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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gray Alien Examination: Cold Factor


The Cold Factor in Close Encounters

Why do many close encounter experiencers invision 'cold' or freezing scenarios? Is it to do with a possible subatomic transmutation? Are they taken to spaceships or areas which feel cold to human tolerance? Do the greys require a cold environment? Why would the human mind frequently create a chilly environ if the close encounter is a purely subjective experience? Where is the logic in that?

A woman finds herself ushered onto a bus-like vehicle, which is brightly lit and contains several other persons. Seated beside her, to the aisle and on her right side (right brain mirror-effect?), is a female she knows but doesn't know, a foggy guide-type personage whose purpose seems to be that of guiding and supporting her through the experience about to occur. The experiencer finds herself with a large bowl of ice on her lap and understands she is about to undergo a transformation. She is fearful and worries about getting stuck in the process, and is grateful for the companionship afforded her. Suddenly, the ice begins to transform into a vapor and fills the interior of the bus. The woman then experiences herself dissolving in some undefined way and her point of view is now outside the bus. She sees the enterior of the bus completely engulfed in a brilliant misty fog.

Howard is standing upon a beach and sees a silver, ovoid, airstream-like camper a few yards hence. Between he and the camper stands a silver refrigerator. To gain entrance to the camper, he must open the refrigerator and climb thru the freezer compartment. He fears getting stuck in the process, and momentarily experiences getting stuck. Soon he passes through the compartment and finds himself inside the silver camper where two small beings with overly large, black eyes are awaiting him.

The mother of an adolescent boy has died. Very shortly after her death, he finds himself standing in the kitchen, uneasily watching his deceased mother walk in through the front room door. Between them stands a refrigerator, which he hides behind because he knows she is dead and should not be there.

And so on. Sometimes very young children are discovered to be freezing cold by their parents, after a presumed close encounter with the Gray Aliens.

This aspect of the grey enigma, and especially as how it may relate to ghostly phenomena, should be further looked into for common denominators.

Sleep Tight ;)

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