I want to say a 'failure', but I am given to state that it was a 'disappointment'. More had been expected.

And honestly, even though I had been given a wonderful childhood, had never been mistreated or neglected, I was relieved to put this meeting with my mother behind me.

Here, as an aside, is the only other dream I've had of my mother besides the one immediately following her death AND the meeting I've described above (for a mere total of three dreams in 40 years). This dream took place roughly five years prior to the 'meeting' dream.

My adoptive father had just passed away. I had to travel out of state to attend his funeral. Driving all night, I reached my destination in the wee hours of morning, with only a few hours remaining to grab a little sleep before it was time to get busy with the visitation.

And so it was that at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of my father's visitation/funeral I had a completely unexpected dream. I saw my father standing before me in the living room where my body lay sleeping, and he said to me, "Tell everyone I will be there at the funeral. But they won't recognize me because I will be dressed funny" (was dad speaking metaphorically referring to his soul/new form as strange/funny?). Anyway, after dad told me this, I noticed there on the far side of the couch, silent and unobtrusive but obviously in attendance on my father, sat the figure of my mother. Waiting and watching while dad conducted his 'business' with me.

Both parents appeared younger, thinner, recognizable yet vastly different. And as far as my father went, I had no sense, no awareness of his ego being 'overlayed' as I described my mother's as having been. Then again, there lay an interim of 33 years between their deaths.

So in conclusion, and at the time of this post, while I have had numerous dreams in which I have seen, spoke and received instruction from my father, I've yet to dream again of my mother.

Will we meet, scheduled or not, again in this lifetime?

I've really no idea.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alien Gods

The Need to Worship?

Before I begin, please understand that this post is not intended to denigrate religion, denomination, God or one's personal belief system in any manner, shape or form.

Rather, this post comes about as a result of a topic I've recently encountered - that of Alien FrogGods, including insectoid demi-gods as well.

As outlandish as the above seems, there are those close encounter experiencers (CEEs) who allege to have been exposed to such, either by direct 'encounter' or via reference from their alien abductors. While I don't cast aspersion on the CEEs themselves, I still nonetheless find the concept of extraterrestrial gods somewhat difficult to swallow - inasmuch as I have to question the 'need to worship'/God Monotheism/Polytheism as extant beyond planet Earth.

This difficulty is not easy to put into words, so please bear with me. But the problem as I see it is this: why would the emotional need to worship (to venerate, adore, assign worthiness [Old English: worth-ship ... to assign worthiness to something]) necessarily extend beyond human social boundaries?

Putting aside any concept of Christ, Judeo-Christianity, or even the early pagan Earth religions, why would one suppose the need to adore & venerate something or someone a staple, a commonplace practice of intelligent non-terrestrial cultures in the first place? I find this very suspect, if not disturbing.

Beyond the expression of thanks and gratitude to that which we feel lies beyond our understanding, it seems to me that the bottom line of actual worship is more of an act to supplicate, placate, to get-on-the-good-side of that which we fear can ultimately harm us. That which we feel powerless to. A very basic example would be when early man sacrificed his brethren to bring rain in times of drought, and so forth. Since man did not understand weather, drought, eclipses, flood, lightning, death and so on, he sought to control his destiny, his very survival, by the only means he had at his disposal - which was supplication. Sort of a primitive example of the 'Stockholm Syndrome' - which is the mind's way of safeguarding itself.

You get the idea. Now then. What is difficult to believe is that this need, this mentality, would be a universal trait (not that a few FrogGods make it so, but still...). Especially as this need to worship is reputedly being expressed by supposedly advanced, otherworldly creatures. And even more especially when their god/s are fully present in the visible, physical sense. Is this more of a social system than a spiritual one?

I think many of us realize that, were man the mature, rational and ethical being he is capable of actualizing, there would be no need for a 'control' system of any sort. Be it a military, political, social, spiritual or otherwise. We don't really need anyone to tell us it's wrong to kill, to do harm, to commit theft, to destroy, et al. We know these things. But because there exist unstable, unethical and self-centered individuals in our society, we deem it necessary to have these control checks in place. And because we recognize our lack, we also seek betterment, enlightenment some would term it, hope, protection and salvation from our flaws, thus the need for spiritual evolvement.

All this is commonsense and understood. But why should this social modus operandi be commonplace beyond our planet? Why would other species practice worship, or social hierarchies of any sort? Why would this be considered as common behavior among all sentient species? In fact, so much so do we take this commonality for granted, that we fervently concern ourselves with whether or not another non-terrestrial species would actually worship Christ! I think this mindset is patently ridiculous, and incredibly naive on man's part.

To show respect and appreciation, wonderment, curiosity and awe is not the same thing as abject worship. Surely any alien species reputedly so advanced, so technically savvy and lofty that they must lower themselves by resorting to abduction, to chastise humans and render advice, to caution us in all the areas they see man err, ... would have long ago ceased with the abject worship thing.

Furthermore, the God or Creator concept seems to imply a starting point, a linear beginning and end, all bound up in 'time'. And yet, CEEs have been informed on numerous occasions that time is really an illusion of consciousness ...

It just doesn't fit. It does not seem plausible that so many reported extraterrestrial encounters should include alien godheads. Unless, that is, abductees are being misled, misinformed or misunderstanding exactly what is meant by God - as referred to by these supposed aliens. Are they merely echoing our own expectations back at us? Or is there some confusion on the part of the ETs as to what we (man) actually mean when we refer to God with a capital G?

It's not so much that I think it silly should a Gray Alien or Frogman or intelligent Insectoid manifest intense respect for a higher being, but given that many of our alien abductors claim unearthly knowledge inclusive of time, space, creation and evolution renders the whole concept of 'worship' suspiciously out of context.

Which leads me to question the validity of such claims in the first place.
Any ideas?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Close Encounters of The Fourth Kind

I guess it's a good thing, in as far as it goes, that the enigma of gray alien interface/abduction is a topic gaining interest with the mainstream public. Hence the blockbuster The Fourth Kind.

However, there are supposed truisms surrounding the public's notion of what constitutes an alien abduction that simply are not so - one of the biggest misconceptions being that encounters with the gray aliens (et al) are best (and typically) recalled under hypnosis.

As countless real-life close encounter experiencers (CEEs) will be the first to admit, the above is a fallacy. A misconception, and a rather unfortunate one, as it predisposes the public to suspicion and disbelief regarding the alien abduction scenario, due to the nature of hypnosis itself. These memories, we are told - are largely an attempt on the part of the subject to please the hypnotist, who then enters into an 'agreement', a mutual confabulation with his/her subject. Nothing is truly proven, no empirical evidence revealed to underpin the objective reality of these hypnotically retrieved memories. No matter how traumatic, no matter how 'revealing' these sessions turn out to be - they are nonetheless relegated to that fuzzy realm of imaginal, subjective experience. Nothing has 'actually' been substantiated.

And so the mainstream public, fascinated and curious though they may be, are left to debate, ridicule, dismiss, believe and so on, so forth amongst themselves, with never a consensus having been reached.

Now, as many actual CEEs know for themselves, the TRUE close encounter experience is not nearly as simplistic, nor cut and dried, as movies and fiction would have us believe. Furthermore, the majority of close encounter recall (be they screen memories or what have you) are not garnered via the aid (?) of hypnosis. These bizarre, puzzling, confounding memories typically surface via a 'trigger effect' ... in other words, something said, done, thought or experienced in one's objective day-to-day reality may suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, unexpectedly serve to trigger the memory of what, to all intent and purposes, smacks of an alien abduction/interface.

Emphatically now, while I realize it may be inescapable, I really and truly find issue with the rather juvenile conclusions we are given to consider for our intellectual pleasure. For example:
The Aliens are here to take over planet Earth (or the "us vs. them" scenario) ... which, believe me, should this mentality prevail (God forbid) - then we, as a people, are leaving ourselves wide open to all sorts of unethical and hidden manipulations by our OWN species. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS. Ever.

We are also given to believe: "Well, the world's governments have known about aliens for years. The reason they won't tell us is to prevent a panic. People can't handle knowing there are aliens coming to Earth, so they've decided to break it to us slowly, to get the public used to the idea. Take the broadcast 'War of the Worlds' and look at the panic it caused in 1938. That's when they decided not to tell us. It was an 'experiment' in human psychology, and we failed it. But disclosure's coming soon, mark my words."

Right. Well, guess what? While the above may be somewhat correct, panic is not really the issue. Now, I could be incredibly wrong here, but off the cuff - in my opinion - this is how I see matters as standing: The honest-to-goodness Gray Alien Close Encounter Experience does not present itself in a 'landing on the White House lawn type of way'. There is NO objective, singularity sense of individualism present in their species - at least not in the way WE (humans) mentally operate. They do not recognize or comprehend (fully) hierarchy on an individual level, it is truly 'alien' to their mental (and social) make up. (And for the record here ... Forget the idea of a hive/borg mentality as well. That is another inaccurate extreme best dispensed with for the time being) So ... there will be NO official meeting of worlds on the White House lawn.

If I am somewhat correct in my meanderings, I suspect TPTB know all of this. Or at least suspect as much. What must frustrate these upper echelons of power, is that this other species of intelligent life does not recognize nor understand the status quo as it exists on good ol' planet Earth (well, that's ONE point in the aliens' favor). Sigh.

Furthermore, it is only REASONABLE to expect that the Grays make contact in a manner similar to their own, natural social interactions within their species. Man operates, in a very basic way, the same no matter where or how he goes. The gray aliens likely do the same. Such interactions are 'business as usual/the norm' for them. They, the aliens (bless their little grey hearts) may see no inherent conundrum in how they approach mankind.

What, you may rightfully ask, is one to believe? Are there really aliens visiting planet Earth or not? Is is possible people are really being abducted, and if so why/what can be done about it? Is this a topic for serious consideration or simply ridicule?

Personally, I don't see the especial hurry nor need to align oneself with a belief in the first place. There is no urgency to pick sides, to align oneself with one camp or the other. This is not a World Series game, and we must rush to place our collective bets. And ultimately, no matter what we choose to believe, it will not change the reality of the situation one iota. In a situation like this, it may be best to resist the urge to choose a side and set up emotional camp. The only thing that matters, I suggest, is that one keep an open mind.

The world, the Universe and life itself, has many cards it's yet to play. I would suspect that close encounters and alien abductions may be just the tip of a future iceberg looming on our collective horizon. Read, if you will, some of my previous posts for a deeper look into the Gray Aliens and Close Encounter/Abduction enigma.

Things have just begun to get interesting ...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who Owns Us - the Sapient Five ?

Is Man an alien resource? A galactic property of absentee owners? Are we food for the Gods, loosh for the reptilians?

One must surely wonder.

There are those who would have it that in eons past, the known universe was parceled up and divided according to the needs of unknown beings whose presence we have only begun to suspect.

There are also those who question whether man himself is not a crop? A resource planted and shaped, hybrid and harvested as a soul or energetic source for the nourishment beings we cannot see nor hear.

For all man's magnificence, it must be admitted there is much we don't know. In the sense of universal time, it was only yesterday a primate species gained a foothold on our planet, and man discovered fire but a moment ago.

For all our gains and failures, for all man's arrogance and naivety, it is fairly likely that humankind is not the quite the master of his fate, irrespecting the intervention of Gods and Creators, those behind-the-scenes intelligences of whom many of us would demand an accounting from given but half a chance.

Sometimes all the melodrama and angst moves me to laugh, when I consider all the purported battle lines and warfare supposedly waged between the forces of Good and Evil, the sources of Light and Dark - all of which seems to (imagine that) revolve around man at its very center. This is where I have to suspect that Man, in all his childlike innocence, is not nearly the center of the universal world. Even though, exactly like children, we assume the Worlds to revolve around us.

We are ever so concerned with our place between these forces, and we desperately fear being manipulated by such. We are scared to death of aligning ourselves with the 'wrong' side, with the bad guys if you will, and bringing down pain & punishment upon our mortal heads. And since we know we don't know it all, and since we further know we are young and vulnerable, a species given to fear - then we must taint all else with fear, confusion and suspicion, because we cannot or will not move beyond our sense of self importance, the I of I.

[I have to say here, soapbox or no, that it is supremely ironic that a species (Man) who exhibits so little concern about the rights and well-being of lesser creatures, who routinely practices acts of horrendous cruelty against the fish, fowl and animals we 'share' this planet with, is the FIRST to protest the loudest when WE think our right-to-life, to safety, survival and comfort is threatened in any manner, shape or form by any other sentient species. Somehow we tend to suppose that the admonishments 'an eye for an eye' and 'as ye sow, so shall ye reap' pertains EXCLUSIVELY to our interactions with our fellow man.

Furthermore, I have reason to suspect, to believe if you will, that any TRULY enlightened or spiritual or more highly evolved, intelligent species would only assign to Man the level of compassion and right for respect that MAN assigns to lesser creatures. In other words, quid pro quo.]

Now, back to our owners: fairly unarguably, many of us today have a 'feel' that there are watchers beyond our immediate ken. There is ample speculation that intervention in man's affairs has occurred in the past, by angels or aliens, and will so occur again. That we will not be allowed to destroy ourselves, our planet, and so forth.

Religion and spirituality aside, why might this be so? In a nuts and bolts pragmatic sense, why should anyone or anything beyond our immediate galaxy really give a d**n what humans do or how we conduct the affairs of planet Earth? What would an outsider's vested interest consist of, we wonder? What, outside of a stage drama for Good vs. Evil, might justify the time, energy and investment for such an otherworldly concern?

Are we pets?

We laugh at such a crazy thing, but better minds than mine have posed these questions. The pragmatic why (let alone the 'how') of this watching, this intervention from somebody, somewhere that we can sometimes sense, sometimes experience, but only rarely hope to comprehend, and then only within the parameters of human comprehension.

Where do the three strangers, on a lonely road miles from nowhere, who happen to appear to rescue the stranded motorist, the accident victim, the man struck by lightning who saw his visitors control, reduce and then eventually absorb the lightning that melted the control tower equipment mere inches from where he sat ... where DO these beings come from, where do they go, and most importantly, how are they alerted/informed of such human mishaps and how is it that they do what they seem to do?

We may call them angels, Light Beings, spirits or aliens. But what are we to them?

We have all 'felt' things, often things we hesitate to mention for fear of ridicule or disbelief from others whose opinions we value. Many of us concoct or embrace belief systems to better grapple with these feelings, and for edification and understanding.

I have 'felt' that there may exist a level of intelligent beings whom, in order to avoid any belief system overlays, I like to refer to as the Sapient5 (Five). Sapient meaning intelligent, and the number 5 giving reference to an understanding, an ability to navigate space/time beyond the standard 4 dimensions with which man is currently acquainted.

This is not an unreasonable label.

This level of entity that I am struggling to define is not one with which we can demand an audience with any time we please, at the time of our choosing. Robert Monroe mentioned the same in his memoirs (albeit he referred to these beings via a different label, I think he, too, struggled to describe, to define the same entities I here refer to now). Monroe was adamant that these beings chose to manifest at their discretion, not ours. Where are they, I ask, as others have also asked, demanded and pleaded, during times of horrific suffering, unbearable need?

Do our owners, overseers, watchers, guardians view life through a different perspective than man's? They must, otherwise it's just a hit and miss happenstance when they intervene at all.

Or is there a basic guideline, a manual or concrete circumstance that specifies when and if such interference/manifestation be justified, and/or permitted. Why does man appear to rescue some creatures and not others? Time, place, opportunity and private agenda would be our points of determination, but what of the Sapient Five? What is the criteria, or whim, under which they choose to act? And has anyone seriously, methodically tried to figure this one out?

Better yet, CAN we demand an audience with these entities, to be heard and answered - if only we had the tools and know-how? Or if we understood the criteria and what justifies an answer. Unless, of course, justification has no bearing whatsoever. Which brings us back to happenstance ...

If man is mere property, then how is our value discerned? Are we an investment for someone's future, or do we produce in our current state. If we are a resource, what is the desirable commodity? And where/how is the supply and demand? If we are a pet, a curiosity, or a species to be 'preserved', then what is the worth/value prized?

We need to think beyond what humankind reaps from such contact or control, and speculate on what someone else might so derive.

While we, man, like to think in terms of love and compassion ... and we like to assume that such angelic or alien or Sapient Five intervention in our affairs stems from a sense of compassion, then how could it be that such a species of entities, capable of rendering relief, would so often refrain from intervening in far, far worse instances of suffering than that of a mere flat tire, or one man's lightning strike, etc. On the surface, such random and casual aid seems extremely nonsensical or haphazard at best.