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Monday, October 26, 2009

Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens


Would you want to go face to face with a Vampire (forget the goth drama, we're talking about the real, right thing here) hovering at your throat ...

Would you want to awaken in the middle of the night to a spindly, Gray Alien tugging you from the warm, security of your bed ...

Would you want to encounter the lurching, mindless Zombie in the backwoods of a forgotten and abandoned cemetery ...

Would you want to stumble across a genuine witch (of the nefarious variety, of course) complete with broom, familiar and magic spells ...

Would you want to experience a sudden, first-hand view of the transformation from man to wolf, with no weapon to protect you ...

Would you want to experience the hair-raising spectacle of a night spent alone in a rotting mansion populated with the ghosts of the dead...

Or would you choose to encounter something so eerie, so creepy and mind blowing, something no one EXCEPT you in the entire history of mankind has ever, ever previously experienced ... ?

What trips your trigger and why?

Alien Experiences and Belief Systems


Life's a funny thing and I just have to post this mini-rant: Glancing at the title of another post I am concurrently writing - gray aliens and cats, it occurs to me that only those readers who are familiar with my way of thinking, by having read numerous previous posts, will understand where I am coming from and how I conjecture. And here I should add my family and close friends, as well.

Superficially, it sounds as though I have jumped on the Grays Aliens Abduction bandwagon and believe all manner of far out things, a real nut job to the uninitiated.

Oddly, nothing could be further from the truth. I don't especially believe in anything, you know. Not really. Belief's a waste of time, in my book. I've had some very weird experiences, and have been privy to those of others, and I am merely curious to understand these things. I despise labels, and out-of-hand rhetoric. Additionally, I don't want one more quasi-religious or metaphysical dogma to hang my hat on. If anything, I've become more skeptical, more critical in my thinking as time goes on.

I believe, (and this is where it truly stops and starts), that there exists a large something that we little monkeys have yet to understand. And, insofar as I am limited by words/language to investigate/dissect and ultimately describe this something, it is easy to be misunderstood.

Throughout man's unfortunate history, people have suffered, sacrificed and DIED for beliefs - be they of the religious, political, scientific or social variety. What a God awful waste of life, of time, of learning. And I refuse to be part of it.

I don't care who you are or what you believe, you are logically in error purely because you do not, cannot know everything, because you don't have all the information and knowledge upon which to base your belief system. The same goes for moi.

I read a rather interesting little line, a remark attributed to an extraterrestrial that went something like this, "Believe only in what you, yourself, can take apart and put back together". Good advice, in my opinion.

So no, I don't believe in labels. Not really. Not in demi-gods and demons, aliens and entities per se. I do believe in a Source I cannot define, in a larger picture I can't yet see. Or fully understand.

To conclude this mini-rant of a post, if we must believe in something (and many of us MUST in order to justify the world we find ourselves in) ... let's try believing in each other a little more. The 'do no harm' type of thing. Let's believe in our capacity to think, to love, to lend succor and show compassion. We don't need an alien encounter to boost our sense of self-importance, to be told we 'are special and have been chosen'. We don't need an angelic manifestation to confirm our right to be loved. These things are magnificent mysteries, but let's not NEED them quite so much. Let's grow up, shall we?

I think we need to ditch the labels, and show more discernment per belief systems. Be grateful and show thanks where thanks is due, and assume personal responsibility for your thoughts and deeds. Whether your encounter is of the angelic or alien variety, don't fall prey to emotional neediness. Children may do so, but we adults know better. Nothing in this world is either BLACK OR WHITE.

Only shades of Gray ...

Gray Aliens and Cats: Screen Memories

How many of you suspect that encountering cats in your dreams are cover memories of Gray Alien interfaces? I know I'm not the first person to wonder such ...

Owls, bats, deer and cats seem to be the most commonly suspected screen memories. To this I emphatically add bugs such as bees, wasps, and the notorious praying mantis. Sounds crazy, right? Is it the relationship to the eyes, I wonder ... (long suffering sigh inserted here).

Granted, besides the eye thing, the only other common denomination that comes to my mind is the nocturnal angle - but that doesn't hold true for the deer. And when bugs are tossed into the gray alien brew, what are we to make of that?

Nocturnal, immensely eyed, fast, rapid all come to mind.

And our minds must select these screens for a reason. Remember, we can blame aliens all we want for supposedly enforced screen memories, but it is our BRAIN that selects what we see. We, the you and I of the matter, do NOT. If you don't believe me, do a little research on the eye-brain connection. The images we see are already decided upon before we get to actually 'see' them.

So. Nothing like being the slow man in the race. And, more importantly, the main gist of the matter is that we cannot completely trust the images we see to be factual representations of reality, awake OR asleep.

Then how can we ever hope to fully know what is what?

Beats the heck outta me.

The only idea I have, is per what I do (obviously) ... which is to look for common denominators and dissect experiences under the microscope of critical thinking. Too bad critical thinking is not a hallmark feature of the Close Encounter experience.

Ditto on the sigh. And back to cats in dreams: now, I do know from a few of my dreams as well as those of others, sometimes these cats will be duplicates of our own pet (e.g. In your dream you may realize that these images only look like your pet. You might come to this awareness on your own, by viewing your original cat elsewhere in the dream. There will be multiple versions present, and this illogical multiplicitude can be enough to stimulate your critical faculties).

One individual was led by multiple images of his cat to a spaceship waiting in a darkened cornfield. Another person experienced his cat staring intently in his eyes, looming closer and closer in a seeming attempt to merge with his dreaming consciousness. The later close encounter experience further revealed an additional attempt to 'trick' the observer into 'following' his pet. The nightmarish, confusing and illogical stage alerted the experiencer into a greater left-brain state of questioning the images he was given to see, which resulted in a 'morphing' (so to speak) of his pet into a type of fast moving, bug-eyed, pale and diminutive being who was trying to lead him out of his home.

I know in one particular dream of mine, I was desperately trying to find and rescue my beloved dog. This search and rescue took place in a surreal circus-styled environment. Finally, out of sheer frustration and (amazingly enough) left-brain disbelief, I asked persons unseen, "are you making me see these images of my dog?" - to which I was given an affirmative response (I think it important to add here that there was no apparent covert intention to deceive on the part of these unknown orchestrators. It was just 'the way things were').

So do make the effort, should you have the time and ability to recall the minutia of your dreams, to take especial note of any absurdities or potential screen images. Look beneath the surface. Close encounters and/or dreams are similar to an onion - many layered, closely condensed.

Always ask questions of the entities or puppet masters whenever possible.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Astral Travels 1

My sleep last night was sketchy at best. I seemed to drift in and out of dreams, hovering on the edge of lucidity. Body at rest, mind awake. Somewhere in the night one of my two cats joined me in bed, claimed the pillow ... and I briefly spoke aloud, not to the pet, but in conjunction with a conversation I was having in my dreams. Thereafter my consciousness slid into the hypnopompic state, an oily, glassen stage on which the subjective and objective selves held hands and swirled in unchained harmony, a waltz of the mind unlike any other.

So. We know the labels, we're familiar with the logistics, the mechanics and clinical appraisals of dreams, imaginal states, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, hypnogogic and hypnopompic. The hallucinations of mind, the firing of neuron transmitters, and those chemicals driving mental/physical activity. We are familiar with night terrors, the incubus and succubus, the 'old hag' syndrome. We understand the theory of archetypes and the collective/uncollective consciousness, ad nauseum.

Our doctors, psychologists, clinicians and research experts can near-duplicate the mysteries of an out of body experience (OBE), and would reduce the nature of consciousness to the mundane level of a cheeseburger given half a chance.

But I think thus: inasmuch as man can dissect the intricate workings of the brain, replicate the wave spectrum of a rainbow, or predictably measure the time it takes for a solar eruption to bombard the Earth's surface with simply gallons of pions ... does not reduce nor fully explain the majesty of the experience. We can explain these things, sometimes, and even go so far as to reasonably replicate, but what we cannot do is understand the why. HOW - we somewhat understand, but many 'whys' are yet a mystery.

With my mini-rant so expressed, I'd like to add that there remains far more we have yet to understand, to discover. And while our experts trip all over their PhD.s in an effort (and a valiant effort I must concur) to reduce every single thing to an irreducible, finite label ... we are rather missing the point in many cases, as well as falling prey to the allure of circular reasoning.

In essence, those who have experienced the profound and have danced in the halls of consciousness, know fully well that something beyond man's recognition beckons down the passageways of the mind. We've been there, we know. There is more, Horatio ...

So. While I really don't disparage the works of those who try to dissect and label the mysteries of the mind (and believe me, I am all for left-brain rational analysis - even though at this moment I sound just the opposite), neither do I think reductionism is the answer, either. There is a reason we do, think, feel and experience these byways of consciousness ... and the reason might not begin and end with matters of the material world.

We . Do. Not. Know. What. Lies. Beyond.

I am a very curious little monkey. I want to know. And I imagine I am not alone in this thirst for knowing. And my whole, entire point is that I think it fully as important to understand the message, rather than the just the envelope which houses it.

I am going to do my best, along with other gray alien and Sapient5 type postings (and whatever else happens to pop up on my mental doorstep), to keep a running diary of sorts for any dream, altered states of consciousness activity. I promise to keep any naughty dreams to myself (sorry, folks lol) (like I'm lucky enough to have any in the first place!).

For the interested, these posts will hence be labeled "Astral Travels" - because it summarizes the dream state as well as any other label ;)

It seemed that as soon as my head hit the pillow, the hypnogogics came on rather fast. On occasion I 'pray' (of a sort) prior to sleep, maybe I just think about God (whom I privately refer to as Source), or conduct my own little one-sided conversation with Him.

So, having gotten comfortable, no sooner had I began my prayer and thought Source, than I instantly had the bright, white light flash before my inner eye.

Still fully conscious, I wasn't as yet ready to slip into the hypnogogic state. I kept mentally pulling back and starting over. Every time I did, however, the white light was back. (I haven't had the vibrations for a while, which is unusual for me. They are nearly a constant feature of my pre-sleep state. Not sure what is different of late?)

Eventually there was no escaping the white light. I had the feeling it was 'up close and personal', and waiting for me. I'd give my eye teeth to know exactly what the White Light (in caps here) actually represents. Labels need not apply.

As an aside, most frequently the White Light appears in the left side of my mind's eye (forehead region). This particular time, it was head-on, directly bulls-eye center of the forehead.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Grays Aliens and Imagination for Contact

Can we connect with the gray aliens, with reptilians, with humanoids unknown and unguessed at? Can we instigate contact with the angels, with the astral, with the unimaginable denizens undoubtedly teeming in vast numbers throughout the twisting, spiralling, expanding hallway of time and space?

It's 4:13 a.m., and I sit here in a quiet house, a darkened room where the monitor is the only semblance of connection between my subjective self and an objective world at large. The world I experience, in these tenuous moments before the sun quivers in early morning surprise, before dogs begin to bark, alarm clocks to ring, and life bustles into existence cloaked within the guise of sentience on a mission to the mundane ... the world I experience in this slice of infinite here and now is poised and waiting, empty yet expectant ... and I fill this space with thoughts uniquely my own, in the hopes of touching minds I will never meet.

What would it be like to arise unbeknownst in a place hidden and unacknowledged, to stretch my soul across miles unmeasurable and gamble on a turn of the dice that a connection might be made?

Would we know a success, discern an answer, or understand the nature of such a connection? And do we need the scientists, the Ufologists, the researchers, the experts, the enlightened, the saviors ... do we really need anyone but ourselves to show us the way ... ?

As the above may indicate, my ego awareness at this quiet moment is more reflective than usual. There is more of the prose than the practical. The scales of Osiris weigh heavily of the right brain, and my left brain obediently types as imagination directs:

" And when the eye opened and saw there were no limits, that all resided within the one, and the one became All That Was and Ever Shall Be, without end "

So I wonder and consider ... is imagination the key after all? Can we lay quietly supine, the world barred from our door with body at rest, mind relaxed, and stretch forth a single thought ... a single question ... an SOS of the soul ... and make that connection to another place, another mind. Without researchers and rockets, without mathematics or magic.

More importantly by far, can we also lay quiet, silently expectant in the hush of the forest ... and hear the tree fall, over mountains and valleys beyond, and know the tree for what it is? Have we missed the signal, the sign, the connection? Were we too busy, too loud, too distracted with the here and now to hear the pin drop? Were we too impatient to hush but a moment, with ears open/mouths closed?

Are you or I brave enough to extend a hand through the darkness, with no reassurance nor guarantee as to what might clasp it in the shadows? Will we imagine aliens, angels and demons from our own expectations, or will a true unknown shake our hand on the other side?

Imagine. Stretch. Call out. Hush...


Gray Aliens UFO Disclosure

For UFO researchers and Close Encounter Experiencers (CEEs) the most exciting promise in the field of Alien investigation is that of full, absolute, unadulterated government (or TPTB) disclosure regarding the alleged alien presence on this planet.

They, as well as the rest of us, long for the official stamp of acknowledgement slash approval. More importantly, we fervently believe most governments, especially those of us here in the United States think so, know simply gallons more about the UFO and Alien phenomena than what snippets have been disclosed (albeit reluctantly)under the rigorous application of the Freedom of Information Act.

What do they know? What have they kept hidden from the public? And when (not if) will they reveal the entirety of this information.

1) A possible when may be that time when our world is actually one single, cohesive entity - labeled by some as a New World Order. Should there come a time when all military, resource, technology, social, religious, territory and other disputes are no longer a decisive factor in the manic struggle for defense, when there are no lurking wolves outside the door - only then might officialdom feel secure enough to come clean.

2) When donkeys fly.

Uruguay, China, Canada, Brazil, France, the U.N., Peru, Japan, and God knows those others I've omitted here, have all contributed - in some fashion - to the noise being made about UFO disclosure. I have often wondered if this clamor for disclosure has more to do with the sharing of Earthly technology than for unearthly secrets.

I realize this sounds rather cynical of me, but there you have it. For, no matter what papers, military documents, pilots logs and so forth have thus far been released to the public ... we've yet to lay eyes on anything deserving of a definitive Ah Ha!

For the last two long, weary years (2007 looked so promising) - ufologists and enthusiasts alike have perched on the edge of their uncomfortable seats, wide-eyed and breathless, awaiting a Christmas that never seems to materialize.

Same ol', same ol'.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Synchronistic Verification? Patterns and Numbers

How's THIS for synchronicity??? My last post, written approx. 1 day ago, revolved around the synchronicity of numbers, multiples of 1 such as 11:11, 2:22 and so forth. It was a rather long post and I essentially wrapped it up via mention (and recommendation) of Nassim Haramein's most excellent video which deals with creation, the Divine Number or Proportion 1.618 (or ratio) and the seemingly fractal nature of Universal growth and expansion.

I stated there appeared to perhaps exist a 'pattern' at work, one that is not generally recognized but nonetheless seems to be the organizing force behind existence.

So. This afternoon when I picked up my mail, included was a book - and inside the front cover a brief synopsis ... and can you guess what the thrust of this book was? Patterns and numbers. I kid you not. Not only had I recently won this book without being aware of what the subject matter actually consisted of in detail (the title was rather vague), but that it should come immediately on the heels of what I had just written was ... synchronistic.

How do you like them apples?

Was this a verification from someone or somewhere? Or just another one of those strange little quirks so easily dismissed? 11:11

I just glanced at the clock. 4:07 = 11. Of course it does. Sigh.

Okay, moving on. Last night I discussed the possible relevancy of multiplicity, and the subconscious part in same.

So let's go a little further this morning with a closer look at patterns. Now, it is a widely accepted notion that most of us, knowingly or not, tend to repeat patterns of behavior in our lives. The names, dates and places may change, but by and large the overall theme remains the same. This is easy to discern in your own life experience should you but take a quiet hour to reflect on your past history, and how certain situations and personalities affected you, and your reactions to same. We tend, over and over, to repeat.

We get locked into a certain pattern, one that is not easily broken.

Now, psychologists has long recognized this predilection. They endeavor to help people break out of destructive and so forth behavior patterns, primarily by alerting these persons to see for themselves and acknowledge the patterns they have fallen into. And no one can really point this out to an individual, as they often must recognize the pattern for themselves for there to be lasting change.

Most of us, however, are too distracted and otherwise busy with life to take such notice - at least without the help of a trained clinician.

But, the patterns of which I speak include the above, but are not limited to it. These are much larger structures which contain both the innocuous as well as the blatant. Like a fractal, these patterns spread out, growing and springing from one another, yet the basic equation remains the same.

The Universe, finite in colors of thread, nonetheless repeats these threads in endless, infinite tapestries. We exist in a tapestry (so to speak) (at 4 in the morning this is the best analogy I can come up with).

Is there a way, I wonder, to break OUT of the tapestry one finds oneself in? Which can be changed, the colors of thread (can they be added to or subtracted from?) OR can the pattern/the weave of the tapestry be altered?

"They" say a leopard cannot change its spots.

Still, I have to again wonder if that truism holds water. Is there a way, should one so desire, to actually test the Universe?

What would happen, on both the causal and acausal level, if I chose to suddenly take a different route to work each day (being careful not to fall into a merely different pattern of behavior). Or ate different food. Or laughed when normally I would have cried? Would synchronicity remain, or have to re-establish itself accordingly?

The problem I see is this (at 4:33 a.m. ... so I could be wrong ha!): IF the only known absolute 'random' is Pi 3.14, then would I in some way have to physically manifest Pi (by behavior? thought? My God ... how WOULD a person do this?) in order to shake out of this particular fractal pattern/existence/universe/dimension and enter another tapestry? Really, I'm quite curious here. Could it be done in the first place, and what, if anything, would result.

Better minds than my own have no doubt considered what I'm struggling to propose, and if anyone could or has succeeded, how would we (in THIS fractal here) ever know? And, equally compelling, has anyone ever accidentally contrived to break the fractal? Are there forces/vortexes (pick your label) where such a random break can occur? And has this been the accidental experience of some of our 'missing persons'?

I know, it's a devilishly convoluted idea to wrap one's mind around. But what, after all, is a probability when broken down to brass tacks?

If anyone reading this post has any exciting ideas, or just meat to throw on the table, please drop a comment. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Multiple Numbers 11:11 and Synchronicity

What does it mean to be frequently beset by the appearance of multiple numbers in one's daily life? 11:11, 2:22, 12:12, 111, 3:33 may be the sets most frequently seen/reported. From clocks & watches, register receipts to license plates, from the synchronistic acausal event to the mundane causal happenstance, multiples of numbers are being experienced (or at least remarked upon) by a surprisingly large segment of the populace.

Interestingly enough, sequential sets are gaining attention/frequency of notice as well: 12:34 perhaps the most notable example of sequential synchronicity.

Again, what does this mean?*** If indeed, there exist any meaning to be had. While each personality plagued by multiplicities will seek or deduce his own meaning, viewpoint/belief - we have to ask is there any universal conclusion to explain this bizarre coincidence.

As I've already mentioned in previous posts, what strikes me right off is the rather obvious duplication of a single digit. E.g. multiples of one, which, in paranormal consideration - could very well be interpreted as multiples of ONE, or the I Am. Multiples of self, the universe, and so on. A great awakening to the multiplicitude of one's being. Rather esoteric, but consciousness most certainly displays the ability to duplicate/divide itself. We experience this ability in dreams.

But, and here's where I ask the reader to please stay with me on this and try to follow the delicate web of consciousness itself, because it's not a linear explanation ... (go figure): Time, according to Einstein and many others (despite the supposed forward arrow of Universal time), is largely relevant to the individual consciousness (self). And, despite all debate and barring future revelations, as matters seem to indicate at this point in our understanding ... man's subconscious appears to have the ability to work outside of time - in ways that our waking, ego consciousness does not. You and I are linear, but other parts of our brain/mind connection is not. Thus, (and this is crucial to wrap your mind around this concept), what APPEARS to be ACAUSAL is actually NOT, because the deeper, occult workings of one's subconscious supplies the linkage - thus rendering these synchronicities CAUSAL EVENTS.

Are you following me? A part of what makes up the human mind works outside of time, and has the ability to put us in the right place (or wrong), right time, get our attention, place things in front of us, and otherwise manipulate our waking ego (this ego/self that we ASSUME to be the master of our Self Ship) for purposes not always readily clear. Sometimes this other self, part or subconscious seems to do so merely for the purpose of announcing its presence, and other times it seems to do so for matters of safety, self-preservation of the entire human organism (e.g. a bad feeling about taking the bus that may end up crashing) and other signposts brought to our ego/waking attention.

Synchronicity is an excellent signpost, and, to the ego, comes across more like a stick up side the head instead of a gentle nudge. According to Jane Robert's famous SETH ( to paraphrase) ... SELF has the ability to surprise self!

Additionally, having paid extreme close attention, I, too have experienced this stick up side my waking skull, and after about the zillionth time began to learn how to interpret the whys and wherefores of synchronicity. It takes a lot of time, and a willingness to get past the theatrics. While it may seem very confounding, and exciting, to see 222 all over the place, then read how this is a mystical number and how YOU are on the verge of yada yada ... there is a tendency to feed on the thrill, the mystery and then lose interest as the ego seeks other distractions. (I have to say this ... maybe it's the caffeine or the fact that my sleep is off kilter so I'm awake now and writing this post in the wee hours of morn, BUT ... sometimes I really sympathize with the subconscious! Trying to keep the waking ego on track must be similar to trying to keep a toddler's sticky fingers off the furniture. No wonder we get the stick up side the head now and then!).

So, when you realize that the subconscious CAN set the stage so where you are exactly in the right place, at the right time, to where you hear the word DOG on the radio then suddenly there appears a car directly in front of you with the word DOGS99 on the license plate, this is a causal event with the connection that of your subconscious mind to your waking ego experience. Instead of a linear mystery, think of it in terms of pieces laid out on a chess board. Some can move sideways, forward, diagonal (btw - diagonal time is fascinating!) as well as backwards.

Again, SO. Here we are left with the vital crux of the matter ... With the subconscious pulling the strings behind our waking consciousness experience, what is the MEANING? For what reason would the subconscious have to do so? And, secondly, WHAT ARE THE MECHANICS which allow the subconscious to pull this off? Why and How are the important questions.

1) Why? Okay, I imagine there are many diverse reasons for this. Some of which I've already mentioned above. To garner the ego's attention, to warn, to caution, to give the heads up, maybe just to say hello. Imagine the frustration the subconscious may experience as it is eternally (not really --- see after death) consigned the position of backseat driver. Therefore, I imagine the WHYS are multifold.

The easiest way to know, I would say, would simply be to relax, chill out, and ASK one's subconscious. Then pay attention for forthcoming answers. And - importantly - realize that one's subconscious tends to rely on metaphor and symbology. NOT ALWAYS, THOUGH. [Not to muddy the waters unnecessarily, but that is where things really get interesting. Whole 'nother topic. Sigh. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day ... here's where I take another slug of caffeine and light ONE more cigarette. No wonder my sleep's screwy]

2. How? Frankly, I don't have a clue.
Well, actually I do. I hate to speculate and go off on another tangent (God Forbid the paranormal be neat & tidy). But it may have to do with the theory that what man actually experiences as his neat, tidy (we wish!), linear existence is no more than a type of holographic mental construction. Or at least that's how our ego, the YOU AND I, experience life. You know, it's barely been one hundred YEARS since Freud discovered the existence OF the subconscious. I am sure there are greater and deeper facets yet to be found. Psychology and Psychiatry are really still 'infant' sciences.

Interestingly enough (VERY!!!), is that beyond the Holographic notion of reality, is a rather more complex and potentially viable theory that reality, God, nature, the multiverse, etc. works in a fractal, Mandelbrot fashion. The divine number 1.618 spiralling rotation of extended growth. Just think Spiral 1.618, to simplify your understanding. There's simply tons more to it than the above few lines, so look it up. Check out the video by Nassim Harameih. Incredible, the guy's a genius in his own right! It's 8 hours long, but don't let that stop you. Worth every second, plus he is quite personable and makes the science reasonably easy to follow. So do check it out.

Now, back to where I was ... it would rationally seem that some facet of our mind/brain connection - which we've labeled here the subconscious, has this ability to skip around time/reality. This ability, as experienced throughout mankind's history, must not be anything really extraordinary, but rather a commonplace mechanism that, in our busy waking world, we either don't understand or have lost touch with. I also, personally, assume this ability harkens eons past as part of the bicameral mind of our early ancestors, and aided in man's ability to survive. Along the lines of instinct/precognition - before we were able to predict future events based on past experience.

BUT, with the ego's continued unfoldment and development, strengthening as it were, this part of our biological heritage (or even a semi-separate self within self), keeps getting pushed further and further away into the closet or back burner of our brain/mind. Perhaps the multiplicities are a cry for attention? Think about it. Sort of a "Hey, I'm here, noodle head. Quit ignoring me! You have MORE than one 'self' on board the boat" ...

11:11 Multiples of ONE.
12:12 or 12:21 Mirrors of ONE.
12:34 Linear, waking EGO of ONE.
2:22 Two on board.
3:33 One divided, or again - Multiplicities of ONE

You know, when you are just sitting somewhere, relaxed, reading a book or watching a television program, and you find your attention nudged and you JUST HAPPEN to glance at the clock on the cable box only to see 11:11, YOU know that YOU did not purposefully look over there JUST in 'time' to see that.

You are correct, YOU, the ego, did not. But ONE did.
And sometimes there is no huge mystery to be found, to deeper, hidden meaning. Sometimes it is just a 'hello. 'watcha doing' kind of thing.

But when you plant flowers, two years in a row, using dozens and dozens of seeds (two separate plantings) and BOTH seasons EXACTLY 11 plants survive...

When you drive down your street to find EXACTLY 11 dollars (a ten and a one) blowing down the road ...

When you finally open your sealed birth certificate to discover you are the ELEVENTH child out of seventeen ...

Seemingly ACAUSAL, but is it really????
*** Jung developed quite a platform for thought regarding synchronistic events. I don't' think he was dead on right - (or fell short of his theory's potential) - still, worth reading about IMHO.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to REALLY Communicate with The Gray Aliens

Alien Communications - An Alternative Look

This evening I spent a few hours surfing around the Internet, reading the various threads on paranormal subjects, aliens, ghosts and the like. Over and over I encountered posts by the confused, the frightened, the alien abductees who struggled to make sense out of what was, to their literal minds, interfaces with the unknown visitors - often in the guise of the Gray Alien species or similar ETs.

Typically, common consensus resolved the issue whereby either 1) the close encounter experiencer [CEE] had mistaken dreams and/or sleep paralysis/hypnogic hallucinations for an actual objective event OR 2) the CEE had been physically whisked away and subjected to confounding, often traumatic medical examinations by an enigmatic, unfeeling and uncommunicative Gray Alien with his entourage of diminutive assistants.

While the following is only my humble, honest opinion based on personal experience, study, rational deduction, further study! and private introspection, I nonetheless present my opinion and suggest it be fully considered without bias: Interfaces with what are labeled The Gray Aliens are NOT literal, left brain experiences. These experiences should not, must not be confused with the mechanics of everyday waking (beta) consciousness.

Furthermore - (please pay close attention as this is important to grasp): While these interfaces may also appear to exist only as subjective experiences as fashioned by the workings of the subconscious and thus of no objective value, that is a mistaken conclusion insofar as it goes ... because the objective reality of those we term The Grays interacts with mankind on a subjective level.

While the Gray Alien phenomena is pervasive, widespread and (I believe) the manifestation of an objective species, communication between man and Grays takes place on a subjective playing field (the alpha state of consciousness). Which explains the dichotomy, the confusion surrounding the validity of the Close Encounter Experience.

It is NOT either a subjective, nor an objective experience. It is both.

Additionally, this interface should not be swept under the rug and stored away with quasi-psychological/metaphysical nonsense labels such as the collective consciousness, subjectively real, archetypes, et al.

For reasons not yet understood, I suggest that what the alien abductee may actually be experiencing (subject to memory recall, of course) is communication via metaphor, imagery, charades, stage play ... and so forth. THOSE are the means by which the human subconscious conveys information and stores memory. By association. The subconscious is (verbally) mute, and must relay information via a series of images. The subconscious will often use images of nouns to convey verbs/action/meaning ... and it is worth nothing there are more than 150 nouns that may also serve as verbs.

And the process of communication becomes ever more tangled when, during an interface/charade, the CEE finds his awareness/consciousness smack dab in the center of this (seemingly) 3-D 'play', yet does not realize the play for what it is. Furthermore, man's subconscious ability for stigmata [if you don't know, look it up ... it's getting late and I'm tired ha!] again complicates the issue by occasionally physically manifesting the marks of an abduction on his erstwhile flesh, usually in direct proportion to the impression the alien interface has made upon him emotionally (Religious stigmata would be a good example of this. Nothing spooky or weird about it, just something Man can do that should be given far more credence and study than is currently allotted. The Placebo Effect is a stellar example of this).

Therefore, what I gently suggest, is for those individuals either desiring or currently experiencing what they sincerely believe to be contact/alien abduction by the Grays, to learn how the hypnogogic and hypnopompic state works, to strive for awareness during this state, to hold onto and maintain this tenuous thread of consciousness ... AND, having done so, to attempt initial or reciprocal communication via images/metaphor/charades. Log any and all results.

All this, of necessity, is only valid under the supposition that the Gray Aliens are objective (in some fashion) to man's creaturehood. Naturally, this may not be the case. But understanding will not be accomplished, one way or the other, as long as we continue to run around the flagpole chasing our own tails. There needs to be a starting point, somewhere ... a road with an end in sight.

On a related note, I'd like to also add that while UFOs are an amazing field of study, I don't see that UFOs necessarily have much of anything to do with The Gray Aliens. Not with today's (or 1960's for that matter) preponderance of government, military experimental aerial vehicles. It would be akin to attempting to find a needle in a haystack to separate the two, and possibly a large waste of time and effort.

Whether or not an extraterrestrial flying object has crashed/landed/visited Earth, is nearly beyond the point as matters now stand. There is simply too much background military 'noise' to be able to distinguish the genuine article from the other. Thus, I prefer to focus my attention on the loci of the alien phenomenon itself, basically for the above reason.

Better, I think, to work first from one premise to the logical end, at least as far as one may travel. Then, should that road lead to nowhere, start at the beginning again but with an entirely NEW** supposition. It's the only way to get anywhere. Which is why this blog, to the present, has primarily focused on the PREMISE that there is an objective reality to the gray alien phenomenon. This isn't to say that this particular road will lead anywhere.

But, should the road lead to a valid 'somewhere', then let's by all means explore it for all it's worth.

With that said, I go back to suggesting that all dream/hypnotic/trance/recalled close encounters be re-evaluated with the greatest attention given to detail, to images, to verbs in the guise of nouns, to the fascinating possibility of an actual dialogue/information/communication couched inside a stage play.

As disconcerting (to put it mildly) one may find the memory of being strapped to a gurney while gray aliens extract a hybrid fetus, one should (at least for this experiment) disregard any associated emotional trauma (after all, the play sure felt and appeared mighty real), and concentrate on finding possible translations for the images as experienced.

A quick example before I call it a night ...
If I needed to pictorially convey the idea that I was examining a stranger (looking them over, trying to understand them, getting to know them and familiarize myself with them), I would convey the image of myself PHYSICALLY examining them via the commonplace image of a doctor's office/surgery (examine). This image would (hopefully) convey the idea at hand. Sadly, I think we misconstrue and distort the original message when these images are taken in a literal, left-brained, beta waking conscious sense. See what I mean? It's worth a shot, anyway.

**I have fair reason to suspect there may exist, in ways humanly impossible to fully comprehend, a 'hierachy' of vastly intelligent, sentient, complex beings whose presence we are scarcely aware of. This statement does not imply any belief in a 'great galatic brotherhood' by any means. God knows, if there actually was such a thing, mankind would either try to worship it, conquer it, buy it or serve it inside a hamburger bun. Anyway, as a vast aside and a rather large extension to the Gray Alien enigma, I'm sincerely more fascinated by the aforementioned hierachy, or however one might describe it, which I've temporarily dubbed the Sentient5 for lack of anything better. We'll see where that road goes ...