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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Secret Power of the Mind - Part 4

There is little more fascinating (and ultimately rewarding) than investigating the untapped potential of the human mind! And, if quantum physics holds any truth closest to its heart, it is that there can be no separation from 'he who observes' and 'that which is observed'. Which signifies, in essence, that we ARE what we think. The human mind imposes its expectations, fears, and beliefs outward and onto the blank canvas of reality, and the resultant *picture* is then mirrored back at the mind/observer - who FURTHER interacts, imposes, etc upon this self-same mirror thereby RE-enforcing the mind's original construction, etc and on to infinity we go. No wonder it is so difficult and lengthy a process for a leopard to change his own spots!

Before we delve further, please review my earlier posts regarding the untapped potential of the human mind:

Alright, then. Hopefully you have taken the time to read the above, and are eager to explore further in depth.

Now, regardless of whether or not the *mirror effect* is some mysterious force of the Prime Creator, or a by-product of quantum entanglement, the observer effect is fairly consistent across whichever board you care to assign it. As above, so below. Path within, signposts without - just so we are clear.

Before I proceed, repeat the following silently or aloud until you are comfortable in your own mind that you completely and absolutely understand the basic premise of what we are discussing: "AS I THINK, SO IT BECOMES. AS I BELIEVE, SO IT COMES QUICKLY. AS I KNOW, SO IT IS DONE."

Yes. There are THREE stages of the Mirror Effect.
1. "Thought" plants the seed.
2. "Emotion" is the fertilizer that may quicken growth.
3. "Knowing" completes the cycle.

That is why, when studying any positive thinking, affirmations, and all related matters, one must be IMPECCABLE in one's thinking. There is no room for wishy-washy, vacillating thoughts. To quote Don Juan: a warrior must be impeccable in his thoughts.

And, of course, in order to imprint one's beliefs, desires and dreams upon the cosmic blank canvas, one must remove or patiently await the disintegration of whatever one has previously imprinted. In other words, the soil must be made clean else we are forever battling the detritus of our former gardens.

As our reality appears to suffer under the laborious constraints of Time, one must also exercise patience. A patient and impeccable thought may move mountains.

Alright, you say. I know all this. What next? Because there's always a next, isn't there? ...

This is where the study of Mind Power truly begins to grow fascinating. Because. The next step presupposes and works along the line of a SECOND intelligent party present.

We may call this 2nd mind present by any moniker we wish ... Other, Alien, Angel, Higher Self, Bob Brown, etc. As long as we are in agreement that this SECOND party is intellectually self-aware is all that's needed at this point.

So. The players now stand at three:
1] The original observing human mind
2] The blank canvas/universal mirror/quantum field
3] Another thinking self-aware mind of unknown origin and/or intent

This is where the game really takes off. For it is a rather simple notion to suppose that all one must do, to move one's car around the track in the fashion one best prefers, is to think precisely and consistently and unceasingly of the preferred direction.

But what IF another mind is also at play? What IF another mind has ALREADY set up certain conditions, constraints, rewards and punishments - or traps & fail safes along the way? How would we ever know for certain if there existed a behind-the-scene programmer? What happens when we consider the mirror effect of the quantum field as a computerized program [and please remove any remnants of The Matrix in your thinking, for that is NOT what is being proposed] - because it is very likely that IF there is indeed another thinking mind[s] present, then it is equally plausible that any program/construction must bear that particular mind[s] bias and/or prejudices.

Thus, the ultimate question must be - how would one go about discovering the 2nd mind's influence or revealing it's presence?

How might one trick the 2nd mind or 'game' the system? And, before I go one sentence further, I am NOT evoking a Creator/God when I speak of the invisibly present 2nd mind. Not at all. In fact, for ease of usage, what I AM putting out here is - say, a rather brilliant group of evolved minds somewhere far, far away. Or whatever. It really doesn't matter at THIS point, because first we must test for such a possibility without worrying about a theoretical zip code.

Now then. As we go about our daily life, it is impossible to thoroughly remove one's self from the world about us. We see good souls suffering hardships, or dying before their time. We see crime and cruelty seemingly go without punishment. We see, hear and experience so much so that it truly appears that our world, planet, society is one ass-backwards fubar. Where is the justice, where is the fair play, where is the mirror, we ask?

Right in front of us. We will see what we expect to see. We will experience what we expect to experience, and so forth. And yet ...

What if it is ALL mere illusion? That is where the power of the human mind fills the gaps. Paint what you wish to see, speak what you wish to hear. But is there an even BETTER way to create/think the experience we wish to make manifest?

If there IS a second mind at work, a hypothetical brilliant computer programmer and his crew, what have they brought to the table? What are their biases and preferences? What hidden *Easter eggs* or clues have they scattered about just waiting to be unearthed? Hmm ... I like the sound of that, don't you?

But no matter what, it is a pretty safe bet that this hypothetical 2nd entity has an "agenda" or "purpose" in mind. If you are fortunate enough to have a computer programmer/designer as a friend, ask them how they work, how they think. As I know one, I can assure you that they create with a PURPOSE in mind.

So, again. What is the purpose, the agenda of our hypothetical 2nd mind/entity? How can we think or conduct ourselves in such a way as to reveal the hidden purpose? Is there a better way to 'pass Go' and avoid any pitfalls along the route?

To seriously advance along the line of utilizing the Power of Your Mind to the absolute BEST of your ability, I suggest you pay very close attention to the seemingly innocuous events and endless minutia of your day to day life. Keep a detailed diary, and keep it updated faithfully. Look for cause and effect, for that is the most efficient tool at one's disposal.

And certainly be on the look out for synchronicity. Accept nothing as mere coincidence. Personally, I suspect that incidents of synchronicity, most notably those that come fast on the heels of a particular thought or experience, are indicative of a glitch in the program, or - at the very least - are suggestive that one is closer to the fabric of reality, as it really is. If that makes sense ...

In summation, remember the 1st triad of Mind Power: mind, intent, mirror. Remember the 2nd triad of the Mirror Effect: thought, emotion/belief, knowing/conviction. And most importantly, by meticulous observation, be on the lookout for the 3rd triad of Partnership: the human mind [you], the mirror itself, and the behind-the-scenes secondary mind/unknown programmer.

Does God Exist?

It's only recently that I've pondered the existence of God without experiencing that furtive, fearful sense that I'm somehow committing an unpardonable sin simply by daring to question, what is to many, an unassailable given. IS THERE A GOD?

God, with a capital G. As in the primary source, the singular, the First Cause. As we humans have this persistent need to personify the forces around us - let us also consider then the Great, Bearded Man in the Sky, or man's idea of God.

Personally, my opinion is that if indeed a singular First Cause Force/Intelligence does exist, then It is a far cry from man's limited notion of what God may embody. However, and despite how inexpressibly difficult a concept the following at first appears, the universe does not necessarily require a First Cause. Like it or not.

While my heretical thinking might at first brand me as an atheist, an agnostic might be the more accurate term - although I think the need for labeling is pointless. We're all on a journey of discovery, and this is where I am at THIS point in the Great Process.

Nonetheless, when I examine the concept of God in the strictest sense of the term, the first and most glaring obstacle in my acceptance thereof, is the notion of Fair Play.

You know, that whole ethics vs free will kind of thing - one of which seems to be sadly lacking, in my humble opinion.

While it is reported, and perhaps accurately, that man is not capable of seeing the entire picture from his limited perspective - it appears to me that any deity which allows the level of cruelty against the helpless & innocent as is so rampant on our dear planet Earth, THAT deity is sadly lacking in ethics and has a tremendous lot to answer for. To be held accountable for.

Inexcusable, no matter what the lesson nor how big a picture we are talking here.

In absolute honesty, the majority of humans are a rather selfish, brutish and frequently cruel species that has an unfair advantage over the rest of God's green earth. Not only that, but we are lazy and stupid and frequently malicious as well. The human focus, in general, is nearly always self-serving, even if that means another living, feeling creature must suffer unthinkable tortures as long as man's desires are to be met.

Nice plan, God. Thank You for the creation and domination of a singular species with the ability to thoroughly rape and ruin the other 99% of Your children.

But there's good news! Allegedly man has a soul, a little perk denied the 99%, so we're the only creature that matters here. And we are so worried, so fearful that our SOUL make it to the free parking/home base called Heaven, where our trials and tribulations shall cease to matter, that we don't give a tinker's damn about the process. This is a case where the end justifies the means. Allegedly.

So, no. When I see forests destroyed and indigenous populations rendered homeless, when I see helpless animals tortured or babies beaten to death, when our foodstuffs are *manufactured* under conditions that most of us do NOT wish to know about - because then the unpleasant burden of knowledge would make the veal or milk or chicken patty less palatable, when - in order to serve man's horrible vanity that he/she might appear desirable - creatures are blinded that we might color our hair, skin, and so on and so forth ... I cannot and will not believe that any supposed deity/creator could have good reason to allow such atrocities under the guise of Free Will.

Not only is it deplorable ethics, but it is also illogical. Therefore, progressing along this particular line of reasoning, is it possible that man's idea of God is terribly flawed/limited [biased?]? Are we then to consider the notion that perhaps, should an almighty truly exist, that God is more of a First Cause/Force?

Certain proponents of theocracy would have it that not only is man incapable of understanding God, but that Man is NOT to question the mysterious [that's putting it nicely] workings of God. And as I prefaced with, it is only in my increasing age that I have begun to feel even remotely comfortable with questioning the supposed ineffable.

However, we are still left with the paradox of struggling to reconcile a benevolent God or Creator or First Cause et al, with the conditions of cruelty and corruption rife within our paradigm.

We go to church on Sunday to bask in the reflected glow of God's Word, then we drive home in our gas-guzzlers, ignore our pets dependent upon us for love & sustenance, we remove our clothing that was largely produced in third world countries for a pittance and under sub-human conditions, we feast on the flesh of animals that were abused and will never know kindness nor such basics as green grass and fresh air, we cleanse our skin of cosmetics, perfumes, and other laboratory concoctions, ... we do all the above and more besides, and yet have the unmitigated gall to believe our souls are somehow *saved*.

If that is not the epitome of insanity, I don't know what is.

So, no - I don't see how man's idea of God is plausible. Therefore, and again - along this one particular line of conjecture because life is neither black or white - God, should He or She or It be a real & true entity, must be something entirely different from what we would like to comfortably believe.

I'm not sure what THAT might be, but until we know for certain, could we please agree to stop killing each other and the rest of the ecosystem in the meantime? That's what I'd like to see God/Creator/First Cause, etc do. Give man a "Time-Out" and send us to our room for further reflection.

In conclusion, there are those who say that time and space are not linear constructs at all, that everything exists at once in an ever-present Now. If that is true, then consider the possibility that in our linear perspective, God is something we create as we go along. That the loving and omnipotent God we seek can only spring from our own being. And if that should be the case, we've certainly got our work cut out for us.

I truly don't know.