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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Illuminati


Given the dismal state of world affairs past and present, it's not difficult to attribute the ages-long mess we find ourselves in - to persons/powers outside our day to day ken. Numerous researchers, such as the inexhaustible David Icke, support the idea of a manipulating, covert cartel comprised of political, financial and industrial giantry dubbed The Illuminati. The Enlightened Ones.

The end-game of the Illuminati is thought to be that of absolute one-world control or the One World Order (and when that begins to pall ... then what?)

Powerful families and institutions allegedly linked to the Illuminati include both the Rockefellers and Rothschild's, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England, the Freemasons, various major universities, media conglomerations - and so on. There is a wealth of information available online for anyone who wishes to learn about the Illuminati, and as a detailed, in depth overview is beyond the scope of this post, I suggest those interested take an e-look around.

Anyway, the modis operandi of the Illuminati goes something like this: have a desired goal in mind, create or foster a problem with two sides (dichotomy), support/machinate both polar opposites equally, then present a solution/resolution to the created problem and reap the benefits as befitting the original desired goal.

From the atrocities of Hitler to manipulated religious fanatics to the indiscriminate slaughter of life-giving nature, to the final submission of our very minds and bodies to all who would dictate what is right and good and acceptable ... the list is woefully long, but all this and more, in one fashion or another, accurately or inaccurately, has been attributed to the covert actives of this alleged organization.

As fervently distasteful as this may appear, the simplistic genius of such an operative as that attributed to the Illuminati cannot be denied. In fact, if such an operative as brilliantly patient and well thought out should in fact exist (I make no claim one way or another, I really don't know) - then therefore it is equally likely there exists levels and layers far beyond what any conspiracy theorist may begin to imagine.

While one might rightfully ask "who in their right mind would lend their support to such an allegedly self-serving cartel?" Why, you do, of course! Unthinking, unknowing and always....... ALWAYS so easily manipulated as you eagerly jump in line to grab a big bite of the latest flavor of the week.

Now, here's where I throw tact straight to the four winds to shriek loud and long - "GROW UP"! If you so choose, you can spend the next hour or decade probing the secret goings on of the Illuminati and whatever else trips your collective trigger, but until you learn to take FULL responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions you (as well as I) will deserve no better.

Yes, that's right. You deserve to be manipulated (as of course, you will). And the most common human emotion to manipulate is that of fear. You need go no further than check today's news for the latest concern/threat/danger...

Too much salt, fat, caffeine, toxins, water, plastics, age, disease, pain, unemployment, money spent, money saved, save the planet kill the stray, fear this, avoid that, shame here, guilt there.

For God in Heaven, the year is 2009 and how many eons must past before mankind both as a group and as an individual learns from his mistakes, harnesses his animal instincts, and stands fully and compassionately in the light of his very own creaturehood. I mean, what does it take?!

When will we finally see that the answer does not lay with the left side, nor the right, that no answer is possible, no solution possible in a dichotomous society? I don't really give a rats' if the democrats OR the republicans are in power, that's not the answer though heaven knows we think it is. I don't really care what the best exercise machine is nor how to retain my sexual prowess into my 60's. And I certainly don't care if neighbors line up in admiration of my new toy in the driveway.

It's all minutia in the great scheme of things. As long as we spin, fret and create energetic friction, as long as the two sides are out of harmonious balance, as long as the yen and yang must ever wrestle ... there will be never be an end in sight.

As long as we behave as a herd and think like a herd, we will be corraled as such -by the Illuminati or whoever else steps in to fill the shepherd's shoes. When we are done with pointing fingers at our devils and laying prostrate before our gods, when we are finally done with passing the buck and shifting the blame onto whomever or whatever is smart enough to shear the sheep, then and only then will we become a species competent enough to stand on its own two feet.

When we are finally fed up with being told what we should look like, how we should live, which side of the coin to align one's self with, who is our enemy and who is our friend, when we are FINALLY ready to cease being the lazy and easily led creatures that our groupthink suggests us to be, then we may at last reap the benefits of a mature and evolved species. Sugar coat it or not, that's the truth of the matter.

So, whether or not the Illuminati exists as portrayed, whether or not you are commercially induced to inject plastic into your flesh for physical enhancement, and whether or not the financial institutions of the world have banded together to squeeze blood from our collective turnip ...

Our end goal as a species will always be that of higher evolvement. We can take the high road or the low road, but we are going to get there. It's simply up to each of us how painful or pleasurable the path should be. So let's quit pointing the finger at anyone or anything beyond our own backyard, and begin the tidying up process that begins inside.

Let's learn to think and act responsibly, instead of always seeking an eternal source of gratification and approval.

How to Capture a Gray Alien and What to Do With Him When You Get Him!

(a respite from the serious stuff)!
I've just had a rather interesting conversation this evening with someone who considers himself possibly an alien abductee. We covered a lot of heavy ground, the subject matter was intense and new ideas popped up like mushrooms in the spring, ... AND I'll be posting some of these new ideas asap. But for now I'm a little tired, a little goofy and need to roll around in playful pastures and otherwise get a decent 'grounding' with reality before I call it a day (or night or whatever the heck time it says in Greenwich Village).
So if you'd like to take a break from interdimensional DNA seeking parasites, reptilian humanoids and Grays with an attitude, read on. If not, feel free to browse any of my previous postings for the serious stuff.
Let the games begin :)
Have you ever considered a relationship with a gray alien? I mean a real relationship, not one of those fly-by night abductions - but something meaningful, something you can face in the light of day? While there's no doubt that a chance encounter on a lonely road can be fraught with excitement, is this the kind of alien you'd like to take home to your mother?
Wouldn't it be better to seek a LTRR (long - term - reptilian -relationship) rather than just one more stab in the dark (I crack me up). So if you've had your astral fill of the single abduction scene, maybe it's time to consider:
Finding your soul mate! Remember, there will come the day when your genetic material will be dried up and worthless, and who/what will want you then? Who among us would care to find themselves safely alone in the night without visible scoop marks once they've passed the age of 50? I know I'd sure hate that!
So how do you determine exactly which non-terrestrial being would be your best choice? Sure, right now you may be attracted to the Zeta Reticulians, but sooner or later a fast talking Pleiadian is going to float into your life and attempt to sweep you off your sleep-paralyzed feet. And the Light Beings ... well, I think we all know how they operate. One minute they're here, the next they're gone with never a phone call or follow up email. (Personally, I think the Light Beings are some kind of intergalactic play-ahs but that's just my bitterness speaking)
And the energy-sucking parasite types - don't even get me started with these folks! You pick one of these for a LTR and, trust me, you'll be sorry. According to reports, love is but an emotional train wreck with these maladept mosquitoes, and YOU get to be the twisted and mangled-beyond-human-endurance-to-bear caboose! Truthfully, I only recommend the parasitic praying-mantis beings for those that are 'enablers' with an unfortunate tendency to seek out abusive relationships with those not of this Earth. I'm just sayin'.
Anyway, someone else you might consider are the Reptilians - I mean, are these guys buff or what?! Listen gals, if you're into muscles, scales and various indeterminate appendages, a Reptilian Humanoid may be just the man(?) for you. If you don't mind bearing huge litters of slimy, greasy little egg-thingies twice a year, that is. And an added bonus for egg-layers versus live birthing is that with the reptiles you can just bury your unborn on a beach somewhere and then bounce your merry way! By the time the little monsters get around to hatching, momma's long gone.
But seriously folks, there's a lot more involved than mere interspecies attraction. The mature human needs to take the long view, and seek beyond sheer emotional trauma/physical scarring for something that will last, likely far longer than you'd care for it to.
That's why, hands-down, I'd pick the Grays anytime. They can park their mothership on my closely-cropped lawn day or night. The gray aliens are so sweet, so childlike and helpless. Until they remove the saber-pointed laser light from outta their back pocket, that is. Then watch out, boys and girls. Talk about still waters running deep (inside your skull). And these types aren't the kind to bore you to death with endless chit chat, football stats, NASCAR racing, and trips to the mall.
Nope ... chuckle-chuckle. The Grays will likely bore you to death literally with their tiny pointy lasers once they eventually get around to strapping you down on an ice-cold examination table somewhere on the other side of the known universe, where they will then procede to conduct all kinds of hideously painful, humiliating and lengthy medical experiments, and not give you so much as a bandaid to cover the resultant dripping, disfiguring deep-tissue lesions which is just their way of showing you how much they care. Which is not at all.
I hope this article proves helpful. And please ...
Once you get the hook-up, feel free to bring your date by for dinner. I'd love to meet him/her/frog-glop! Call ahead so I can be sure to wrap my home under numerous layers of aluminum foil and/or move.
Dear Great Gray Alien Abduction Authority,
If I wear a T-Shirt to bed that says "I'm With STUPID", will the Grays still abduct me?
Dear Noobie,
Unfortunately, yes. However, any self-respecting alien will first insist on switching clothes with you. Pick something in paisley.
The Great Gray Alien Abduction Authority

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Reptilian Humanoid

REPTILIANS - The Ancient Aliens

Human mytho abounds with legends of serpent kings, ancient bloodlines and reptilian humanoids who walk on two legs. As I've previously mentioned, it is reasonable to assume that as planet Earth had her saurian hey-day, so must others of those earth-like planets our galaxy is thought to contain.

Life as we know it may follow a template of sorts; possibly elsewhere there exists not one but any number of multiple eco-spheres where mammals did not enjoy the luck of the draw as experienced on Earth. Planets where reptilians continued to dominate, evolve and flourish -albeit in a different manner than that on Earth.

Coincidentally or not, from Genesis or farther back into the misty annals of time, mankind has suffered a love-hate relationship with reptiles. Always has there been a fearful reverence for the snake, the lizard and we dream of powerful beings who strut on two legs, carry themselves with the arrogance of petty gods, and enjoy a powerful strength which puny man can never hope to attain.

Oddly enough, there have been multiple instances of close encounter experiencers (CEEs) who under natural or hypnotically induced recall, have found themselves inhabiting a reptilian or humanoid form, and, perhaps more importantly, undergo an alteration of their personality ego. While this could be no more or less than confabulation, telepathic suggestion on the part of the hypnotist, racial memory recall and other such mundane causes, it is noteworthy to consider how closely these 'psychic transformations' resemble one another.

The alien abductee or CEE finds himself possessed of the feel and imagery of a largely powerful creature, he may express disdain toward his physically human counterpart, he may impart information about a species interbreeding with our own (much to his disgust, it should be added) and otherwise behaves with all the aspects of a lordly creature forced to endure the rather trying experience of being set in amongst a band of illiterate peasants, who are barely worth his time and trouble. This reptilian counterpart seems to be operating under the instructions or agenda of his superiors, and has in some fashion agreed to 'interbreed' or inhabit his earthly shell. There is also the sense of repressed power and strength, and one such subject remarked how beautifully constructed he felt his alien feet to be!

Persons have privately reported to me dreams and hypnogogics wherein they, too, found themself inhabiting a reptilian form with an associated alteration of personality traits. One such individual remarked he was able to maintain multiple view points, able to experience himself as both the humanoid and the human.

In other dream-like sequences, others as well as myself have encountered that which I can only describe as incredibly ancient fossil or saurian type creatures whom were immediately telepathic in the sense that they had instantaneous awareness of the emotional nature and intention of what the dreamer was thinking, and these reptilian fossil humanoids were able to react with lightning speed, and seemed quite predatory in their actions. What is important to consider for a moment, is that if these images were little more than subconscious fears manifesting as iconic dinosaurs, as movies akin to Jurassic Park would seem to suggest, then why would these symbols be seen as living fossils or skeletons? Why not a fully fleshed slavering T-Rex and be done with it?

The metaphor of a fossilized reptilian humanoid at once points towards something incredibly old, something thought to be extinct, something resurrected. Remember always, the right brain uses imagery and plays a game of charades in order to convey information. We have to learn to speak the language of our dreams in order to understand them. With that said, what is the mind saying to us?

I have seen the reptilian humanoid as part of me, or perhaps a better way of expressing this would be to say 'joined or partnered' with me. Are some or all us from elsewhere distant, playing the parts of homosapiens unbeknownst to our waking ego? And if so, what is the plan? And who issues these orders?

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Grays and Reptilians - Plan B


I won't beat about the bush with this one. Love and light are dandy as candy, but if what I'm about to propose regarding the Grays is even remotely correct ... well, I don't really know. Time will undoubtedly tell.
I hope you've read the post previous to this one, so you'll know where I'm coming from. If not, please follow my line of reasoning and reserve judgement. As outlandish as the following might seem, it's not unreasonable.
To preface what I'm about to propose, first consider: that to all appearance - legend, myth, religion and anecdotal evidence - the humans of planet Earth have been interacted with, interfered with and otherwise manipulated by beings unknown. Religious and astronomical symbolism, as well as psychic archetypes, misinterpretations, lies, deceit, mental illness, hallucinations, weather balloons, swamp gas and mistaken identity may account for a respectable percentage of this phenomena.
But not all, by any means. There is simply too much, for too long, to be so casually dismissed. If nothing else, the law of statistics underscores the likelihood that some of the reports of alien interference must be accurate. There exists a law of balance, of harmony in nature and all else, a yen and yang if you will. You see this in lottery draws - eventually, given enough time - slow, or 'due' numbers will begin to play catch up until a type of equilibrium is achieved (just when you think the number 5 is never going to pop up, suddenly it will and continues to do so until you're bloody sick of seeing the stupid thing!).
Additionally, too much energy is wasted harping on the credentials, or lack thereof, of our close encounter experiencers (CEEs). It's irrelevant, in the end. Take a plane crash, for example ... it will be witnessed correctly, incorrectly, by the healthy as well as the mentally ill, all those factors will naturally come into play, but there was a plane crash. The actuality of the plane crash was not dependent in any way upon the veracity of its observers or victims. However, there wasn't any cause for doubt to begin with, because physical evidence/debris remained to lend credence to the testimony of witnesses. The alien abduction 'plane crash' also leaves debris, but of a less material nature.
Anyway, you get the idea.
So then. We've got something amiss here in Reptilian land. There are gray aliens creeping about under cover of dark, harvesting God knows what in the fields of our mind, for centuries they've been tinkering around with human reproduction, DNA and genetic material. The grays are also fascinated with human emotion, and are seen in the company of the dead. They have some means of rendering themselves semi-physical, or they are not quite as materially dense as we to begin with (my bet) and can either render our own bodies as nebulous as their own, or they are dealing and stealing our astral bodies instead.
The aliens appear intent on creating a species of hybrid creatures, they (the grays) exhibit numerous physical characteristics suggestive of a nocturnal or sol-deprived being, luminosity, enlarged pupils, pallor. They float rather than walk, time as well as gravity does not seem to effect them the same as we (souls out of body also report floating versus walking). They do not appear subject to biological decay as we. They may also move, think and communicate at a rate nearly impossible for humans to observe, let alone tolerate with any degree of comfort.
Anyway, to make matters short, I propose the gray aliens (and reptilians perhaps) are not as physical a creature as ourselves, but they are a very real and objective species whose natural environment lays just adjacent to our own in a faster, materially lighter, range of frequency.
Just as we are unaware of the billions of pions and muons that permeate our bodies and our atmosphere every second of every minute, so are we typically unaware of what frequencies lay just outside our range of observance. The human eye, for one example, sees but an inch or so on the yard stick of (thus far) measurable frequencies - from infrared to ultraviolet and so forth. All our senses have their limitation, their perimeters. Nature keeps its levels and layers and infrastructures separate but also interpenetrating one another, usually beyond the awareness of any one level for another. We can measure the pion and muon, we know they exist, but we aren't truly aware of their presence in the sensory fashion.
You get my drift. And as the angels, so the story goes, envied man his embodiment, his physical vehicle, so do I propose the possibility (and this is simply one line of conjecture and not to be taken as a declaration of faith nor an absolute) ... I entertain the idea that what the gray alien agenda may actually be is an attempt on the part of a little known but nearby species - native to a faster and lighter density/environment - who has sought and is currently seeking to increase its mass, density and eventual embodiment into slower, denser three-dimensional form!
And furthermore, I suspect this is being accomplished through a method of collective hybridization. It is by and large our lighter, more energetic forms that are being stolen in the night with increasing focus being placed on our three dimension physical forms as any alien success may warrant. It is well known that man, as all else, is a multi-dimensional being. You simply cannot separate the dimensions, frequencies, et al into tidy little compartments like forks in a drawer. Actually, there is only one dimension or reality from which life springs - what distinguishes one from another is merely the rate of heat exchange. Scientists like to use labels such as dimensions for easy comprehension, but all must be contained within one, ultimately. All dimensions are each perpendicular to the next. How large, small, fast, slow, curled, not curled, bent or an ever unfolding/enfolding tesseract, etc is beyond the scope of this discussion, but the idea remains the same.
So hopefully you understand this particular proposal, this tentative theory of mine in regards to the gray alien and reptilian enigma. I hope to go further with this idea and see where it leads. And what it means, if correct, or any ramifications thereof. Life is anything but dull. Thank God.
I couldn't imagine an eternity of boredom, could you?

The Gray Alien Mindscape

REPTILIANS AND GRAYS may be considered to lurk beyond our vision, if not our beds and blankets. If these aliens do indeed seek out our energy, or strive for physicality and form, what can be done about it? Does anything need to be done about it? Rather, if we could do something about it, wouldn't that upset a natural harmony of creation - should we risk interfering with what may be a universal order of life manifestations? Would this be akin to the worms taking concerted, direct action against the birds, when all are necessary components in the Divine chain of life?
Beats me.
But, we primates are curious creatures and surely that, too, is part of God's plan. Let's just be cautious with our poking and prodding. At the very least, I can't help questioning (working within the first premise that the reptilians and gray aliens are inhabitants of a nearby astral plane) how we can best test this theory, and if found correct, what to do about it. As I've also stated, if man is being farmed for his energy loosh - then the most sensible thing is make sure you are the crop you want to be. In simpler terms, if a man does not wish to experience pain and fear, then don't be a producer of it. Be joyful and loving so that may be the harvest you provide, and are pruned or culled to produce.
I have to wonder the 'mirror' effect of consciousness plays into all of this? Allegedly, when an alien abductee ceases to react in fearful ways, the experience changes. Once, I was given to understand that if I feared my guides (subconscious, aliens, angels, etc) then I would be given reason to fear them! That's certainly a large bite to mentally chew. Try not to think of pink elephants!
However, you've got to admit the simplistic beauty of such a plan. As we evolve throughout ever more refined energetic fields of existence, we continue to meet ourselves and be mirrored back to self -- furthering greater and greater self awareness, honesty and objectivity -- and, as the density of matter also lessens, our thoughts and feelings would more rapidly produce results. Right now, most of us experience what is called synchronicity, and marvel at the bizarre nature of such coincidences, when all synchronicity truly is - is our own thoughts and focus mirrored back at us, sometimes with lightning speed and other times gradually. It's almost like a 'glitch' in the holographic energy field, but one that serves to alert us to the underlying nature of reality.
Imagine, if you will, if you suddenly existed exactly as you are now, but in a much more refined energy field where every thought and action and emotion were instantaneously manifested before you. We'd be immobilized with terror from our own wayward, uncontrollable thought patterns. So, if nothing else, we are given 'time and density' in order to develop greater self-control. And if something else, some alien or Gray or reptilian like entity happens to do a little noshing now and then, what of it?
Nothing, unless you're being primed and pumped to produce that which is unpleasant for you - so watch those thoughts and actions. Or test the system out and see if you can 'change' your experience. Repeatedly send loving thoughts to the Grays or imagine the reptilians in funny pink tutus and see what happens. But stick with it and don't wobble all over the place in your thinking. Think it, see it, feel it, then let it go. Log the results.
And if there is more afoot, if there is truly a faction of gray aliens and reptilians seeking to hold form, or gain greater density, or a handhold in man's three dimensional stomping grounds, we might want to consider plan B.

The Grays Alien and Abduction


In my previous posts, I've considered The Gray aliens from numerous angles, all centered around the theory that these creatures are by and large physically real, objective entities. I like to stress periodically that this is only one probability out of several. Once you close your mind to any possibility, you limit yourself to growth and learning. There is a very real tendency, on the part of myself or any other person, to seek out that information which in some way or shape re-enforces beliefs already held. This is an ego trap and must be recognized as such.

While struggling over the wealth of information, rumor and anecdotal reports from close encounter experiencers (CEEs), as well as that garnered from friends and family over the course of decades, I cannot help but hold a few beliefs of my own. Yet, a belief is not a known, and I acknowledge the difference. I hope the rest of you do, too.

As far as alien abduction goes, I still cringe slightly whenever I cast caution to the winds of sanity and admit that I am one of the ever increasing numbers who has experienced events suggestive of gray aliens and midnight examinations and what ever else goes bump in the night:

"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us!" (old Cornish Prayer)

Be that as it may. There is an unfortunate tendency for some experiencers and/or psychics to consider themselves a cut above the rest, elite or special in some fashion. This is a load. Personally, if I am special in any way it is because I don't take anyone's word for too much, choose instead to think my own thoughts and arrive at my own conclusions, always keeping the door ajar for a larger foundation upon which to grow and change.

The Grays certainly present a challenge, insofar that it is unbelievably difficult to lay any type of foundation upon which to build! I think Whitley Strieber stated the dilemma most eloquently when he noted that the gray aliens demand questions of one that cannot be borne.

My challenge is to reveal some solid ground underfoot and if I have to dig away at the Grays, until eternity is just a dim memory and old Sol is reduced to a lump of charcoal, then I am going to darn well do it. I'm just that stubborn.

So if you've followed my blog thus far, you know I'm digging for buried treasure in the field of frequencies now, because I think it's looking more and more that the answer to the Grays, Reptilians and alien abductions has its place there. There surely must exist, according to science, logic and theory, areas of energetic frequencies that are near enough our own to measure, and under certain conditions - interact with or they interact with our own. One, at some point, must blend into the other and I believe this area of interpenetration is the frequency state wherein close encounters, alien abduction and The Grays have their home locale. And either by accident or design, the wildlife of this near locale has access, some ability to interact, within our own.

In the book 'DMT: The Spirit Molecule' by Rick Strassman, M.D., his research subjects oft reported encounters with beings easily described as Reptilians, light beings, elves and gray aliens, as well as other entities besides. Many of his subjects were adamant that these were fundamentally real events and beings, and furthermore - these entities were somehow aware and awaiting the dmt-induced arrival of the human subjects.

This, and so much more, lends great credence to the supposition that just beyond our everyday ken waits a vast, no doubt greater than we at this time can begin to imagine, a huge eco-reality heavily populated with alien beings as objectively real as ourselves, but operating under a different set of conditions - one of those conditions being that of greater energetic frequency. The Gray aliens and Reptilians likely originate from this reality field.

Some of these inhabitants seem to study man as though they'd never encountered such a creature in all their born days, some express little to no interest, others are clinically detached, while again there are those who appear greedy, hungry and inimical in their behavior. I believe it was Robert Monroe who also encountered the same as I've described, and commented on the leech-like nature of these inhabitants. In essence, he remarked that in order to free one's self from these energy lemoras, a person had to remain very calm and not react or express fear or any other type of strong emotion. Only then would they leave the traveler alone and wander off, but at the first hint of returning fear or stress, they would return in schools like sharks scenting blood.
Intriguing to me, was a photograph I saw online (I wish I could remember precisely where), but it involved the birthday party of a very ill child who believed himself able to see angels all about him, and when a picture from his party was developed, misty 'fish' shapes were seen in large numbers throughout the group of party-goers. I've often considered these angels or entities to have been, for whatever reason, inhabitants or psychic lemoras from this astral level of close frequency to our own.
Mixed in with dreams of the Grays, alien abductions, Reptilians, humanoids and all the rest lays a hint of deeper meaning, something that would just make sense in our worldview if we could but remove our blinders for only a moment. I will say this, if these grays, like the gods of old, need man's attention, energy and focus for their sustenance - if these creatures really exist and in a way close to what I've described, then the smartest thing one could do is to ignore them, just as we accuse our own government of having done. But also ... if the Grays really exist and again, in a manner similar to what I've described, AND if they do more than feed off man, if they truly have sought after and are currently seeking greater substance and form, then the time has passed to ignore their presence.

What is the next step?

The Grays - Psychic Parasites?


Continuing the line of thought from my last post, it does appear that whatever or whomever the Grays may be, their presence has been with us for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The similarities between the gray aliens and various humanoids repeatedly referred to in worldwide mythology and legend cannot be summarily dismissed. The same holds true for Reptilian entities and their ilk. Should these creatures be no more than symbols, astronomical/religious metaphor or manifestations of man's proclivity for archetypes, it is strange indeed that so many diverse cultures would lay claim to such similar objectification. And though experts of science, psychology, anthropology, history and biology (the list is long) - all who claim authority in these areas -strain to jump through hoops, convolutions and contortions of reason in the effort, any effort at all seems to suffice, to explain away or otherwise dismiss the possibility of an actual race or species of creatures existing on the fringe of humanity's awareness, it cannot be denied that all the smoke of rumor has a fire of sorts at its center.
Yet whether or when our authorities should label the Grays and Reptilians as 'real' is neither really here nor there. The close encounter experiencer (CEE) - be he a an aborigine, Gaelic peasant, or full-suited businessman traveling a back road home at 3 a.m. after taking the red-eye from one business meeting to another - knows he experienced something untoward and is rarely the better for this experience. And it is all fine and well to label such mysterious encounters as clandestine governmental experiments, psychological or technological testings whathaveyou - as many modern day researchers have alluded to, but the problem with this type of explanation (though some undoubtedly hold water) is that this grey alien enigma predates technology and all the rest.
For example, movies such as 'Close Encounters' and anecdotal reports lend us to believe that our automobiles stall on lonely roads because of an alien technology that interferes with our vehicles electrical system. Given our current level of development, this is something we can understand in a nuts and bolt manner - an energetic interference of sorts. We comprehend technology. However, how many CEEs are aware that in 19th century abductions the horse itself did still, the carriage stop or the bicycle refuse to move? There must lay interference, no doubt, but not the type of mechanical interference we presume it to be.
Something paces us, pursues us and lurks just beyond the threshold of man's waking beta consciousness and that something has long been about.
At this stage of the game, were I to lend credit to any of the theoretical explanations concerning the Grays, it would be that they are an objectively real species that has its biological niche in a frequency just to the left of our own, just fast enough that unless we are in exactly the right brain-wave state, they are not duly registered within man's awareness. This would also explain why our toys (digital cameras for one thing) are able to catch what our eyes cannot see (and I think the same holds true with the ghosts of our dearly departed). Too many for far too long have encountered a veritable ecosystem of currently misunderstood manifestations hovering just, and I mean just, beyond normal waking observation.
Reality seems to consist of energy in its multitude of frequencies, dimensions, planes, vibrations from wave to particle and God knows what else. I contend that it highly plausible that all factual close encounters with grays are taking place in the fuzzy area of the frequency level of reality closest to our own. I believe Robert Monroe, one of the most famous, literal minded experiencers and researchers (he dubbed himself and his team the 'Explorers') labeled these areas of frequencies as locales - which is as good a term as anything else. Robert Monroe also spoke of the energy fields surrounding our planet and the energy living things emitted as "Loosh".
So backtracking to The Gray Aliens themselves, and the probability that they have long co-existed with humanity, what is it - precisely - that they want of us? The Grays, or those like them, are seen in the company of our dead, they experiment upon us, tweak us and are overtly concerned with human reproduction. They exhibit no observable respiration, may be seen as 'cartoony'- by this I mean lacking in three dimensional manifestation, or robotic as the same, somehow they can get into our minds and enforce images within awareness - the gray aliens exhibit all the characteristics of a species quasi-three dimensional yet not quite! Remember, the angels were envious of man's place and resentful of his 'embodiment'. In addition, the greys do not seem to age as we do, and let us know that they are 'outside' our time, or that 'their time is not as ours'.
I propose that it is entirely possible that - insofar as the typical gray alien goes (and remember that we may be dealing with not one but a vast ecosystem populated with all manner of life) - I propose that what the typical gray alien seeks from us is the ability/genetics to manifest in our reality, our frequency field of existence. Whether the Grays originate from Earth or elsewhere, past, present or future, it is my personal conclusion that what they seek may be physical (as we think it) embodiment.
And I also seriously consider that certain of our encounters, trolls, goblins, reptilians and different alien factions (including some of the gray aliens) seek our energies as a food source. This is no different than you or I eating a steak or donut - energy is energy. We simply take ours in a dense three-dimensional form for our bodies to convert into heat energy. The obvious conclusion would be that as matter/body becomes more refined (faster, lighter, etc) then so must its food source. And does this process continue into infinity or is there a stopping point where an organism, three-dimensional or otherwise, becomes self-supporting and no longer requires an outside energy source? (shades of perpetual motion lol)
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. There can be no doubt that whatever the Grays turn out to be, they've been with us a long time. They have a tendency to twist about and change, to shape shift, to match or barely exceed our level of development and expectations, as if they lead us a merry chase and forever dangle a carrot beyond our collective nose. They often display attributes of caring, concerned teachers with we, the students - so it is possible that some of the gray aliens are really our guides and guardians in disguise.
It is just as probable that they are no more or less than energy parasites and are simply keeping their food crop in good check. The Grays could also be seeking physical embodiment and are using us to that end. Any or all of the above bears merit.
But if it is the case that we are indeed a food source for more than bacteria (here I am reminded of one of David Jacob's CEEs [The Threat by David M. Jacobs] who overheard one of the gray aliens chastising her hybrid lover that she 'was a resource, not a resort') ... again, if we are a food source for the Grays or other energy parasites, then it would well behoove us to be conscientious of that which we prefer to be 'harvested' for! Love or fear, joy or suffering? Always keep in mind that you and ONLY you are responsible for what you make of things.
In the end, it's a marvelous system of teaching and I think, eventually, we'll all be better for it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Grays in Folklore


Without a doubt, the idea of gray aliens and 'little men' who live beneath the ground, stealing under cover of darkness to snatch the babes of human beings, abduct and terrorize the local populace, and otherwise wreck mischief on the heads of the unwary is not a recent concept!
Today, we insist on compartmentalizing the Grays and Reptilians within an advanced technology box, because that, of course, is the only thing that makes sense to our modern minds ... space brethren from the deepest reach of outer space. This is what we relate to, and what our imaginations fashion from our current concepts. This is also the idea spoon-fed to the masses, perhaps for the purpose of cloaking high-security research and development projects by many first world countries.
But how many of us are privy to the legends of old? From ancient times to modern day, it would appear the grays have long been with us. In Sumerian times, these beings were known as Gaatur and Ushabtiu; the Arabic their Djinn; Irish legends speak of the Tuatha de Danaan or underground gods who fled into the bowels of the Earth and there remained. In folk tales from the Shetland Islands north of Scotland, we find the 'grey neighbors' who abducted humans. Native American tribes, too, have their tales of underground caverns peopled with humanoids.
Furthermore, the theme of reptilian royalty and shape-shifting snake beings, especially of note those with a vested interest in co-mingling the bloodlines and genetic material of their own with that of humans, is a constant point of conflict in nearly all legendry, including our own Christian bible! The serpent, the Sons of God, et al.
As previously mentioned, some researchers consider the Gaelic people to perhaps be those most frequently targeted by the Grays. Be that as it may, it must be said that the Gaelic are an ancient race, and their folklore is permeated with accounts of fairy people, trolls, goblins, little men, reptilian humanoids, etc. Legend further mentions the fair, aesthetically beautiful 'Nordic'-type beings also seen by close encounter experiencers today. So there we have it: Nordics, gray aliens, reptilians and all the other players except the stage was set long ago and the curtain has yet to fall.
Then, as now, similar traits are attributed to these creatures - the ability to shape shift, create illusions, telepathy, the secret of immortality, the inability to survive in direct sunlight for any measurable length of time (view my data base in progress), a need for secrecy, and the desire to interbreed with humans, advanced technology or magic, and so forth (for those interested, I recommend the book 'Passport to Magonia' by Jacques Vallee as an excellent source of information on this subject).
In light of the above, it becomes quite difficult if not ludicrous to attribute any positive messenger of hope/advanced being from the stars-type qualities to whomever or whatever the Grays may be. While it may eventually prove to be correct that these humanoids have originated from off our planet, it might just as well be likely that they've been with us always. Of course, that is what the aliens tell us.
The most successful lie must always contain a grain of truth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Grays and Self Hypnosis


With all the hypnotic tapes, dvds, cds and books available, I am surprised more people have not utilized these methods to explore their inner space. Not everyone, it seems, has the desire to root about in the basement of their minds, but for myself - hypnosis was a valuable tool which aided me in many areas of my life, including pain management and the ability to experience lucid dreams.
On the downside, my psychic abilities became greatly enhanced, or I had stimulated otherwise dormant areas of the brain, and, as I once heard said by a famous medium ... "in the early stages of training, you really pay your dues".
Believe me, I paid dearly. Not to be smug or self-congratulatory, but I think a weaker ego might have splintered under the chaos of the psychic manifestations I began experiencing. And this is no exaggeration! Self hypnosis and psychic development are most certainly not for everyone. One of the most frightening ordeals I experienced was an ever acceleration of energy spiralling out of control. I dreamed myself spinning out of control, head over feet, and was powerless to control the hurricane I'd unleashed.
Thank God (believe me, I prayed and fretted and pulled back only to feel impelled to resume the course) I ended up emotionally and mentally sound. Thank God I am one of the few people who are very balanced in the fact that I am neither left nor right brain dominate, or so testing has shown. While blessed with artistic and creative abilities, I am also firmly left brained and gifted in analytical prowess. Had my biology been somewhat different, things could easily have become unpleasant.
So it is with absolute caution and sincere concern that I recommend forays into self hypnosis and lucid dream experimentation for anyone reading my blog. If you are an easily excitable or gullible person, if you have deep emotional traumas or a tendency towards multiple personality disorder, these forays are not for you. What you do is your responsibility, not mine. But I care about my readers and would not deliberately encourage harmful behavior. So please walk slowly and carefully as best suits you, and always bear in mind that one of the first hurdles of psychic exploration is the confrontation with your shadow self. Scary stuff, my friends.
Now, on to my adventures. In the early stages of hypnosis, I was primarily using tapes to help manage back and urological pain. I had to undergo a series of unpleasant catheterizations and the use of self-hypnosis enabled me to focus my mind away from the body, and minimized the discomfort. However, at the same time, due to puzzling experiences throughout my life and my physical limitations at the time, I decided to explore the mind since there seemed little I could enjoy physically.
Over a period of roughly four years, I learned how to successfully use the pendulum, the spirit board, mind silence, and... contact with something. Whether subjective or objective (my belief is that a blend of both occurs as water cannot flow through a creek without picking up the silt along the bottom lol), these experiences grew in strength and frequency. It became difficult to turn them off!
I think that scared me the most. I felt powerless before my own mind's abilities. I was driving my car too fast, and couldn't find the brake. And I was terrified of hurtling over a mental cliff.
And though looking back later I soon realized that the gray alien presence had been present in my life since early childhood, the manifestation of The Grays certainly picked up steam. I remember seeing three of them standing at the foot of my bed one night, and shrieking, terrified in my head, NO NO NO!!! Odd, because not only did I not credit the grays with any objective actuality, but I was more curious by far, than fearful.
But the more I used the self hypnosis tapes and dvds, the more easily I slipped into the hypnotic state - alert, aware, very relaxed and mentally open to whatever or whomever happened to show up. My family would occasionally experience ghostly apparitions, events such as doors opening and closing, figures in mirrors and toes tugged in the middle of the night. Had my own psychic energy created these events? Or had I unwittingly opened a door and maybe exposed my loved ones to harmful entities? Oh, I prayed like you wouldn't believe, and worried equally.
More than once did I pull into our driveway (sometimes this was stronger when the house lay empty with family elsewhere and I was alone), and before I had the car in the garage, I could 'feel' the tingling energetic awareness that something inside awaited me. Sometimes, this 'energy' would wash over me in a tidal wave, similar to Kundalini. Was this my chakras opening? Or lucid dream intrusion? Ghosts?
Okay, so this kind of thing went on for a while. And I pondered all the while, too. I did not intend to let fear or superstition get the better of me, nor dogma or belief systems. Good, bad or indifferent - this was a valuable learning experience and I wasn't planning on trashing my hypnotic tapes anytime soon.
In brief, here are some more events I underwent. One evening I sat alone in my room and just let my hand go over and over the spirit board (I had a very large, heavy round one that I used), eventually I got bored because no marvelous revelations (lol) were coming through, but I stuck with it and proceeded to think of other things, my day at work, etc but I suddenly noticed that my hand was leaving tracers , like static electricity, in its wake - and this was fully visible in a fully lit room!
Another time, I awoke to see at the end of my bed an immense swirling mirror like vortex and suddenly my consciousness was all over the place. I was asleep in bed, I was out of body straining to flee my room and repeatedly felt my real self 'snap' back into my body, I was awake and gazing at the vortex, I was taking the hand someone (self?) had thrust from out the vortex, I was conversing with someone who chastised me to 'help myself' and furthermore, I was engulfed with a wave of ecstatic energy!
I also had 'thought balls' thrust into my consciousness, concepts and ideas I had to somehow unravel. I learned to understand the mirror effect and the metaphoric language of the mind, and how to read between the shadow lines. My fears rose up to meet me, in fact I think most emotions were confronted in one way or another. I learned to laugh at my own manipulations and grow in the process. I learned how deep lay the abyss of human guilt, shame and self-loathing. And I tried to learn how to love myself and others, and at the end of this period of trial by fire, I honestly believe I emerged a gentler, more compassionate and less judgemental human being.
Or maybe that is all nonsense, who knows? I do know that while practicing self-hypnosis I became able to induce a physical heaviness and lethargy that at times was both sensual and terrifying. On rare occasion I saw living color, or colored sound - a thrilling vision of the most beautiful column of gently singing fuschia which, I swear this is true, my dog was also staring at.
And the lucid dreams and hypnogogics increased hand over fist! I would find myself as nothing more or less than a field of vision completely devoid of identity or sense of self (left brain awareness?), floating about my home and seeing the minutest object in magnified, clarified detail. The more I used hypnosis, the more these things happened.
However, the Grays also came more frequently, as did the dreams. I gave birth to unknown children and would awaken mumbling "I love you baby no 3", I also saw myself somewhere, somehow, many times this happened - finding myself in a strange and sterile environment, accompanied by a tall, misty figure and suddenly remembering previous birthings and being shown a linear series of my 'familial ancestors' or my bloodline or possibly even incarnations, I do not know. But I would think to myself - 'ah, I remember this!'
Bear in mind that while it became undeniable that whatever the gray aliens are or are not, I had nonetheless never been interested in the phenomena even though hindsight revealed I had long been a part of this enigma. I was not 'seeking' alien abduction or Grays in the night! If anything, my focus was perhaps more on reincarnation and hypnosis, meditation, possibly spirit contact is such a thing were more than ESP or imagination. Yet, there they were! And I kept right on reading, learning and using those hypnotic tapes, cds and books.
Furthermore, I was not at all familiar with alien abduction or benchmarks of the experience. When I 'lost' three hours of time, sitting there with an unlit cigarette and curled up Indian-style in the middle of my bed (I have spinal arthritis and this position would have quickly become very uncomfortable to me), I remember glancing at the clock with total and absolute confusion as to where 2.45 hours had gone? The last thing I remembered was preparing to light a cigarette.
And of course, coincidentally or stigmatically or otherwise, I had an increase of these benchmarks! Bruises, knowing, informational thought balls and a sense of presence, gynecological problems, an increasing fear of doctors and anything medically related, fascination with physics, astronomy, neurology and science in general. Human ethics, morality and an ever increasing development of compassion for all forms of life. I began feeding and caring for strays, and rescuing spiders, and handling plants with care.
Its a new world, if you can take it! I believe a Gray told that to Whitley Strieber, if memory serves. And so it was.
Yet, I continued to remain well grounded in the here and now. This is crucial, to be able to maintain a solid footing in not one, but two worlds - or mindscapes. Somehow, the self-hypnosis tapes and dream books and meditation techniques helped open a door that, while not necessarily shut, was now wide open. That's when I became aware of the strangers waiting on the other side: the Grays.

The Grays - Can we believe them?


If you are familiar with my postings, then you will understand that for the time being I approach the Grays with caution aforethought and am conducting my research on one out of numerous possibilities. This particular possibility states that the gray aliens and reptilians are physically 'real' creatures.
This may or not be the case, or any variation thereof. However, having selected a path to explore, I am stubborn enough to trod over rocks, stones, and treacherous underbrush until the way stands clear before me. When path A has been completed, then next I shall choose a different path and see where that may lead.
Eventually, I will get bored and take a nap! The universe is too large a path, too magnificent a puzzle, not to explore with enthusiasm. There are pieces within pieces, and a bounty of revelations surely await us. And thus it is that I awaken, refreshed from dreams of gold and goblins, and resume my search once more.
It's too simple to dismiss the unknown. Occam's razor annoys me no end, for were there truth in such a trite method, then the world must still remain flat to all observational evidence. Maybe we need a Mandelbrot 'method' where a simple idea spins off into complex and ever-evolving worlds of breathtaking discoveries.
I dunno, maybe it's me...
Or maybe it's them. The Grays and Reptilians. As my title suggests, are aliens as real and objective beings truly trustworthy? Perhaps. You certainly cannot make a blanket statement regarding our own species and state that all humans are not to be trusted.
I vacillate back and forth in my conclusions. There are days I am filled with light and love. There are dark days when I squirm in frustration and resentment. And always do I wonder about things. Things which I assume do not interest the larger herd. Above all, I am so saturated with curiosity that I don't particularly care what the conclusion may be nor where it leads. I'm more interested in playing the game. I have the urge to tip the domino and see the results. I love to experiment.
So here is my 'Grays' experiment. For one, in some quasi-dream like state I was informed that the greys had a gift for all mankind. What exactly did that mean, if anything? We humans love our presents, at least I do, but the constant metaphor and veiled references are irritating, to say the least. The blow is fractionally softened when abductees are told 'our minds don't work the same as yours'.
So it would seem.
Close encounter experiencers (CEEs) are also comforted with "you have been chosen". Excuse me, but so are lobsters at a seafood restaurant. The Grays may sometimes elaborate with "you have been chosen to serve, to partake in an experiment, to aid your fellow man". High sounding stuff, eh? But can we believe it...
The Reptilians are usually not so verbose. As an aside - I and others have seen them as ancient living fossil-type saurians and someday soon, I'm going to explore that topic, too. Anyway, back to the greys...
The Grays may also tell us that we are necessary to them, and they to us. Most intriguing, to myself, was a particular statement that went something like this ... "Had you not chosen to interact with us, we could not be here. That is the agreement. That is how consciousness works, you have invited us in. Had you not, you would have no awareness of us".
If, indeed, consciousness it a matter of focused, collective agreement, then I am going to immediately forthwith invite the lottery into my awareness.
So think about these things next time you suspect a close encounter experience, alien abduction or missive from The Grays. Did you 'invite' them into your awareness, and how far can you trust the unknown?

The Grays - Data Base


A compendium of anecdotal data for comparison of common denominators:
1) Biological characteristics of the gray aliens:
Sensitive to daylight, night vision, epidermis lacking pigmentation
atrophied/immature hearing, speaking, breathing apparatus
capable of mind to mind/telepathic communication
aliens small to average bodied
digestive, respiratory systems lacking, unobserved or atrophied
ditto with reproductive system
bio luminescence may be observed in absolute dark
proportionally immense cranial capacity, similar to seen in insects, doubtful capacity for live birth such as seen in mammals
occasionally exhibits near 'faster than eye' locomotion/communication
the grays also exhibit a type of hive mentality
hands and feet do not posses enlarged area of demarcation as seen in humans, basal thumb joint lacking, or positioned in such a manner that the hand and arm appear to be one thin, continuous structure
nocturnal/subterranean etc creature (by accident or design)
reproduction, if such exists, likely only by egg laying, premature or artificial means
The Grays are sometimes thought to be robotic or bio-robotic constructs, artificially enhanced (doubtful)
This list will be updated from time to time, as ideas and information presents itself. For now it is considered helpful to keep a record of points in mind, as the very grey alien and reptilian enigma branches off into a hall of mirrors wherein pertinent data is easily forgotten or overlooked.

The Grays 2012

Will mankind be miraculously saved by the Grays come Dec 21, 2012? Many close encounter experiencers (CEEs) and alien abductees, contactees and all the like, have reported messages from their visitors alluding to such a rescue mission. Some individuals have been counseled that they (the CEEs) have hidden away within their minds certain valuable information that will only be made consciously available when the time is right, or when they will have the need of such information. Abductees are given to understand that something monumental, or challenging or an unthinkable disaster lays in our nearby future, just a stone's throw of time away. Many have come to believe this is a veiled reference to a climatic near-extinction event scheduled to occur in 2012.
Scarcely more than 3 years from now, there will be an incredibly close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of the Galactic equator. The ancient Mayans referred to this crossing point as the Sacred Tree. However, before we abandon our homes and appeal to the benevolent grace (such as it is) of The Grays, we should first comprehend that the Mayans were not speaking of the end of days, as such. What they were marking was the end of a very long cycle.
Yet, the planetary line-up of 2012 may very well either make planet Earth more vulnerable to certain astronomical bodies and/or gravitational forces, or exacerbate conditions already ripe for catastrophe (such as super volcanoes), tectonic plate action, full magnetic pole reversal, super tides, solar radiation extremes, glacier falls, and God only knows what else.
We always live within the perimeters of potential disaster, but typically the risks are not in the foreground of awareness. Whatever will be will be. And in all likelihood the dire potentiality of 2012 will be no more than a tempest in a teacup and we shall all laugh at our foolishness come the morning of Dec. 22, 2012.
On the other hand ...
The Grays have also allegedly remarked:
You will know when the time is right.
You will be able to help others.
You will know what to do.
Information is locked in to your DNA and will be accessible when the time comes.
We teach you what to do.
Man will either vacate Earth and stay to aid the survivors. You will be one of those who remain.
With what we have imparted to you, you will be able to comfort and care for the rest, you will teach them as we have taught you.
and so on.
Even the Bible, according to Concordance, has always had a theme of disaster lurking in future shadows. Soon, it cautions, the worst shall come to pass. Except, in biblical terms, it will be the Son of God who returns with his heavenly host.
The song, whether sung by The Grays, reptilians or angelic messengers, remains the same and 2012 isn't going away.

The Grays

Is it possible, or even probable, that we are not at the top of the planetary food chain? Are we food for the Gods? Fodder for the Grays? Claims abound that man is harvested, as a crop, for a Reptilian species which may include the gray alien. Outlandish as the idea may first appear, when given a closer look under the auspices of an unbiased mind, the idea may not be without merit.
Consider the following: mankind, despite our marvelous advances in technology, medicine, sciences and manufacturing - still, despite the arrival of the 21st century which was thought to herald us into a new age of higher development, finds itself continually and ceaselessly embroiled in base animal conflict, anguish, suffering and grief. Socially, emotionally, we are not one whit better off than our ancestors of eons past. Why, it must be asked, do we always clear one hurdle only to find ourselves prostrate before another?
Are the Grays to blame? What may we think when alien female abductees are encouraged to hold their hybrid offspring, yet cruelly informed that the infant must remain in the care of the aliens, because the mother cannot 'feed' them? What might we think when the staring procedures begin, when images and visions are forced into our minds' awareness, when our genetic material is repeatedly harvested? When strangers are brought together to mate? When our children scream in the night and report visits by monsters, little dinosaurs and big-eyed bugs who whisk them through windows and tell them 'they are the chosen ones'?
What do animals, small and large, think when they are bred outside their herd, separated from their offspring, and otherwise deprived of the pastoral existence nature had intended them? Have you ever witnessed the anguish of a mother cat when her kittens have been handed to strangers? Yes, in time and to all appearances her agony fades, but the forced intervention of a higher species who dictates the fate of her offspring, her very existence and right to roam the fields at night, who considers too many of her kind prowling the streets to be a nuisance and a pest and thus cages her and her kind for selective placement or death.
And in man's innocent arrogance, we suppose ourselves lord of all and bend nature to our whim.
Now also consider this: Before the advent of mammals and eventually primates, certain creatures stood head and shoulders above the land, and were truly lords of all. The dinosaurs, saurians, reptilians - call them what you will - for millions and millions (not our measly thousands) were planet Earth's proudest achievement. In a logical and linear development of dominant life, these creatures were the apex of evolution, until their numbers were decimated by climate change brought about numerous unfoldings including meteoric strikes, methane and an ecological imbalance of supply and demand.
Today, the media is going wild with the discovery of Ida, the 47 million year old reptilian/mammalian fossil. But Ida represents but the tiniest fraction of the wealth of such fossils waiting to be found. Paleontologists themselves will tell you the only the barest fraction of saurian bones and fossils have been uncovered, estimating that what little we have been able to piece together is but the tip of a mighty iceberg still in wait for exposure to the light of modern day!
And what of those saurians who managed to survive and evolve? Well, we've pretty much labeled and categorized those, too ... haven't we? Birds, snakes, certain fish, ho hum. We know eons ago tiny mammals (yay team!) were given a break and basically took over the whole ballgame. Sure we did. We just marched right in, found our niche, tweaked a few vertebrae and developed a more efficient brain model with which to store, compress and download memory (crucial to the intellectual progression of any species) - and here we are with our ipods and designer clothing and forays through darkest space.
We do not one whit consider the possibility that another species of creatures may have long shared our space with us, or developed alongside of us, or ahead of us, in the misty eons of the past. Or arrived from elsewhere, found Earth prime real estate and decided to set up housekeeping here, or nearby.
Perhaps it's time to reconsider.
If evolution, on planets similar to Earth with similar system factors (and there are thought to be millions of such environments sharing our universe), follows a certain template of progression, then there must unarguably be an astonishing large number of such planets on which the reptilian/saurian life forms did not meet their untimely doom in the same manner that occurred upon planet Earth. These saurians would have gone on to adapt, change, progress, evolve and eventually dominate or co-dominate their environment as a logical chain of nature. There is nothing, I repeat ... NOTHING outlandish or fantastical about such a supposition.
Perhaps this sequence of evolution has occurred on our neighbor, Mars? Yes Mars! In ages past, Mars was not in its current position in the solar system (fact). At one time, Mars lay closer to the sun. It is conjectured that whatever struck planet Earth (in what is now the Pacific area), and created our satellite the moon (without which life on our planet would likely not exist, or at least as we know life to be), and also created at least one of our asteroid belts. Mars was quite likely at one time to have been as verdant an ecosystem as Earth, and surely life flourished therein. But did life have enough 'time' to get a handhold and spring forth more fully developed forms, beyond simple bacteria and such?
Eventually, we'll know more about this. Just remember what I said in my previous post regarding the Missing Link and Mar. Anyway, with all the previous said, let's now return to the original topic of The Grays and the harvesting of mankind.
If nothing else may be said, one can at least rest assured that Nature is not wasteful. While some would say that man's natural predator is merely the virus, bacteria and other parasites, it may also be said that these self-same parasites are present across the board at all stages of the food-chain and cannot truly be said to occupy a niche, so to speak. The cow also has her bacteria and the shark his wrasse, but these are not niche placements of the like I am referring to.
No, nature does not waste energy. Nature IS energy, is the expression of life in energetic form and all life, thus as we know, comes down to a very basic energetic equation as expressed in the laws of thermodynamics. Energy, in the form of heat, seems to be a necessary requirement that must be ever re-plenished.
As we are all familiar from our school days with the progression of the food chain, I am not going to go over the ladder here. But taking a look at the number one position, we find homo sapiens standing proud and tall. So proudly a superior predator - yet only under rare circumstance does man not falter and succumb and thus lay toppled by the enormity of his emotional shadow. We only need to peruse the daily paper to see the truth of this statement; from peasants to kings, to presidents and celebrities, do we over and over see a creature who cannot, does not and will not over ride his emotional impulses.
And just where does our emotional angst go? Where is the lamprey who must exist to harvest this energy? Again, nature does not waste. Life cannot be wasteful because energy is too necessary to existence. Earth is literally a flourishing crop of emotional energy and it is not unfathomable to think that we may perhaps be pruned, hybred, fertilized and encouraged (man - be fruitful and multiply) as is the case with that which We consume.
The deer of the forest has no conception nor comprehension that his pheromones are used to entrap him. The rabbit knows to stand motionless, or run and hide when he senses the lurking hunter, but the rabbit cannot know that a group of men existing on a tiny front porch in the depth of Missouri are at this moment planning to hunt him. In order to successfully feed, the predator must always be more clever or faster or invisible and, above all, incomprehensible, to his prey!
So, if not The Grays, or Reptilians ... or whathaveyou, it is not illogical to assume that something must so prey upon us. We, at least, do have the natural protection of imagination. Without memory, deductive reasoning and imagination - the ability to compare present experience with that of the past and imagine alternatives, we would be no more than rabbits in the field.
Yet, unless we exercise on a near-daily basis a strength of character that is almost impossible to maintain, we are emotionally harvested to the point of abject weariness. We are literally wrung out like rags on the basement floor. The grays or aliens or someone relentlessly squeezes us dry, or just when we think we have a measure of control, a handle on life and ourselves well in hand, once again our mettle is tested, often beyond our ability to endure or overcome.
And we will continue to be harvested, to be squeezed and wrung dry, to be exploited and manipulated into infinity and beyond, until we can fully utilize the only natural coloration, the only protection available to us, and that is emotional maturity. Control.
Think on this: from Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce, Seth/Jane, Swedenborg, Don Juan and other famous out of body travelers, also a select percentage of near death experiencers, all have unanimously reported a veritable sea of energy feeders existing right beyond our physical awareness. These travelers maintained that the only way to safely navigate the astral waters was to not react, to maintain control and above all to NOT TO FEAR!
When was the last time you went 24 hours without fear? Without a war shoved in your face, anxiety created by job insecurity, rising prices or the fear of eternal damnation as proposed by your church? When was the last time you managed to act firmly and ethically in your own best interest, and cause no fear in another? When was the last time you fully and completely managed to think well of others, of yourself, and seek God or a higher place not based around fear of the alternatives or getting caught. When was the last time a magazine cover plastered with articles for self-improvement or enhanced and exaggerated sexual images did not fill you with self-loathing? Do you even remember a time when you could innocently eat a slice of cake or drink a sugared soda without guilt and the need to defend yourself? Is it really all that important how your neighbor worships God, or whether he does so at all, or how you are going to look in bathing suit on the beach this summer? When was the last time you made love and were not ashamed of your body?
Shame, fear and guilt.
You know, I have to wonder what happens to the cow who refuses to play the game? Like the Monkees sang, what happens if they gave a war and nobody came? What would happen to our predators if all we expressed was compassion and unconditional love for all? Even for our predators?
I can tell you what happens. The experience changes. Whitley Strieber said as much. And that doesn't mean we are no longer preyed upon, it only means that different tactics are employed and different energies harvested. Personally, I would much sooner be squeezed of love and joy than fear.
Abducted or not, awash in a sea of Reptilian and the Grays, aliens, or not, our emotional climate, our sociological nightmare will only end the day that we, collectively and individually, become better than we are. We deserve no more and no less than that.