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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reptilians 2012: The Purpose

The Secret Conspiracy behind The Secret Conspiracy

Amid the clamor, confusion, confabulation, - not to mention myth/anthropomorphism, sun worship, textual mis-translation, metaphor/allegory as well as deliberate distortion and disinformation set forth - it becomes mighty difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding the entire Reptilian/Draconian/One World Order Covert Agenda.

And that's on a good day.

It's a mess. So, for the moment, let's agree to agree on a few basic assumptions:

A) Life now moves faster, events unfold with greater rapidity, and we feel ourselves to have lost control (be it financial, emotional, social and so forth) over our lives. Like hamsters on a wheel, we must run ever faster to keep things spinning. In a nutshell, 'life' has cranked into high gear.

B) As social stress is on the upswing and, in direct proportion, as more laws, restrictions, guidelines, surveillance and military/political safeguards are put into place - the more 'powerless' we feel as individuals. Many fear the time of George Orwell's 'Big Brother' 1984 scenario lays close at hand.

C) Along with the advances in technology, medicine, physical sciences to name but a few - so have we been made more aware of not just the enigmas and anachronisms of the universe at large, but we have also been influenced to become more 'paranoid/inquisitive' of all that we suspect may exist that we do not yet know about. This tendency is further exacerbated by the human tribe predilection for the covert acquisition and dissemination of any information that could be used against us by a different tribe. Out of fear, those in control stay in control by sheer ownership of the most effective weaponry - be it physical or informational in nature. Tribe/herd behavior has not changed in this area. And tribe/herd members permit this in order to ensure their own safety. Ultimately, what controls us is our own instinctive behavior.

D) We are naive enough to believe that everyone and everything under God revolves around man, and we consider ourselves at the heart of every drama - both real and imagined. We over estimate the importance of our species.

E) Last, though not least, when we - again, collectively or individually - question or disagree with mainstream opinion, we are subject to ridicule or suspicion. The human herd protects its own and tends to reject any 'outside' influence that might upset the 'status quo'.

The five points above are well met by what seems to be contact and interference by at least 2 or 3 humanoid species, whose actual presence, activities and ultimate motives we do not have the means to verify to the satisfaction of the rest of the herd. Think about your primary reaction when you're first made aware of threatening news (e.g. the latest food product recall). Human instinct is to take protective action and warn other members of the herd.

This is when an abductee or close encounter experiencer (CEE) hits an emotional wall, because not only may he not rely upon the support expected of other herd members, but he is also rejected and ridiculed for what the herd regards as a false alarm. He will become isolated in his own angst.

No big deal. Because as the close encounter experience progresses and unfolds about the CEE, he will then, hopefully, discover he is more than a herd member as previously assumed. He will awaken to his own power of individuality and learn to take responsibility for the same.

With any luck, if the CEE can manage to keep a firm grip on his ego, personality, avoid delusions of grandeur, and stay firmly grounded in objective as well as subjective reality, and learn to laugh at the bizarre magnificence of life as we are yet to know it, then he will do fine. By the same token, should he remained governed by the fear-driven behaviour of the lower animal instinct, his ego/personality may not be able to sustain health nor remain fully 'intact'. (Which is one reason why I suspect many close encounters are orchestrated below the level of ego awareness, to later surface, if at all, via right brain metaphor)

Moving on now to those pesky Reptilians and their plans for world domination:

A) They don't want it

B) They wouldn't take it if you paid them

C) Despite the 'bad press', there are not 'good guy' and 'bad guy' reptilians plotting behind the scenes.

D) Forget everything you've ever seen on Star Trek.

Someone, somewhere, somehow - for reasons that benefit us as well as them, has devised a strategy for soul evolvement and awareness enhancement. If you look beyond the fear, the pain and the horror (and this is not to be taken lightly) - you can see a slow but steady evolution at work, for work it has truly been. For despite the atrocities still at large in our present era, never before has man been made so aware of his need for self responsibility and ethical treatment of others. Slowly, but surely we are being weaned away from our dependence on material goods, our animal reward systems, our sense of entitlement and our instinctive drive to be led by the alpha members of our tribe.

To evolve beyond the here and now, as others before us have surely done, we need to evolve beyond the animal template (will the rat, given proper time, do the same thing?). We need to separate ourselves from the 'illusion', see the class room for what it truly is, to reach beyond the dichotomy of our thinking and step into a higher, faster field of light frequency so we may unlock the entire 64 DNA codons. And this is only done by the energetic frequency of the love 'emotion', which has a faster wave length than that of the fear emotion.

And we cannot do this as long as we immerse ourselves in fear. No matter who owns what, which party dictates and controls whatever, it is a mark of maturity to control oneself. We do not need to set up paper tigers (no matter how hard they may bite) nor do we need windmills to battle. The time for battle is over. It does no good to align oneself with this party or that, to draw lines against all enemies. Our species needs, and mighty quick I might add, to grow the h**l up.

Thank God we have teachers and helpers all over the place. Because, no matter how new age or naive this may sound, the only thing that can and does matter, that will only survive, is love. Not sexual, nor possessive, nor expectant and ego-driven, but pure objective love. The kind the angels are rumored to dispense. A love of a higher order that has nothing whatsoever to do with candy boxes and greeting cards, or passionate trysts under cover of night.

I believe we are on 'borrowed' time - both metaphorically and literally. I also believe the universe abounds with life, and suspect we have helpers along the way. I think tremendous change is headed our way, and a great deal of this has to do with the release from the prison of our physical template.

I also speculate that what we see about us is largely a staged drama of the highest order. I think this is conveyed to our right brain hemisphere, again and again, via synchronicity and symbolic enactments designed to alert our subconscious (remember, the right brain is suspected to function differently per time as does the left) to the underlying truth of the matter and nudge our left brain into recognition/cognition/action of this self-same truth. Were we not so dichotomous in our construction, it would likely not be necessary to push so many buttons in so many different areas.

But this is the hand of cards we must play for the time being. The same can be said of the Gray aliens, the Reptilians/Draconians and God knows who else. Both the Grays and the Reptilians have reportedly made reference to an agenda of genetic manipulation. Unfortunately, at least as experienced, the haughty Reptilians use the iron fist in a velvet glove technique. As previously lamented, their blatant arrogance raises many a human hackle - which makes one wonder just what it is they have to be so stubbornly superior about? (as an aside - think about it! We humans consider ourselves superior to the lower animals mainly because we deem our self as intellectually above them. Do the Reptilians feel the same way? And for the same reasons? If there is any basic truth to the theory of a covert Reptilian/Illuminati agenda, and we humans have been foolishly manipulated all the way ... well, one can see where they might have arrived at the notion of intellectual superiority.)

Yet, and this is a big yet, both the Grays and the Reptilians, in their 'friendlier' moments (let's try to imagine a cozy, fireside 'chat' next time one of the aliens is administering a rectal probe, shall we?) - state that what lays behind their interference and genetic experimentation, is an urgent need to save us as well as themselves from extinction. It is unclear whether or not the Reptilians specifically are under the same pressure, but it does appear, so far as they have intimated, that they have graciously elected to offer up not only their own genetic material, but also to have physically put aside their own species form and incarnate into the human host, in order to help advance the agenda (?) and evolvement of the human species from the inside out.

And THIS is where we get caught in the conspiracy quicksand - for it is probable we have mistakenly taken not one, but at least two or three diverse 'agendas' and somehow confused them all under one 'heading' - hence the difficulty in making clear sense out of anything.

Again, specifically - there may indeed be, as history seems to attest, a desire and agenda for an elite group of individuals to maintain control of the world's wealth and power. This is, as I deem it, a human failing and I hope to God that those allegedly so involved will ultimately acknowledge their accountablitiy to their fellow man. For their own sakes, as well as that of others. I suspect, however, there to be a far larger picture behind the allegations, of which it is beyond the scope of this article to delve deeply. The internet is full of such articles, so - if interested, knock yourself out.
But, as far as those we encounter in the twilight world of the mind -those we deem Reptilians, Gray aliens and related humanoids - their agenda, as I consider it at this time to be - has little to do with a lower species' quest for riches. I think it has more to do with a group of energetic self-aware entities (call them souls for brevity), who have achieved the ability to consciously enter and exit physical vehicles at will (as opposed to our current state of forgetfulness), and - for various reasons - have elected to work from the inside out, to incarnate if you will, into the human vehicle. The ultimate purpose has to be one that would benefit both parties concerned, because that is how the universe - in the largest sense - must operate. Life can only further life.
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