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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Grays Alien and Abduction


In my previous posts, I've considered The Gray aliens from numerous angles, all centered around the theory that these creatures are by and large physically real, objective entities. I like to stress periodically that this is only one probability out of several. Once you close your mind to any possibility, you limit yourself to growth and learning. There is a very real tendency, on the part of myself or any other person, to seek out that information which in some way or shape re-enforces beliefs already held. This is an ego trap and must be recognized as such.

While struggling over the wealth of information, rumor and anecdotal reports from close encounter experiencers (CEEs), as well as that garnered from friends and family over the course of decades, I cannot help but hold a few beliefs of my own. Yet, a belief is not a known, and I acknowledge the difference. I hope the rest of you do, too.

As far as alien abduction goes, I still cringe slightly whenever I cast caution to the winds of sanity and admit that I am one of the ever increasing numbers who has experienced events suggestive of gray aliens and midnight examinations and what ever else goes bump in the night:

"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us!" (old Cornish Prayer)

Be that as it may. There is an unfortunate tendency for some experiencers and/or psychics to consider themselves a cut above the rest, elite or special in some fashion. This is a load. Personally, if I am special in any way it is because I don't take anyone's word for too much, choose instead to think my own thoughts and arrive at my own conclusions, always keeping the door ajar for a larger foundation upon which to grow and change.

The Grays certainly present a challenge, insofar that it is unbelievably difficult to lay any type of foundation upon which to build! I think Whitley Strieber stated the dilemma most eloquently when he noted that the gray aliens demand questions of one that cannot be borne.

My challenge is to reveal some solid ground underfoot and if I have to dig away at the Grays, until eternity is just a dim memory and old Sol is reduced to a lump of charcoal, then I am going to darn well do it. I'm just that stubborn.

So if you've followed my blog thus far, you know I'm digging for buried treasure in the field of frequencies now, because I think it's looking more and more that the answer to the Grays, Reptilians and alien abductions has its place there. There surely must exist, according to science, logic and theory, areas of energetic frequencies that are near enough our own to measure, and under certain conditions - interact with or they interact with our own. One, at some point, must blend into the other and I believe this area of interpenetration is the frequency state wherein close encounters, alien abduction and The Grays have their home locale. And either by accident or design, the wildlife of this near locale has access, some ability to interact, within our own.

In the book 'DMT: The Spirit Molecule' by Rick Strassman, M.D., his research subjects oft reported encounters with beings easily described as Reptilians, light beings, elves and gray aliens, as well as other entities besides. Many of his subjects were adamant that these were fundamentally real events and beings, and furthermore - these entities were somehow aware and awaiting the dmt-induced arrival of the human subjects.

This, and so much more, lends great credence to the supposition that just beyond our everyday ken waits a vast, no doubt greater than we at this time can begin to imagine, a huge eco-reality heavily populated with alien beings as objectively real as ourselves, but operating under a different set of conditions - one of those conditions being that of greater energetic frequency. The Gray aliens and Reptilians likely originate from this reality field.

Some of these inhabitants seem to study man as though they'd never encountered such a creature in all their born days, some express little to no interest, others are clinically detached, while again there are those who appear greedy, hungry and inimical in their behavior. I believe it was Robert Monroe who also encountered the same as I've described, and commented on the leech-like nature of these inhabitants. In essence, he remarked that in order to free one's self from these energy lemoras, a person had to remain very calm and not react or express fear or any other type of strong emotion. Only then would they leave the traveler alone and wander off, but at the first hint of returning fear or stress, they would return in schools like sharks scenting blood.
Intriguing to me, was a photograph I saw online (I wish I could remember precisely where), but it involved the birthday party of a very ill child who believed himself able to see angels all about him, and when a picture from his party was developed, misty 'fish' shapes were seen in large numbers throughout the group of party-goers. I've often considered these angels or entities to have been, for whatever reason, inhabitants or psychic lemoras from this astral level of close frequency to our own.
Mixed in with dreams of the Grays, alien abductions, Reptilians, humanoids and all the rest lays a hint of deeper meaning, something that would just make sense in our worldview if we could but remove our blinders for only a moment. I will say this, if these grays, like the gods of old, need man's attention, energy and focus for their sustenance - if these creatures really exist and in a way close to what I've described, then the smartest thing one could do is to ignore them, just as we accuse our own government of having done. But also ... if the Grays really exist and again, in a manner similar to what I've described, AND if they do more than feed off man, if they truly have sought after and are currently seeking greater substance and form, then the time has passed to ignore their presence.

What is the next step?

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