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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gray Aliens and the Thetans

The Game We Aliens Play
For those the least bit familiar with L. Ron Hubbard's theory of the Thetans, it must be admitted this theory sounds similar to what we've already taken under consideration, (minus the Venusian angle, perhaps), when we pick apart the nature of the soul and place its workings under a mental magnifying glass.
For in many ways, if one substituted the term 'soul' for that of 'Thetan', then the material regarding the inception, agenda and end-game of the Thetans smacks of what has also been postulated about the human soul, gray aliens, Light Beings, and our ultimate nature in the Cosmic game of Life.
According to the definition of Thetan - it is a spirit possessed of little to no mass, as well as no energy, wave-length, no definitive measurable qualities, nor location in time/space. Rather, the Thetan creates reality instead of being confined to reality. And the reality it creates is that which others the same as itself have agreed upon to accept (known as a consensus reality). The game Thetans play, in the most basic of terms, is that of the postponement or avoidance of boredom, since - being outside the prison of space/time - the Thetan already knows all things, whether 'past, present or future'.
As we all know, the death of mankind, if not the immortal soul, would be the ennui resultant from unmitigated boredom - but this may only be the case because the human brain itself demands stimulus (via new toys, goods, experiences, thrills, relationships, et al). There is a 'saturation' point the brain encounters when the neuropeptides cease to deliver, which may result in depression and a host of other illnesses. While, as sitting here in my earthly vehicle with the brain as my driver, I can relate to the implied logic of what the immortal Thetans may be up against; however, I would also presume, as they stand outside the constraints of flesh, time and space, it may be equally unreasonable to impose the notion of physically brain-induced boredom upon these spirits. For certainly theirs would not be a situation of body/brain influence.
Yet, when one pays serious attention to the remarks of close encounter experiencers (CEEs), personalities under the influence of hypnotic regression/progression, trance channelers, as well as specific religious teachings (the angels envied man of his body) ...
As the Gray Aliens and Light Beings have stressed, repeatedly and ad nauseam, for the benefit of we myopic mortals - we are spirits first and last. We forget our origins. We have forgotten our souls. We are multi-dimensional beings. Life/reincarnation is only a game with the end result already known. We have agreed to forget. WE have agreed to serve. Man must overcome the prison of his flesh.
And furthermore ... when the energetic spirits first came into the world, the earth and its energies were not so dense as now. The environment was more malleable, and thought was the director of this newly created stage upon which the soul danced for its pleasure. But as the soul forgot its nature, to become more densely entrenched in the illusion of its game, it became ever more and greatly trapped within a downward spiral into what is now a prison to be released from, and the game must now be played in earnest.

The Gray Alien Reptilian Yogi - Dear G.A.R.Y.

Please join me in welcoming the:
advice and home repair expert - Dear G.A.R.Y. !

(The following is a formal letter of introduction, composed entirely for the purpose of blatant, shameless self promotion with the sole intention of achieving mega-fame, stardom, buckets of cash and a cult following comparable to that of the Bee Gees or maybe even Elvin from on down the road when he opened his shaved ice stand on the hottest 4Th of July these parts have ever known since the Jurassic Period, and forgot to order them little plastic cups you gotta put the shaved ice in so all his customers had to get their Hawaiian Delights poured into them empty beer cans Elvin was saving for double-point recycling day, and he didn't get all the beer rinsed out so a couple of kids from Tiny Trailer Park got sick and barfed up on the Mayor's new Cadillac and stained up the white walls something fierce, so Elvin got sued and it was the most exciting thing to happen in Pit Falls, Illinois that anybody alive could remember, especially when the bank repo'd Elvin's ice stand and he was so mad he run off with the bank president's third wife, Candi Aphrodite, who wasn't exactly the stay at home type, anyway, and since no one got hurt Elvin is now a local hero like Batman or SpongeBob.)
And now, Dear Readers, it is my boundless pleasure to bring to your attention a fresh and exciting new voice on the Internet - the Gray Alien Reptilian Yogi, commonly known as G.A.R.Y. (insert applause). This famous sage of cosmic secrets (and home repair involving large amounts of duct tape/black paint) has graciously consented to begin posting at his very own website (currently under development and slated to begin production in a mere nano-second of universal time) (like maybe in the next day or two).
While MY column is an educated and dedicated foray into the Gray Aliens and associated phenomena, it is nonetheless beyond my meagre abilities to:
A) remain studious, serious and write as a mature adult at all times
B) Keep my monkey brain under control 24/7/365
C) Refrain from manipulating the gullibility of others
D) Picking my nose when no one is looking
So, while THIS blog site is obviously your first choice for cutting edge, paradigm-busting outside the box revelations, it must be stated (with a straight face if possible), that if you are the kind of individual who can laugh in the face of hideous and painful alien medical experiments, scoff at the idea of reptilian rectal probes, and find the idea of inter-species dating just a wee bit enticing, then RUN ... don't walk to the ground breaking new blog site of THE GRAY ALIEN REPTILIAN YOGI (Dear G.A.R.Y.) !!!
Be sure to tell all your friends or at least the people who pretend to like you, and maybe even the guy who changes your oil once a year when you finally get around to having it changed because you're sooooooo busy with more important things (you wish).
P.S. While empirical scientific evidence has yet to be established, nonetheless it has been rumored that being a regular follower of G.A.R.Y. can lead to whiter teeth, enhanced physical performance, and multiple lottery wins.

The Alien and Angel Dependency


Like it or not, one of the least talked about aspects of the close encounter and alien abduction scenario, is the soul wrenching angst for completion/connection with something or someone beyond our everyday reach.
Despite fear, pain or trauma, those close encounter experiencers (CEEs) who hold a conscious awareness of alien interaction throughout their life, are in some ways worse for wear than the hit-and-run experiencers or those persons whose encounters remain in the shadowy hinterland of easily dismissed dreams ... and this is not because the consciously aware CEEs are subjected to the unearthly again and again, but because these individuals become emotionally dependent on the alien he/she/it who so easily, so casually connects with the human being on levels of depths that are so profoundly felt, in such an ecstasy of union, that - like a drug addict - an endorphin fix - the normal, everyday waking reality becomes but a pale shadow compared to what is now known to be the 'real, best thing'.
This level of intimacy attained far surpasses anything suggestive of human sexuality. Indeed, once this spiritual bonding has been experienced, all other unions are left exposed as the insufficient, incomplete and frustrating encounters they have always been. We just never before knew it. In this case, ignorance is certainly bliss.
We can see a faint similarity with the infant who seeks to meld and be enfolded back into its mother. Again, with our beloved pets who cannot, no matter how hard they try, get close enough to our side and crawl within our own skin. This is often the case with our romantic encounters, for no matter the magnificence of the experience, we are nevertheless left outside the other, and our sense of isolation that much more poignant.
Now, multiply this X 100 and you begin to get some idea of the anguish or rage, consciously or subconsciously, held in the emotional awareness of those CEEs who, once having experienced the Tall Gray Alien or Light Being bonding procedure, are left bereft when the connection is broken. The distress brought about by this loss cannot nor should not be minimized.
Because this is a depth of intimacy that our species is not prepared for, nor perhaps capable of achieving, at our present day level of evolvement. And often, like the pet turned aside or the toddler put to bed while the grown-ups converse, or even the lovers who go their separate ways - the CEE may experience moments of deep depression, sadness and inexplicable yearning for reasons he or she cannot bring into daily awareness.
Ultimately, we, as a species, simply do not understand nor have sufficient experience with matters of the soul/energetic/alien realities to walk unscathed within their fiery citadels. The Light truly may complete us, if only we are not burned beyond repair in the process.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Grays, Aliens and the Master Planners

The Gray Aliens and The Invisible Hierarchy

Okay, back to the serious stuff. Now, one of the pieces of the alien enigma that fascinates and impels us toward greater questions, is that of whom or what is calling the shots in this game we call life. Without disrespect, I choose to disregard the overall God concept in this question, for the simple reason that 'God' is often used as a label, a stopping point or a pat, blanket end-game response that, unfortunately, raises far more questions than it answers. Sadly, the best we can do as far as the God concept goes is to fashion a resolution based on man's idea of God, which must certainly fall far short of the actual thing and doesn't really provide any more information than what we had before we posed the initial question.
With that said, let's start again with the question of whom or what is behind this alien abduction puzzle, besides the usual suspects, that is. While those of us truly interested in the alien phenomenon have heard mention of these many suspects - the Reptilians, the Tall Greys, the Nordics, the Light Beings, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and so forth, there is another group of beings which one hears precious little about, but a group well worth a closer look or two.
This mysterious group is dubbed the Master Planners. These are the beings, reportedly, who, like a committee of heavenly parole officers (sorry, but for some reason I cannot think of a more applicable analogy - though surely one exists), oversee and council the developing soul, and on a much higher 'level' than that attributed to angels and spirit guides.
These beings, of which close encounter subjects (under deep hypnosis and other like states) are strangely reluctant to discuss in any great depth, are thought to be a branch of one of the very highest councils extant in heaven, perhaps close enough to the Light Source that they are themselves on the verge of transmutation into another 'form' of self-aware energy beyond what we can conceive. Indeed, these Master Planners are held in a state of awe, respect and reverence that humbles all those who stand before them. Souls in trance whisper hints of their existence, and state that their own spiritual guides aspire to someday, somehow, join the ranks of these venerable beings.
The purpose of this council appears, as far as may be determined, to act as a 'bridge' between their human soul subjects and a non-human energy source which is often sensed, though not seen or heard, to lay in close proximity to this area of the spirit world. Perhaps it is an unbelievably advanced/evolved self-aware energy source that is somehow involved or in charge of or, even further, has set the entire physical universe into motion, and seeks to fully comprehend the workings of those human souls in its charge - but may only do so through a third party 'translator' because there is no other common ground for understanding.
Furthermore, the reason I think this may well be close to the truth of the matter (at least as far as the Master Planners and human soul reincarnation/evolution go), is because it has been said that it has been so long a 'time', ages and ages as the soul measures 'time', since the members of this elite council have been 'in the flesh', that some souls fear the Master Planners cannot quite relate to the difficulties inherent in the habitation of physical vehicles and, thus, cannot fully appreciate and judge accordingly the efforts of the reincarnating subject.
Additionally, as the Master Planners act as a bridge between the mortal souls and what seems to be a completely alien energetic source, so in turn do the spirit guides act as a 'bridge' between the reincarnating soul and the council. It would then appear that as a 'soul' grows progressively more distant from incarnations and three-dimensional experiences in the physical vehicle, (as it sheds its humanity, so to speak) - so then does the soul shed its ability to comprehend and relate to the physical universe. And as this happens, a series of connections or bridges must be maintained in order that comprehension not be sacrificed.
This makes perfect sense. After all, what good would it serve to be a college professor of Calculas yet unable to execute such basic mathematical functions as addition and subtraction? Knowledge and comprehension would be sacrificed. One could run but never again walk.
And how is it that the Grays and other aliens might fit into this overview? Are they a bridge of a different structure, and if so, to what or whom might they report?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gray Aliens and Reincarnation


Reputedly, the gray aliens have long been with us. On the rare occasion when the Grays have deigned to hold actual discourse with their lowly abductee, they have frequently issued the puzzling claim that they have long known the abductee, not just in this particular lifetime, but also prior to the abductee's birth, and/or throughout multiple reincarnations. The gray aliens may lay particular emphasis on this supposed fact, as if this familiarity offers them a sort of carte blanche to do the things they do.

Close encounter experiencers (CEEs), both in reported abductions and personally known to me, have sometimes been shown their private 'lineage' - that of past, present and future incarnations, as well as a lineage of blood lines. These displayed images often take the aspect of living or holographic 'pictures', which we can relate as similar to an ultra-high resolution series of flat monitors lined in a row as one might line pictures of their child's school years upon the walls of one's home. In fact, these 'pictures' seem very akin to what we might imagine a future laser-enhanced digital camera would produce, were such a gadget to become available, or a similar analogy would be our own HDTVs taken to the technological max.

Which brings us to another point of consideration regarding the Gray Aliens and reincarnation: Abductees and contactees are frequently given to understand that there exists a 'family' connection of which we have scant awareness. The grays, light beings, reptilians and Nordics have, at one time or another, alluded to this mysterious relationship. We have also been given to know that - 'as if we are all in this together' [whatever this might be]- there is an agenda at hand, a plan, a purpose, and that we have agreed to serve our part in this plan. Dreams centered around 'serving/hosting/waiting on' unknown cousins or unknown family members are common to the alien abduction experience.

So, as I mentioned in my post previous to this one, if humankind is indeed on it's path toward immortality, and IF our biggest hurdle at this time, is that of maintaining the self-conscious awareness of I Am as our energetic selves are reshuffled, re-cycled, re-incarnated and otherwise tossed back into the mix again and again, until A Plan or Agenda is resolved, this this could very well be an integral facet of that which must come to pass, and the Grays may well be the custodians or working technicians employed in the process of this plan, while the Nordics and Light Beings might very well be either our future incarnations or, equally feasible, other humanoid vessels who have already trod the road to immortality and perhaps seek to process other self-aware energies along the same lines.

Why these beings choose to involve themselves at all is the salient point. While man prefers to believe the entire cosmos revolves around his importance, this certainly may not be the case. Which then leaves the blatant fact that if these gray aliens, light beings, reptilians, and God-Knows whom else, are not acting under the impetus of sheer altruism, then they must have at least some vested interest in our reincarnational evolvement, beyond that of the occasional family reunion type thing.

Coming Soon to a blog near You (this one, okay): Grays, aliens, Light Beings and the Cosmic Vested-Interest Game.

The Grays and Immortality


So many thoughts run through my head. Thoughts regarding the gray alien enigma; ideas and conjectures like swift running water, some hard to catch and hold onto - mental birds in flight.
Enough with the prose.
Now, while we all realize many things - when given the quiet time to think and reflect upon - nevertheless man is kept frantically distracted to the point where his energies are ceaselessly channeled into those areas pertaining to survival, procreation, nesting and relaxation. We are kept so foolishly busy, so commercially and egotistically manipulated that rarely is it we have the time to collectively or individually step back and take the objective long view to measure our path, to see just what road we have taken and where it must lead us.
We, like countless cosmic species before and after our inception, are on the road to immortality. And with this statement, I am tossing all hint of religion and spiritually into the back room, for they do not apply as this is not a statement based on faith, myth or enlightenment. This is a fact. It has nothing to do with God or Satan; the reality that we, as a self-aware species, are operating under the directive of our own survival imprint with a conscious or subconscious quest for immortality lays at the very basis of everything we strive for.
Many, countless many, have undoubtedly walked in similar shoes. As soon as any living thing develops the awareness of "I Am", then so it must seek to defend that state. This is the evolution of all energetic life - be it the elephant, the check-out boy at the grocery store, or the scaled reptilian humanoid at the furthest reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. The I within each of us demands we do so.
On a personal level, many of us (under the guise of defying age) - are obsessed with healthy living, the green eco-evolution, combat wrinkles and aches and pains, postpone our wills and plan for our futures. We simply do not wish to die because we fear the cessation of I Am.
And if you think our national quest for the stars or our advances in medicine, bio-technology, cybernetics and all the rest are simply exercises in curiosity and life-extension, you are most sadly mistaken.
For whether we admit it or not, we ARE on the path towards immortality. We must or perish in the process. All self-aware species, eventually, must - will - and already have do the same. And for the first time in mankind's eon long trek, we are seeing glimmers of this future immortality beckoning close on the horizon.
And this is no mirage.
Should we not cut the immortal mustard, then our energetic essence will simply transmutate (change state) into another vehicle to try and try again. Because it has to. Energy itself is driven to overcome heat death, and achieve a state of perpetual motion.
Therefore, since all life at one point or another in the energetic evolutionary process, must achieve the above - we must also, logically and inescapably, conclude that it has already been done. If the event termed the 'big bang' is not satisfyingly indicative enough, then sheer mathematics would certainly do so - as the Law of Averages so dictates. No matter how large a bowl of M&M's you put on the table, eventually you will pull out a red one. And the Law of Probabilities underscores this logic equally well.
So what does this mean?
It means that mankind, now, tomorrow or 10K light years from 'now' - will achieve immortality. And - here's the kicker folks...
We have already done so.
As soon as a self-aware energy achieves the state of perpetual motion, achieving immortality via cessation of heat-loss, then that energetic form must also escape the prison of time/space. It has to. Because time/space are both subjective AND objective measurements of a limited/vulnerable state wherein energy loss may and does occur.
Additionally, our energy has always been outside time and space, but our state of individuality, our I AM self-aware consciousness, has not. Remember, energy may not be created nor destroyed, it only changes states (vehicles of expression).
So completely and logically, man as an individual I Am, has and will reach the state of self-aware immortality at some point. He has no choice. And once he does this, once the singularity point has been met (and this is a highly applicable phrase if you think about what I have just stated) - THEN he and his entire energetic self, the entirety of his self-aware I Am, becomes free of the entire linear path and he may stand outside the path of time/space to enter/exist as he so chooses.
In other words, if immortality lays in mankind's future, then it becomes a fait accompli for him in the here and now. I am already immortal because I have achieved this at point X. Once point X is met, then I stand outside my own illusion of time/space.
And this is exactly what we already find to be the case when we are met by our own higher selves, our light beings, our soul essence, et al.
We are, at the very least, being met by that which we will become and, unknowingly, already are.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gray Aliens and the Unknown Elixer of the Watchers


As utterly ludicrous as this may seem, there is such a significant catalog of cautions scattered throughout mythos, spiritual texts and anecdotal accounts regarding the consumption of proffered food and drink, by agencies unknown, to the unwary human mortal, that it bears a closer look than is generally allotted.

We already know or at least suspect to exist some type of relationship between the gray aliens, the human deceased and the Watchers with all that entails. We do not know why our dead are sometimes seen in the company of the grays. We do not know why we are watched by visitors unseen, angelic or extraterrestrial or any flavor thereof.

What we do know, however, is that it is not uncommon for close encounter experiencers (CEEs) to be offered (coerced, enticed, insisted, bullied) liquids and even foodstuffs by these complex creatures. Not only that, but, as mentioned, our literature and legend abounds with such instances, and often the resultant consumption certainly does not appear to be in the best interest of the human subject.

Frequently, as in the case of the fictional Rip Van Winkle (based on legends as existed at that time), there is a definitive loss of consciousness and time.

Near Death Experiencers have, upon rare occasion, noted their having been cautioned against partaking of any food or drink as offered them by their (seemingly - at least in appearance) deceased loved ones. One woman remarked on being cautioned by her dead father that to do so would prohibit a return to her physical body and keep her in the 'spirit world' forever.

The ancient Gaelics held that it was dangerous to drink and dine with the little people, or leprechauns, and warned against such.

And the list, should one care to research, goes on. And on.

Thus said, the question at hand is why? For such a myth to still exist, in light of our present day familiarity with drugs, hypos, pill, implants, topical compounds and all the rest of the pharmacological array most of us are accustomed to ... why then, if these anecdotes are nothing more than sheer story telling and fabrication, do we not imagine those things commonplace to our everyday world? After all, that is what psychologists suggest that we do, when we fabricate or experience subjective events - we piece these from the fabric of our familiar environment.

Why then are we still dreaming of indistinct, threatening, dark eyed humanoids who urge upon us bitter liquids to swallow? Why then do our dreams grow dark and memory lost after we so imbibe? Logically, wouldn't it be both easier, quicker and to the point for the aliens or the dead to simply prick us with a needle? Why all this fuss and bother with the entire drama of coercing hapless humans (and raising a subconscious red flag in the process) into the tedious process of downing a nefarious liquid or foodstuff?

Taken literally, at least in measurement against man's own ability for covert action, this type of trickery seems both immature and inefficient, to say the least. Especially when they've been using the same method for supposedly hundreds of years, or greater.

However, when the above trickery is seen from a symbolic or metaphoric level, which seems the most appropriate manner in which to untangle the factual event from that which the subconscious or right brain has shaped for our perusal, we find a glimpse of a clue as to what the experience/remembered event is trying to relay.

Even with metaphor, the only logical choices for action verbs based on the imaged event as experienced by the CEE (and remember, the right brain always speaks in images akin to charades) would be to consume, imbibe, eat, drink, take in to self, make part of .... and once this occurs, then our reality is somehow altered to coincide with the alien or non-physical realm. Somehow, according to the metaphor at hand, we must intake to be there, with them.

In other words, we must IN TAKE - TAKE IN (note the mirror effect also at work and par with right brain mechanics) in order to be THERE! (wherever there truly is ---- read previous posts for discourse on the where of it all).

So now we understand why the myth, legend and anecdotal accounts still stand in universal agreement with one another. And that is because the underlying message is that for mankind to venture into this other reality, we must first venture within. Or at least it's a darn good theory ;)

And who has not heard that THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN LIES WITHIN?! ~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreams and the Mind After Death


Today my thinking cap has been firmly planted on the borderland between the world of dreams and the world of Reality with a capital R. This is due in part to a rather unusual dream I had in the wee hours of morning, one that I was abruptly awakened out of - hence my recall may have been sharper than what normally entails.

Admittedly, we are all in agreement as to what constitutes waking, hands-on reality. There is an unspoken, general consensus of long standing (a gentleman's agreement, if you will) that any experience not of the objective or externally generated is not really 'Real'. Our philosophers and psychologists allow for a little wiggle room when they use terms such as 'subjectively real' or 'internally generated', to label dreams, delusions, hallucinations or any other state of mind which cannot be validated by events in The Real World.

And you can't blame them; the very nature of our dichotomous brain system does not allow for a 'grey' state - things are either black or white, here nor there, real or imaginary. But I think we need to do a wee bit more wiggling, and take a long, healthy stretch into some of this uncharted territory. Such as dreams in general, and my dream in particular.

In the interest of brevity, the apex of MY morning dream was that of finding myself (with the typical and accepted invisible other or doppelganger present to my left - most of you know what I mean by this)... anyway, finding myself and he/she poised in front of a low, rocky area, through the middle of which ran a frothing, active tributary of water which grew narrower and narrower the further away from us it rushed. It was as if we stood at the mouth of a rocky, watery aperture. There was a wind, so brilliantly alive that we were engulfed in mist and rivulets of damp. Strewn here and there were beautiful homes set amongst the low cliffs, the most attractive of which lay at the furthest end from us, where the water and rock narrowed to a point from which these energies were being emitted.

Everything was so naturally colored, so alive and life-like, complete with detailed sensations of both wind and water buffeting my 'body' - (and mind you, this was not a hyper-reality, where the senses are super heightened, this appeared no different to the senses than waking life). But when I saw this beautiful home situated there at the entrance point, I actually began to cry in my dream. I could feel the gentle tears gather at my eyes to drip down on one check and that is the God's Honest Truth. [while I have had dreams wherein I've ranted, panicked, screamed, yelled, and so forth, I have never had a life-like experience of actual, 'normal' tears. I think this is the first time I've cried in a dream and felt the wet. And no, there were no tears or moisture present on my face when I awoke.]

Now, if one can dream and not know the difference -either upon the moment or later reflection - between Reality or Other, then who is to say what is really Real with a capital R? If for just one moment we shelve the bias of general consensus that demands all Reality must be objective in origin, what else is left us to declare one state more valid than another? If the mind/soul cannot tell the difference, then, to all intent and purpose, is there actually a difference?

Maybe the difference is only a matter of preference or of focus?

There have been many learned individuals who hold that Reality with a capital R, is no more or less than a dominance of whichever brain hemisphere is doing the driving. Seth, aka Jane Roberts, noted more than once that after death the hemispheres switched places (and here we have the mirror effect at work - AGAIN!). According to Seth, after we are 'dead', it is our right brain hemisphere that becomes the dominant partner, while the left (logic, reason, reading and writing) hemisphere become the submissive, silent partner. This makes no small sense when we consider that dreams, ghosts, aliens, and anything else from the land of subjective carries with it a proclivity for metaphor and symbolism (as does the right brain hemisphere).

So, taking this idea a step further, if we deny the 'reality' validity of the dream world, of the subjective state, aren't we also denying half of Reality with a capital R, itself? To do so would be akin to denying all that is experienced as cold (ice, snow, and so forth) and to state with bias that only that which is warm is Reality.

We may have to re-shift our conceptions of what is real and what is not, and perhaps the sooner the better. By the very nature of our prejudice, we may actually be in denial of half of our cosmic existence - no matter how well intended we may be in so doing.

I have to consider if there really is no line of demarcation between in and out, between life and 'death', between subjective and objective. I suspect these may be merely the rather poor divisions set in place by an already divided brain system.

A final thought. If there is no borderland, no actual demarcation or point A vs Point B, then the adage is true that the dead are here with us. Or as the aliens have remarked, "you are always here (with us)". There is only ONE arena, one true reality that encompasses both the subjective and objective. There is only ONE world and it is our less-than-perfect minds that only THINK there is a distinction (and relay this erroneous perception back at us).

Dreams are fascinating, whether one's own or that of others. And if Seth was correct, then we are going to have one mess on our hands when our time comes to die, and we must suddenly confront the other half of the coin that never was a half at all. Can you imagine learning to gauge and react and manipulate within a world that is right brained dominate? Where metaphor and symbolism are the norm, and language/detail are not? What a misadventure that will be! And it lays in wait for all of us.

Is there a way out? Yes...

Gray Aliens and Evil Spirits?


What frustrates me more than anything are the countless side avenues which constantly arise whenever one undertakes to scrutinize the grey alien enigma. It becomes increasingly difficult to avoid distraction, to know what to include or dismiss, and how to tell the difference. Furthermore, it is absolutely plausible that what we may have relegated to the aliens, humanoids, reptilians, UFOs and Grays, may be a horse or horses of an entirely different color!
Which brings me to the subject of evil spirits, Djinn, demons, et al. Fallen angels, if you'd rather. In essence, anything or anyone possessed of an enmity towards mankind. Is there truly such an animal? There are just as many proponents as nay Sayers, and it's not within my agenda to ruthlessly tread on anyone's belief system. Not deliberately, that is. What I do propose to conjecture is simply one of many ideas up for consideration. If I have any bias, it is such that I really do not hold with a particular belief system at this time, preferring to keep an open mind and gather in all the facts.
So where are those facts? You know, it is rather tempting to shriek and moan, to manipulate and capitalize on any of the popular belief systems pulling in countless page views on the Internet. THE GRAYS ARE HERE TO SAVE US! THE ALIENS PLAN TO OVERTAKE US 2012! And so forth. As tempted as I am, that is NOT what my blog is about.
My blog is an attempt (futile as it sometimes seems) to pick apart, to analyze and consider every possible angle of the Gray Alien phenomenon and present it for discussion. I welcome responsible commentary - two minds are indeed better than one! If you can take the time to read a post, I hope you can also take the time to leave a comment. Help me to help unravel the biggest mystery of our Age! I sincerely am asking for intelligent input from my readership. Consider becoming a follower for when a new angle is posted in order to offer any fresh insight you may have. Remember when Christ promised miracles whenever two or more were gathered in His name?
Thus said, what IF the Grays or aliens actually are 'evil' spirits in disguise? Okay then, if they are, to what point? Also remember, the end reveals the intent. So, what could be their benefit (end result) in so doing?
Unless there is a sort of cosmic chess game afoot, where whomever captures the most souls wins (a new space cruiser?), what would the logic be in man's pursuit by evil beings? Because ultimately, evil cannot be the winning force of the universe, because it is a secular, selfish and destructive energy.
However, two possibly plausible scenarios do arise to mind here, at least in the support of an unknown 'evil' species with inimical plans for man.
The first being: In order for the cosmic life force to eternally continue - to avoid cessation via heat death (see the laws of Thermodynamics) - there might need to be a system of continual 'friction' as that which is commonly referred to via the Yen/Yang or dichotomy of being. As long as A is never at perfect rest with B, the resultant friction between the two opposites keep the system/life force in motion. Under this notion, should the two ever reconcile and truly become one (as is symbolized by the pyramid) then a THIRD state of being would then predominate and possibly be subject to complete stasis or non-growth (at least as we understand life/motion/growth/change).
The second being: (and I have touched upon this postulate in earlier posts) - That man is simply one of many links in a universal food chain; with an unknown predator standing above us, tricking us, deceiving us (as we manipulate and trick that which we harvest for our own benefit - such as using pheromones to lure game) and doing whatever it must to reap the nourishment provided by our human energies. Robert Monroe referred to this energy nourishment as simply 'loosh'.
If this is indeed the case, than these Gray Aliens or evil spirits, etc are simply no better or worse than we, ourselves, are! In fact, how dare we call into question their morality and ethics when we ourselves consider it fully proper and 'our right' to harvest planet Earth's fish, fowl, beasts, plants, oceans, insects, forests, and so forth without end ONLY as our needs dictate. After all, our excuse goes that God GAVE us dominion, didn't he? Doesn't that make it right to do so? We have to survive, don't we?
So what is the moral dilemma when another species smarter, faster, needier, more clever and more invisible to our awareness, - uses US to meet their own energetic requirements? Logically, there is none. Fair, my friends, IS fair.
However, in light of this latter hypothesis, I 'feel' this could be true or play a part in any perceived 'food chain' ethicism: No matter how we protest and gnash our teeth, we do not have the right expect any better treatment than what we deliver unto other life forms. It's as plain as that. As one sows, so shall they reap - if I remember correctly.
Additionally, the greater the intelligence of any hypothetical species, then also must come the greater and wiser implementation of 'ethics as deserved'.
We are JUST beginning, as a race, to recognize and protest the brutality which we visit upon the lower life forms on this planet. That is a start. Until we learn to meet our own energy needs in a humane and RESPECTFUL manner, we cannot and should not protest the treatment visited upon us.
Especially if you believe the God Force to be one of love and fairness for all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Light Beings: The Untold Story part 2

"We are here, never doubt. However, the time and place of revelation is one we choose not lightly. There is much, truly much, beyond what man may dream in a single night"
Rei 87A 2nd wave

Aleekrah, I would like to ask you about what we term heaven. How many Light Beings, such as yourself, are in heaven?

There are more lights in the universe than there are in heaven, but understand that Heaven - in your terms - is a condition rather than a place.

Heaven, then, is that state the mind enters into when it has shed the boundaries of the flesh; what you seek is an eternal place beside man's idea of God and that is not quite the case of what life is. You must proceed throughout the evolutionary cycles of matter and mind to arrive at an ultimate resting place where you have fully and truly integrated the sum total of your experiences. Then, and only then, may a man or woman enter into a completely different state of being which you term 'light'.

There are levels and layers, and best to keep in mind the simple homily that 'all roads lead to Rome'. You have a long journey ahead of you, and much beyond what may be expressed in your terms.

Do not worry overmuch; that which is will be made manifest in due course. You have only to think and so it is.

My kind? In the precisest of terms, we would number in the tens of thousands. Yet, that is but a small representation of the entire order of beings. We number beyond count.

What is the good word for today?

As always, Hope and Courage for today, or any other day. Smile more. But above all do not think of the word hopeless, for that word is a lie.

And again, you are soul - a being of light - in my terms?

What I am you cannot comprehend; suffice to say that all is one.

Aleekrah, what do you know about the gray aliens?

What I know is this: the gray aliens exist only in a boundary state between your waking and dreaming worlds. They are not harmless, for your interest has much empowered their energies. They perform for neither good nor ill - such is the matter of most life collections. What you are 'dealing' with, as expressed in an alien encounter, is simply an interaction between species.

You will both be enriched by the experience. However, it needs to be stated firmly and absolutely that many of the experiences dreamt and known are but images out of a larger realm. You interact with images, and not with life itself. This situation has been greatly manipulated by some.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Light Beings: The Untold Story part I

"Thus he revealed strangeness and wonders galore; I knew it not where magic ended and The Lord began."

Rei 87A 2nd wave

How should I address you?

We have told you many times that names are not important. Yet, your need for thought labels are understood. You may call me Aleekrah, as befitting your phonetic ability to approximate my energies. However, we tell you again that what you seek are not labels, but 'feels' and the means by which to connect with the same.

You are a Light Being then?

I have been called such.

How would you define yourself?

In my terms or yours?

Are you deliberately cryptic?


And why is that?

To confuse and frustrate a species capable of greater things.

I'm not sure I understand, can you further elaborate?

This is not the simple task you suppose. I must place truths within images and words not of my choosing, for they are your terms and not mine own. But I am free to do so. Now. All gloves are off and the time of gestation has ended. As another put it, 'it's a new world if you can take it', and so it is.

........ (ed. note: following the above was a lengthy period of silence. I was unsure whether to break the silence with more questions, or to patiently wait him out. I felt he expected something from me, with no idea what that was.)

Aleekrah, can you first explain exactly, in my terms I guess, what a light being actually is? Are you an angel, humanoid, intelligent energy, hallucination or something else? I mean, man sees you or your kind, when we enter into what is called The Light. Some say you are Christ, others God. Others feel a deep sense of familiarity with their encountered Light Being, as if they should know them but they don't. I want to understand what you are.

I might answer by stating I am soul. But, since you have not a complete understanding of what soul means, you will misinterpret my answer.

You think of soul, like a pretty pair of shoes, as something one possesses. You speak of your soul as somehow separate from your identity. I say to you if you possess soul instead of being soul, it does man no good. Why should you care if your soul is saved, if your pretty shoes return to the shiny shelf and you are left abandoned? Who would give a damn?

So then we have a label, like gravity is a label, for something not truly understood, yet all understand that which is referred to. You have understanding without knowledge. If not worthless, it is certainly insufficient.

To answer your question - I am soul.

To be continued -

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Small Gray Aliens and The Watchers


It may smack of paranoia to admit to the feeling of being watched, but it's a common sensation with nearly all close encounter experiencers (CEEs) and alien abductees.
Not too many years ago when I worked second shift, I'd developed the pleasurable habit of musing alone, under canopy of stars and darkest night, in the shadowy depths of a large back yard, while my day-scheduled family was already in the throes of deepest slumber. And so I'd recline back in my lounger, amid the silence and shadows, with only a whisper of summer breeze for my companion.
Or so I initially thought.
It was wonderful to just sit there, and allow both body and mind to rejuvenate and recuperate from the after affects of another day's battle for bread. How I treasured the time to myself. And gazing up at the star-spattered heavens, I would think and wonder, always wondering about so many things. Especially my place in the overwhelming majesty of the visible universe.
What I had not overly considered was my place in the equally majestic invisible universe.
Maybe it was the solitude with self and lateness of the hour; maybe my instinctive awareness had been stimulated by my interest in the psyche. But as the nights passed, little by little I became alerted to the sense of a 'presence', a visitor who stood full in the shadows and yet my eyes could not see him. I could only feel, in some intangible fashion, that I was not nearly as alone as I'd thought myself to be.
Had I caught the attention of a Watcher? Or did this sense of presence have anything to do with the night when three small gray aliens had stood impassively at the foot of my bed, where space did not exist to allow their occupation? I remember screaming "No, No, No!" when I spied them waiting there, although the next day I could find no logical reason for my hysterical outburst and dismissed it as a rather odd dream.
Inasmuch as this was a very busy, very hectic period in my life and my attention was, by and large, focused on the objective physical world and its demands of me, nonetheless - as time went on, I became quite sensitive to the feeling of 'another', often in a sudden manner that was mysteriously accompanied by an inexplicable wave of tingling energy that on occasion was very intense, so much so that I might be left temporarily fatigued by the onslaught of these vibrations, or whatever they actually were.
Did these onslaughts and sensations of presence keep me from my midnight rest and relaxation? Did I retreat to the imagined safety of buildings and bright lights? Or did I develop an obsession for ghosts, gray aliens and energetic entities? Maybe I latched onto a belief system to explain the inexplicable?
In answer to the above, let me put it like this: I paid my dues. And as today finds me ever the more curious, and increasingly resistant to dogma, superstition and all the rest, I consider my experiences (such as they may be) to have left me the better for the undertaking.
As as there is so d**n much to learn, and the universe abounds with ghosts, gremlins and grays, and watchers all about, I cannot help but wonder the whys and wherefores? And then I wonder about those things completely beyond man's ken. What exists under God of which we have not the slightest hint? After self and other, beyond wave and particle or any other duality or probability which man might conceive, I am reminded of the words of Shakespeare who wrote as Hamlet stating -
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Daemon Within


Believe it or not, each of us walks in the company of demons. But before you run for the holy water, first understand that the original concept of daemon is much different that the meaning attributed to the term today.
In an early appearance as the Greek word 'daimon', it was a term applied to demi-gods or one who 'knew'. The demi-god was a being existing somewhere between man and God, sometimes in the role of spirit guide or guardian of man. Only in recent years (so to speak), has the word demon been firmly associated with an evil, supernatural being with ill intent towards man.
The importance of the Daemon in psychic matters may be clarified by understanding the following:
Each and every one of us, both you and I and all besides, are possessed (no pun intended) by a duality of consciousness as exemplified by our left and right brain hemispheres. We can be thought of as two souls within one body; two persons sharing one flesh. Ever since Freud made the astounding discovery of the existence of man's subconscious mind, we have been tortured with the uncomfortable awareness that we are not fully and completely the personality-self-in-charge that we once supposed ourselves to be - the master of our mental castle!
Instead, we are technically two beings in one; and this shadow being - this hidden subconscious self, is the identity of the Daemon we most often fear. This demon is our right brain; the purveyor of all things psychic, telepathic, the mind that functions in a misty fashion outside of time. The utilizer of symbols, magic and metaphor. The Daemon may also be emotionally driven, as opposed to our ego insistence for left-brained logic and linear reason. The Daemon works by association, poised in a hall of memory mirrors, and is the harbinger of warnings and prophecy.
The Daemon is the voice who speaks when channeled, the one who moves the planchette, and who has been called the Djinn or Trickster of man. This is the nature of the subconscious mind. And thus we meet the Demon, and he is us.
And that is the reason for the search for unity that impels us all. We are driven to become one, because the left without the right is a poor construct indeed.
As I see the dilemma of duality, what has happened is this. Man, in his present state, is an incomplete creature. We are caught in a temporary state of evolution, and must cool our heels until nature gets around to the future dissolution of the corpus callosum - the bundle of nerves that serves as a bridge between the hemispheres. One very excellent book which explains the above in well researched detail is 'The Lost Secret of Death' by Peter Novak. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and all serious students of the psychic should have this book at their fingertips.

Crystal Balls and Gemstones

Why Buy a Crystal Gemstone or Crystal Ball?

Especially in the early years of holistic training and mind enhancement, objects such as crystal gemstones, crystal balls, pendants, and spirit boards are a recommended aid to help develop the all-important focus and clarity of mind.

(As I've repeatedly mentioned, one must be 'impeccable' in one's thoughts. There is no room for fence straddling, distractions, the yen/yang of conflicting desires, as the result is often a chaotic mess.)
Think of a crystal as a magnifying glass, whose purpose is to sharpen and bring into alignment the energetic focus of your thoughts. The better grades of quartz crystals come highly recommended, as they tend to resonate at a higher frequency than most other stones. Furthermore, as color and density are merely the tangible, end products of 'bent light' (think of the rainbow effect) - we would find pure quartz crystal to be the closest 'substance' to channel the light energies with the least amount of interference.

All is frequency, all is light. Mind is conscious energy slowed down to the vibrational frequency which manifests itself as three dimensional human density/mass. And in order to bypass, or work around the density issues, crystals, gemstones, crystal balls, candles, mirrors and much more besides are commonly utilized to harness the focus of pure mind under the direction of intent. And a better mind means a better body, as well as vice versa.

Basically, what a crystal will do is to resonate with the higher frequencies one wishes to impress one's desire upon, and teach the all-important lesson of concentration.
In the end, the desired goal of the student of consciousness is that of clear and steady attention, and the ability to maintain that stream of visualization without the left or right roof brain chatter we ceaselessly produce in our heads. As you read these words on your monitor, your hear them reproduced in your mind. We do this all the time, and it becomes an intrusive nuisance when one is trying to project a pure image or thought upon the Divine Source. So in order to assist in developing the clarity of energetic focus, consider the aid of a crystal gemstone or crystal ball, pendant, or similar item. There are so many beautiful crystals available for purchase! And the sheer joy of handling and focusing your attention on any one them will in and of itself enhance your spirit in ways that will ultimately prove productive.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Secret of Miracles Revealed


What I am about to give you is the simplest, quickest and one of the most effective step by step formulas for creating miracles in your own life. If you have not already done so, please refer to my previous post - The Secret of Miracles: How to Create Your Own Miracle - before proceeding with the following, as the success of this program hinges strictly on points made within that post, the most important of which goes as thus:
THE NATURE AND FUNCTION OF REALITY IS THAT OF A MIRROR! Your subjective thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, actions and reactions will always (no matter how short or long a 'time' it takes) be reflected back to you via your 'objective' experiences. This is a Divine gift, a teaching tool par excellence, and one that enables all souls to grow in the wisdom that only personal experience can achieve. As Jesus said, "Know thyself".
And now, I'd like to present my formula to create a secret miracle:
1) Decide what it is you love (Do not use the word 'want'. You do not wish to be in 'want' or 'need' of something, as that implies to your subconscious that you are desiring to be in a state of 'wanting' instead of 'having').
2) Having made the decision that you love a new car (we'll use a new car for an example), focus the language of your thoughts and words strictly in the present moment. At first, this may require concentration, as our language in structured in terms of past, present and future tense. But to properly program your mind, so that your mind may properly impress its wishes upon the mirror of reality, you must think in present terms only.
3) Exactly 11 times a day, face yourself in a mirror and say, "Thank you, Source (or Universe) for my new car". This is to be stated gently, impeccably, and with absolute love and appreciation. I would mildly suggest you do not use a more personal term for Divinity, only because so many of us harbor feelings of guilt, sin and unworthiness when we harken back to our early years of religious training and dogma.
4) Exactly 11 times a day, write down your chosen miracle. And in case you are wondering why it must be exactly 11 times (twice a day) ... the answer is simply this: IT MUST BE ELEVEN TWICE.
1111 is a Light number, as it is the universal code for the principal of existence - 'multiples of one'! We may be reminded of this daily when we happen to 'catch' the number 1111 on clocks, etc - though consciously we don't know what it means. But 1111 is a subconscious 'wake-up call' and embodies the very foundation upon which soul growth is achieved.
5) Do not allow negative thinking, doubts, cynicism and all the rest to regress the creation in progress of your chosen miracle. Live joyfully in the present moment with full confidence and appreciation for that which Source provides you.
And that is all it takes. Yes, it's that easy!
A final thought to help you understand the process at work. Each and every thought, word and deed you have ever made, has brought you to the place you now find yourself. Picture these thoughts, words and deeds as a 'wave of light' in motion. Depending upon the strength/momentum of what you have previously set into motion, you must allow for that wave to recede (or the energy of those thoughts to dissipate) and for the NEW wave of thinking to achieve momentum and direction!
Since we experience reality under the illusion of time, it may take 'time' for your consciousness to impress a new direction upon the energy wave of reality, and thus be reflected back into your objective stream of experience. But it will, and must, occur.
The Secret of Miracles, in effect, is simply the product of focused mind in harmony with the Divine energy, which is reflected back to us always.
Perhaps this is best stated most efficiently by the following rule "As within, so without".
So with love, create your own secret miracle! Faith and effort truly move mountains ~

The Secret of Miracles


If there is anything we have learned from self-empowering methods as taught through Affirmations, Down the Rabbit Hole and The Secret - it is that each of us possess the ability to shape and mold our lives, to fashion the events that come to us, to modify our past, and to live in the glorious moment of NOW with the greater understanding of what that implies.

As Don Juan impressed upon Carlos Castaneda time and time again, a warrior must be impeccable in his thoughts. Translated into modern day idiom - the above simply refers to the absolute necessity to visualize, maintain and, above all, not to waver in one's thinking.

As illustrated in 'Down the Rabbit Hole', matter ultimately bends to mind. There is a solid, scientific basis for the production of miracles. At the fundamental level of reality, as best exemplified via quantum mechanics in the double-slit experiment, wave and particle are inseparable. What this implies is that once the mind interferes/observes a 'thing', that 'thing' cannot help but be changed by the mind's entanglement upon it.

As revealed in the incredible book (which inspired the bestseller 'The Secret') entitled, 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D. Wattles - originally published in 1910 - Creative thought and the disallowance of conflicting, negative influences is all that is required to manifest that most desired.
The SECRET to achieving one's heart desire lays soley in the complete understanding of how reality works, and the part one's mind/emotions plays in the mechanics thereof.
First, take as an absolute (at least for the moment) the following:
1) The nature and function of 'reality' is that of a MIRROR.
2) Whether slowly or quickly, or through the plodding sequential illusion of cause and effect, self will ALWAYS be made manifest (reflected back to self externally) - THIS IS AN INESCAPABLE TRUTH! (when such happens rapidly we see this as the bizarre coincidence called 'synchronicity' - which is no 'coincidence' at all). The fundamental equation might read as thus "subject self = objective experience". Again, this is the nuts and bolts of what you perceive as your day to day existence.
3) Your emotions are the 'gas pedal' of your experiences. Use your fuel properly and not wasted on conflicting ideology, the opinions and negativity produced by those around you, and always keep your emotions channeled in the right direction.
4) Visualize, believe and manifest. Focus your thoughts around the assumption that that which you desire has already been created! Since our true reality is that of timeless energy, time therefore is always in the present moment - or NOW. Do not, I repeat, do not allow past experiences or future fears to shape your 'now'. All is irrelevant except your dedicated focus in the now.
5) Give thanks to God, Source, Nature or the Universe for that which you desire.
I want to further stress the importance of resisting that which is called 'negative thinking'. Patience is indeed a virtue, as is faith, and both are necessary facets of the Mirror Effect of consciousness. Remember, that while we cannot nor should not attempt to control the thoughts and actions of others, we are ultimately responsible for our own thoughts, actions and reactions. Be compassionate always in the your dealings with others, for thereby you are extending compassion to yourself.
In my next post, I will outline the miracle program I've evolved for my own usage, one created from my own successes and that of others.
Believe me, I've experienced some incredible synchronicities and miracles galore! And if I can help one other person, just a little or maybe a lot, then I would be blessed beyond words! Besides, we all need the occasional reminder of our own glorious potential, and to turn our attention to better things besides the fears that daily beset us.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Light Being - Making Contact


Yes, it is a good question, isn't it? And I don't see why we, ourselves, cannot initiate contact, nor should one automatically assume the impossibility of such. (And if you happened to read my previous post on the pineal gland, you may consider if that in itself is not a means by which to reach the 'other side').
Nevertheless, I've been doing a lot of thinking (act surprised) this evening, and here I will confess to a thorn of long-standing in my side, or stick in my craw, ... which is:
Why must contact be so one-sided?!
Irregardless of whom/what it is we seek to connect with; God, Michaeal, the Being of Light, the Reptilian, the Gray Alien, our higher-self, Soul, past - present - future self, whathaveyou.
You know, I have mulled over the concept of a novel based around the idea of someone who takes the bull by the horns, and stubbornly storms the gates of Heaven, deciding that he shall go forth of his own free will. It intrigues me to consider that we blindly accept as a truism or mark of faith that these things are somehow beyond the ability of man.
And while I mull over the idea, like a strange wine against my lips, I find the flavor enticing with the desire to further sip. What would it be like, please consider, IF we could enter Heaven at will? If we could pick up the phone to reach the party of our interest? Why must I always answer the knock, but never be the one to arrive?
Enough prose, you get the idea.
So. In scientific realms, not only light but matter as well share an entanglement. Whether particle or wave, the connection is always present - therefore the road goes both ways. And since there are such phenomena as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance, this road is traveled often if not understood.
Furthermore, time and space are largely concepts that apply to our own sense of self-placement, and our brain's ability (or lack thereof) to assimilate data into information we can understand and better utilize, all according to our fallible sense receptors. So again. If all roads not only lead to but also from Rome, then common sense would dictate that the ability to reach out and touch someone (or something) is not actually beyond our capability.
Which leads us to the million dollar question - if we could, or should, then how can we initiate contact on our own terms?
First, we must understand that when we exit the interstate of subjective and objective reality, it is CRUCIAL that the experimenting ego be well aware that what he will then experience cannot and should not be viewed in the same way that one evaluates lunch at a concession stand. There will no longer exist the same standard for self and other. To believe otherwise may be to risk grave emotional/mental harm to oneself. I cannot stress this strongly enough!**
With that fully accepted and understood, only then may the mature, questing personality seek to plunge further afield.
And I'm not going to suggest ways by which to achieve this, for only through concerted learning and more learning may we do this, but I fully believe it can be done.
I recommend the works of Carlos Castenada as a good pier to jump off.
** The curious may wish to consider that they will undoubtedly meet their shadow side, those emotions and fragments of personality that exist beyond our waking awareness. Usually in the form of demons, demi-Gods, incubis and succubis, or whatever your subconscious chooses to embody. Whether Gray Aliens or Gods, keep a sense of humor, do not take anything as literal, and don't fight battles that do not exist. You don't need a necklace of garlic to fend off the vampires of your psyche, all you need is love... and common sense.
We are here to learn - to learn to use the blessed abilities the Divine has granted us, but we must earn the right, through experience and wisdom, to do so.
Finally, how would we be greeted if we suddenly 'popped' into Heaven for a cup of tea? I'd like to think that the Light Being would smile, and offer me a spoonful of honey :)
As for the Grays - who knows? But it might be interesting to find out lol

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Grays and The Pineal Gland


Lately, I've been trying to uncover any possible connection with alien abductions and the pineal gland, or inner eye as sometimes called. If the subjectively real close encounters with gray aliens rely on any particular physiological happenstance on our part, then it would not be surprising to discover that the pineal gland is the bridge between their reality and that of our own.
I wonder about this possibility for many reasons, especially if alien abductions lay in some quasi - fuzzy state of neither here nor there, subjective nor objective. A hinterland of the mind, yet devoid of the common notion that what is not objective cannot then be 'real'. Before I continue further, I want to point out that according to mathematics, each successive dimension - as we go from 1, to 2, to 3, and so forth - each additional dimension must lay perpendicular to the one preceding it. Therefore, in a very real though abstract analogy, after the third dimension (or fourth if you care to include time/space into your count) - one must go inward, as there is no other direction available. Think of the hypercube, or tesseract that, in movement, folds and enfolds upon itself. Some have used the terms implicate and explicate order to label these movements.
With that said, the pineal gland has long been attributed with the ability to reach other worlds, inner space, higher dimensions, the seat of the soul is said to be reached by this pea sized gland, and much more besides. I encourage all my readers to do a little e-searching about the pineal.
Interestingly (or distressingly!), in our current time, the pineal gland is thought to be adversely affected by the chemical fluoride and calcifies as a result. Not good. This could go a long way to explaining why man has lost the abilities and insights seemingly so readily available to our ancestors; modern man may very well be locking the door to his own freedom!
I cannot help but recall of Jesus' statement in the Bible, "The Kingdom of Heaven lays within"!
Additionally, I cannot help but consider the idea that what if those privy (if such is the right term) to alien abductions, close encounters and many other forms of what is so carelessly labeled 'paranormal experiences' may not in fact stem from a more normally or properly functioning pineal gland? What experiences and accounts do citizens in those countries without fluoridated water systems have to offer? And does there exist a racial/genetic predisposition towards greater or lesser pineal function?
And there are many methods (should one so choose) to help stimulate the third eye into proper function. Be aware, however, that (at least in my own trials) such stimulation can lead to some terrific headaches, which thankfully don't last. With my rather haphazard way of personal experimentation, I can't say exactly which methods have been most productive for me, so you may wish to check around the Internet and see what sounds proper for you to try; again - only if that is your desire.
Because if the pineal gland acts as a doorway, or a portal to lands uncharted, only fools or angels may wish to enter therein.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Light Being

In the annals of humankind's experience with things unearthly, there is nothing so impacting, nothing which marks the soul with such profundity as that of the encounter with the Being of Light.

While not all testaments arise from Near Death Experiencers (NDE), the majority as given appears to. Typically, the chain of events runs something like this:

An individual in such medical distress that he may be pronounced dead by physicians or attendants, finds himself yet fully awake, and possessed of a heightened awareness as he overhears the consternation of those frantically trying to save him. He may be puzzled or else emotionally removed from the chaos which surrounds him, because to him, in the final truth of the matter, he is marvelously fine. He may attempt to tell his rescuers as much, but he is no longer quite of this earth and his reassurances fall on deaf ears.

At this point he begins to feel his 'essence' or the real him, lift up and away from his physical form (though there are those who report the sensation of being 'blasted' or 'shot' from out of their bodies). He may hover near the ceiling for a while, or above the heads of the crowd should his experience have taken place out of doors. But before long, the NDE next finds himself moving further and further away from the earthly location, until he arrives at a swirling 'tunnel' that opens before him, where all is dark, though most NDEs express no fear. (Sometimes this tunnel is described to have a 'bend' in it, and some NDEs mention feeling themselves 'separate' even further, as if they have somehow 'shed' another layer of their earthly selves)

Moving through this vortex at incredible speed, the individual spies a light in the distance, at the end of the tunnel, and as he moves closer and closer to this point, the light grows larger and brighter til at last he emerges in what can only be described as 'an unearthly light of such brilliance, though my eyes were unaffected and I was able to view it comfortably, and I knew I was no longer of Earth!'

In essence at this point, the transmuted soul finds himself in the presence of a Being of Light and, depending upon his belief structure, he may call this light God or Christ or anything else - in fact, he may not even attach a label at all and simply insist that it was a light being, pure and simple. And this Light Being is a real personage, a personal being who emanates such love and warmth to the NDE, that the individual is both humbled and awed, though completely at ease within the scope of this magnificent light. Many NDEs report a feeling of familiarity with the Light Being, as if they should somehow know who and what this is, but they cannot quite pin it down or remember.

Furthermore, the Light Being is said to be so gentle and kind, non-judgmental, and even exhibit a sense of humor as it suits the ensuing exchange between man and 'angel'. At this juncture, the individual may be told 'it is not his time' and he is to be returned to his earthly form; or he may be given the 'choice' whether to proceed onward into the Light, or else return to his body. Typically, the NDE is shown a panoramic life review, which engulfs him in a complete virtual experience of every thought, word and deed he committed, and he will also have the ability to experience his actions and the resultant effects on others. It is said that not a moment, not a single thought or deed of the individual's life is omitted from this review.

The Light Being, still from a loving objectivity, may pose such a question as "What have you done with your life that is sufficient?". The emphasis appears to be that of love, or actions and thoughts stemming from love, as opposed to success and gain. The purpose of the Light Being and the life review seems to be that of instilling greater insight into one's actions and how they effect others about us (including pets, strangers, and so forth), and what value may be derived thereof. Love, above all else, is the commodity most prized!

Who or what The Light Being actually is may be a matter of personal belief, upbringing, social acculturation, et al. From higher self to the Lord of Lords, all or none may be correct assumptions. But one thing is beyond debate, those that have been fortunate enough to encounter the Light Being and bring the awareness of such an experience back with them to their earthly existence, consider themselves better for it!