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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Grays and the Human Wall

GRAY ALIENS, Reptilians and the Resistant Mind:

... so He did speak of stones dropped from the skies,
and creatures that crept
when unawares the rest slept -
Yet all were but lies 'til He proved otherwise.

We have too many answers for all the wrong questions. We live in an intellectual Catch 22. Tomorrow overturns today's fact, next year's theory will be built on the ashes of yesteryear's, as we are led further and deeper into the forest of understanding, and without flashlight or candle we grope blindly about, stumbling into those ahead or behind us, and we've left but the finest of bread crumbs to follow - a trail of agreement which the winds of opinion do constantly erase.
2009. Our species has expanded its peek into the microcosm and macrocosm to the point we have reason to ponder there exist more suns in the heavens than grains of sand on Earth's beaches. We build stunningly ingenious particle accelerators in our search for what we call the Higgs Boson particle. We suspect the presence of universes beyond that of our own; mysterious vortexes of such gravitational pull may rest outside our known universe as to put all else as on the scale of a pinhead; by the sheer virtue of mathematics and logic most of us bow our heads in acknowledgement that intelligent life must surely exist elsewhere - perhaps in abundance.
We question whether the known laws of physics is an absolute or a local phenomenon. We have learned that animals are more intelligent, capable and self-aware than supposed. There are elephants who paint and dolphins who learn language. We have come to know that the Earth is not flat, nor God - and we struggle to expand our mind's ability to grasp the inexplicable. Our species' talent for technology astounds us, for it is a collective achievement and no single man may replicate the whole. We are a race of explorers.
Our curiosity drives us while our emotions may wreck us. We know these things. We know our ancestors were not stupid. We have learned that they were not so brutish and bumbling as once supposed. We stand at the foot of their monuments and marvel, we also stand at the apex of their accomplishments to continue the work they began. We have learned to light fire to banish the darkness, we have learned to separate the superstition from the stupendous. We humbly acknowledge the more we have learned the less that we know, but it doesn't stop us from hammering at the walls of our ignorance. We laugh at our foibles. We persevere. We have courage.
Yet, for all we seek change it is the one thing, including death, we are most resistant to. For the majority of us who believe in an omnipotent God and seek Him on a daily basis, we persecute those who hear Him answer. We place more ease of trust in our cellphones than we do our own minds. We know we are materialistic and self-driven, as we preach of the beauty of the soul only to ignore this same beauty while we glorify the flesh.
We are a dichotomous species with the potential for boundless achievement. We know these things for we are trapped in a terrible love-affair with our own humanity.
To continue:
We both expect and speculate on the existence of other beings; yet we deny their presence.
We worship at the throne of technology; though we treat it as magic and refuse to acknowledge the magic we have yet to discover.
We encourage diversity, discovery and a quest for greater knowledge, though we must deny, ridicule and persecute the same until one of us has the courage to stifle his laughter.
We would rather experience the unexpected vicariously through movies and books, than risk the opening of a door in our minds and souls, for we fear what may walk through.
We fear to run ahead, for we leave the security of our herd behind. And we cannot bear to have witness to our fall.
We are as children who wail for our parents on the other side of the wall, though we reinforce this wall with bricks of our own design.
Still, we know all this. And through this knowledge, we are given the courage to somehow continue our journey through the darkness towards the Light.

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