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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who Owns Us - the Sapient Five ?

Is Man an alien resource? A galactic property of absentee owners? Are we food for the Gods, loosh for the reptilians?

One must surely wonder.

There are those who would have it that in eons past, the known universe was parceled up and divided according to the needs of unknown beings whose presence we have only begun to suspect.

There are also those who question whether man himself is not a crop? A resource planted and shaped, hybrid and harvested as a soul or energetic source for the nourishment beings we cannot see nor hear.

For all man's magnificence, it must be admitted there is much we don't know. In the sense of universal time, it was only yesterday a primate species gained a foothold on our planet, and man discovered fire but a moment ago.

For all our gains and failures, for all man's arrogance and naivety, it is fairly likely that humankind is not the quite the master of his fate, irrespecting the intervention of Gods and Creators, those behind-the-scenes intelligences of whom many of us would demand an accounting from given but half a chance.

Sometimes all the melodrama and angst moves me to laugh, when I consider all the purported battle lines and warfare supposedly waged between the forces of Good and Evil, the sources of Light and Dark - all of which seems to (imagine that) revolve around man at its very center. This is where I have to suspect that Man, in all his childlike innocence, is not nearly the center of the universal world. Even though, exactly like children, we assume the Worlds to revolve around us.

We are ever so concerned with our place between these forces, and we desperately fear being manipulated by such. We are scared to death of aligning ourselves with the 'wrong' side, with the bad guys if you will, and bringing down pain & punishment upon our mortal heads. And since we know we don't know it all, and since we further know we are young and vulnerable, a species given to fear - then we must taint all else with fear, confusion and suspicion, because we cannot or will not move beyond our sense of self importance, the I of I.

[I have to say here, soapbox or no, that it is supremely ironic that a species (Man) who exhibits so little concern about the rights and well-being of lesser creatures, who routinely practices acts of horrendous cruelty against the fish, fowl and animals we 'share' this planet with, is the FIRST to protest the loudest when WE think our right-to-life, to safety, survival and comfort is threatened in any manner, shape or form by any other sentient species. Somehow we tend to suppose that the admonishments 'an eye for an eye' and 'as ye sow, so shall ye reap' pertains EXCLUSIVELY to our interactions with our fellow man.

Furthermore, I have reason to suspect, to believe if you will, that any TRULY enlightened or spiritual or more highly evolved, intelligent species would only assign to Man the level of compassion and right for respect that MAN assigns to lesser creatures. In other words, quid pro quo.]

Now, back to our owners: fairly unarguably, many of us today have a 'feel' that there are watchers beyond our immediate ken. There is ample speculation that intervention in man's affairs has occurred in the past, by angels or aliens, and will so occur again. That we will not be allowed to destroy ourselves, our planet, and so forth.

Religion and spirituality aside, why might this be so? In a nuts and bolts pragmatic sense, why should anyone or anything beyond our immediate galaxy really give a d**n what humans do or how we conduct the affairs of planet Earth? What would an outsider's vested interest consist of, we wonder? What, outside of a stage drama for Good vs. Evil, might justify the time, energy and investment for such an otherworldly concern?

Are we pets?

We laugh at such a crazy thing, but better minds than mine have posed these questions. The pragmatic why (let alone the 'how') of this watching, this intervention from somebody, somewhere that we can sometimes sense, sometimes experience, but only rarely hope to comprehend, and then only within the parameters of human comprehension.

Where do the three strangers, on a lonely road miles from nowhere, who happen to appear to rescue the stranded motorist, the accident victim, the man struck by lightning who saw his visitors control, reduce and then eventually absorb the lightning that melted the control tower equipment mere inches from where he sat ... where DO these beings come from, where do they go, and most importantly, how are they alerted/informed of such human mishaps and how is it that they do what they seem to do?

We may call them angels, Light Beings, spirits or aliens. But what are we to them?

We have all 'felt' things, often things we hesitate to mention for fear of ridicule or disbelief from others whose opinions we value. Many of us concoct or embrace belief systems to better grapple with these feelings, and for edification and understanding.

I have 'felt' that there may exist a level of intelligent beings whom, in order to avoid any belief system overlays, I like to refer to as the Sapient5 (Five). Sapient meaning intelligent, and the number 5 giving reference to an understanding, an ability to navigate space/time beyond the standard 4 dimensions with which man is currently acquainted.

This is not an unreasonable label.

This level of entity that I am struggling to define is not one with which we can demand an audience with any time we please, at the time of our choosing. Robert Monroe mentioned the same in his memoirs (albeit he referred to these beings via a different label, I think he, too, struggled to describe, to define the same entities I here refer to now). Monroe was adamant that these beings chose to manifest at their discretion, not ours. Where are they, I ask, as others have also asked, demanded and pleaded, during times of horrific suffering, unbearable need?

Do our owners, overseers, watchers, guardians view life through a different perspective than man's? They must, otherwise it's just a hit and miss happenstance when they intervene at all.

Or is there a basic guideline, a manual or concrete circumstance that specifies when and if such interference/manifestation be justified, and/or permitted. Why does man appear to rescue some creatures and not others? Time, place, opportunity and private agenda would be our points of determination, but what of the Sapient Five? What is the criteria, or whim, under which they choose to act? And has anyone seriously, methodically tried to figure this one out?

Better yet, CAN we demand an audience with these entities, to be heard and answered - if only we had the tools and know-how? Or if we understood the criteria and what justifies an answer. Unless, of course, justification has no bearing whatsoever. Which brings us back to happenstance ...

If man is mere property, then how is our value discerned? Are we an investment for someone's future, or do we produce in our current state. If we are a resource, what is the desirable commodity? And where/how is the supply and demand? If we are a pet, a curiosity, or a species to be 'preserved', then what is the worth/value prized?

We need to think beyond what humankind reaps from such contact or control, and speculate on what someone else might so derive.

While we, man, like to think in terms of love and compassion ... and we like to assume that such angelic or alien or Sapient Five intervention in our affairs stems from a sense of compassion, then how could it be that such a species of entities, capable of rendering relief, would so often refrain from intervening in far, far worse instances of suffering than that of a mere flat tire, or one man's lightning strike, etc. On the surface, such random and casual aid seems extremely nonsensical or haphazard at best.

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