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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grey Alien Examination: Part III

The Gray Alien Examination - Part III

The Grey/Gray Alien, thus far, seems to indicate a nocturnal (or variant thereof) species) with little use of molecular air movement for communication. The sense organs used for hearing, speech, smell appear atrophied or under-developed. These organs do appear (at least superficially) to be in evidence, but they do not appear to be proportionally utilized in regards to those organs of sight and touch. The greys, at this time, may be logically considered as a lifeform long exposed to an environment with little to no natural air movement, as we think of it - but at one time they must have been so exposed, or it is doubtful the greys would possess these organs in the first place.

Nocturnal, oceanic, subterranean, brown-dwarf planetoid where infra-red vision would be the standard, artificial environment of long standing (okay, we're all thinking 'space ships') are plausible labels.

Now, since the Gray Alien is a bipedal (as are hominids), why is it so spindly? How and why would a lifeform, under what conditions, develop the form we are familiar with? ...

A. the grey head seems far too large for its neck to support.

B. the grey is short legged but proportionally so for its size, yet the arms are disturbingly long, as are its hands and fingers.

C. the thumb, sitting as it does in relation to the fingers, may indicate greater dexterity than found in Earthly bipeds.

D. Nails and teeth, common biological tools for attaining sustenance, are not visible or are greatly retarded. [and this brings to mind what those close encounter experiencers who have allegedly produced 'hybrid' offspring have been told regarding such offspring - "you cannot feed her/him"]

Under what type of gravity has the grey evolved? Comparative to Earth's, would we choose a heavier or a lighter gravity? And there are good arguments for either choice. My own conviction as it stands at this time, is that the Alien Gray has naturally or artificially evolved under conditions of heavier-than-Earth gravity for the following reasons (which may or may not be flawed):
* The bipedal grey can move faster than the dominant lifeforms of Earth's planet can imitate or visually track, except under certain conditions of right brain subconscious dominance which process information quicker than the 'daytime' left brain dominant state we humans associate with our normal, waking selves/ego. If their point of origin were that of a lighter gravity, then one might suppose the Gray Alien would appear slower and more sluggish in its observed state. I believe the greys come from a place of heavier than Earth gravity.
More tomorrow - have a good rest

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