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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gray Aliens: the Secret Benchmarks of Alien Abduction

For many ufologists, there are certain little known facets and clues indicative of gray alien abduction which these same researchers tend to keep under wrap and not share in general with the world at large. The main reason for this is to use these benchmarks as a means of measuring claims of alien abduction against one other in order to weed out the genuine article from the bogus or mis-identified.
But no matter how near impossible it may be to arrive at a definitive yes or no when it comes to the question of 'is this person a victim of a close encounter experience level 3, 4 or 5?' - researchers nonetheless have put together, either individually or in unison, a list of red flags to help in the identification of potential abduction cases. While the jury is still 'out to lunch' as far as determining whether or not genuine alien abduction actually exists in the first place, it is still an intelligent move for ufologists and other researchers to avoid putting all their cards on the table at this stage in the 'game'.
It is unclear if a genuine list of these benchmarks is accessible to the uninitiated or the curious, though it may be possible to contact a prominent, reputable ufologist for information should one have a pressing need to do so. However, despite the disparate inference by some of the better known professional skeptics, most ufologists and alien researchers are dedicated, hard working individuals who may not have the time to allow for personal correspondence.
Additionally, with the release of these benchmarks would also go whatever scientific control-subject analysis the ufologists were striving to establish in the first place (and given the nature of this particular area of research, it is doubly important for researchers to jealously guard their findings - both for reasons of scientific veracity, as well as a hedge against the possible misuse or manipulation of data by outside agencies).
So while at a glance this guarding may seem like nothing more than sheer professional jealousy on the part of prominent ufologists, each seeking to advance their following and beat the other guy to the punch - other, more altruistic reasons lay at the heart of the secrecy, along with another one I've yet to mention and that is to limit the potential for emotional damage for those personalities prone to hysteria, obsession and confabulation!
In other words, most researchers are sincere, dedicated individuals who must, by the nature of their speciality and the media's relentless ridicule of the same, endure and have endured a bellyful of disdain as is. Having myself spent half a lifetime hammering on the door of the paranormal, enduring the incredulous looks by the uninitiated and misinformed, and finally deciding to go my own way with a clear head, armed with all the information at my disposal, keeping a firm grip on both reality, as well as my ego and emotions, I took a deep stubborn breath and plunged head first in to the maelstrom of the gray aliens/abduction enigma.
With that said, I will now leave you with one of my own benchmarks for consideration: The dissolution of previously held assumptions, belief systems and a new demand for, not someone else's answers, but personally earned knowledge.
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