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Monday, July 27, 2009

GRAY ALIENS 100TH POST and A New Beginning, AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

The 100Th post at Gray Aliens Reptilian Humanoid 2012

An Overview and Forward Truth:

First off, I'd like to say thank you to the curious and loyal readers who have kept up with my writings, returning day after day in hopes of something fresh and insightful. I hope you've not been disappointed.

And I hope you are ready to move forward with me, because with this 100th post, I believe the time has come to dispense with little gray men and draconian overlords for a little while. To turn away from ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. They are but pieces**, bit players and not the goal which we seek.

Having considered the concept and effects of the gray aliens and fashioned theories as to what they may or may not be, it is time to swim in the deeper sea of truth. It is time to put away our toys, our petty dramas - and have the courage to acknowledge that which we have avoided since man first saw shadows dance beyond the perimeters of his vision, and voices spoke to him in the halls of his mind.

We are not alone.

We have never been alone.

We are not the most intelligent, nor highest evolved life form on this planet.

That which stands above us is not an alien, nor a reptilian.

It is not past or future man, nor man in any form.

It is more intelligent than us, because we can not understand it.

It is faster than us, because we can not outrun it.

It is stronger than us, because we can not harness it.

It is immortal to us, because we can not out live it.

It is more clever than us, because we can not outwit it.

It has a need for us, because it has not destroyed us.

It does not have a need for us, because it does not save us.

It lies, because it tricks and deceives us.

It tells truth, full knowing man will not believe.

It forces us to think, because we are lazy.

It forces us to hurt, because we are strongest when we hurt.

It forces us to trust, because we can do little else.

It forces us to fear, because we must move beyond fear.

It fashions deities and demons, and dares us to defy them.

Welcome to the Order of Sapient5

"The path of perception is a confounded thing!

Doors may open at a moment's notice,

regardless of what awaits at the threshold"


** Zombie Word Alert: Pieces, as in 'don't go to pieces when fighting zombies with a hacksaw'. In fact, according to Dr. Ima Duesche, Ph.D. from the Institute of Research & Development for Kitchen Gadgets as Seen-Only-On-The-TVset, hacksaws, along with phillips screwdrivers, allen wrenches, wooden shims and other sundry tool chest weaponry, are sorry defenses against your average lumbering zombie. Dr. Duesche recommends her latest achievement - The Zombie Zucchini Spinner (just four easy payments of $19.95 plus s/h)! The Zombie Zucchini Spinner comes with a money back guarantee and is certified by test kitchen experts to amaze and delight attacking zombies with its easy to use design and quick clean up capability. Now available in 3 popular colors: Blood Red, Flesh Fuchsia, and Splattered-Brain Blue. Limited Time Offer.

Edited for additional content on 12/11
In the past 12 months we have seen NASA announce one amazing discovery after another. In fact, only recently has an alledged *Earth Twin* been unveiled! Not only do such findings as the above serve to illustrate how it is only a matter of time before we discover life similar to our own, but also the importance of keeping an open mind - especially in an age where our measure of knowledge may change by leaps & bounds, all within the proverbial blink of an eye.

So here again I think we must agree to push forward and dispense with the nonsense, to put aside such ridiculous benchmarks as *do you really believe in aliens?* as if harboring said belief somehow discredits one's intelligence and mental well being.

Not only do I suspect the likelihood of life similar to our own, but I'd be willing to wager on the possibility of life so far evolved and removed beyond our current paradigm as to be virtually unrecognizable when the day arrives that we run smack dab into it.

I still find myself vacillating on the conundrum those blasted gray aliens have created in our mythology ... yet, once again, does the problem lay with our own inability to recognize these creatures for what they truly are - OR, are they a psychological bridge to far greater truths???

Only time will tell.

Gray Alien Messages and the Famous Zombie Word Alert



Does any of this sound familiar?
** Zombie Word Alert: Granted, this is more of a phrase, than an actual word, per se - still, certain humans who have narrowly avoided being dismembered then devoured alive by the typical lurching zombie out for a stroll on a moonless night are fairly convinced that not all zombies are hungry ALL of the time and have tried to convey mumblings to that effect ... such as "we will not hurt you" (admittedly, it is difficult for drooling zombies to properly enunciate). It should be understood that, while their intentions are good - hence the we-will-not-eat-you disclaimer, zombies have an excellent sense of smell (sorta like Golden Retrievers) and can actually go from we-will-not-eat-your-brains-out-of-your-skull casual conversation to ravenous-for-human-flesh in 0 to 60, if you get my drift. Something about pheromones, perhaps.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Invisible Others and the famous Zombie Word Alert

Besides the gray aliens, or maybe because of them, there have been a few close encounters with what I like to call 'The Invisible Others'. Who, what and where these entities are, I honestly have no formal idea.

But, if one has encountered these Invisibles, it leaves an impression that is just as confounding as it is nearly impossible to describe. And truthfully, insofar as my own personal feelings go regarding the paranormal, I find these entities far more fascinating than the grays/aliens could ever hope to be. I just wish I knew more about them, and I plan on doing research as soon as my busy schedule allows. [okay, that last sentence was facetious - at the moment my schedule is anything but busy, however I am as slow as Methuselah when it comes to research because I've a grave** tendency to uncover more than I plan on - which in turn leads to more prodigious note taking, more research, more reading and so on and so forth. It's like a labyrinth of information and sometimes I forget to bring along the breadcrumbs. I hate getting side tracked]

Another aside - when it comes to matters of metaphysics and the paranormal at large, the very nature of the information (both subjective and objective) does tend to lead one in circles. I'm not the first person to discover this, nor to remark upon it. I think all researchers lug about a sizable chip of frustration upon their shoulders, for it is exceptionally difficult to know precisely where one phenomenon stops and another begins. Remember the ironic cartoon by Gary Larson (of The Far Side) who showed Elvis, Bigfoot and (who was the third?) caught unexpectedly together when the camera jammed? Larson was more 'on the money' than he realized!

So anyway, rambling aside (it's a Monday, after all) ... I want to talk about these Invisible Others. The funny thing is, when one thinks of invisible entities, the first thought that rightfully comes to mind is ghosts and creatures of that ilk, but for some reason, I feel very strongly that this is not at all the case. These are not the spirits of human dead (in those terms), but something that has a very distinct feel and recognition.

What I get the 'feel' of is that of a higher order of being, not necessarily human, but 'humanoid'. Able to relate to humans and cogitate our thoughts and emotions. Able to appreciate irony. I have the distinct impression that (again, I have to use terms we are familiar with - but these terms are possibly misleading or fall short of what I'm trying to say) these invisible beings are definitely non-physical, are post-human experience, and have the ability to 'flow' in and out of the human body. I think the closest description I've yet to come across might be what Ruth Montgomery termed the 'Walk Ins'. Yet, this was couched in terms of re-incarnation and human soul exchange, which doesn't feel exactly right either.

So, without further ado, I'm going to create a fictional description of these Invisible Others to get across the impression as I've received it: There exists at least one group, one particular specific race, of intelligent, self-aware and fully conscious beings who have managed to either escape dense physical embodiment or were never bound by such in the first place. These beings, should they choose, are able to 'flow' in and out of the human/animal mind - much like electrified water. They are not 'encapsulated' by the dense body, but may enter and exit at a moment's notice.

These beings are not seen in the typical fashion, but are certainly recognizable when they call our attention to the fact. If glass, if wave, if water - all things being 'clear' yet possessive of 'properties' - were to enter and exit a denser object and observed while doing so, this would be a close analogy. The presence of the Invisible Others is recognized by the eyes of its host.

In this moment of recognition - the eyes of the host display an additional 'property' (not glassy as is displayed by the use of drugs or alcohol). This property is stunning, in that the viewer is suddenly called to awareness that he is in the presence of two minds, not one. He is being observed by 1) an unaware, oblivious human ego and 2) an intelligent, separate entity. Both these two presences are simultaneously looking out through a shared window (the human eyes). (Is this what the Bible meant when it cautioned that Angels could only be recognized through the eyes?)

As well as stunning the observer, one is also disconcerted as to 'whom' one is actually in conversation with, for the Invisible Other has the ability to speak through the mind and mouth of its temporary host, though often it merely watches in silence.

These invisible entities are pre-human creatures, perhaps the origin of what is called the human soul. They are Those who inhabit the human form, who manipulate and design behind the picture, and their knowledge of reality and the 'overall' plan far exceeds anything man has yet to discover. They are the true players, the guides, the Master Planners, - the very foundation of what we consider as Soul - and yet they are not constricted by human form and are certainly light years beyond what we think of as human ego. They are ourselves, but are nearly unrecognizable as such - because there is an incredible difference between the soul-in-human-form and the actuality of the Soul Entity.

Man, quite literally, has no true idea of the scope and breadth of what he is or is dealing with. The Invisible Others, unhampered as they are of gross, physical form and limitations of time and space, are of such a higher order of evolution as to blast our ideas of heaven and earth to bits. We simply cannot fathom the workings and capabilities of this undeniably superior lifeform.

I suspect when we cross paths with these Invisible Others, we are completely unaware that we do so. I further have good reason to believe that it is they who reveal their presence, deliberately, and it would be extremely difficult to knock at their door uninvited. (which, not surprisingly, makes me want to knock and pound away until the sun is reduced to a worthless chunk of charcoal, time and space has ceased to exist, and the door is reduced to a pile of splinters and hinges!)

I also suspect that on those very rare occasions when a human experiences a profound moment, the road not taken, divine intervention - call it what you will, I suspect these Invisible Others to have had a 'hand' in matters - all without man being made consciously 'aware' of the intervention. And this is far beyond instinctive matters of self-preservation, intuition and knowing, or right-brained cognition of fuzzy, future events. This is greater than the mirror effect of human consciousness.

These Invisible Others are whole, entire, self-aware, lucid, logical, et al - and fully capable of working both within and without human form. Again, if you can imagine electrified water or wind, you get a slight idea of what it is I'm struggling to define.

Those traits/characteristics I've been privy to, have included higher intelligence, a sharp sense of irony, extremely strong will - determination, honesty but of a type that may lie and manipulate in order to serve a higher purpose/agenda, a strong, steel-like adherence to ethics and morality (again, within an overall design) ... in summation, a far higher than mortal intelligence and an unbendable drive to serve an unknown good. Other than that, all bets are off. Much flexibility is allowed, as is free will, but all Invisible Others work in harmony towards a higher goal which man cannot begin to conceive.

I am both awed and humbled by my exposure to these Invisible Others. I am also confused, irritated, curious and frustrated in my desire to know more. (I am also losing my mind due to last week's exposure to poison ivy as I am sitting here typing, doing my best to resist scratching my left arm to shreds while I am writing of higher matters. Who says irony cannot best be appreciated by the human ego? lol)

Call them angels, souls, spirits, guides, devils or demons. I assure you they do exist, that much I can vouch for. How this plays into the gray aliens, ETs, close encounters, death, after life, heaven or h*ll I have no idea.

Enquiring minds want to know...

** Zombie Word Alert: It has come to the attention of the author that a rather disturbing number of poorly-informed humans carry the misconception that all zombies reside in graves! In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. According to the 2007 Zombie Residential Poll as conducted by the Society For the Literal Preservation of All Things Rotted, the following is a list, by percentile, of homes as occupied by the unDead:
Graves (19.5)
Dumpsters (11)
Abandoned Warehouses (22)
Basements (5)
Attics (7)
Laundromats (13)
Childrens' Closets (4)
Gas Stations (2)
Deserted Farms (14.5)
McMansions (1)

Ghosts of gray aliens and ETs AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

When most of us think in terms of ghosts, spirits, spooks, the undead, as well as the 'afterlife', quite naturally we consider these non-physical entities as having an earthly origin. We wonder about our own dead, but what about the dead of any one of the countless non-earthly civilizations that have been statistically shown likely to exist?

After all, the known universe is inconceivably vast. So while it is not only plausible but also probable that other intelligent physical beings exist, so would it be equally probable that, for many of these, physical life would not be infinite - and thus terminate in biological 'death' in much the same way as is experienced upon our own planet.

With that said, consider now the possibility of actual life after physical death. After all, we intellectually understand the concept that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but instead changes form according to conditions. Besides the usual visions and dreams, current advances in our tech toys are opening up glimpses of what may eventually lead us to irrefutable proof for the continuation of the human soul mind, the energetic being, and establish once and for all that Dear Grandmama** has not only survived physical death and continues to exist in a form beyond that of dense matter, but that a two-way exchange of information between both the living and the dead can be technically achieved, becoming as commonplace as a two-way conversation between friends in the US and Europe. Believe me, this is not at all as preposterous as it initially sounds!

Furthermore, what about the 'dead' of non-earthly origin? If we have reason to suspect that our own deceased survive death in some type of 'form', then wouldn't it be just as logical to suspect that the dead of similar extraterrestrial entities may survive as well? And if so, are some of these beings the inhabitants of the astral plane or astral 'wildlife' as described by numerous out of body explorers? I imagine, sanely and sincerely, that the universe literally abounds with such entities, because - after all, where else is there for them to go?

And would we recognize the ghosts of aliens, insofar as we have a difficult time recognizing that of our own dearly departed? Furthermore, there is simply no way to guesstimate as to what motives, desires, drives, awareness quotient or anything else these 'ghosts' might still possess. Man is still in the preliminary stage of breaking down the veil between our own heaven and earth, let alone that of a diverse species. But that doesn't mean these diverse species do not exist. The problem is that we are unlikely to recognize them as such.

Just how likely is it then, that ghosts (of human or alien persuasion,etc) exist in the first place? How would you begin to reasonable examine this concept? I believe there is just as good a likelihood as of anything else.

[Let me put this another way. Not necessarily a better way, but just to give you an idea of how I like to analyse any given concept. It's simple, easy, and while not likely to win a Nobel award, it cuts through a lot of the chase. So while it's no big deal, here is what I like to call the 50/50 method, or 'the all things being equal' rule of thumb - where there is no predetermined bias against any potential outcome:

1) In universal time (the entire potato) - or infinite time (which must be the true state of affairs since energy cannot be created or destroyed, hence there is no actual linear beginning or end) ... all potentials must and will be expressed. There exist no bias, no slant favoring one probability over another. All things share an equal foundation, with A being equal to B.

2) Therefore, and now in the physical/linear expression (or man's conscious experience of finite time) within the forward moving arrow of time, there exists the equation the 50/50 rule, wherein an event either manifests or it does not. Again, this rule only applies to a finite universe under conditions of a single expression - as opposed to a continuous series of energetic expansions and contractions of unknown source which manifests as multi-verses (and God knows what else).

3) Under this 50/50 rule, we may then break down the likelihood of any specific occurrence. Admittedly, it's a lot simpler than chaos theory, but I think the end result would be similar, because any unknown variable would ultimately be accounted for under this breakdown.

e.g. - ghosts) Under the dichotomous rule of 50/50, ghosts either exist or they do not. So we have a 50 percent likelihood that ghosts do indeed exist. If ghosts do indeed exist, they either are or are not able to contact the living (notice, I did not say DO contact the living, I said ABLE to contact - I may be ABLE to contact my old school chums in Florida, but whether I choose to DO so or not is an entirely different matter and statistical breakdown). So far we now have a 25% likelihood that ghosts ARE ABLE to contact the living. Well, you get the idea.

While not perfect by any means, it's a good overall rule of thumb - at least when operating under the illusion of time and finite expression. Actually, I don't really think reality is dichotomous at all (50/50), but I do think it allows for ultimate expression within infinite time (yes, I know this sounds a lot like the 100 monkeys eventually writing Shakespeare thing).]

Anyway, now that you better understand a new way or my way of looking at things, let's return back to the original topic under discussion which is the possibility of the existance of non-terrestrial ghosts. We do have to admit that, whatever the gray aliens are or are not, they have been reported being seen in the company of the human dead. And whatever or not death actually turns out to be (a transmutation of the energetic being perhaps?), it's unlikely, I think, that the Land of the Dead should be strictly limited to Earthly inhabitants.

Especially if it is just one more state of conscious energy. Instead of a black or white, here or there type of thing, there may be a series of such states of existence, with our so-called living, physical embodiment being merely one of many.

It is possible then, again - at least as far as the Gray Aliens are concerned - that what we encounter in our twilight interfaces with these creatures, is the non-physical or more ethereal state of a species that has exited the perimeters of 3-D, physical embodiment as we yet experience it. We are so geared to a mind-set that automatically puts the aliens on a par with our own physical energetic niche (hence the conundrum over whether or not the Grays are REAL - in our terms) - that we fail to take into account the possibility that they are 'ghosts', of a sort, though far more capable and able to function/manipulate within this state than that of our own dead. After all, how is it then that the gray aliens are able to know us before and after life, to interact within our dreams, to accompany our human dead, and to conduct experiments upon our energetic (astral) bodies (and to do this successfully enough to imprint our energetic template in such a way that it physically marks our more solid, three-dimensional structure)?

I guess what may need to be reconsidered here is man's concept of death in the first place. And how death and life may interact, intertwine, interpenetrate with one another. Life (or Death) may prove far more complex than a simple exchange from particle to wave.

Is it possible then, that what we know of as 'the grays', are really a deceased/non-'living' species that, due to their specific brain structure, can successfully operate within this astral region, and to such a degree that they can interface with the more solid 'living' at will. If so, do they seek another shot at physical embodiment? (Recall, if you will, the Angels of lore were said to be jealous of Man, and to envy him his physical form).

And this would not be so simple a thing as our superstitious concept of 'possession'. Rather, it might be an incredibly long and ardous series of experiments possibly geared toward the gradual attainment of increasingly solid form with the ability to physically reproduce ... OR the transfer of conscious awareness into a viable physical vehicle.

Maybe other entities, including the gray aliens, already know a great deal more about things Man has yet to discover. All things being equal, that is.

** Zombie Word Alert: When alive, Grandmama wasn't exactly a bread 'n butter pickle to get along with in the first place, and death has not improved her querulous disposition one iota. What, you may rightly ask, is the considerate grandson to do with a mouldy, ill-tempered relative who is not only eager and willing to gobble his gizzard at a moment's notice, but is embarrassingly voluble about his taste in dates (most of whom Grandmama refers to as 'those tramps') - especially Juanita Fajita with her spandex skirts and stilletto heels?! And matters are certainly not improved with Grandmama's tendency to casually pass gass and scatter rotting body parts all over the family room sofa. How, you earnestly inquire, can a long suffering grandson avoid the guilt of hurting Grandmama's feelings and still keep peace when Juanita or her twin sister, Jolita, drop by the house?
Honestly, we have no idea, but give you a high five on the twin thing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

gray aliens: A Control System? And the Famous Zombie Word Alert!

Here is another theory regarding the actual purpose behind what we perceive as the Gray Alien Abduction or Close Encounter interface:

Either by natural or artificial means, there is set in place a system of control whose purpose is the forced evolution of a particular species or species in general, which is achieved by the use of unpredictable stresses upon said species.

In other words, whether or not the close encounter experience is a natural occurrence in nature, or a deliberate event designed and carried out by parties unknown, - its true purpose is to encourage/force upon a species the next leap in evolution, and this is executed by a series of unpredictable stresses (in a make or break kind of way) which, in order to successfully endure (survive), the subject must exceed that which he is, become more intelligent than previous, and literally 'outgrow' his natural niche so that he may be 'bumped up' into the next appropriate biological niche succeeding the one originally assigned him.

As it stands - if a creature falls short of his biological 'niche', then he is impelled/stressed to fulfill it. Once having satisfactorily filled this niche, then he may a) regress b) stagnate c) become more than the niche assigned him is able to provide. If 'c' should be the case, then nature has no choice but to either create a new niche or place him in the next 'higher or appropriate' one.

Now, maybe it's me here ... but it only takes about ten minutes of television prime-time viewing (or even worse, daytime viewing) to rapidly conclude that man had better become a little smarter and evolve a little higher, and mighty darn fast, too. Yet, I think most individuals are far more intelligent, more capable and reasonable on a singular basis, than what we appear to be when presented as a 'group' or whole. On the downside, if this is correct, then we certainly haven't evolved much beyond our original herd instinct as is manifested when any large body of emotionally stimulated people get together to show just how ignorant and easily manipulated the human animal still remains.

So, if there is any bedrock solidity to the notion of a control system in place, then how might we uncover its presence? As given above, the use of stress as a tool for the development of intelligence has already been acknowledged. Scientists have long known this (do a little reading about experiments conducted during WWII to gain an idea, if you have the stomach for it, that is). In fact, without the struggle for survival, it is unlikely that primitive man would have evolved as quickly and efficiently as he ended up doing. Or any of the rest of us, for that matter.

So again, what happens, or better yet, what would be the next step to induce stress in a society in which the original impetus for survival** has largely been overcome? (here, I am speaking in general terms. There still exists, sadly, far too many societies in which survival is not a given by any means)

For example, let's take ... hmm ... oh, I don't know ... let's say ... North America. So here is a continent, an overall society that, by and large, has defeated the original natural stress/dilemma of food, shelter and clothing. This society also has the benefit of something called education and medical care. True, there are still many inequalities and not all survival is guaranteed, nor ease of living, but for our purpose of discussion, in overall terms, man's era of natural stress - that which impelled him to develop, discover and thrive in the first place - is behind him. Worse yet, having attained this plateau of development, as the animal - beyond survival - is naturally lazy and self-indulgent - this society of man now shows little sign of future intellectual prowess, and is in fact in very real danger of retro-evolvement. Man, through his areas of specialization and targeted areas of education, and due to his 'ease' of living standards, has in fact become stagnant. The herd, except in moments of emotional excitement, is at rest.

So again, what would be the next step to stimulate/force this society/herd towards higher evolution? What unexpected stresses would be applied given the current situation? What unanswerable questions might be asked, what could simply not be borne, tolerated? What might push man beyond his complacency?

To be continued.

** Zombie Word Alert: Survival, in the avoidance of hideous and horribly painful death as delivered at the hands (stumps) of your average blood-crazed zombie, may be as high as 53% achievable when utilizing a new technique known as 'foiling the zombie' [patent pending]. Based on the latest studies in zombie research advancement, it has come to the attention of scientists worldwide that many zombies display an uncanny aversion to aluminum foil protected leftovers, such as chicken pot pie and meatloaf. It is believed this aversion has developed as a result of learned behavior when members of various zombie hordes have experienced the mind-blasting pain as occurs when anything aluminum comes into immediate contact with old metal tooth fillings. This pain, it is presumed for zombies, is likely magnified a bazillion fold, given the already precariously unstable nature of nearly all zombie teeth.
Therefore, it is suggested, that those humans wishing to add to their already bulging arsenal of anti-zombie repellents, rush immediately to their phones to place an order for: Anti-Zombie Foil - only $99 (a bargain in this time of zombie infestation). Anti-Zombie Foil comes in a convenient cardboard dispenser and looks a great deal like cheap, inexpensive aluminum foil but probably isn't. Operators are standing by.

Friday, July 24, 2009

gray aliens - true abduction stories AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

ALIEN ABDUCTION - another close encounter revealed?

First, let's face a few facts. No matter the pro or con of the issue, no matter how many contactees and close encounter experiencers come forth with personal accounts; no matter how many skeptics, psychologists or sociologists present viable alternatives to alien interfaces ... no matter which camp one chooses to align oneself with ... we simply DO NOT KNOW the bedrock reality underlying the Gray Alien Abduction enigma.

Either we are inherently unable to comprehend the enigma, or we at present lack the tools and sufficient knowledge to form a basis for understanding, we still must objectively acknowledge that, again, at least for the present time, the alien enigma lays outside our ability to indisputably resolve to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

With that said, here is yet another gray alien interface as given me by a young woman of my acquaintance. The typical benchmark features are presented in italics. Make of it what you will:
"I had a frightening dream. It was really upsetting and stayed with me all day. I wanted to tell you about it, even though I can't seem to remember all the details. But I was with family, family I didn't know. None of them looked familiar, but they told me they were my family. It was dark, and they had funny eyes. Big eyes. Spooky. Strange. We were doing things, I was supposed to be helping them or something. We were very busy. I was afraid even though I don't know what scared me. I don't even know where I was, but it was big. I know that, it was a big house or building - very sinister. I didn't really want to be there, but the family made me. I wish I could tell you what happened there, because something did and it was frightening."

Admittedly, this young lady made no mention of aliens, grays, reptilians, UFOs or any other reference to the popularized ilk. What she did remark upon is a certain facet that seems to be heard over and over, which is that she was in the company of an "unknown family group".

Being detail orientated, I may tend to catch or make too much of little things that other researchers aren't making a fuss about. However, my belief is that it is the little things that may prove more telling than any sighting or abduction or dream could ever hope to be, especially in lieu of the strongly divided camp** surrounding the gray alien issue.

(Honestly, I simply don't have the patience left in me to circle endlessly in debate as to whether or not the 'aliens are real' type of thing. I've stated more than once that it is as unproductive as a dog chasing his own tail. Primarily, our conception of 'real' may not be the most accurate yardstick against which to measure such a phenomenon. To query whether or not the aliens are real could be as misleading and inappropriate as trying to define the existence of God. We all have our own concepts, our personal ideas of what God, Gray Aliens, Real, Unreal, and so forth mean - but those are merely man's ideas or labels we concoct in the face of something beyond our level of knowledge/comprehension. So my stance, if I must have one, is that there exists something, and what that 'something' actually is - what it consists of, what perimeters or boundaries or laws of physics encompass it, et al., is anyone's guess at this time. Capeche?!)

Now, with a return to the 'family' thing: We are beginning to hear more frequently of close encounter experiencers (CEEs) making vague reference to this unknown familial group. Even for those completely uninterested or having no belief whatsoever in any gray alien interface of any sort, I imagine such a reference would surface were these individuals to track and report their strange and fuzzy dreams, hypnogogics and all the rest, as so many of us who are interested in the paranormal already tend to do.

So unfortunately, we have a biased data base to start with (although the famous Roper Poll was certainly a step in the right direction). Unless one has a vested interest in the subject, balanced input will almost certainly be lacking. At present, I don't see how this bias can be adjusted for.

You have to pay attention, to look for something in order to discover its presence. (Unless, of course, you happen to trip over 'something' in such a way that its presence cannot be ignored. Which is how most people come to consider themselves to possibly be CEEs)

So in my opinion, paranormal researchers really need a broader base from which to make comparisons, and I also suspect that the greatest potential for fruitful analysis may actually be to study, in so far as is possible, those reported gray alien interfaces, sightings and abductions from the 19Th century era. I say this for two valid reasons -
1) The first is that many sightings and reports cannot fully be trusted from any more recent time (circa 1900 to present) due to the ever-convoluted development of 20Th century technology, and the machinations of those in power who have chosen for reasons of national security and corporate interests to keep these developments under wraps for as long as possible. Remember, ANY and all important 'technology' is utilized in the following manner: First - military/political application, Second - corporate/commercial application, and then finally - Third - application at the level of the private/personal sector (that is you, my friends). This third level is where you may then trot off to your big box store, plunk down your credit card, and bring a piece of this tech home to play with. And God Knows how long any new tech discovery has been in the shadows before you can purchase a piece of it to put in your shopping cart (a watered down version, I might add).
So wisely, we should not place any bets on the table that the hovering football-field sized mothership wafting above our tree tops is not a tech toy from R&D, or that the latest scoop mark on Betsy's leg is not the result of stigmata under the heightened effect of ELF waves, or that the huge alien sighting in BFE is not a staged military/sociological experiment in human behavior. We cannot put bets on the alien genesis of crop circles, no matter how astoundingly complex, when our present era includes satellites, computer directed laser/microwave technologies, and all the rest. The table is already cluttered by too many rogue dice!
2) The second - if we search much earlier than the 19Th century, we are apt to run into a whole host of religious inference, distortion, fear and bias wherein it would be almost impossible to separate out the belief overlay from any precise, actual account (although this is a generalization, not a hard rule). And the further back in time we go, it only gets worse, because if one can recover potential accounts pre-dating the infamous and restrictive eras of witch hunting, inquisition and so forth, then we begin to run into those earlier era's given over to anthropomorphic distortion, where every star and meteorite was personified, deified, vilified, and otherwise muddled near beyond recognition.

So I rather think that, when it comes to gray alien abduction, close encounters, interfaces etc, that the 19TH century era might contain some interesting nuggets of worth, as it is not so remote that it cannot be understood, nor too recent that it cannot be trusted. Investigators will still have to lug about the proverbial grain of salt, but hopefully it won't be of such a size as to break the back.

** Zombie Word Alert: For those unaware, zombies absolutely love to camp! Being the ultimate outdoorsman, zombies are naturally attracted to all things redolent of nature, which includes woods, parks, campsites, forests, rivers, and sometimes your own backyard. According to a recent article in Semi-National Geographic Glossy Pictures of Naked Tribeswomen magazine, most zombies - when given the choice - will naturally gravitate towards rural areas as opposed to metropolitan locations.
Furthermore, there is a marked tendency of your average Zombie to revert to naturalistic animal behavior - which also includes the ability to camouflage their presence amid trees and leafy shrubbery, and to surprise their prey (you) at a moment's notice. Like all children of nature, these gentle beasts possess a heightened sense of smell and hearing, and may be lured to your campsite by seeming innocuous things such as roasted marshmallows and/or human breathing. When taking pictures of zombies in their natural habitat, it is recommended to use a low-flash as they are easily startled and may become unpredictable when aroused.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gray Aliens, Reptilians, Ghosts - the Paranormal Library AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

I've been intending to add to the list of reference material beneficial to anyone whose lives have been touched by the Gray Aliens, Reptilians, Light Beings, Ghosts, or any other facet of the paranormal enigma.

Remember, the answer to any question may be unlocked through personal experience, critical thinking, and the keys left us by those who have opened the door that bars** our passage:

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts
Seth Speaks

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

The Secret (in any format) by Rhonda Byrne

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us by Jim Marrs

A Course in Miracles by Schucman and Thetford

Beyond Photography by Katie Hall

Inner Paths to Outer Space by Rick Strassman, M.D.

Opening to Channel by Roman and Packer

Anything by Edgar Cayce

Journeys Out of Body by Robert Monroe

Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman

The Lucid Dreamer by Malcolm Godwin

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Down the Rabbit Hole (dvd)

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 by D. Melchizedek

Anything by Timothy Good

Anything by Carlos Castenada
The Teachings of Don Juan

We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us
by Allison DuBois

The Threat by David Jacobs
(and anything else by David Jacobs)

The Dulce Wars by Branton

The Communion Letters by Whitley Strieber

Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee

The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel

Alien Abduction by Anne Rooney

Abducted: True Story of Alien Abduction by Andrews and Ritchie

Alien Dawn: An Investigation Into the Contact Experience by Colin Wilson (and anything else by Colin Wilson)

The Other Side of Life by Susan D. Kalior

Life After Life by Raymond Moody

The Afterlife Experiments by Gary E. Schwartz

Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

** Zombie Word Alert: Nobody, but nobody, enjoys a night of bar hopping more than your average zombie! When it comes to cutting loose (often with their bare hands), these fun-lovin' party animals can drink most of us under the table, then party on till the wee hours of early morn, lurching from one 'after hours' to another! It is no small coincidence that someone named the famous 'Zombie' drink after these wild & crazy guys! (although their favorite drink really is the Bloody Mary).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Soul Science - Future Predictions

Despite the fears and doubts that plague each and every one of us on a daily - if not moment by moment - basis, our immortal future likely exists as a fait accompli and all will turn out exactly as it should. Exactly as conceived, carried out and concluded, all according to 'plan', yet not in the way we think of something that is predesigned or 'fated' to be, but in a way that allows for a freedom of will and wiggle room within the original design. In other words, life is a foregone conclusion in all things.

As broad and sweeping as the above generalization appears, I'll tighten up my line of reasoning in a moment, but before I do - since this isn't really about a process in the linear fashion in which we tend to think - I've got to ramble all over the place making the points of association that have got me to thinking in this particular way, about a particular 'science of soul' that I have very good reason to suspect exists, whether or not we are aware of it. (I am very inclined to analyze, to shuffle through the disparate and to gather in those bits of common denominators, to try to latch onto any outstanding threads I can uncover that will help wind my way through this mysterious and marvelous tapestry we call Life - such is my proclivity. Maybe I just have too much free time on my hands lol)

Anyway, you understand that I have been thinking and conjecturing. And what I propose is that there is indeed, a very real and concrete 'science' (for lack of a better term) of the soul, of our immortal selves and the continuance and betterment thereof, that firmly exists because we are in the process of creating it, in the here and now. Like a mobius strip, like the spiralling of our DNA, what is being done has already been done and, as such, has always existed. We are talking patterns here, versus linear progression of events.

Stay with me on this, though it gets worse before it, hopefully, gets better. Now, take the personal experiences of famed out of body (OBE) researcher and explorer Robert Monroe*. If any credence is to be attributed his decades of painstaking methodology, then we must certainly allow a pause or two to fully consider what was implied by his meetings with his I-There, his many, many parts of One, his unification of these parts, and his completion of patterns of his soul's (I-There, future self, One, etc - take your pick of label) experience. For not only did Robert Monroe allegedly repeat and fulfill events as already (as we consider time to be) experienced by his future self, but then he, too, once having experienced a pattern of events, became the future self who in turn helped a 'younger' self to again complete a pattern. As if, in some mobius manner, from the oversoul on high down through to the youngest and smallest version of the Entire Entity, each and every facet of this Total Being Entire Entity (the One) had to run the obstacle course for itself, to complete an event pattern, before it could be bumped up into a union/melding/awareness which put this facet onto the next 'rung' of its own ladder. In other, more simpler terms - Robert Monroe's experiences were very akin to the New Age theory that 'it is not so much a matter of discovering what one does not know, but instead a matter of remembering what is already known'.

Time, according to this conception, does not exclusively run forward in the way we think it, but instead is a side effect of events experienced, remembered and re-experienced, until a complete pattern of individual soul awareness is established throughout all parts of the self-aware energy.

Admittedly, this concept takes some work to wrap the mind around, so conditioned are we to the 'forward arrow' of time. (Interestingly enough, as a tidbit here - Robert Monroe, when he was guessing the identity of his mysterious helper/The One - queried if this entity was an ET/alien, and his One responded 'No, that is a different pattern!')

So, the pattern I believe is before us, that we are collectively experiencing under the illusion of forward time, is that of setting our immortality or science of soul into place. It's simply a foregone conclusion, should man not 'self-destruct' and survive long enough to finish his tasks, then we are at every moment, in every way, engaged in the process of learning and securing what will turn out to be an immortal state. Each step that progresses our knowledge of medicine, technology, eco-awareness, ethics, morals, God, soul, self, psychology, ease of living, cosmic exploration, sub-atomic particles, gravity, light, frequencies - the whole d**n kit and kaboodle, are no more than fundamental steps as part the immortality pattern (which, of course, is where we must 'first' go).

Eventually, we will prolong life further and further, better understand disease, create cures for the same, expand upon our knowledge of light and energy, how the physical body functions et al. We will learn to cure distinguish the energetic body and discover how to work upon it, we will tweak, experiment and duplicate the entire process. Currently, one area of scientific interest is the transference of consciousness. And the things we can now do - things such as the mind successfully interfacing with computers, wheelchairs, and that ilk - are all STEPS along a way, steps that will inexorably lead us, eventually, to the culmination of immortality. There is no other direction to go. We are driven, by the very need to survive, to accomplish these things and thus we will.

Yet, once having achieved this milestone (and do not think it will be a static thing - we will continue to tweak and explore the very nature of immortality and consciousness itself, for this is how man is designed) - we have completed a crucial 'pattern'. More importantly, once time and entropy and consciousness has been surmounted, it is thus achieved throughout the entire now of man's experience. Remember, time is an illusion, a misinterpretation of consciousness negotiating 3-dimensional 'space'.

Regardless if it takes man another 1,500 years to accomplish his own immortality, once it has been accomplished, it is 'accomplished' for all time. That includes you and I sitting here in our perceived now. This is how you are able to meet the light, how you are able to connect with a higher self, discourse with the spirit, talk with your dead, reincarnate, divide your consciousness and so forth. Since the light is already here, and since man must eventually succeed in his quest for immortality, it has already been done. Linear time will not be the absolute we think it is, nor is it in the 'now'.

We are simply experiencing one of many, countless patterns of being.

Another way to think of it is this: As you sit now reading this, imagine your 10 year old self walking into the room to sit beside you. While, in our terms, you and he are the same individual separated by 'time', what really separates you are events. Therefore, you and the 10 year old, while sharing the same energetic 'root', are distinct and different 'branches' on the entire tree of One. You do not, as yet, share the same events.

What you do indeed share, is the same pattern of experience.

* Again, I simply cannot recommend Robert Monroe's books highly enough! Journeys Out of Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey are must reads.

So is the Seth material by Jane Roberts, though much of Seth's writings
require a strict focus of concentration to fully grasp his meaning. Definitely not for the average novice, but for those whose minds have already been conditioned to think outside the 'box'.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ouija - Part 2 AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

My latest experiment with the Ouija board underscored what I've long held to be true about the subconscious working outside of linear time, at least as we quantify time within our normal, everyday waking experience.

I've long reached a point in my experiments with the Ouija/spirit board where my subconscious seems to be more concerned with showing me the mechanics (via symbols) of how I interface with this tool, as opposed to any pretence and play acting ( sigh, how I miss the old days lol ).

So while the planchette was doing its usual thing, pointing to the woman's mind, the hands, (it also moves repeatedly up to the star on the right side) back down to the 'ghost' man, the image of the planchette and so forth, it spelled out the word HSUP. Okay, so that threw me for a minute, until I realized it had spelled out the word PUSH backwards. No idea what that meant nor why it had done so.

Next day, I am doing a little necessary shopping, and directly in front of me, as I enter the department store, there stands a display of the new movie PUSH. Hmm. How coincidental. I had no idea there was a new movie out by that name. Nor was I familiar with the movie's subject matter, which revolved around a woman's past, her deep-seated obstacles, and those who helped her to 'push' past her problems. Needless to say, I could relate to the situation on many levels. Furthermore, since the subconscious has the marvelous ability to convey a world of information in so tiny a symbol, I harkened back to a particularly unexpected and ground-breaking moment in my own past, when my tearful stepmother revealed that much of what she had done, those actions and comments which to me were felt as an endless series of harsh critique, stemmed from her desire to help PUSH me (her words) out of the shell I had fashioned around myself, after my own mother's untimely death.

Additionally, whenever the chips are down, I have discovered that the road to success, per my own life's experiences, has only opened before me when I have stubbornly, relentlessly pushed myself as hard as necessary to get where I want to be. I am one of those individuals who must push themselves, and with much force, unfortunately.

So, the entire word as revealed in the typical, mirror like fashion of the right brain subconscious, was highly appropriate to my situation as it now stands.

Well, to continue - after my soiree with the Ouija board, I noticed, at least for the first 24 hours before the effects of the subconscious experimentation began to wane, I ran into synchronicity left and right. For a good day's time, my waking beta left-brain ego was confronted with coincidence and meaningful encounters, symbols and so forth like wild. And I was more 'psychic' for a day or two. Without going into a blow by blow description of each 'assault' **, let us just say that I resolved to resume the stimulation of my right-brain subconscious forthwith - the results were that fruitful.

But (and this is a big one!) unless one is firmly grounded in what we term as objective reality, I cannot say that I recommend the use of the spirit board, or anything else that allows for too great an expression of the right brained mind. It is so easy to become deluded and caught up in the 'game', although it can be a fun and interesting ride, only so long as the operating ego understands the reality of what is occurring. Self meets self. Self expresses self. Self learns from self.

Ultimately though, one will tire of the 'game' and go on to greater things.
** Zombie Word Alert: Contrary to commonly held assumptions, we here at The Zombie Word Alert Defense Team do not recommend the use of assault weapons in the endless war against zombies. Assault weapons, by their very design, are often cumbersome, expensive, unattractive and simply do not mesh well with your average outfit. Unless, of course, you are into 'camo' - which is so last year. We do, however, recommend a suitably subtle and tasteful line of defense arsenal, which can be quickly modified to suit any social event. Stiletto sandals, for example, are both an excellent evening fashion accessory, and may also be utilized at a moment's notice to stab out the pus-engorged eyeballs of your average zombie. Designer handbags, particularly the hobo style, are another valuable weapon, as not only are they well made and guaranteed to last through multiple zombie attacks, but the spacious interiors allow for a hefty amount of change to accumulate in the bottom of the bag, adding a net weight of perhaps 40 or 50 pounds to the typical contents of a woman's purse.
Please, no matter if the world as we know it has vanished forever, and scores of lurching, lumbering, slavering, drooling, odoriferous zombies have invaded your workspace, remember to always think FASHION FIRST!

Are WE the Gray Aliens? AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert!


Following a recent conversation with an acquaintance whom I'll call Jeff, I felt impelled to consider the Gray Aliens from an entirely different angle than that of the one I've been pursuing. Yet, from this particular point of view, while the modus operandi remains the same, the motive - the true purpose behind the alien enigma, takes on a completely new spin**.

Jeff's close encounters, dreams, intuitions and strangely channeled information, all give him fair reason to conclude that mankind (or at the least, the alien experiencers) are actually, albeit unknowingly, themselves Grays in disguise.

This is Jeff's take on the situation:
When the aliens tell us that the abduction (as we humans call it) program is beneficial to both they and us, they are not lying. It is the truth, but not in the manner most ufologists suspect. There is indeed a breeding program in place, as well as multiple other programs, but all within a central purpose of ... not 'forced' evolution... 'controlled' is what comes to my mind. The Gray Aliens, and we who are part of this program, do what is to be done in order to carry out a type of physical life extension, which is currently, in this cosmic neck of the woods, so to speak, centrally focused upon the primate/homo sapiens lifeform, as it comes closest to approximating our needs, which is to find a physical 'home' through which our energies may be extended. This is difficult to put into precise terms... okay, we are all energy. Even a rock is energy. But energy can become self-aware. And once this happens, the self-aware energy seeks to advance its consciousness, and this is best carried out through an advanced series of physical creatures. I'm still not saying this quite right. The human animal is self-aware in its own right, understand. But, by our inhabitation, we help further its own performance and evolution - we speed it up, I think - and we also help ourselves along the way. The Gray Alien 'form' is not necessarily on its last legs, as many think, but it is on its last legs as far as ... well... there's no farther for it to 'grow' or evolve, at least with the genetics which govern it. And it's been tested and re-tested many times. So, again, this is very hard to put into correct words, but I think they try to help me in getting this right. That is why we are given to think, often with the wrong conclusions, that humans are 'chosen' or special, or told that they have agreed to this. Because the alien part of them has. It is the combination of alien and human that is unaware of this, or the conscious human mind.
There has to be a 'fit' or a blending of some sorts, a working relationship or harmony between the two. And that works better, for both the human animal and the Grays, because the primate/human mind is currently in the state of evolution that it is. With what you have called dichotomous. At one time it wasn't so divided. But with this 'division', the human is able to function in his own right, without the distraction (consciously) of this other program taking place. So the Grays can work, not so much in secrecy, in 'peace and quiet', I guess, at solving what is really a type of scientific problem (although their science is not as ours) without unnecessarily upsetting or depriving the human animal of its own basic right to life.
Don't get me wrong. The Gray Aliens are not the human subconscious, but they can operate within it. Am I making sense? And don't think that they are invading people, or anything like that. They are just one of multiple forms of intelligent life - and life, as it becomes more intelligent, loses much of what we call emotions and desire - not that it becomes like a robot or anything, I guess it just matures in some way, and as it evolves, it sees a bigger and bigger picture. And life really doesn't die, it only changes. So the Grays are changing, too. And they know, as much as they can, that what they do is successful, and will succeed, because their experience and view of time is longer than ours.
Now, I don't know if human beings, at least as we know humans to be, are going to be around for another 5 minutes or 5 million years. I can't grasp it all, maybe my mind can't process it, or I don't know if I'm even processing this correctly to begin with. But I do believe, if people would only try harder, it would make the whole program and evolution thing go a lot faster.

And, this is really a tough one to explain, but there are at least three 'points' of evolution going on, just within this one particular program with the human form. The original primate/human animal is the first point, the Gray Alien energetic form is the second, and the combined ego/personality of the 'enhanced' human is the third. Oh, this is so hard to explain right. All is one, but consciousness can and does divide itself. And many times more than this.
There are other forms working on this program as well. In one way, and one way only, we - the humans involved, are not really any different from the Nordics, Reptilians or any of the other many, many lifeforms that occupy this Galaxy. It's a big universe. And it's all okay. It really is. The best thing for anyone to do, is to do the best they can do, no matter what their circumstances are. If you think of it in terms of having a soul, or being a soul, then we are all souls. All of us. We're just dressed differently than others, that's all. But what we dress ourselves in, affects how we think and make decisions, and react to situations. There is a lot of misunderstanding in this area. Too many people get caught up in things. Humans love gossip and the thrill of danger, and the ego is very strong. None of these things are bad, mind you, but they can easily lead people to false conclusions. It's really all okay, and we worry too much.

Well, who can say with certainty what is and what isn't? But this did make me think back to a few days after I had my own personal close encounter, which I have written about and can assure you was as real as I can possibly believe. I'm being 100% honest here when I state that to the best of my objectivity, I woke up and caught a disturbingly thin, huge eyed, faintly green glowing Gray-type being moving up and across my body in the middle of the night. But, as I was preparing to say, just a few days later I had a dream, in which I saw what was moving across my body to be a double of myself. I've often wondered what that dream was trying to convey. Is it possible that what I took to be a Gray Alien life form was actually a facet of my own being? My true self coming 'home' to rest after a night out doing God Knows What, God Knows Where and with God Knows Whom?

The plot, like a good pudding, continues to thicken.
** Zombie Word Alert: While little is known about the actual physiology of your average zombie, it has been noted, however, that many zombies display a tendency towards motion sickness, and will go out of their way to avoid those situations suggestive of vertigo. Physicians suspect the problem may lay in the construct (or lack thereof) of the Undead ear canal, in so much as certainly vital parts are lacking due to rot, decay, fungal growths, dismemberment and poor personal hygiene. When dating a zombie, it is best to avoid carnival rides (especially the Bullet), video games with motion intense graphics like GTA, playing spin the bottle, and anything to do with 70's Disco. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Close Encounters


While it's very difficult to categorize those mysterious beings who pop up unexpectedly in our dreams, our hypnopompics and the rare moments of waking reality shifts, nearly everyone I've known, when given pause for consideration, admits to having encountered at least one of these entities, to one degree or another, in one fashion or another.

Here are a few interesting close encounters with unknown entities, make of them what you will:

1) Initial conscious viewpoint from deep in space, looking across and down through the distance at what looked like a gigantic space station - shaped like a jack, but only two lengths that crossed, balls or hubs on each of the four ends. In the center where the lines crossed there was a larger central hub, but that was not where we were headed. Found myself inside one of the smaller end hubs, was being briefed or reviewed by a quasi-military type entity. To my right was a moderately sized window/portal out of which I could see the stars in space. This uptake was a preliminary to the important meeting scheduled to follow. Exited the small hub, walked down a long corridor and arrived at another room, slightly larger in scale, where I was to meet with my overseer or commander, of sorts. I sat down at the desk where he awaited me. We had work/plans/a schedule to go over. He asked me many questions, of which I remembered none. There were no windows or portals in this room. His back was to the 'outside', and I faced him across the desk with my back to the door. Both men had a mildly serious, business-like demeanor. I was just there for a routine 'check-in', although I had the feeling I was given as much time and respect as any other ???, even if the meeting was only a routine one. I was expected to give a type of report (on my physical embodiment on planet Earth?). It was part of my duty.

2) On a different planet, though a water world such as Earth. The structure, a large multi-roomed bilevel one, lays at the shore in a natural declivity, in a dip surrounded on one side by medium sized rock and sandy cliffs. I can see the green waters faintly lapping at the swath of shore just outside the glass front of the building I am in. Haven't been here in a while. I'm waiting, along with a handful of other females, two are pregnant (expecting? verb?) the same as myself, the third had recently delivered. I comment that the last time we'd met, she was still pregnant. (did not know any of these women in 'real life', nor was I pregnant in reality - thank God lol). It had certainly been a while. We were all very casual, waiting our appointments/assignments. Finally a tall being, a Gray Alien, came for me. I was given the task of preparing drinks for a group of three (sigh, always three) female Grays. I became upset and apologetic over the excessive amount of 'time' it took me to physically complete this task, time was simply not as I was used to. But the Tall and female Grays took this in stride, to them it was normal, and I wasn't to worry about it. To me, it felt like they had all the time in the world at their disposal. I continued to 'serve' them.

3) I did not like this event, even though at some level I knew it was staged, constructed to convey a message and, at the same time, to manipulate me while gauging my reactions. There were multiple, valid reasons for the image/event I found myself in. I had refused to marry/join/unite with someone. I was being threatened into doing so. There were suddenly hundreds of strangely-eyed cats, all of which seemed feral and insane, and whoever it was that threatened me began destroying these creatures before my eyes. I was terrified he would harm my real beloved pet, so in fear I screamed out that 'yes, I would agree to the union, as long as my pet remained unharmed'.

4) In the company of a Light Being. He is explaining things to me, asking questions. Pointing out objects I believe myself to be viewing and asking me if I understand 'why' I am seeing the forms that I am. I am seeing us in the midst of a field covered in snow, there is a low fence that separates this field from the road. I reply yes, I do understand the meaning behind the imagery. For example, I see snow because the process we must undergo to enter and exit the flesh is 'cold', very cold. It is a basic, scientific transmutation of energy, and as such, creates the sensation/mental translation of cold, snow, ice.

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Contact the Gray Aliens


More than one close encounter experiencer (CEE) has reported being
told that the gray aliens are always with us, or we with them. With dimensions/frequencies/time/space being merely labels to describe the conditions of a 'whole', then the Grays may very well always be with us, as there would be nowhere else for them to go. What I like to call 'interfaces' would depend on conditions of awareness, either by one or both parties. I suspect, however, that the Grays are more easily aware of us than we of them. This is not to imply that the aliens find us so wonderfully fascinating that they are keep their attention constantly fixated upon us. Instead, I prefer to consider that the very nature of their biological senses lends them a greater awareness of our presence, should they deign to do so. Furthermore, I also believe that this is why, despite the numerous accounts of close encounter interfaces, the Grays are rarely, if ever, seen outside of their 'scientific' environment. Very little, if anything, is known about any social or otherwise structures of which they surely must play a part. This, coupled with accounts I've already mentioned in other posts regarding experiments with DMT subjects - where the entities encountered were primed and ready for the arrival of the test human, as if they were somehow privy in advance to be on the alert for the interloping subject - lends me to consider that, despite our obliviousness to what or whom awaits in the shadows, others, including the gray aliens, may not be so inherently uninformed.

The key then, to contacting the Grays at will (although just because we 'call' does not necessarily mean they will care to 'pick up' the phone), may rest upon our ability to heighten and hone our natural senses, and to learn how to best utilize our consciousness - by tweaking, trial and error - to open up the lines for communication. While we cannot possibly know with any certainty precisely the frequencies and biological attributes under which the aliens function, we can experiment of our own free will in order to gauge what efforts prove the most fruitful. If nothing else, this method would provide, at the very least, an illusion of control which too many CEEs seem to so desperately need.

With that in mind, the first order of business would be to attempt to establish what brain wave state (beta, alpha, theta, delta) is the most conducive to contact and to mimic/induce that state. For many reasons, too numerous to examine here in detail, I believe the alpha and theta states are the best bet. And there are available for purchase audio programs galore from which to make a selection (I've been very pleased with the tapes I've owned and used over the years, but that is my personal preference. One thing to be aware of, these programs are never to be used when driving or operating machinery).

Another method to induce alien contact, is to find a quiet, dark area where you are certain not to be disturbed, and place yourself in loose, comfortable clothing, and in a position where your body is fully at ease (but if one is too tired or too comfortable, you'll run the risk of falling asleep before any headway can be accomplished). Once you are comfortably sequestered, with no outside noise interference, etc., relax your mind, disregard any irrelevant roof brain chatter, and concentrate thusly: without too much attention to detail (which could lead to left brain interference), simply envision your consciousness, your you floating, drifting in a sea of energy. Pay close attention to any particular 'area' you may drift or be attracted to, and then go with it. Imagine, feel your mind open and receiving, but above all - imagine your mind, your consciousness within this electrical, energetic plasmic sea, as a beacon of thought - sending, emitting a signal for contact. And, when and if, you feel a responsive tug, pay the very closest attention to what this signal 'feels' like (you'll know what I mean when it happens). Once you have established a mental hook into this 'feel', gently hold on to it and begin to ask questions, all while being careful not to mentally let go of this hook. Additionally, form your questions, simply - precisely - accurately, with clear mental images of what you wish to communicate, avoiding words or any other verbal impediment. Do not think the word 'spaceship', but rather place an image of a spaceship in your mind. I'm sure you get the idea, and, with practice, you will certainly get the hang of this method.

The idea behind the above method hinges on the elimination of man's left-brain dependence on the verbal and written communication. It is the same as trying to convey the idea of a rowboat to someone who does not speak your language. You must first establish a communication with universal images, rather than locale terms. And as for the idea of a mental 'hook', again - man is so dependent upon name and face recognition, that in an area of open energies, where all is wave and not particle, we need to learn to recognize and discern identity by another means. You know, even if you have never yet considered that you do, the energetic signature of a loved one - the 'feel' of that loved one. Use this inherent ability to 'feel' out what lies beyond the perimeters of your five senses. You will be amazed at the results.

Finally, a third method for establishing a line of alien communication, is that of flashing a sequence of light aimed at the night sky. There are those individuals who claim great success with this method, although I cannot personally vouch for this as I've yet to give it a try. I would imagine it is to be done in a relatively remote location, or at least at a sufficient distance from the interference of other light sources. Whether or not this is a safe method, again - I have no idea. But were one to attempt this, I would be careful not to place myself in too remote a location, and to take another person or two along for company. Remember, common sense applies whether you are alien hunting or deep sea fishing. There is no point in exposing one's self to unnecessary danger.