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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alien Abduction in Dreams

As infrequently as most of us remember our dreams in detail, from time to time there may be remembered a dream of exceptional clarity - one that is stunning in both it's emotional impact upon the dreamer, as well as the unusual content of the dream itself.

Not discounting instances of sleep paralysis (or the Old Hag syndrome) or lucid dreaming, there are those dreams redolent with a particular alien flavor - a certain level of high strangeness - that leaves us scratching our heads come the morning light.

While most of us who have made at least a cursory attempt to understand this type of strangeness have resultantly become familiar with hypnogogic and hypnopompic imagery (alpha state), the deeper slower rhythms of delta and theta states, the increasing frequency of REM (shorter cycles) as the night progress, as well as the roles that melatonin, serotonin and DMT play in regulating our wake/sleep state, and finally - the processing/condensed storage/enhancement of memory via REM common to nearly all mammals as a means to save on *space* [or size of the skull/brain cavity kept within a range suitable to the mother's birth canal].

Okay, so we know all this.

And yet ...

What we do not know is how a mind not of this planet may function. Pre-supposing there are indeed intelligent beings scattered throughout our ever expanding cosmos, they are just as likely to possess brains (a) with one singular undivided hemisphere, (b) have as little as one or two brain wave states, (c) or half a dozen, or (d) have a completely different data processing center as compared to our own brain/nervous system.

So while it can be reasonably stated that man is finally exiting the dark ages as regards the workings of his own biology, the same cannot be said for anything else that may be 'out there'.

Which leaves us with a quite valid conundrum as to whether or not so called alien dreams have any objective validity beyond the subjective worth of the dreamer.

While it may be the height of foolishness to attribute any import to dreams of Greys or Reptilian beings, it may equally well be the height of arrogance/ignorance to disregard such dreams.

For we simply do not know.


Now, if my own personal dreams are of any merit, then I can truthfully say that - upon close and detailed examination - they [as is customary with the right brain state] are rife with metaphor and symbolics. As most dreams are.

I can also say that these metaphors and symbols do not extend to the exceptional dream characters sometimes present. Again, to be clear - it is often the dream imagery that is symbolic or overlayed, not necessarily the *communication* as given within the dream.

I'll admit, this is annoying to try and make concisely understood. But there is an unique distinction between ordinary dreams and those that possibly indicate another mind present besides that of the single dreamer.

For a good example - one of my dream characters asked, with the utmost degree of facetiousness (or snarky, if you prefer) - "do you know where you are?"

Unfortunately, I didn't. I would love to know what this character would have said if I had been lucid enough to pursue the line of questioning. Maybe another time ...

Anyway, not knowing how any other mind besides the human mind functions, it is possible, if not plausible, that somehow, somewhere, there may be intelligent beings aware of our existence who reach us via our dream state. In fact, it is not wholly unlikely that for some beings the dream state might be the only way/time they CAN interact with us.

Or interface, as I like to say.

However. There arises potential problems with the above theory, and to name but a few:
1. We do not have any infallible means by which we can distinguish the workings of our own imagination and the intrusion of an objective *other*. God knows, our mental health as a species is on shaky enough ground as is.
2. The gullible, superstitious, ignorant or unstable among us could be made worse by entertaining such a possibility in the first place. Some egos/personalities being more fragile than others.
3. If the human mind is an open door to everyday stimuli of all sorts, is it also *open* to whomever or whatever happens to land on our doorstep? Can we close the door if desire or need be?

On a more positive note, if alien abduction dreams may sometimes be distorted, yet true interfaces with other objective beings ... consider the following metaphors - ones I've uncovered by taking the time to commit all note worthy dreams to the annals of my tattered dream journal:
pregnant - to expect or be *expecting*
doctor/physician - one who heals or examines
baby - to bring forth, new life, young
fossil or dinosaur - old, extinct, buried
hospital - where one is healed
alien - visitor, alien-to-the-dreamer, unfamiliar, unknown

And so forth. I know I'm missing more, but without digging through a 14 year backlog, that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Yet, my point is that one should not necessarily take one's dream surroundings or actions at the same literal value as one does to all things awake. It is too easy to *jump* to the wrong conclusion when one is dealing with right brain imagery.

Which is absolutely not to relegate our right brain workings to the same dung heap as unicorns and dancing pink elephants.

If anything, after years of paying close attention to the amazing charade-like nature inherent in right brain communication, I have developed a deep respect for this often overlooked and easily dismissed portion of our being.

This silent partner who - though without conscious voice - guides, counsels and intuits every man, woman and child from birth to grave.

In conclusion, I'd like to add that though it may be eons before the seeming mystery of what alien abduction dreams truly represent - self, other or some bizarre combination thereof - it is a highly rewarding, often fascinating hobby to keep a dream journal. If you've never done so, or for whatever reason abandoned the practice, now is the time to begin anew.

Especially if you have reason to suspect/fear/desire that you may have been *contacted* - so to speak.

All I ask, ... well, strongly suggest ... is that you keep a level head, good sense of humor and a large grain of salt on hand at all times.

Even IF our minds are not accessible to alien beings, soul guides, angels or what have you, at least we may access our ever faithful silent partner (the right brain) and be a little better off for having done so.

It's a strange world, after all.

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