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This site is dedicated to the close encounter experiencer and open minded individual seeking to further their understanding of alien abduction amid the complex phenomena surrounding the Gray Aliens. Side issues may include Beings of Light, Reptilians, dreams, self hypnosis, telepathy and ESP as well as taking a closer look at the alien species itself in the grey alien examination series.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: The Master Grey II


Close Encounters of the Powerful Kind

This morning I decided I hadn't delved closely enough into the characteristics of the Gray Master with my last post, mainly because it's such a difficult thing to put these anecdotal feelings and impressions into any kind of reasonable material. Impressions are just impressions, but I think they point to something valid and have been mentioned by enough close encounter experiencers (CEEs) to bear further investigation.
But first, before I go any further on the subject, it's important that I post A reminder for those new to my blog or having jumped in to a post or two without having followed my blog from the beginning or read my 'so to speak' mission statement/end goal... so in essence here it is again:
The Gray Alien enigma may or may not be real, objective or subjective, or any combination thereof. By trying to avoid cross roads and tangents, or belief system traps, or media hype and emotional button pushing, I am investigating and examining (to the best of my ability) ONE PARTICULAR LINE OUT OF MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES WHICH IS: The greys and Gray Aliens ARE real. And with this line of exploration and under the firm conviction that the only way to solve the enigma is by gathering a data base of common denominators from which to assemble a logical overview of what we (as a species) may be dealing with. Furthermore, I intend to post a coherent list of these common denominators and will update it as information and thoughtful analyse presents itself.
Also, as other related subject matter interests me as well, I will post about these matters now and then. I promise you, to the best of my abilities, it'll be an interesting read and I won't go 'stale' on you. There's so much to think about that it's enough to make your frontal cortex tilt!
With that said and done, I want to now push ahead on examining the Master Grey Alien in greater detail.
"I would never think of saying no"
"He saw my soul"
"To disobey was somehow unthinkable"
"I was there to serve, that was my purpose"
"He had full authority over my very existence, and I knew it"
"I can't say he was cruel, but I feared he could be"
"The only thing I wanted was to serve and obey him, and bond with him in some way I can't define"
"Marriage came to mind, but not as we think of it. A union of some kind"
"He had selected me, not vice versa"
"I was put in his charge, or he had chosen me as his charge"
"I felt like he was a scientist or something, and I was part of his experiments"
"The small greys irked me, but he was the one really mattered"
"I was part of his project"
"He had a 'mate' of his own kind, and she resented his involvement with me and looked down at me, arrogantly, like I wasn't worthy of her jealousy"
"He called the shots, that much was clear"
"Everyone obeyed him. I was supposed to, too"
"Their society is similar, but different. Don't make the mistake of thinking they don't have emotions like ours. They kinda do. But they control their emotions differently, or don't let their emotions dictate their actions, like humans sometimes do. There is a difference there. They think they're better than us"
"Most of the big ones are kind and compassionate, but in a remote way. Like gentle and reserved doctors, you know... they don't get too involved but care. He cares too, but he's like the head of research or something"
"I was expected to obey. They knew it and I knew it"
And here's my own summation based upon personal observance ...
At least in this instance, we are dealing with a society or group of individuals with a definite hierarchy firmly in place. They are, I believe, part of a much larger society, but - just as when we go to the hospital we are dealing with a society within a society, this is much the same thing. We have no idea regarding other aspects, social or otherwise, of their life outside this function. So there is a pecking order and the Master is head of whatever department we are experiencing. He leads the team. He makes the decisions, although perhaps under advisement from other beings outside our ken.
(did that throw you?)
I think his presence has been confused with other tall greys and helpers, but if we minutely examine certain points, and images, and memories, it appears he may be of a race quite similar to humans. I don't think the 'head' of surgery, or the 'director' of the 'hospital' is of the same species as those others.
No, the Master Grey strikes me as what we could loosely term 'superhuman' or some such moniker. He seems too human to be otherwise. But very cold, somewhat arrogant and unspeakably in control.
Is he a future homosapiens? Has life like our own progressed elsewhere and he is of there? Is he from our past?
In an odd, lucid dream experience, I got a good look at his mate. She was beautiful and quite disdainful of my presence, painfully and humiliatingly so. I felt like something so far beneath her that I was embarrassed by my own creaturehood. Her face, as an aesthetic touch, was beautifully accented with what I felt to be artificial though skillfully wrought stylized black lines - similar to tattoos I suppose - which looked both alien and appealing at the same time. Imagine if the Egyptians had stylized their facial structure instead of stopping at kohl around the eyes. Her brow, forehead and cheeks bore these beautiful markings. Her hair was dark, as was his own. Their skin was neither fair nor tanned, nor olive or honey, it was a different hue though very similar to European skin tones.
So who and what is this Master Grey alien? Is he a despot? Is he a mad scientist? Head of the department of human resources (for some reason that struck me as ironcially hysterical lol), or a figment of the human mind perhaps representing our own higher soul or id? Is he a mysterious guide or teacher? Does he work with grays or above them? Is he really an alien at all? Is he fun to be with outside of work and would you want your daughter to marry him? (seriously, I crack me up!)
Sigh. I don't have the answer but further insight from readers would be most appreciated. One thing I do believe with good reason is that if anybody knows what is going on, this fellow does. And he's not talking. Is anyone?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: The Master Grey


Close Encounters with the Demigods?

This is one alien you don't want to mess with. Close encounter experiencers (CEEs) report a near uniform consensus in regarding this being as THE one in charge - the Master - the Overseer - the Boss, and so much more besides. There is a certain flavor difficult to pin down, but the Alien or Gray Master seems to be an overwhelmingly powerful personality and can generate a response in his charges (the word is appropriate, I fear) ranging from outright terror to a love obsession verging on the Stockholm Syndrome. There remains no room for doubt that whatever or whoever this persona is, he is all-powerful and holds the CEEs very existence in the palm of his hand.

This same power has also lended the Master a mystique or allure that, too, is difficult to rationalize. There is the sense of being in the presence of one who is to man, as man is to animal. There exists a gulf, so to speak, which we have yet to cross as a species. The CEE is aware of this, as is the Master. I am not so certain that the gulf is even breachable, at least in our present state. Furthermore, as the CEE senses the above, he also is made aware of his lack, his subordinate position and this may be painfully humiliating to the abductee. The astute and compassionate human, should he care to look, will also note the same response in the lower animal kingdom to his own superior qualities. There is an ad-hoc mixture of fear, need and shameful awareness of inadequacy that is heart wrenching to witness. Is this, then, how a stray dog may feel when confronted with the towering 2-legged stranger?

Be it as it may, there is an undeniable flavor of species' arrogance from the Master. It is fully aware of its position, and the human response to same. But I do not think the Greys or the Master are 100% empathetic with the human response. I don't think they can be. Contrary to science fiction, ESP and empathy are not quite the same thing. If we are truly dealing with non-human contact, then though the grays and/or the master may see into our souls and grasp the gist of what we think and feel, they do not and cannot precisely share the same complete understanding of what these emotions mean to us as humans.

No, standing outside the human species creates a wall for them to climb; there is a barrier to complete and absolute species comprehension that they must find a way around. I think that is part of the alien 'contact' enigma, and I also think they have found a way around it.

The solution to the problem is glaringly simple, and the very simplicity and accuracy of what I am about to propose lends a certain credibility to the alien enigma as it stands. For if one needs or chooses or is driven to work with a tree, to understand a tree, to avoid misunderstandings with a tree, to interact and exchange and learn from a tree, one cannot do this from the outside in. Accuracy and full knowledge can only be gained by BECOMING the tree, by entering into the experience of being a tree. We see similar dilemma in our own investigation of naturalized species research - we hide cameras and recorders beyond the range of animal detection so we can best understand their behavior when not influenced by a human presence.

I suspect, far beyond the eye scan and routine check ups taking place in some spaceship on the other side of the moon, or the other side of our imaginations, that there is an actual extra-species research taking place within our own minds. To fully learn from us, for whatever purpose, the aliens and the like, must get inside of us. There must be a union, a joining, a marriage of minds for this to occur.

And I also suspect that, at least in part, this is taking place on a much larger scale than we can possibly credit.

And before we fall head first into another ego-trap, this must not imply that we are nearly as special and unique as we have been comforted with or led to believe. I highly and sarcastically do not believe for one minute that humans are nearly so fascinating to others as we hold ourselves to be. Let's not be any more gullible than necessary. We are only as fascinating and desirable and important to another species as their NEED dictates. This is inescapable logic. This is an inescapable equation.

Furthermore, it is neither a good thing nor a bad. It is a state of affairs of which most of us are largely in the dark pertaining to such. We can bemoan or embrace our supposed Space Brothers until the sun goes dim and is a smoking chunk of charcoal frozen in time, but it is as it is. We must accept that and try to understand what now confronts us. And no book, no blog, no media king nor professional skeptic can give us this understanding. Ultimately, we must each of us earn this understanding. That is what makes the Gray Alien enigma so complex and frustrating - it appears to be neither objective nor subjective, but rather an intriguing mixture of the two. That is the challenge before us, to walk that narrow path without falling to either wayside.

So what or whom exactly is the Master Gray? Or the Master Light Being? Who exactly is this despot or demigod that holds our welfare in his hand? Or perhaps our mind within his own? What is fact and what is fiction and how to discern the difference therein? Again, I suggest one look to his dreams, read the metaphors, and keep a dream diary to enhance comprehension. Meditate if you choose, use crystals if you like, or candles, or self-hypnotic tapes. Read, read, read. Above all, avoid a belief system trap, avoid delusions of self-grandeur, avoid the I-Am-A-Chosen-One nonsense, and keep a sane and rational objectivity at all times. Remember that this phenomena is both objective and subjective. Don't go off the deep end and keep grounded in daily life. Have fun with it, get over the angst, and give thanks that the world is a larger place than you ever imagined. And that you have a place in it.

Man-Bat in Mexico

Grey Aliens, Mothman and the Man-Bat!

What sounds like the Jersey Devil has reared his pointy head, except this time he's moved further south and has allegedly made an appearance in Mexico, going by the name of Man Bat! The mysterious being is described as being quite tall, with red eyes, furry face and possessing two sets of wings!
And as bizarre as this may sound, there have been numerous reports over the last few decades of similar creatures being spotted, much to the terror of those persons involved. Here in Illinois, back in 1944, there roamed a person or creature nicknamed the Mad Gasser who frightened his victims by somehow emitting an unknown, sweetly cloying and partially paralyzing gas into their bedrooms at night. He was described as tall, thin, and possibly wearing a dark cap or clothing. To this day, no one seems to know just who or what he was, although theories abound.
Either the universe and planet Earth is a stranger brew than we imagine, or we are all losing our collective minds lol. How does one separate fact from fantasy, truth from hoax, dreams from reality and Grey Aliens from alien dreams? Maybe our mistake is in thinking there is a separation. Perhaps we are creating as we go along. You know, some scientists have discovered good solid evidence to tentatively deduce that all we see and experience is merely a 3D hologram stemming from some unknown 2 dimensional source at the edge of the universe. Just maybe there is no sharp and vital line between what we imagine and what we know. Philosophy aside, we must still work within our dreams until we find our way out. Let's hope it's not via a ride on the back of a Man-Bat...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greys, Reptilians and the Glass UFO


Another aspect of the Gray Alien phenomenon must, by its very nature, touch upon the enigma of those beings termed The Reptilians. Do they share a similar agenda with other extraterrestrials? Or an uneasy alliance? How often are the greys, reptilians and other humanoids seen engaging in teamwork? Beyond hype and BS, what are the close encounter experiencers (CEEs) reporting?

Have you seen or dreamt the Crystal Box?

Reptilian Experience 1:

Desiring psychic ability, the dreamer faces himself in a large glass mirror. His reflected image is the true* mirror reversal (there is an important difference - what was dark becomes light, what was left becomes right, etc.). The CEE dreamer then passes into a very large and empty room, featureless, to note that a large and transparent box has formed in the center of the room. Almost instantly, a reptilian humanoid type creature (the CEE is reminded of an immense gecko) forms within the box and mysteriously passes through what looks like glass. The CEE is confronted with a 7 ft tall Reptilian and sees a spot of human blood on the creature. The CEE is given to understand via telepathic 'knowing' that their 'alliance' (he and the creature) could have been a dangerous, frightful one and things could have gone badly, but that is not the case in this particular alliance. The alien Reptilian takes his place on the right side of the CEE and together they exit the room. Throughout the event, the CEE is calm and accepting of the events. He exhibits a greater level of comprehension than what is available to his waking ego.

Reptilian Experience 2:

The close encounter experiencer sees herself from both inner and outer vantage points, and is in her 'waking ego personification'. With great fear, the CEE sees a transparent, glass box form in the air above her living room. The glass box moves about trying to enclose her, as if she is a mouse to be captured. When so captured by the box, the CEE experiences a distinctly abrupt change in her sense of identity. She is no longer the ego/personality of mere moments ago, nor is she female, as if she is now something that could almost be termed male or adrogynous. She is no longer quite human.

The crystal box vanishes, and now the CEE sees objects in her room differently. The coffee table is composed of hundreds of points of light. Everything about her is no more or less than a matrix of light, coalesced into form. The living room wall vanishes and she exits the house, purposefully walking to the Point of Contact - a meeting place atop a hill upon which dozens of others like herself are filing in to the recently arrived UFO.

Reptilian Experience 3:

Preparatory to sleep, a CEE sits alone in his room one night, thinking and smoking a final cigarette before turning off the light. The CEE is suddenly stunned to observe a glassy image (reminiscent of Predator) moving across the top of his closed window curtains, with the curtains visibly distorted behind the image (the general size and shape of an enlarged head) - as though something tall and nearly unseen were passing through the area. There is no logical explanation for this - the image was not a disturbance or film in his eye, the door to the room was shut thus the image did not originate from outside the room, and finally the sole window to his room was only a couple of yards from the SOLID BRICK WALL of his neighbor's home. Outside all was dark and still, both homes were a respectable distance from the quiet street. The layout of the room did not allow for any reflections or lights, etc to be seen from the neighborhood street. Finally, the image seen was on the inside of the room, not emanating from an unknown outside source.

Dreams and such involving the dreamer being transported by Greys, gray aliens, reptilians and such via an object which reminds one of a glass or crystal elevator.

What can we make of these dreams and experiences? Are they purely subjective, or are they our mind's attempt to make a known out of an unknown? Are the ET's using some type of transparent energy field to move about? And why the box image? If nothing else can be said, the shape itself seems to be fairly consistent, so there is one common denominator at least.

Does the crystal box truly exist? As I've said over and over to the point of redundancy (forgive me lol).... any real, any factual evidence (if such can be gathered) pertaining to the Gray Alien or Reptilian enigma (light beings, UFOs, space brothers, sigh...) can ONLY be gained via the Common Denominator. Nothing should be tossed out, mind you, but that is what we are looking for. No matter the clothing or imagery in which close encounters or abductions or little grey men are couched, certain points remain the same and THESE are the sign posts to knowledge. With that said, it's time for me to crack my books. I've been writing so much lately I've ignored my personal study program. Gotta use those hypnosis tapes, catch up my dream journal and stand lonely in the night of the mind, waiting - always waiting, to see what shows up. How fabulous is that?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: Switchback Experiment




In my last post, I reviewed a few methods to help enable the close encounter experiencer (CEE) to trigger a left-brain beta wave conscious awareness during a close encounter or alien abduction scenario. The idea is to overcome the foggy, dream-like state and act/think under greater conscious volition. If the close encounter is no more than a subjective dream-hallucination, then at least one might turn it into a lucid dream and confront his subconscious shadows, and hopefully achieve a greater sense of freedom - both in waking and sleep. However, as not everyone would desire to confront or play with their subconscious, it must remain a personal choice.

Some of the ideas I've developed to try out are a type of "switchback" technique, where the tables are turned on the Gray Aliens. I'm very curious as to what type of reaction, if any, these may provoke. Maybe good, maybe not so good, maybe nothing would happen at all. There have been a few instances where I or others* close to me, have managed to grasp a 'lucid type' of awareness in these encounters, either partially or fully, only to have it slip from one's fingers. This is very common in lucid dreaming, also. All in all, no matter what the true nature of the greys we find in close encounters, I think the following would prove interesting:

1) The Grey is attempting the Eye Scan (staring) procedure. Before it can get a good connection established - ERECT AND HOLD AN IMAGE IN YOUR MIND OF A HUGE, BLANK MIRROR. Do not let the mind wander or express fear, nor any other type of emotion. Keep the mirror image fully in place. The idea is to stonewall the Gray Alien and reflect its own consciousness back at it.

2) The alien abduction or close encounter has just begun. As soon as possible - COMPLETELY BLANK YOUR MIND AND THINK NO THOUGHTS WHATSOEVER (now, this takes practice to do. At first thoughts will pop up like spring showers, but with time your ability to brush them away will increase, until you will notice that all 'roof brain chatter' becomes distant and fades away into the distance. Eventually, one can develop the ability to 'think' without 'thinking'... which is ten kinds of interesting in itself!) The idea here is to give the Gray Alien nothing to pull from you, nothing to latch upon. If one has to resort to a mantra (chant), then that mantra may be latched upon, so keep the mind empty.

3) Send the greys FALSE THOUGHT AND EMOTIONS! Act out a completely 180 degree thought response and hold fast to it. Do not think about 'acting' or 'tricking', just feel and think as in a 'character role' and keep that firmly in the mind. The idea here is to see if the Gray Alien can discern the difference, and, I don't know why, but I don't think it could if done properly.

4) Communicating in precise symbolism and metaphor. Experiment in using a picture language, instead of a verbal or mental word language. The idea here is to see if like attracts like, and how it may affect any 'staged' imagery.

5) If during an encounter, the CEE feels uncomfortably certain that he may be being 'psychically or emotionally fed upon' , he may wish to attempt 'feeding back'. The idea here is to establish, if not a dominant role, at least a more level playing field.

Since the CEE seems to have little to no advantage with physically resisting the greys, and as so much of the Gray Alien control and strength seems to be of the mind, then perhaps our own mind would be the best ground on which to gain some semblance of control, and hopefully greater understanding. I don't think it behooves anyone to act like an out-of-control beast, unless they wish to be treated as such.

For ONE - we don't know for certain that the greys are fundamentally 'real' and outside our own ego sphere.

For TWO - if they are real and objective, or at least semi-objective, we haven't irrefutable proof they mean us harm. So let's not be idiots unless we have to. Don't set up an angry battleground where one may not exist. Keep love in your heart and if you feel like trying a few experiments along the way, fine.

And whatever they are or are not, a greater understanding of the Gray Alien enigma could only be beneficial in the long run.

* A man of my acquaintance related to me a dream scenario where he was in conference with at least one mysterious being. He attained lucidity just enough to inform the being that he refused to be manipulated/tested. Then he found himself confronted by an immense insectile being and was reminded to cherish all life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: Switchback

The Switchback Experiment

So is it possible to turn the table on the greys? How might a close encounter experiencer (CEE) move out of the role of hapless human while conducting a few tests of his own? And would it be wise to do so?
Though 'resistance' may truly be futile, we should still gather hay while the sun doth shine. Any Close Encounter, no matter the conditions, should be viewed as an opportunity for greater learning to take place. This opportunity is hampered by the fuzzy, right-brain/subconscious state many CEEs find themselves operating in. The first order of business, then, must be to facilitate by programming ... a recognition and awakening of the left-brain beta wave state.
And while this awakening would be as slippery as trying to change the channel on a radio with buttery fingers, lucid dreaming experts insist it can be done. The trick is to routinely impress your waking, day -to-day mind with specific clues designed to trigger later awareness. The idea behind this would be the same method used to reinforce neural pathways, those little paths leading from house A to house B. Call it conditioning. And the more often we perform these reinforcements, the deeper the groove our mental feet are wearing down this path. The flipside is - the neural grooves will eventually fill back in to smooth little paths if we don't keep trucking down the road.
Here are some effective triggers to perform on a routine basis, the more frequent the better (although looking like a headcase around family and friends is NOT recommended):
1) everytime you look in the mirror, stare into your eyes while asking the question "Am I dreaming?"
2) post an image of the iconic Gray Alien eyes, somewhere in a private place, and briefly look at the eyes whle asking, "Am I dreaming?"
3) Throughout the day, stretch out your hands and fingers, paying attention to elongate the fingers in your best imitation of the greys and ask, "Am I dreaming?"
You get the idea, and feel free to improvise your own questions and triggers as you think might better serve your goal.
My next post will concern a few interesting switchback techniques and experiments for the CEE to try out. Who knows what, if anything might happen? Are we playing with fire? Or would a few experiments open up a completely new paradigm for both us AND the Gray Aliens?!
I'm very, very curious ...

Gray Alien Examination: Grey Studies

What ARE they studying?!

Continuing from my last post: If the greys (concerning ourselves here with the Tall Gray) are teaching us, we might ask what they are also learning?
Given the following is not part of a convoluted, smoke-screen agenda, we may deduce information is being gathered in these categories:
1) human emotions re reproduction
2) human reproduction et al
3) human ethics in stressful, emotionally-charged 'staged dramas'
4) human reaction/need re areas of spirituality, worship, mythos and so forth
5) human gullibility (I had to toss that one in, but there could be merit if critical thinking is being evaluated)
6) human critical thought/logic
Ironically, the Gray Aliens must certainly have gathered by now a large data base on the topic of human emotions. Yet the games continue. Either they are working outside our known linear time and gathering information concurrently from multiple eras, or they are concerned with humans as individuals rather than as a broad-based group. I would love to know their criteria for evaluation.
For further irony, the Gray Aliens, seemingly in great control of their emotions (such as may be presumed), seem fascinated to the point of redundancy about emotions in humans. Understand, human emotion is what makes us both angel and devil. And unpredictable. Instinctive, emotional behavior/triggers is what motivates the behavior of our own lesser species on this very planet, so we can somewhat understand why the Gray Aliens study us so exhaustively.
Conversely, there is nothing so fascinating to the human being as the human being itself. If we may be accused of any shortcoming, it is not the underestimation of our own worth. We are very ego-driven, narcissistic creatures. And we may not be nearly so magnificently puzzling to the greys as we think ourselves to be.
And if the above is true, then where does our value to the greys stop and start? I don't know, not yet. But, for some deep-seated reason, I suspect the Gray Aliens extend us a leniency and value far beyond that part of us we are most familiar with - our fragile human ego.

Gray Alien Examination: Culling the Flock

Do the Greys 'cull' their 'flock'?

In a recent post, I made mention of how the Gray Aliens seem to engage in a type of 'selection' process or mirroring effect. Call it what you will, but the word 'CULL' comes strongly to mind, in the broad sense of culling a collection into two parts.
Close encounter experiencers (CEEs) appear to be divided into two major groups (at the least). According to a large body of anecdotal reports and looked at in this particular light, we could say that:
Group 1 consists of what I would loosely term the Breeders
Groups 2 consists of what I would also loosely term the Students
This is absolutely a superficial overview and may not even begin to cover the breadth and depth of what may be occuring, but it does bear mention. Nor do I mean to give the impression that one group is more highly 'favored' or 'esteemed' than the other. Personally, as efficient as the Gray Aliens and their cohorts present themselves, I cannot imagine that any selection process would take place lightly.
And I am not so sure that any member of Group 1 may not later be incorporated into Group 2. But the reason I mention this culling business at all, is due to the fact that a small percentage of CEEs have come forth with fascinating stories of teaching imparted by the greys, sometimes unwillingly received. What traits are common to Group 1, and which traits are common to Group 2? This information alone could speak volumes on what the Gray Alien Agenda may truly encompass.
The difficulty in gathering valuable insight arises largely in part to those who have claimed Group 2 status. How would a dedicated researcher separate the 'crazy contactee' from the established dis/mis-information contactee from the sincere contactee from the sincere contactee who appears to be crazy but may be so as a result of what he has undergone and his personality's integration of the same? Get the drift?! And I'm not so sure this weeding out process has not been made difficult on purpose, by many parties.
Which is a lousy shame. Because it can be done.
As far as culling goes, we are told that men are often restrained and/or kept in a greatly reduced state of conscious awareness. However, the average male with his strength and capacity for aggressive behavior, could be easily viewed as the more dangerous of the two human sexes, as is not uncommon in other Earthly species. Females, at least emotionally, are more malleable and also physically weaker (less likely to inflict physical harm on the greys?) than their masculine counterparts.
And are some CEEs incorporated into a 'teaching' program as a side experiment, or because they display the capacity for learning whatever it is the greys wish to impart, perhaps with an end goal of greater and more forthright inter-species contact? While we may never know the reasoning of a mind disparate from our own, some logical assumptions may later prove to be correct.
Whatever the reason, IF the Gray Aliens ARE real and objective beings, then the importance of discovering and categorizing all common denominators pertaining to the grey enigma cannot be over estimated.

Gray Alien Examination: We Have the Right

Greys have the right?!

How many close encounter experiencers have been told, during medical examinations or hybrid experiments, by the greys that "We have the right?" The CEE (close encounter experiencer) may protest all he likes, but to no avail. His body/her children/their right to remain safely in their beds at night, are brushed aside as inconsequential in lieu of the Gray Alien and its preemptive right to act as it sees fit.
A) This is a crock
B) The greys hold the belief, perhaps bestowed on them by an authority outside our awareness, that they do indeed have this right.
C) In some fashion unawares, we humans (collectively or individually) have indeed agreed to grant them this right.
Although, in real or imagined fairness, it must be said that the Gray Aliens do not seem to act in a frivolous manner. Nor do they seem to be completely insensate to the sensibilities of the CEE. Not infrequently, the greys show compassion to the CEE, albeit in a fashion that comes across as being remote and uninvolved.
A comparison could certainly be made for how mankind as an entirety treats those creatures below us (livestock - resources). Furthermore, it is not at all unlikely that if the greys regard themselves as a higher life form compared to humans, and are aware of our treatment of those life forms we consider lower than ourselves, then they may see their actions as entirely ethical and well within their right!
Mind you, there is definitely a mirror-effect at work, in some degree. Like may indeed attract like.
And we can scream and shout and protest the Gray Aliens right to do as they wish, but we are treated with more compassion than we treat the lower creatures of this planet.
We are lucky. It could be far, far worse ...

Gray Alien Examination: Cold Factor


The Cold Factor in Close Encounters

Why do many close encounter experiencers invision 'cold' or freezing scenarios? Is it to do with a possible subatomic transmutation? Are they taken to spaceships or areas which feel cold to human tolerance? Do the greys require a cold environment? Why would the human mind frequently create a chilly environ if the close encounter is a purely subjective experience? Where is the logic in that?

A woman finds herself ushered onto a bus-like vehicle, which is brightly lit and contains several other persons. Seated beside her, to the aisle and on her right side (right brain mirror-effect?), is a female she knows but doesn't know, a foggy guide-type personage whose purpose seems to be that of guiding and supporting her through the experience about to occur. The experiencer finds herself with a large bowl of ice on her lap and understands she is about to undergo a transformation. She is fearful and worries about getting stuck in the process, and is grateful for the companionship afforded her. Suddenly, the ice begins to transform into a vapor and fills the interior of the bus. The woman then experiences herself dissolving in some undefined way and her point of view is now outside the bus. She sees the enterior of the bus completely engulfed in a brilliant misty fog.

Howard is standing upon a beach and sees a silver, ovoid, airstream-like camper a few yards hence. Between he and the camper stands a silver refrigerator. To gain entrance to the camper, he must open the refrigerator and climb thru the freezer compartment. He fears getting stuck in the process, and momentarily experiences getting stuck. Soon he passes through the compartment and finds himself inside the silver camper where two small beings with overly large, black eyes are awaiting him.

The mother of an adolescent boy has died. Very shortly after her death, he finds himself standing in the kitchen, uneasily watching his deceased mother walk in through the front room door. Between them stands a refrigerator, which he hides behind because he knows she is dead and should not be there.

And so on. Sometimes very young children are discovered to be freezing cold by their parents, after a presumed close encounter with the Gray Aliens.

This aspect of the grey enigma, and especially as how it may relate to ghostly phenomena, should be further looked into for common denominators.

Sleep Tight ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: Greys from OZ?

Metaphor or OZ ?

Repeat close encounter experiencers have almost universally noted the metaphoric nature of Gray Alien communications. This may occur as images supplanted in the individual's foremind, or as 'staged productions' for the experiencer's participation and/or observation. Human reactions seem to range from unaware immersion in the staged event to downright disgust with the blatant melodramatic button pushing.
One woman of my acquaintance asked the misty white being, "Is this really my dog or are you making me see this?" She was given to know that she was being made to see what was before her.
Another person was asked by a tall, indistinct light being, "Do you know why you are seeing this as snow*?" (she was in a dream-like sequence standing ankle deep in a snow covered field) She did indeed understand why she saw a snowy field, but was at a loss to later explain how she knew.
Now, as far as I can reason it out, there are only three reasons why human interaction with the greys, light beings, ETs, the deceased, et al seem to heavily involve symbolism and metaphor.
1) The experience is strictly a subjective one, generated by our own subconscious and is projected via right-brain dominance.
2) The experience is an interactive one, between two or more minds, and the non-human mind has chosen to utilize metaphor for it's own purpose.
3) The experience is an interactive one, between two or more minds, and the metaphoric overlay is perhaps an unavoidable result of two diverse species attempting to relate/communicate.
Personally, I'm putting my money on door number 3. I think if or when humans are able to meet and attempt communication with a diverse species (or they with us), it will not or cannot be through basic mathematics, language, etc. The most direct route with the least chance of misinterpretation (once all participants understood what was taking place!) would reasonably be a form of charades, images, emotional charades and so forth. Just as we point to a picture of a hamburger on a menu in a foreign eatery, there is less opportunity for a misunderstanding to take place. The communication is direct and to the point, but only if both parties understand they are exchanging information via pictures. Otherwise it would be a confused mess until someone said, "Ah ha ... now I understand we are using pictures, and I must reply with one of my own."
Similar is the religion thing. No matter what name is used - Allah, God, Ra, etc, we all understand we are denoting The Supreme Being. Yet, due to the prejudice of language, our fellow man will brutally persecute those who speak differently of the same basic idea. Now, imagine this on a GALACTIC level! Language, with all its sociologic nuances, would be a dangerous tool to employ. However, a tree is a tree is a tree.
The problem with metaphor arises when one party is unaware it is being employed. (The oui-ja board would be an excellent example of metaphor between two or more minds, given action via the subconscious)
While I'm not offering the following as any irrefutable theory, what I'm about to say will make a lot of sense: One of the few areas of difficulty involving charades, metaphoric images and such, is that of defining verbs. You can see a picture of a red apple and understand that you are to say APPLE. But the picture verb for red is READ - as in to read a book, or a book about apples, or to have already read a book about apples.
Furthermore, the numerous close encounter experiences involving medical procedures could also be mixed with verbs. The Gray Aliens may be examining us and we experience a medical examination scenario. And it is not implausible that any resulting physical marks are not sheer stigmata, brought about by strong human emotions during right brain dominance which are scientifically known to affect the human body. In fact, due to the high incidence of what is termed The Placebo Effect, drug companies must test their wares with double and triple-blind studies in order to get a clear picture of a drug's efficacy and safety.
So powerful is the stigmata and placebo effects that those with MPD (multiple personality disorder) may have different reactions to the same substance, depending upon which personality is at the helm.
Again, imagine the difficulty in achieving an accurate, clarified and thorough communication between two or more diverse minds! And what ramifications could arise through misunderstanding?!
A friend had an other wordly dream that wrapped up with him being pursued and eventually confronted by, what appeared to be, his nephew who was named Chase. It was only after waking analysis that my friend understood why he had seen the image of his nephew. He was being CHASED.
However, most intriguing was the message his dream nephew imparted to him:
"You have been running a long time. Isn't it time you stopped?!"
How many of us are still running?
* There is the 'cold' factor present in a surprising number of close encounter events. In an upcoming post, I'll delve into this further.

Grey Hive Mentality

A Hive Mentality?

* Before I start my Gray Alien ramblings, I'd like to take a moment to thank my readers and to also apologize for the current non-professional state of my blog. I'm pretty new to this and have lots to learn! The more I can understand, and with plenty of help from friends, will enable me to go back and edit/shape up my site - which, trust me here, I fully intend to do :)
One of my foremost goals is to make this a learning site with lots of reader feedback, shared experiences, and most importantly - a platform for honest and sincere, well-informed individuals seeking irreducible and credible contributions with the end goal being that of solving a hundred-year enigma.
So jump on the bandwagon and make history! When enough minds join together, the impossible becomes possible.
Speaking of joining minds...
The greys certainly exhibit a hive mentality, don't they? At least the small ones do. I remember a quite vivid dream (?) wherein I was being led from my bedroom and out my apt., at least, that was my waking impression. My memory of this dream started and stopped with my seeming awakening to find myself standing in my pjs in the hallway between my bedroom and kitchen, surrounded by at least three small buzzing grey aliens whose close proximity I simply could not tolerate.
The Gray Aliens were communicating with one another in an intensely rapid, buzzing or chittering fashion, and I remember wanting to push them away from me as they were 'too fast' for my brain to somehow process or my waking ego to stand being around. This is difficult to precisely explain (but I do have an interesting proposal as to why this might have been so); they almost made me hurt in someway, and I felt a mild revulsion to have them so close to me. I felt mentally foggy, and had the impression that I was being partially awakened in order that they might take me somewhere, yet I was not to fully awake. I also think they were discussing what to do with me, when they noted my progression out of the ideal state of semi-conscious/subconscious brain function into that of fuller, beta brain function (beta is the logical, waking brainwave state).
But there I was, an ape in her pajamas, wanting nothing more than to put some distance between myself and these buzzing beings. The feeling was a little akin to when you come up out of anesthesia from oral surgery, and though you know who and what and where you are and what's going on and what's been done to you (versus the full blown dreamy lost time state of major-surgery aftermath). You know what's about but you're having an initially difficulty in pulling yourself all togher!
I really have to wonder if the Gray Aliens have alternating brainwave patterns such as we do? They may not, or quite possibly their pattern or patterns might be different ranges than what we find in Earthly major mammals.
I do think one thing is highly plausible: the human subconscious processes information (REM for example) at a faster speed than our normal beta/waking consciousness that we equate with our ego, our sense of self identity. This is the way we compress and store memory, akin to a computer and by association rather than sequence, and with a lot of cross-reference at work, too (no doubt much more is at play than what we've discovered thus far). Anyway, IF the greys have a naturally faster/hive like functioning, then the ideal way, possibly the only way, they could interact with us apes, might be when our own brain activity is in the 'fast lane' of the subconscious.
Interestingly enough: scientists are increasingly realizing that insects are the super heroes of the planet, having unique attributes that could guide the next wave of advances in the biomimetic robotics.
What a beautifully, bizarre universe we inhabit :)

Alien Abduction

Grays in the Night

UFOs and Alien abductions? Close encounters in the night? Do I ever stop thinking about mysterious things? Rarely. I'm the kind of indiviudual who's perpetually curious about the unknown. Being a virgo, my analytical faculties are a driving force to the personality, so I thirst to know the unknowable. Most times, its like living in a desert in search of the long, cool drink.
How's that for alien angst?!
How's this... one of my closest friends recently told me of her own bizarre experience that occured early in the morning. She woke in the wee hours to see numerous black shadowy shapes flitting about her bedroom and, initially, assumed they were her husband's dogs, somehow having got in the house and inside the bedroom. But she was awake and alert enough to realize this was not possibly the case, so she continued to watch these elongated dark shapes moving about the room. She began to feel frightened and huddled down in the blankets, considering all the while if she should rouse her husband sleeping beside her. Other than that, with children grown and gone, it was only the two of them in the home.
The longer she watched the more impacted she became as the poor woman tried vainly to make sense out of what these figures could actually be. When they approached her side of the bed, she shut her eyes and refused to look at them. In some way, she also refused to acknowledge them.
Well, as so happens, my friend eventually fell back to sleep and that was that. Later during the day she questioned her husband, but he had not been awakened nor noticed anything out of the ordinary. While not well versed in the ET phenomenon, Sandra's spontaneous thoughts were that the 'Gray Aliens' had been there again and she must remember to tell me, being well familiar with my unending search for high strangeness.
Unremarkably, since the morning in question, Sandra has developed an aversion to having the curtains opened at night. She and her husband, a late-middle-aged couple, live out in the country with no other homes adjacent to theirs, but such issues of privacy or being 'watched' had not previously caused her any concern.
Are the greys real? Did my friend truly have a close encounter? If not Grays, what did she see? Had she been or was she about to be abducted? Is there such a thing or is it a metaphor that our brains design as a closest approximation for something we don't have a reference point already existing in our memory storage?
The frustrating aspect of this type of occurance is that it does not answer any questions, it only raises more of the same. However, it must be said, the quickest known way to instigate a leap in intelligence in mammals is to expose them to a stressful, ever changing environment where the cheese is never in the same place twice.
Grey Alien abduction = real or imaged events? Are extraterrestrial beings hiding our cheese? If that's not food for thought, I don't know what is :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Greys in Lucid Dreams and Visions

Gray Alien Dream Visions
The Greys and other alien beings in lucid dreams and hypnogogic or hynopompic visions:
Hypnogogic is a term given to define the brain state we experience just prior to sleep; hypnopompic is the state preceeding awakening. Hallucinations, odors, sounds, visuals and such are common during either state. *
(For those interested in understanding how the mind functions during sleep, how to induce lucid dreams, how to prolong hypnogogic states and how to achieve a higher state of consciousness, there are many wonderful dream books right at hand. Also recommended are self hypnosis tapes which will greatly facilitate the desired state of right/left brain unification.)
As previously mentioned, I am slow to fall asleep. This seems to aid the hypnogogic process as I'm better able to catch it while it's occuring. And since I'm more consciously aware than is typical, I can play with the state, prolonging it or re-entering it for as long as I can, at least until normal sleep takes over. Many famous, intelligent and creative geniuses (such as Einstein) have long recognized the value of the hypnogogic state and sought by various means to catch its messages before sleep could overtake them.
The general consensus is that these are subjective (sigh, isn't everything?!) hallucinations arising from the viewer's own brain. However, that is only an opinion because the human brain may function arguably as both receiver and transmitter.
Nonetheless, once you experience something profound or otherwordly in the hynogogic state, it can be one of the most fascinating and puzzling events you may ever have. I've personally known several honest individuals who've sworn they met the Gray Aliens face to face, and received communications, in this particular state. I've had a few doozys myself!
My most recent hypnogogic experience, just a few nights ago, was so incredible that, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share it with others. If I'm slow or redundant in the telling, forgive me please :) It's late, I'm tired but I want to get this as precisely across to the reader as I'm able. So okay then ...
Resting in bed, thinking about things, mulling over the day and ideas. When, like a round circle cut out of the black screen in my mind's view, there appears a close-up of a man (dark haired, short dark beard, large round eyes, early 40's) who is glancing around as if looking for something, when suddenly he becomes aware of me watching him, and stares straight into my eyes. Very vivid and lifelike, not static like a photograph.
Mind you, I'm still quite awake and find myself jerked (like my mind 'blinked') out of the vision. Curious as all get-out, I relax, shut my eyes, rest my mind or try to, and wait to see if anything else appears.
BINGO! Almost immediately, my mind's field of vision opens up and I see what looks like a slice of busy village life -people, animals and low buildings in the background (all alive and in motion as if going about their daily doings). The grass is lush and green, as in early summer, and there seems to be a dirt path or road bisecting the area.
In the foreground, closer to me and visible from head to foot - is the same man who is now watching me. He is garbed in what looks like a long, flowing caftan or robe that has vertical velvet panels in different colors... I recall seeing a muted golden shade and also purple. Before he actually speaks, I get a telepathic metaphoric message that seems to spell out: ring bell for text. Then, (this was so neat!) ... with a flourish and gentle swirl of his robes, he turns to fully face me, gives a gentlemanly half bow and says with a friendly smile, "My name is Akeetah (phoenetic), I am at your service" !!!!
And that was that. Unfortunately, I was awake enough that I was shocked (again, as if my mind 'blinked') and I lost the 'connection'. But, while he didn't appear as a grey or Gray Alien or reptilian or anything that appeared extraterrestrial, I still wonder a lot about the vision.
Was my vision merely subjective or was it real? Well, I have to admit it seemed as real as real can be. And if it wasn't 'real', then how do I know for certain that what I experience in my daily, waking life is truly 'real'?
And of course, I've got to analyze everything interesting to death :)
Was I briefly connected to another mind (maybe in his subconscious state?) If he was real, then what time period are we speaking of, since what area I did see didn't appear to be modern, assuming it was a place of this Earth? If not Earth, well...
Then I'm back to square one again, wondering who and what is really 'out there'?! Or side-there. Or mobius strip there :)
Lucid dreams and hypnogic visions can be astounding, and greatly expand one's notion of reality. Anyone seriously interested in exploring the Greys, Esp, Dream control and how our minds may be connected to other minds may definitely wish to seek out further learning along the specific line of lucid dreaming. Do the aliens walk among us? Or inside us?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Greys who Glow?! And the Famous Zombie Word Alert

The Gray Alien Examination
My Own Close Encounter

Greys who glow?!
While I'm writing on a personal level for the time being, (don't think I've abandoned serious research - I've got a lot of material to digest and attempt to make some sense of!) ... I'd like to tell you about my first truely conscious Close Encounter experience which was (and has been) upsetting and difficult to properly niche in my world view.

The Close Encounter happened this way:
At the time, due to back and muscle pain, I had become accustomed to sleeping alone in the downstairs bedroom of our split-level home. I was and always have been a very light sleeper, being slow to fall asleep and quick to awake. I suppose medication would have helped the pain, but many meds bother my stomach so I just winged it and stood the discomfort as best I could (I'm only mentioning the medication thing so the reader will be aware that no drugs, alcohol, etc were involved - I'm very boring that way LOL).

With the curtains closed and no night light in use, with door closed, the room was very dark. After having been asleep perhaps 3 hours, I awoke in the middle of the night ... (I mean FULLY awake, no lucid or false awakening as I've experienced those and know full well the difference) ... suddenly and completely I was fully awake, opened my eyes and saw floating or swimming or stretched out roughly 6" above my prone body, a Gray Alien whose tremendous eyes were staring straight into my own! Let me clarify, the grey seemed to have been moving up and across my body (from foot to head) and was positioned a little above my waist level when I awoke and 'caught' it, so its eyes were both above and below my own. It was as if I had unexpectedly awoke and 'caught' the alien in the act (what act?).

One of its disturbingly thin thin arms and hand was stretched out and reaching upwards toward my shoulder area. But, I only had a mere second or two to look into those incredible eyes before I did the most unbelievable thing - which was to simply turn my head to the right on my pillow and go back to sleep.

Hours later when I awoke that morning, I didn't immediately remember the incident until I turned to straighten out my sheets and pillow, which brought the memory of the night's event fully into my conscious awareness. And, while you would assume that the Gray Alien's eyes would have been the most unsettling and best remembered feature of the Close Encounter, it wasn't. What virtually traumatized me was the impossibly thin, spidery arm that had reached out towards me. To this day (ten years hence) when re-telling or remembering the creature, I make this crazy gesture of sliding my left hand down and over my right arm and extending it further, to somehow impress or vent the disturbance that arm invoked in me! Now, a dream does not invoke a post-traumatic response and that is precisely what my gesture is indicative of.

Something puzzling, in the brief moments I viewed the grey, I noticed a few things that stayed with me. One, the head was iconic and YET, it was not smooth and shaped exactly as one sees depicted in common renditions. The head was more wrinkled, or roughly fashioned (and I would have been seeing the top-forehead area), lumpier maybe, than what I previously would have guessed. Two, the grey had a glow, like a bioluminescence of a weird greenish inner light, so it was quite noticeable in the darkened bedroom. A few years ago I tripped across information in a neurological article mentioning how part of the human brain ** , under certain conditions, was able to view low-range luminescence.

Okay, so what do I think? Was it real? Logically thinking - who knows. Emotionally thinking - absolutely. Did it impress me, or make a difference in my life? You bet. Something we know next to nothing about is part of our physical world and I am driven to understand it.

Furthermore, I want to add my additional impressions, although I don't know why exactly I should have these thoughts. But. I felt that the grey had entered my room via the large windows at the wall near the foot of my bed, almost as if I can visualize it climbing in. I felt that the grey had stilled itself, that it did not expect me to awake and 'catch it'. I felt that the grey then deliberately and purposefully sent me immediately back to 'sleep'.

And I felt like the eyes linked to a mind so unique, so beyond what we think of as human awareness, as to be in a category all of its own.

Was this a lucid dream or alien contact? Had I been abducted by a Grey? All I can say for certain is that I had been occasionally experimenting with self hypnosis and other mind expanding techniques. But never ever did I expect to wake up to see an alien hovering over body!

* Zombie Word Alert: Next to pizza, human brains are the favorite food of most self-professed zombies. The ultimate culinary delight, being of course, human brain pizza - easy on the onions. Thin crust only.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Religion: Aliens or Demons and the Famous Zombie Word Alert

Aliens or Demons Reflecting Religion
Demonized When It Gets Up Close & Personal

While I'm gathering information, taking notes, making comparisons, looking for common denominators, boning up on high-school science, compiling alien pictures and artwork, etc for my ongoing series of posts which revolve around the enigma of who/what/where the Greys really are (or are not) - I also feel the need to take breaks now and then, to touch on matters of a personal nature, my own or those of others.
Free Association, ya know?!
Anyway, there's no doubt about it, this kind of thing messes with your mind. Your idea of self. Your notions of sanity. What is real/what isn't real and how to distinguish the two. If you are like me, you try to keep that objective distance**. You have to, because along with the fascination and curiosity, there are emotional pitfalls which may trip you up if you're not careful.
The Gray Alien close encounter delights in pushing emotional buttons, almost as if it wants to catch you in a belief-system net. Some cultures call it 'The Trickster'. Or maybe it's a mirror effect of consciousness and like reflects like, with no malice or design aforethought. No matter what, it is probably in the experiencer's best interest to resist the allure of emotional thinking.
Case in point: Twenty years ago I knew someone (not a blood relation), she was around 70 yrs old at that time, had been loosely diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, and was somewhat fanatically religious (common in schizophrenia). She complained incessantly that 'little devils' or demons came around at night, and would point wands or rods at her legs and burn her. She also claimed that close family members were not who they seemed and were in fact demonic, little devils wearing masks.
Now, mental illness aside, this woman came from a strong fundamental religious background and lived alone most of her life. While she knew nothing of the close-encounter experience or aliens, she did know a lot about God and the Devil. I think her experiences terrified her and she interpreted them the only way she knew how, via a religious explanation. And I wonder, which came first... the close encounters or the mental illness? The personality can shatter and fragment under extreme stress. Additionally, too many close-encounter experiencers have been spoon-fed or embraced a particular 'belief system' or religion only to have it later yanked out from under them - leaving them no solid ground on which to emotionally stand.
Is the lesson here to only believe what you can take apart and put back together? Does a belief system help or hinder one? Yet, without something to hold on to, the close encounter leaves one stranded on an unknown shore. Maybe that's a good thing, to put aside the known and open oneself to the unknown.
Occam's Razor - a sensible principle whereby one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything. Typically, a religion or belief system opens up more entities than necessity requires.
So what do you do think when 'little devils' burn your legs, at night, with wands? What does a small child mean when she proudly tells all within earshot 'the Walking Sticks' are her friends, only to experience abduction scenarios by the grey aliens for the next 50 years? What kind of belief system can explain bold, nickel-sized bruises spaced as finger prints on both thighs of someone who sleeps alone (without human or animal companions)?
How might Occam's Razor be applied?
Isn't the world a fascinating place?!?!
Now, if anyone would like to share their thoughts or experiences on the aspects pertaining to religion and aliens or demons aspect, I would love to hear them. The more people thinking 'outside the box', the better.
Until later, have a perfect paradigm!
** Zombie Word Alert: Recently, more and more health officials recommend keeping an objective distance between zombies and your weak, puny, vulnerable human flesh. According to an expert as quoted in last month's issue of Things to Be Very Afraid of Digest, approximately 1.7 miles is the optimum distance.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grey Alien Examination: Part III

The Gray Alien Examination - Part III

The Grey/Gray Alien, thus far, seems to indicate a nocturnal (or variant thereof) species) with little use of molecular air movement for communication. The sense organs used for hearing, speech, smell appear atrophied or under-developed. These organs do appear (at least superficially) to be in evidence, but they do not appear to be proportionally utilized in regards to those organs of sight and touch. The greys, at this time, may be logically considered as a lifeform long exposed to an environment with little to no natural air movement, as we think of it - but at one time they must have been so exposed, or it is doubtful the greys would possess these organs in the first place.

Nocturnal, oceanic, subterranean, brown-dwarf planetoid where infra-red vision would be the standard, artificial environment of long standing (okay, we're all thinking 'space ships') are plausible labels.

Now, since the Gray Alien is a bipedal (as are hominids), why is it so spindly? How and why would a lifeform, under what conditions, develop the form we are familiar with? ...

A. the grey head seems far too large for its neck to support.

B. the grey is short legged but proportionally so for its size, yet the arms are disturbingly long, as are its hands and fingers.

C. the thumb, sitting as it does in relation to the fingers, may indicate greater dexterity than found in Earthly bipeds.

D. Nails and teeth, common biological tools for attaining sustenance, are not visible or are greatly retarded. [and this brings to mind what those close encounter experiencers who have allegedly produced 'hybrid' offspring have been told regarding such offspring - "you cannot feed her/him"]

Under what type of gravity has the grey evolved? Comparative to Earth's, would we choose a heavier or a lighter gravity? And there are good arguments for either choice. My own conviction as it stands at this time, is that the Alien Gray has naturally or artificially evolved under conditions of heavier-than-Earth gravity for the following reasons (which may or may not be flawed):
* The bipedal grey can move faster than the dominant lifeforms of Earth's planet can imitate or visually track, except under certain conditions of right brain subconscious dominance which process information quicker than the 'daytime' left brain dominant state we humans associate with our normal, waking selves/ego. If their point of origin were that of a lighter gravity, then one might suppose the Gray Alien would appear slower and more sluggish in its observed state. I believe the greys come from a place of heavier than Earth gravity.
More tomorrow - have a good rest

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Area 51 Scientists Gray Alien Examination

Gray Alien Examination


Area 51 Scientists break decades - long silence!

Will the enigma of the Grey Aliens and UFO's be resolved?

Not today, my friends, not today.

It seems a recent CIA declassification now allows the explanation that what many have mis-identified as otherwordly, is no more or less than a secret plane code-named OXCART. Reportedly, the plane flew over 2,800 missions out of Area 51 and was able to fly at 3X the speed of sound. By golly. There's more on the subject, those interested are encouraged to go take a gander on the web.

I wonder how many UFO buffs are feeling like gullible goons this morning? Well, they needn't, for there are stranger things in the sky, Horatio, than those which the CIA discloses.

While the field of Ufology is not my primary interest by any means, excepting as it were any relationship to the Gray/Grey Aliens, I still try to keep abreast in a casual fashion.

My personal take thus far is that too much of Ufology is overlayed by national security to successfully unravel. I suspect that when the governments of other countries begin shouting and pointing fingers for UFO disclosure, what they are really saying is, "We know your military is flirting around out here with some really great toys and we demand you share the wealth of knowledge, or at least come clean about it!"


I think if you really want to sniff out the goods on Ufology and other-worldly craft, you need to start your sniffing prior to the era of Aeuronautics and Technology, else it gets too messy to make much of. You're got to snoop around prior to modern industry. And there exists a nice batch of historical anecdotes, so it's well worth the trouble, if that is your interest.

* * *

Sleep beckons. The author intends to resume serious work in approximately 6 to 10 hours. Unless the author gets abducted - (I think I'm kidding, hard to tell at 4am)

The Gray Alien waits for no man (or does it?)...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gray Alien Examination Part II Continued

Grey Aliens Examination - Part II Continued

Gray Alien physiology - picking up from where we left off, having thus far noted a fair plausibility for a 'nocturnal (all variants included) species' - either biologically or artifically so.

C. In addition to the white/grey pallor of the epidermis, and the immensely dark, prominent eyes, consider too the apparent atrophy or immaturity of other facial features: chin, mouth, nose and ears. These structures are markedly diminutive in the greys.

The Gray Alien's aural structure (as we see it as this time) may not be sensitive to the movement and vibration of molecules outside the organism in the manner of humans and other known vertebrates, although the internal structure beyond the ear opening (and it has been reported to exist) is unknown. The grey does not appear to use sound as a primary means of communication - which ironically plays into the telepathic abilities the grey alien is noted for.

On earth, bats use what is called ultrasonics (a frequency higher than audio) and dogs are able to hear ultrasound. On the other end of the spectrum - snakes, whales, elephants and giraffes sense infrasound. And underwater, the speed of sound moves faster than it does through the air, which serves well those species whose environment is not conducive to sight. However, the Gray Alien does not appear to suffer any deficiency when it comes to sight ... if anything, due to the observed nature of the eyes, the grey could be said to have an over-development in this department. The same may not be said for its hearing, perhaps.

Or not. The Gray Alien does come across as being rather insectile, due to the enlarged head, stomach (thorax?), spindly limbs and speed of movement. Many close encounter experiencers and researchers have postulated a certain 'hive' mentality. Furthermore, insects do not possess lungs (respiration has not been noted in greys). The Praying Mantis, for example, hears via ultrasound which enables it to avoid its predator, the bat.

Interestingly, the Close Encounter experiencer may have the uncanny urge to 'crush' the grey, like a bug! The experiencer remarks upon the seeming fragility of the grey alien, only to be later surprised by its unlikely strength. Obviously, there is something about the Gray Alien that prompts an instinctive 'human to insect' reaction or revulsion.

But, while the study of the insect kingdom does bring up some interesting features (such as the Integument with its incredible combination of strength and flexibility) as compared to certain characteristics of the Gray Alien, it is considered very unlikely that an insect can reach any significant size due to a limited oxygen dispersal. (the reader is encouraged to do their own research in this area as the author may have overlooked viable similarities due to the rather vast amount of information available on the insect kingdom. The author gets tired!)

*** I'd like to take a 'time out' here and ramble a bit, simply as 'one' curious person to 'another'. What I'm going to say is simply MY impression, my thought process, etc... as an individual. It is not easy, even with the wealth of the all-ready existing information (anecdotal and otherwise) available, to take on a project such as I am attempting to tackle. I wish I had the help of a team of experts - biologists, entomologists, neurologists, psychologists and the list goes on. Who knows, with the assistance of competent professionals, what kind of inroads could be made to unravel the Gray Alien enigma? Unfortunately, I don't have this kind of help.

But, you can darn-well skippy bet that somebody has had this kind of help, has pieced together an accurate picture, and knows who and what the Gray Alien truly is! And that somebody is not talking.

I'm not referring to a governmental or otherwise 'conspiracy' theory. I'm not speaking of the latest contactee with an inside tract. I'm not going off into wonderland and embracing the 'space-brother' idealist, either. While any or none of the above may have merit, at this time I see those things as a distraction and impediment to serious inquiry. At this time.

The very nature of the human response to the Gray/Grey Alien enigma allows for easy side-tracking.

What logical thinking does lead me to believe, however, is that with the decades long fascination, experiences, ridicule, study-groups and organizations, sightings, abductions (as reported), information, mis-information, dis-information, trace physical evidence as it stands, the vacillating interest (public and military) of the enigma, the popularity of the grey icon in media - movies - books - tv shows - radio and so forth ... with the above it must be said that somebody somewhere has thoroughly, seriously and precisely dissected the Gray Alien enigma inside-out and upside-down and has the answer!

And that somebody is not talking. At least, not to the likes of me. Or you (or you wouldn't have stayed with me this far).

No matter what the Gray Alien enigma is or is not, no one person has thoroughly come forth and presented John Q. Public with a detailed analysis w/conclusion as to what we are dealing with.

Oh, there are books (sincere or otherwise) published by the fistful. But none of them has been able to answer THE question "What are the Gray/Grey Aliens and Why are They Here?" to any inarguable/irreducable conclusion. Wouldn't you think, after no less than half a century, somebody could do so? Wouldn't you think that somewhere, someone has been able to establish a solid-working-ground on which to build serious analysis?

My opinion - it's absurd to think that someone has not already done so. To my mind, that is perhaps the MOST absurd aspect of the Gray Alien enigma.

Yet, here we stand on the first floor of the 21st century, still struggling for answers. Really now, this shouldn't be this hard.

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