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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Avatar & Aliens - The Watchers Inside Each of Us

The concept of alien observants is actually a plausible one, an idea I've seriously entertained for many years and conjectured about, both on this blog and in the privacy of conversations with interested parties (even disinterested parties on a slow day lol).

Ideally, if one were to desire the most accurate of information as regards a diverse species, the only way to garner such data would be from a type of 'inhabitation' of the species itself, from the inside of the particular species in question. Any lesser means of information gathering would result in bias, misunderstanding and contaminated data because, for accuracy's sake, any being/species once aware it is being observed alters its behavior. We see this conundrum in wildlife study, hence our current reliance on closed circuit cameras.

As nutty as the idea of an internal, subjective alien interloper first appears - stop and really think about it for a moment. Break down the logistics and you'll see what I mean. Avatar, in its basic thrust, captured this self-same conjecture. Anyway, let's consider the following ...

The Universe is seriously large, folks. Mind bending type of large. The type of really, really big that makes the idea of life elsewhere not only plausible, but mathematically a certainty.

Okay, most of us are educated to this idea and have no problem with the conception of extraterrestrial life extant in the Universe. It's when we consider that 'alien' beings could somehow visit Earth that derision rears it's ugly head.

In other words, it's a given that life, and lots of it, should exist out there, just so long as it remains out there, and not running amok on good ol' planet Earth. That just seems silly, given the distances involved. Right?


Just because the recently (in cosmic time) evolved hominid aka Man, has yet to develop the ways and means beyond the distance factor, has precious little to do with the ways and means of other intergalactic species. We could have said the same thing about nuclear energy two centuries ago. Or electricity, or anything thing else for that matter. It's where you are on the game board, that's all. Everything, pretty much, is simply a matter of time - of getting from point A to point B. Everything, eventually, is a given.

So let us not judge the prowess of others based upon our own (Although I've said, and still do, that light will be the pinnacle of space travel, not a souped up Chevy - we're just not there yet. But that's another topic so we'll save it for now).

Thus far, we've got the rather basic rational that the Universe contains life beyond this planet. Nature isn't wasteful HERE, and not likely anywhere else. Where life can develop, according to its needs, it absolutely will so do.

A) Aliens Exist
B) Some of these beings will be sentient. Those sentient beings will be all along the scale of energy development: From fire to fission to whathaveyou.

Now, taking into account the sentient alien species with a level of energetic technology similar to our own, those beings are likely still playing around in their own back yards, in much the same way that we are playing around in ours, getting to know our own various solar systems. Just like children learning to explore within the safe confines of our respective neighborhoods. Not too hard a concept to fathom, eh?

But there are bound to be some bigger kids out there, they are the ones who have the means and ways, the discoveries and intellect (perhaps) to venture beyond their respective neighborhoods. And, again, given the size of the known Universe (God knows what else lays 'out there') ... there are bound to be some bigger, and likely a LOT bigger 'kids' or alien races flitting about.

Those bigger, or more energetically savvy of the bunch, and possessed of the need or mere curiosity to explore, are certainly doing so. God knows WE would, and do, to the best of our current abilities. We explore. We gather information. We learn. We experiment.

WE do these things, and man is quite likely not the only intelligent, sentient race of beings involved in such pastimes. Again, given the mathematical logistics - there are no doubt just BUNCHES and bunches of explorers flitting here and yon in the good ol' Universe, let alone our galactic suburb.

For all that matter, Earth's galactic suburb - the Milky Way/Sagittarius Dwarf co-mix, is amply large enough for our mathematical logistics - we don't even NEED to factor in the rest of the Universe for the purpose of this discussion. *Remember, kids, learning begins at home* lol

Going back now, to the original idea of a subjective explorer. Honestly, if it could be done, by us, them, or whoever, it should and would be done subjectively, from the inside out. Again, logically and honestly, bare bones with no quasi Sci-Fi theatrics - and given the technical means to do so ... the most accurate, safest and unobtrusive fact finding, information gathering process would have to be conducted from the skin out!

Regardless of how far-fetched (to some) this idea appears, there is simply no way around it, no sound argument to be had against the logic. Again, if information could be gathered in such a way, then this would be the ultimately ideal way to explore other life forms.

Think of it, there would be safety against physical contamination (as the physical form of the explorer would not be placed in danger via contact). There would little to no risk of incurring the wrath of the indigenous species. There would be little to no risk of the explorer opening up his world, his home and fellow beings to future visits/retaliation by the galactic wildlife (what trail would there be to follow?) There would be the greatest opportunity for learning, without fear of contamination or mis-understanding.

Subjectively inhabiting the mind of an alien species would be the safest, surest, most unobtrusive, and accurate means by which to learn. By experience. (Can anyone say reincarnation here? - makes a person wonder, doesn't it? All this talk about body/soul. Hmm... maybe WE, as well, are alien explorers? Wouldn't it be wild if MAN was the flea in the primate's ear?!)(Wouldn't surprise me at all. Will somebody please get me outta this monkey suit lol)(Not really but kinda sorta)

Without fear of contaminating one's nest, or misunderstandings occurant, to subjectively inhabit an alien being would be the PINNACLE of learning. And, believe me, if man can conceive the idea - albeit through fiction - somebody else will, can and has as well.

You can bet your math on it.

Would the above concept be that which fuels the Watcher concept? That of a non-interfering, neutral and objective Watcher. One who co-inhabits the life form of a diverse species in order to gain learning. One who subjectively observes it's subjects.

And, because my warped little mind works this way, if the above WERE to be true in OUR case (and I hope I've shown why it's not THAT unlikely an idea) - then the question begs to be asked ... can WE observe BACK?????

Can the watched, once aware of it's subjective partner, observe the observer? Can the alien watch the alien watching the alien?

Can a meeting ground, so to speak, of minds be established? I mean, without going smack dab nuts? Without getting lost in the hallways of the mind or in the corridors of consciousness?

If this were to be the case, that a co-inhabited species were to become aware of an intruder from within, could the species in question 'turn the tables' on the intruder? Or would there be checkpoints and fail safes pre-established to prevent such from happening?

In the event of, oh ... let's say MAN, just for 'fun' ... were man to discover himself inhabited by an alien Watcher ... would there be a psychic trail available for him to follow back to the 'source'?

Hmm ... all sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paranormal Experiments Update: Incredible Out of Body Experience

Here's one for the books ...

I just woke up a couple of hours ago from the most bizarre lucid dream and possible Out of Body Experience. I want to get this written down while it's still fresh in my mind. It was a convoluted mess, although as you will see, I did manage to maintain a certain degree of lucid awareness.

Inasmuch as this incredible dream involved multiple layers of consciousness, I hope you can follow the gist of what I'll be struggling to describe. There were dreams within dreams, OBEs within OBEs, and I'm not going to bother trying to analyze this one to death.

It can speak for itself~

No hypnogogics, quickly passed into sleep.
I am lying in bed, feeling thick and muffled. I awaken to find myself moving out of the bed, covers. The room looks very similar to real life bedroom, but the dimension feels distorted, larger or stretched.
I exit my room and head down the hallway. I'm not sure if it was due to the spatial distortion or what, but it feels like I am still muffled, or moving through cotton candy (NOT the moving through water feeling - I felt absolutely no resistance in anyway). Hard to describe, like I am surrounded by a 'baffling of air'.
I proceed through the house and go on back to my cousin's room, to tell him I am out of my body.
He is aware and remarks on my condition.
With that, and still in my home, I explore a little this new condition and feeling. Very, very odd.
I find myself drawn back to my bed, my body is mounded up under the covers.
Then I awaken (though still dreaming) within my dream.
I move out of my dream bed, thinking I am having another out of body.
Then I realize that no, THIS second OBE is not the same as the first. I am still encased in the body, and everything feels really thick.
I can see my upright body in a sort of 360 fashion. I see what reminds me of baffles of stuffing encased around my arms, in a wrap of sorts. My cousin is now with me, in my room, watching my progress. I am showing him this padding that encases me, and explaining the difference between lucid dreaming and the OBE state.
For some reason, I feel a shadowy unease, or fear, creeping over me. I can't define it any better than that, but I want to head it off/avoid something.
With that, I go back to bed, to sleep (am still dreaming all of this).
I get up a THIRD time and this, I understand, is like the first. I'm free again.
If anything, things feel lighter and smoother.
It is then that I seem to go somewhere, to leave the vicinity of my room or else slip back into a genuine dream state where I have very spotty recollection of events that followed:
'Seems like I was talking with someone, dunno.

The frustrating thing is, the last thing on my mind when I went to sleep was anything even remotely paranormal. I was feeling lazy, grounded, and had not even thought about my (sigh) promise to get back on the bandwagon and resume my paranormal experiments.
And yet ... I can't swear to this ... but I almost do remember something happening or whathaveyou shortly before I went to sleep. Maybe I just buzzed through the hypnogogic state?
Interesting as this was to experience (God, it was so bizarre - and I think I've failed to capture the essential feeling in words - sorry), it just opens up more questions without the satisfaction of having answered any, or achieved any basic knowledge.

I do want to add this, my frustration with the above doesn't stem so much from a right-brain inability to describe the above in left-brain terms, as I was fairly lucid throughout most of it. I think it's the memory lapses that bother me, and that I can't liken it or make the proper comparisons to accurately get the out of body bit across to my readers.

I still say, as I've long insisted, if the 'after life' (so to speak) is anything like the above, we are in for a heck of an adjustment period. We may be like infants, having to learn an entirely new set of skills in order to function with any degree of conscious control in the after life plane of existence.

Oh Boy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fourth Dimension - Frictionland

Here's something else I was thinking about just the other day: the value of dimensions, beyond terms of spatial measurement, and what they might represent in terms of energy.

Now, this is just armchair exercise, but if it's true that each dimension is perpendicular to the one which precedes it, then after a point - per the hypercube - successive, higher dimensions must (in a sense) go within, right?

We're all familiar with the onion skin or box within a box analogy, insofar as those examples take us. But in terms of the Tesseract, of course - we are talking about an inner dimension in motion, one in which the outside of the orange, box or onion is as accessible as the inner, without piercing the rind.

Okay, now that aside - let's go back to the starting point (no pun intended) and begin with the first dimension moving outward, from point A to the second point B. Just those two dimensions for the moment, aka Flatland.

So I was thinking about the polarities between the two points (chee, doesn't everyone wonder these things?), and also about the apparent dichotomy that seems inherent in all our experiences as human beings: dark/light, up/down, black/white, good/bad, male/female and so forth. The entire yen yang thing.

This whole dichotomous yen yang thing seemingly produces a great deal of friction, be it on a social or emotional level, or simply as heat generated by the the two opposites coming together. A push me, pull you kinda thing.

Okay then. I think it would be correct to state that (according to this line of thinking) dichotomy is necessary for the production of energy.

As much as man is ever trying to reconcile the two halves of his being, as much as we struggle to find the 'middle ground' in every situation, we are constantly embroiled in an ever-changing balance between the two polarities. Perhaps our struggle is necessary and pre-ordained by a universal need for friction, no matter how large or small the scale?

I dunno.

But anyway. Man is generally considered a 3-dimensional being. His state of existence seems to be that which is resultant and successive to the first two points. Man has exited Flatland, he is now a resident of Frictionland. This is unarguably represented in everything he touches, experiences, thinks, and begets.

We can throw time in with this, or out the window for all I care, because no matter what anyone has to say about time, I think it's a relativistic 'thing' and more of a side effect generated by the experience of 3-D space, if that makes any sense. So I'm not going to do much with time right now. It can sit on the window ledge and gather dust for a while. So let's just dispense with the entire 'Time as a 4th Dimension' song and dance.

Alrighty then. Back to fun times in Frictionland. As previously stated, man's habitation of three dimensional existence - this plane of everything vs everything else, of Point B coming into juxtaposition with Point A resulting in a third movement aka space (or the third coordinate) - can be seen as more than just object dimension.

Philosophically speaking, we certainly seem to be trapped in some kind of yen/yang experience, or two sided object desperately struggling to reach that third point (think of a triangle here). Anyway, inasmuch as I was mulling over the dimension thing in my head, I wondered if there was any escape, besides stasis, from our predicament?

Besides being forever caught between a pendulum swinging first left, then right, then at rest in the center (no friction/energy produced there, I'm afraid), how can we and what would it be like to progress/inhabit a 4th coordinate state of being?

[As an aside - that is one of my biggest gripes regarding Sci/Fi and other speculative fiction. We can imagine/create all day long, until we are bleeding out our ears, beings and worlds and fiction set within an imagined 4-D realm. But, since it is beyond the reach of our 3-D being, all we ever manage to postulate are dilemmas and dichotomies under the fancy label. Same ol', same ol'. No 4-D here folks, nothing to see, move along ...]

So. What would we experience could we move into a fourth state of being? Mind you, I'm certainly no mathematician, and I'm speaking beyond abstract theory or philosophical conundrum. I'm just wondering, is all. What would it be like were man to suddenly 'shift' into a higher coordinate of existence? How would it be to navigate a tesseract? Would our wars come to a halt? Would we still reproduce sexually, and if so, how? What would happen to birth and death? Would we be on a endless Mobius strip kind of ride? Would we meet ourselves, past, future, and otherwise?

What would happen to the yen/yang? I'm really curious about all of this, especially, as I've oft mentioned, when coming across sayings and anecdotes from religious works - such as 'The Kingdom of Heaven lies Within'. (although that could be likened more to a state of stasis than progressive movement)

Furthermore, to climb a really long limb now, - could there exist beings, aliens, creatures, sentience, whathaveyou, whose physiognomy allows them a place in this 4th dimensional state of existence? Theoretically, I would say yes. Would these entities be subject to the rules of thermodynamics/entropy? Would they even be subject to any of the physical laws as we know them?

And again, what would man be like were he to escape friction, stasis and move into a higher factor of being? Can we even reasonably conjecture such a thing?

Well, I wish I had the mental accuem to do more than wonder about these things. Any input, folks?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alien and Paranormal Experiments : Update 3

Ok, the first thing here is to come clean and confess that I virtually abandoned my paranormal experiments throughout the entire holiday season! This is very frustrating to me, for many reasons, but it's entirely my fault for (consistently) biting off more than I can chew/focus on.


For basically being such a hyper-organized persnickety individual-type-person, I have an annoying habit of taking on too many 'projects'. It's not that I lose interest and bounce to the next newest flavor of the week, I guess the truth would be that I WANT to do it all, everything, to my specific satisfaction. I loathe the fact that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to suit me.


Having snapped a tendon in a finger doesn't help matters, either. You wouldn't believe what it's like trying to keyboard wearing an ortho splint =P

(Okay, that was a pathetic bid for sympathy but still) LOL

Anyway. I'm old, I'm tired, and too stubborn to have the good sense to gently call it a day and take up knitting or something more befitting the scheme of things.


On a *Positive* note, one (!) of my New Year's Resolutions was to jump back on the Positive Thinking bandwagon. I hope I experience the success I did last year, when I won oddles of prize goodies from my sweepstaking efforts (why YES, that is yet another of my many pursuits) (Shoot Me).

Something else, and no pun intended - but I'm trying to Lighten Up in my writing style ... more personal and less professorial, so to speak. I've been at this whole blogging thing less than a year, and it's taken me a while to get 'comfortable' with the idea of baring both soul & mind to ... well, over 5000 hits to date.

I started off, per my early posts, a little stiff and distant. And I'm sure, given the subject matter (My GOD, aliens! I mean, c'mon!) it's fairly understandable, because who wants to be deemed a nutcase? But I think I'm loosening up as time goes by, and I have and will always try to be very honest in the things I post. I'm not afraid to say what I've seen, what I've learned, and also what others have reported as their honest experiences, too.

You'd be surprised how much of this alien/paranormal stuff the average Joe experiences and keeps to himself.

Luckily(?), I'm not nearly as reticent and will be the first one to admit that I, too, have seen what by Golly sure did look like an honest, to goodness Gray Alien. And a few ghosts. And a heck of a lot of synchronicity, as well as a host of other creepy-type experiences.

But, what I really don't care to do - is to consign myself to any particular belief system. I have no intention of aligning myself with the contactee bunch, or any other 'subculture' within the field of paranormal research.

And the reason is thus - while I CAN say with 100% honesty that I have experienced something peculiar, I can NOT claim to accurately explain the whys, wherefores, the 'raison d'etre' behind the experience.

No one can, insofar as I'm aware. We just don't have enough information and hard evidence to work with here. We could be experiencing anything from mass hallucinations, to angelic/demonic visitations, to ELF (extra low frequency) electromagnetic disturbances affecting our mental hardware, to Ben & Jerry withdrawal.

I dunno. That is why I'm always speculating, analyzing and looking for common denominators.

Anyway again, what I do try to do, is to share my experiences, as well as those of others given me to share, and my objective thoughts concerning those experiences.

Another thing, I enjoy examining the paranormal from multiple angles. Since there are so many ways of looking at the alien/close encounter phenomena, ghostly manifestations, etc.- I happen to think it's a good idea to switch around now and then, it helps to keep the mind open to greater possibilities. (I have to admit, though - my one and only hard-headed belief that will take a lot of shaking to let go of, is that I DO NOT think one iota that Crop Circles are the work of anyone or anything other than our military scientists. Just my stubborn opinion here.)

So. Blah blah blah. With all that said, and my confession neatly and properly out of the way, I'm really going to make a greater effort to get back on track. No matter if I'm engaged in multiple writing/art/photography projects on the side, I'm still going to try to maintain these paranormal experiments (as best I can) and keep you peeps updated now and then.

I promise.

So help me, Cthulu ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grays Aliens Hidden In the Human Mind

What do we really know about the workings of the human mind? Is it more than neurotic or fanciful conjecture to pose the possibility that our minds contain a hidden function - a portal, if you will - to other realms, dimensions and/or alien intelligences?

If nothing else may be said, through the potentiality of String Theory, Multiverse Theory and good old Quantum Mechanics, we have learned that reality is perhaps far more complex and convoluted than anything we've yet to imagine.

Given my last three posts have primarily dealt with the powerful force of subjective thought imposed on the fabric of objective reality, I wanted to make mention of an idea that surfaced during my writing:

Could it be that what we term as the subjective, subconscious mind is itself, or possibly a bridge to, an alien inner reality? The main reason I ask this is because of a chance remark I tripped across in book about the Gray aliens - as reported to have occurred during an alleged close encounter (or interface). The pertinent part of the abductee's close encounter went something like this:

Gray Alien (remarks to the abductee) "There is much contradiction in human thought. We have difficulty knowing what it is you truly want. You think of things you term 'bad' often enough that we mistake those undesirable things for that which you desire. It is very hard for us (the Grays) to separate the two".

Now, should we take the above statement at face value, this opens up the floor for some highly intriguing conjectures. ONE of which, being the first that occurred to me, is the speculation that should reality consist of the Chinese sphere within a larger sphere, within a larger sphere, and so on ... then could it be that we, each of us, contain within our very skulls the universe of the gray aliens (or God knows what)?

Given other, enigmatic declarations that most of us are long familiar with - such as 'The Kingdom of Heaven lays Within', 'to seek me, ye must go inside yourself', to mention but a couple - one must wonder if, like the skin of an onion, we have a direct link to further and multiple universes within the fabric of our being.

And, to toss around yet another far out possibility: What if, instead of being a mental bridge of sorts, that which we term the subconscious, or superconscious, is actually the alien itself? I know this sounds wild, and likely is, but as no more or less than food for thought, it doesn't hurt to kick the idea around.

So just for fun, who or what are we really impressing the power of our thoughts upon? Who, or what, is the recipient of all of our constant, roof brain chatter?

IF (and here's the kicker) say, when one practices the subjective power of positive thought, the principles contained in books such as the Secret, or any other affirmative program, we assume it to somehow be the mirror effect of reality, or the quantum effect of consciousness as applied to subatomic particles, call it what you will - that gives birth to the resultant objective experience, but what INSTEAD we may actually be doing is directly interfacing with a thinking, feeling, sentient species that somehow or another has the ability or design to ALTER man's objective reality.

Wouldn't it be wild if our thoughts, emotions - all of it for good or bad - filtered down to another, near unimaginable race of beings, or worlds unknown that resided within our very beings? And just as everything/every thought/every action can and does create (or so our physical sciences would have it) a direct and equal RE-action, how would it change our thoughts, words and deeds if we knew unequivocally that other, sentient beings were privy to our minds?

Indeed, not only privy, but for some reason compelled to Act, Reciprocate, Reflect, Influence us in turn, in accordance to what we have mentally 'fed' to them?

'Food for thought', how ironic ...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Secret Power of the Mind Part III

Affirmations for Abundance, Wealth without Worry

It's vital to understand that your subconscious mind fully accepts all input from YOU - the ego, conscious mind - as absolute TRUTHS! The subconscious mind does not doubt, question, deny the validity of what your thoughts consist of - all data received is equal, and the subconscious mind acts on the most prominent, the most oft repeated 'thoughts' first and foremost.

Should YOU, the programmer, repeatedly declare that "MONEY" is the 'root of all evil', then your subconscious will equate - as truth - evil & money being synonymous, bringing forth into your objective life experience events, situations, and everything else suggestive of such. Your inner subjective thinking will be made objectively manifest, and the speed at which this manifestation occurs will largely hinge of the emotions which fuel these negative thoughts, and the frequency which which they are 'downloaded' (by YOU) into the subconscious mind.

If we think of the subconscious mind in terms of an ultra super computer, we can begin to get a clear cut, bare bones idea of what is actually happening here:

We, the conscious mind, are continuously downloading data into this incredible, biological super computer. It has NO OTHER INPUT than THAT which WE give it. Therefore (and here's the catch) our subconscious super computer can only PRODUCE RESULTS in KEEPING with it's equivalents. For some miraculous, and as yet unknown reason, the human mind is pre-installed with this program - as within, so without.

The human mind interfaces with and affects the 'stuff' of which reality is made! The end result is what we experience as our day to day living.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Whatsoever you put into the 'Matrix' will be spewed back at you, sooner or later. Unfortunately, most of us see these spewings as confirmations of the accuracy of our own negative thinking ... never realizing that we've trapped ourselves in a vicious cycle of completely of our own making.

Therefore, should you desire a bathtub full of cash, be attentive to your thoughts, and to what 'data' you are downloading into your own, private super computer. Remember at all times, you are operating within a program of subject = objective.

Fully understanding all of the above, the secret power of the mind seems almost absurdly simple. How is it, then, that most of us are not walling in wads of cash? If this power program of mind is really so simple, why are not more of us millionaires just for the asking?

The reason for this is that most of us are not clear, dedicated, consistent thinkers. We are easily distracted, easily defeated, and, according to science, are only capable of keeping 5-7 items in the forefront of our attention. We need look no farther than traffic fatalities to understand at a glance how man's stream of immediate focus is such a precarious, easily obstructed thing.

Madison Avenue knows this. Have you noticed how many commercials have gotten sharper, edgier, with quick, concise bursts of information?

Anyway, so here you are. Eagerly aquiver to acquire absolutely gallons of green stuff. You start off with your best intentions, positive mantra at hand, good thoughts, images of a fat bank account dancing through your head, affirmative reminders placed around the house ...

But you must FIRST deal with the results from all the PREVIOUS data you've already downloaded into your subconscious. As much as you may earnestly desire to cultivate an excellent crop of wheat, you have to DEAL with the fact that before you decided you wanted wheat ... you put CORN into the ground.

Today, right now, this very moment, you are harvesting the results of PREVIOUS thoughts planted/downloaded into the subconscious. It will require patience, dedication, clear thinking and attention to ride out the withering process. Make no mistake, your previous crop WILL falter and die. Given time, one's patience and unshakable belief in a NEW crop will cause the old to disappear.

This is a very crucial period. The passing of the old 'reality' and the inception of the new. This is where too many become disappointed, disbelieving, and fans once again of good ol' pessimistic Joe Blow at the office water cooler. This is where one's thinking, if not careful, becomes muddied.

You would not expect a farmer to be successful were he to toss a careless mixture of beans, corn, oats and wheat on fertile ground, haphazardly tend his crops when he chanced to think to do so. You would be amazed if he produced much of anything at all.

The same is true of the human mind. Whether we use the analogy of the super computer or a fallow field, the point is exactly the same: What we put into something will always be in direct proportion to that which comes out.


And since man must operate under the auspices of Time, this lag (be it quick or long) deceives us into blind ignorance of the mirror effect of reality.

To be continued ~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Secret Power of the Mind Part II

Continued from previous post:

So how is it we may best utilize this God-given Mind Power? How can we successfully bring our hopes, dreams and desires to fruition amidst a daily bombardment of external negativity?

What, actually, is the secret of The Secret?

Unmitigated belief coupled with the unshakable faith of a child, within a continual expression of grateful expectation!

That's right. Grateful expectation - EXPECT your wishes to be fulfilled. Be grateful, in advance, that they WILL be fulfilled. Believe it, KNOW it to be so. Let there be no room for doubt ... in your private thoughts, in the words you utter, in the very actions you commit.

Furthermore, here's another biggie: Do not squander your precious energies in conflict with those other individuals who think differently, who act & speak in what you NOW know to be a negative, self-defeating manner. They, too, will and must learn according to their own free will ... it is THEIR God-given right to manifest how they so choose. So don't waste time and effort to become a Pro- Positive Thinking Zealot in an effort to save Joe Blow from himself.

All you are required to focus your energy on is everything that makes you happy. Give thanks on a daily basis, while eliminating all negative references from your thoughts:

E.g: (the incorrect way) "Thank you, Creator, for lessening my arthritis today and for keeping my teenagers out of trouble. I WANT (this implies you are in 'want') a new car, btw".

E.g: (the correct way) "Thank you, Creator, for healing my body. Thanks to you, I am pain free always. My teenagers are safe and always make good choices. And btw, thank you very much for the new car you are sending my way".

Play with these examples any way you like, as long as you've got the idea down pat. Be certain to both give thanks AND be grateful in advance. This should be easy, since you EXPECT your wishes (not needs or wants) to be granted in God's good time.

Now, backtracking a bit - here follows a wonderful method to successfully cope with the moronic co-worker, the whiny neighbor and ill-tempered spouse (respecting their right to be as moronic, whiny and ill-tempered as they choose)...

Since the Universe works as a mirror, use this 'mirror' technique to
'reflect' back at others all their negativity. Think of it as a high tech force field, an Archangel's Shield, or the White Light of God. Whatever best suits your imagination. With this mental image of a mirrored shield or force-field, what-have-you, know with certainty that NO external negativity may touch you.

Likewise, be aware that given the nature of the Mirror Effect of consciousness, YOU shall be reflected back to self. You could say this universal or quantum effect is Karma exemplified to the Nth degree. But it's really how things work, at the very basic bottom line of reality. So go with it, use it, and be respectfully grateful that God has set such a wonderful system of checks & balance in place.

This power of the mind, this incredible ability of the subconscious to mold and shape the very nature of man's experience is akin to one's having always in their possession a magic lamp! Think of it, inside each and every one of us we carry with us a tool, a power greater than anything yet created by man. Don't relegate your magic lamp to the compost heap.

Now that you KNOW you possess this, you and only you OWN this by the very nature of your being, pull it out of the back closet. Dust it off, polish it up, keep it shiny and well used for all the days of your life. It was freely given you by your Creator, so why throw this precious gift away? Make good use of it instead! Who knows what other gifts God may also bestow, perhaps depending upon how well we use this one?

The Power of the Mind cannot, nor should not, be underestimated. Wealth, health, love, joy, ... life is our banquet to enjoy. Starting today, right this moment.

To be continued ~

The Secret Power of the Mind Part I

Program your Subconscious to create Wealth, Health & Happiness:
A 2010 Resolution For All

Directly on the heels on my previous post, which in essence was a call for objective critical thinking, and in a complete 180 about face, now I'd like to present a Pro-Belief article.

Starting today, in this New Year 2010 - here is a timely reminder for all those suffering from financial, emotional or physical stress. And this is an important reminder, a call to harness the strength and power of your own God-given ability to create for yourself the REALITY you desire. Believe me, it can be done and IS done by countless people from all walks of life.

Some term it the Power of Positive Thinking (aka Norman Vincent Peale); others refer to this ability as the Secret; some advocate and live according to the principles of Positive Affirmation (Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert). We see the power of the subconscious mind in what is commonly termed the Placebo Effect. There is absolutely no doubting the influence of subjective thinking on objective experience.

"As within, so without. As above, so below"

As we sow, so shall we reap. In other words, what we 'plant' by our thoughts, words and deeds will indeed bear 'fruit'. But only by mental discipline do we produce anything other than a haphazard crop. Man's ability to internally influence his external reality is no small thing. Truly, this ability IS the biggest Secret, the greatest power, the most magnificent gift of all time which is given us by Our Creator. We have the free will to manifest our most cherished desires, and it behooves each of us to make us of this Power of Mind.

A new year, a new decade is a fresh clean page to begin shaping the kind of life you would love to be living! Wouldn't you be thrilled and excited if God were to come to you in a dream, and tell YOU, right now, that He has suddenly given you carte blanche to have anything you want? All you must do, He instructs, is to think good thoughts, to hold no negative beliefs, and to have the faith of a child. All that is required of YOU, God stresses, is that you must have complete and utter faith that He will take care of all the rest. How your needs and desires are manifested is God's business. Leave that part up to Him, he assures you. The only effort, the only help on YOUR end, He tells you, is to speak, think, act 24/7 on the assurance that He will make it so.

Now, this living in faith/belief is a biggie. For the first day or two we are infused with happiness and hope. We mind our thoughts, we monitor our words as well as actions. But since man does not solely exist in his own subjective bubble, we are subjected to external input as well: old bills may arrive in the mail, our spouse may be moody and depressed, no new car has suddenly popped up in the driveway, and our co-workers barrage us with a day-in, day-out onslaught of all their problems, worries and woes.

Little by little, our fresh newly minted positive thinking gets worn a wee bit thin by all this external negative input. The newspapers, television and Internet are another huge source of everything worrisome: war, foreclosures, the Dow, inflation, the list is endless and never seems to go away. THIS is the opposing force of negativity we are subjected to on a daily basis. And while we so desperately want to trust, to believe and have the faith of a child, suddenly we have become jaded and rather tarnished and it's just another day in a repetitive loop of negative living, both subjective and objectively experienced: your back hurts, your job stinks and you haven't enough money to pay the credit cards at the end of the month. Not only that, but if you're human, you're starting to feel like a bit of a twit going around with this Pollyanna-type smile on your face in lieu of so much external angst. I mean, things are really bad right now, you Idiot!!! The world's in terrible shape - we have war out the wazoo, swine flu, bird flu, corruption, corporate greed, and probably shape-shifting reptilians orchestrating a one world order takeover ...

Well then. God never said it was going to be easy, did He? All that He has required of you is to BELIEVE.
'Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive'. Matt. 21:22

Here we are then. Given this incredible gift of creativity, and we let the stooges steal it away from us, because we have more faith in a whiny spouse or co-worker than our own magnificent Creator.

Goethe was right. Man is a lazy thinker. We have little discipline over our thoughts, our words, our actions. Even though the Power of Positive Thinking has been referred to by such notable figures as Christ, Buddha and Confucius - we still put our mental money on Joe Blow at the water cooler.

Even though we wouldn't vote for Joe Blow as Mayor of Morons, we surrender our precious gift of Mind Power at the throne of negativity, and, if we're not careful, not mindful, we will continue to do so ...


To be continued!