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Monday, April 20, 2009

Grey Hive Mentality

A Hive Mentality?

* Before I start my Gray Alien ramblings, I'd like to take a moment to thank my readers and to also apologize for the current non-professional state of my blog. I'm pretty new to this and have lots to learn! The more I can understand, and with plenty of help from friends, will enable me to go back and edit/shape up my site - which, trust me here, I fully intend to do :)
One of my foremost goals is to make this a learning site with lots of reader feedback, shared experiences, and most importantly - a platform for honest and sincere, well-informed individuals seeking irreducible and credible contributions with the end goal being that of solving a hundred-year enigma.
So jump on the bandwagon and make history! When enough minds join together, the impossible becomes possible.
Speaking of joining minds...
The greys certainly exhibit a hive mentality, don't they? At least the small ones do. I remember a quite vivid dream (?) wherein I was being led from my bedroom and out my apt., at least, that was my waking impression. My memory of this dream started and stopped with my seeming awakening to find myself standing in my pjs in the hallway between my bedroom and kitchen, surrounded by at least three small buzzing grey aliens whose close proximity I simply could not tolerate.
The Gray Aliens were communicating with one another in an intensely rapid, buzzing or chittering fashion, and I remember wanting to push them away from me as they were 'too fast' for my brain to somehow process or my waking ego to stand being around. This is difficult to precisely explain (but I do have an interesting proposal as to why this might have been so); they almost made me hurt in someway, and I felt a mild revulsion to have them so close to me. I felt mentally foggy, and had the impression that I was being partially awakened in order that they might take me somewhere, yet I was not to fully awake. I also think they were discussing what to do with me, when they noted my progression out of the ideal state of semi-conscious/subconscious brain function into that of fuller, beta brain function (beta is the logical, waking brainwave state).
But there I was, an ape in her pajamas, wanting nothing more than to put some distance between myself and these buzzing beings. The feeling was a little akin to when you come up out of anesthesia from oral surgery, and though you know who and what and where you are and what's going on and what's been done to you (versus the full blown dreamy lost time state of major-surgery aftermath). You know what's about but you're having an initially difficulty in pulling yourself all togher!
I really have to wonder if the Gray Aliens have alternating brainwave patterns such as we do? They may not, or quite possibly their pattern or patterns might be different ranges than what we find in Earthly major mammals.
I do think one thing is highly plausible: the human subconscious processes information (REM for example) at a faster speed than our normal beta/waking consciousness that we equate with our ego, our sense of self identity. This is the way we compress and store memory, akin to a computer and by association rather than sequence, and with a lot of cross-reference at work, too (no doubt much more is at play than what we've discovered thus far). Anyway, IF the greys have a naturally faster/hive like functioning, then the ideal way, possibly the only way, they could interact with us apes, might be when our own brain activity is in the 'fast lane' of the subconscious.
Interestingly enough: scientists are increasingly realizing that insects are the super heroes of the planet, having unique attributes that could guide the next wave of advances in the biomimetic robotics.
What a beautifully, bizarre universe we inhabit :)

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