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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gray Aliens and Reincarnation


Reputedly, the gray aliens have long been with us. On the rare occasion when the Grays have deigned to hold actual discourse with their lowly abductee, they have frequently issued the puzzling claim that they have long known the abductee, not just in this particular lifetime, but also prior to the abductee's birth, and/or throughout multiple reincarnations. The gray aliens may lay particular emphasis on this supposed fact, as if this familiarity offers them a sort of carte blanche to do the things they do.

Close encounter experiencers (CEEs), both in reported abductions and personally known to me, have sometimes been shown their private 'lineage' - that of past, present and future incarnations, as well as a lineage of blood lines. These displayed images often take the aspect of living or holographic 'pictures', which we can relate as similar to an ultra-high resolution series of flat monitors lined in a row as one might line pictures of their child's school years upon the walls of one's home. In fact, these 'pictures' seem very akin to what we might imagine a future laser-enhanced digital camera would produce, were such a gadget to become available, or a similar analogy would be our own HDTVs taken to the technological max.

Which brings us to another point of consideration regarding the Gray Aliens and reincarnation: Abductees and contactees are frequently given to understand that there exists a 'family' connection of which we have scant awareness. The grays, light beings, reptilians and Nordics have, at one time or another, alluded to this mysterious relationship. We have also been given to know that - 'as if we are all in this together' [whatever this might be]- there is an agenda at hand, a plan, a purpose, and that we have agreed to serve our part in this plan. Dreams centered around 'serving/hosting/waiting on' unknown cousins or unknown family members are common to the alien abduction experience.

So, as I mentioned in my post previous to this one, if humankind is indeed on it's path toward immortality, and IF our biggest hurdle at this time, is that of maintaining the self-conscious awareness of I Am as our energetic selves are reshuffled, re-cycled, re-incarnated and otherwise tossed back into the mix again and again, until A Plan or Agenda is resolved, this this could very well be an integral facet of that which must come to pass, and the Grays may well be the custodians or working technicians employed in the process of this plan, while the Nordics and Light Beings might very well be either our future incarnations or, equally feasible, other humanoid vessels who have already trod the road to immortality and perhaps seek to process other self-aware energies along the same lines.

Why these beings choose to involve themselves at all is the salient point. While man prefers to believe the entire cosmos revolves around his importance, this certainly may not be the case. Which then leaves the blatant fact that if these gray aliens, light beings, reptilians, and God-Knows whom else, are not acting under the impetus of sheer altruism, then they must have at least some vested interest in our reincarnational evolvement, beyond that of the occasional family reunion type thing.

Coming Soon to a blog near You (this one, okay): Grays, aliens, Light Beings and the Cosmic Vested-Interest Game.

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  1. My experiences consist of Ongoing encounters mostly while I sleep.
    Last time really unbelievable. Around May 1, 2012. Gold Canyon, arizona, USA. Woke up gasping. Strange and realistic experience. Two or three greys paralysed me somehow, I think telepathically. Couldn't move. Asked me almost interogated me mentally wanting to know who my creater was. Sounds silly now however at the time I didn't know what to tell them as I was terrified because I was unable to move. I said I don't know, as One of them approached me from the left side with a long needle about 5 to 6 inches long and injected it into my left upper abdomen. At that moment I cried out, "Lord God have mercy on me!" and I woke up. It was a vivid dream and I took a deep breath when I awoke to make sure my lungs were intact. I went about my normal routine for about a week when I looked in the mirror and noticed my left breast was hanging lower and smaller than the right one. I got breast implants in 2004. I called my doctor and have an appointment next week for an exam of my breast. It appears the saline is completely gone from my left breast. I am a middle aged woman with two grown kids, and 4 grand kids. I am intelligent and not making this up. I have had previous dreams periodically with obvious physical proof shortly or directly after my dreams. I beleive they are highly advanced and can control us via
    mental telepathy. I beleive they are studying us but seem cold, uncaring and on a mission, perhaps residing in some sort of other demension or sub space. I am not crazy, just baffled at strange events I cannot explain. I beleive our government is aware. We are not alone.