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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Illuminati


Given the dismal state of world affairs past and present, it's not difficult to attribute the ages-long mess we find ourselves in - to persons/powers outside our day to day ken. Numerous researchers, such as the inexhaustible David Icke, support the idea of a manipulating, covert cartel comprised of political, financial and industrial giantry dubbed The Illuminati. The Enlightened Ones.

The end-game of the Illuminati is thought to be that of absolute one-world control or the One World Order (and when that begins to pall ... then what?)

Powerful families and institutions allegedly linked to the Illuminati include both the Rockefellers and Rothschild's, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England, the Freemasons, various major universities, media conglomerations - and so on. There is a wealth of information available online for anyone who wishes to learn about the Illuminati, and as a detailed, in depth overview is beyond the scope of this post, I suggest those interested take an e-look around.

Anyway, the modis operandi of the Illuminati goes something like this: have a desired goal in mind, create or foster a problem with two sides (dichotomy), support/machinate both polar opposites equally, then present a solution/resolution to the created problem and reap the benefits as befitting the original desired goal.

From the atrocities of Hitler to manipulated religious fanatics to the indiscriminate slaughter of life-giving nature, to the final submission of our very minds and bodies to all who would dictate what is right and good and acceptable ... the list is woefully long, but all this and more, in one fashion or another, accurately or inaccurately, has been attributed to the covert actives of this alleged organization.

As fervently distasteful as this may appear, the simplistic genius of such an operative as that attributed to the Illuminati cannot be denied. In fact, if such an operative as brilliantly patient and well thought out should in fact exist (I make no claim one way or another, I really don't know) - then therefore it is equally likely there exists levels and layers far beyond what any conspiracy theorist may begin to imagine.

While one might rightfully ask "who in their right mind would lend their support to such an allegedly self-serving cartel?" Why, you do, of course! Unthinking, unknowing and always....... ALWAYS so easily manipulated as you eagerly jump in line to grab a big bite of the latest flavor of the week.

Now, here's where I throw tact straight to the four winds to shriek loud and long - "GROW UP"! If you so choose, you can spend the next hour or decade probing the secret goings on of the Illuminati and whatever else trips your collective trigger, but until you learn to take FULL responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions you (as well as I) will deserve no better.

Yes, that's right. You deserve to be manipulated (as of course, you will). And the most common human emotion to manipulate is that of fear. You need go no further than check today's news for the latest concern/threat/danger...

Too much salt, fat, caffeine, toxins, water, plastics, age, disease, pain, unemployment, money spent, money saved, save the planet kill the stray, fear this, avoid that, shame here, guilt there.

For God in Heaven, the year is 2009 and how many eons must past before mankind both as a group and as an individual learns from his mistakes, harnesses his animal instincts, and stands fully and compassionately in the light of his very own creaturehood. I mean, what does it take?!

When will we finally see that the answer does not lay with the left side, nor the right, that no answer is possible, no solution possible in a dichotomous society? I don't really give a rats' if the democrats OR the republicans are in power, that's not the answer though heaven knows we think it is. I don't really care what the best exercise machine is nor how to retain my sexual prowess into my 60's. And I certainly don't care if neighbors line up in admiration of my new toy in the driveway.

It's all minutia in the great scheme of things. As long as we spin, fret and create energetic friction, as long as the two sides are out of harmonious balance, as long as the yen and yang must ever wrestle ... there will be never be an end in sight.

As long as we behave as a herd and think like a herd, we will be corraled as such -by the Illuminati or whoever else steps in to fill the shepherd's shoes. When we are done with pointing fingers at our devils and laying prostrate before our gods, when we are finally done with passing the buck and shifting the blame onto whomever or whatever is smart enough to shear the sheep, then and only then will we become a species competent enough to stand on its own two feet.

When we are finally fed up with being told what we should look like, how we should live, which side of the coin to align one's self with, who is our enemy and who is our friend, when we are FINALLY ready to cease being the lazy and easily led creatures that our groupthink suggests us to be, then we may at last reap the benefits of a mature and evolved species. Sugar coat it or not, that's the truth of the matter.

So, whether or not the Illuminati exists as portrayed, whether or not you are commercially induced to inject plastic into your flesh for physical enhancement, and whether or not the financial institutions of the world have banded together to squeeze blood from our collective turnip ...

Our end goal as a species will always be that of higher evolvement. We can take the high road or the low road, but we are going to get there. It's simply up to each of us how painful or pleasurable the path should be. So let's quit pointing the finger at anyone or anything beyond our own backyard, and begin the tidying up process that begins inside.

Let's learn to think and act responsibly, instead of always seeking an eternal source of gratification and approval.

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