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Friday, July 24, 2009

gray aliens - true abduction stories AND the Famous Zombie Word Alert

ALIEN ABDUCTION - another close encounter revealed?

First, let's face a few facts. No matter the pro or con of the issue, no matter how many contactees and close encounter experiencers come forth with personal accounts; no matter how many skeptics, psychologists or sociologists present viable alternatives to alien interfaces ... no matter which camp one chooses to align oneself with ... we simply DO NOT KNOW the bedrock reality underlying the Gray Alien Abduction enigma.

Either we are inherently unable to comprehend the enigma, or we at present lack the tools and sufficient knowledge to form a basis for understanding, we still must objectively acknowledge that, again, at least for the present time, the alien enigma lays outside our ability to indisputably resolve to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

With that said, here is yet another gray alien interface as given me by a young woman of my acquaintance. The typical benchmark features are presented in italics. Make of it what you will:
"I had a frightening dream. It was really upsetting and stayed with me all day. I wanted to tell you about it, even though I can't seem to remember all the details. But I was with family, family I didn't know. None of them looked familiar, but they told me they were my family. It was dark, and they had funny eyes. Big eyes. Spooky. Strange. We were doing things, I was supposed to be helping them or something. We were very busy. I was afraid even though I don't know what scared me. I don't even know where I was, but it was big. I know that, it was a big house or building - very sinister. I didn't really want to be there, but the family made me. I wish I could tell you what happened there, because something did and it was frightening."

Admittedly, this young lady made no mention of aliens, grays, reptilians, UFOs or any other reference to the popularized ilk. What she did remark upon is a certain facet that seems to be heard over and over, which is that she was in the company of an "unknown family group".

Being detail orientated, I may tend to catch or make too much of little things that other researchers aren't making a fuss about. However, my belief is that it is the little things that may prove more telling than any sighting or abduction or dream could ever hope to be, especially in lieu of the strongly divided camp** surrounding the gray alien issue.

(Honestly, I simply don't have the patience left in me to circle endlessly in debate as to whether or not the 'aliens are real' type of thing. I've stated more than once that it is as unproductive as a dog chasing his own tail. Primarily, our conception of 'real' may not be the most accurate yardstick against which to measure such a phenomenon. To query whether or not the aliens are real could be as misleading and inappropriate as trying to define the existence of God. We all have our own concepts, our personal ideas of what God, Gray Aliens, Real, Unreal, and so forth mean - but those are merely man's ideas or labels we concoct in the face of something beyond our level of knowledge/comprehension. So my stance, if I must have one, is that there exists something, and what that 'something' actually is - what it consists of, what perimeters or boundaries or laws of physics encompass it, et al., is anyone's guess at this time. Capeche?!)

Now, with a return to the 'family' thing: We are beginning to hear more frequently of close encounter experiencers (CEEs) making vague reference to this unknown familial group. Even for those completely uninterested or having no belief whatsoever in any gray alien interface of any sort, I imagine such a reference would surface were these individuals to track and report their strange and fuzzy dreams, hypnogogics and all the rest, as so many of us who are interested in the paranormal already tend to do.

So unfortunately, we have a biased data base to start with (although the famous Roper Poll was certainly a step in the right direction). Unless one has a vested interest in the subject, balanced input will almost certainly be lacking. At present, I don't see how this bias can be adjusted for.

You have to pay attention, to look for something in order to discover its presence. (Unless, of course, you happen to trip over 'something' in such a way that its presence cannot be ignored. Which is how most people come to consider themselves to possibly be CEEs)

So in my opinion, paranormal researchers really need a broader base from which to make comparisons, and I also suspect that the greatest potential for fruitful analysis may actually be to study, in so far as is possible, those reported gray alien interfaces, sightings and abductions from the 19Th century era. I say this for two valid reasons -
1) The first is that many sightings and reports cannot fully be trusted from any more recent time (circa 1900 to present) due to the ever-convoluted development of 20Th century technology, and the machinations of those in power who have chosen for reasons of national security and corporate interests to keep these developments under wraps for as long as possible. Remember, ANY and all important 'technology' is utilized in the following manner: First - military/political application, Second - corporate/commercial application, and then finally - Third - application at the level of the private/personal sector (that is you, my friends). This third level is where you may then trot off to your big box store, plunk down your credit card, and bring a piece of this tech home to play with. And God Knows how long any new tech discovery has been in the shadows before you can purchase a piece of it to put in your shopping cart (a watered down version, I might add).
So wisely, we should not place any bets on the table that the hovering football-field sized mothership wafting above our tree tops is not a tech toy from R&D, or that the latest scoop mark on Betsy's leg is not the result of stigmata under the heightened effect of ELF waves, or that the huge alien sighting in BFE is not a staged military/sociological experiment in human behavior. We cannot put bets on the alien genesis of crop circles, no matter how astoundingly complex, when our present era includes satellites, computer directed laser/microwave technologies, and all the rest. The table is already cluttered by too many rogue dice!
2) The second - if we search much earlier than the 19Th century, we are apt to run into a whole host of religious inference, distortion, fear and bias wherein it would be almost impossible to separate out the belief overlay from any precise, actual account (although this is a generalization, not a hard rule). And the further back in time we go, it only gets worse, because if one can recover potential accounts pre-dating the infamous and restrictive eras of witch hunting, inquisition and so forth, then we begin to run into those earlier era's given over to anthropomorphic distortion, where every star and meteorite was personified, deified, vilified, and otherwise muddled near beyond recognition.

So I rather think that, when it comes to gray alien abduction, close encounters, interfaces etc, that the 19TH century era might contain some interesting nuggets of worth, as it is not so remote that it cannot be understood, nor too recent that it cannot be trusted. Investigators will still have to lug about the proverbial grain of salt, but hopefully it won't be of such a size as to break the back.

** Zombie Word Alert: For those unaware, zombies absolutely love to camp! Being the ultimate outdoorsman, zombies are naturally attracted to all things redolent of nature, which includes woods, parks, campsites, forests, rivers, and sometimes your own backyard. According to a recent article in Semi-National Geographic Glossy Pictures of Naked Tribeswomen magazine, most zombies - when given the choice - will naturally gravitate towards rural areas as opposed to metropolitan locations.
Furthermore, there is a marked tendency of your average Zombie to revert to naturalistic animal behavior - which also includes the ability to camouflage their presence amid trees and leafy shrubbery, and to surprise their prey (you) at a moment's notice. Like all children of nature, these gentle beasts possess a heightened sense of smell and hearing, and may be lured to your campsite by seeming innocuous things such as roasted marshmallows and/or human breathing. When taking pictures of zombies in their natural habitat, it is recommended to use a low-flash as they are easily startled and may become unpredictable when aroused.

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