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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gray Aliens Abduction and Hybrids II


Continuing where we left off, let's not be too quick to assume that when we are speaking of human/alien hybrids, that we are referring to the natural shared characteristics as is seen in the typical physiology of human reproduction - that is, a status quo or X & Y type of thing. While certainly the above could and likely does occur, that may be a separate agenda all its own. For easier comprehension of the entire picture, its better to focus on a piece at a time, and for this time I think it preferable to stick to the locus of the hybrid program as that of acquiring 'selective' human characteristics, such as our own bio-engineers are proficient at doing, and much else besides.
Therefore, in accordance with the information presented in Part 1, it would appear that a selective breeding program is well in place; and given all the anecdotal information as to the nature and frequency of the abductions and medical experiments, the largest percentage of which could be termed 'invasive', the grays are likely picking and choosing with care the specific DNA or other material, (rather than willy nilly mating chalk with cheese), they wish to perpetrate in their hybrid offspring. And it is also theorized that there are many such 'generations' of hybrids, which lends credence to the idea that the gray aliens are after a particular 'stop-point' biological entity. Undoubtedly, there is much trial and error taking place, but all with a definite end result in mind.
As mentioned in an earlier post, I have long suspected a 'culling' process at work in the Grays' agenda.
This so-called culling process can best be exemplified when we consider cattle. There are milk cattle, beef, and the best of those set aside for breeding purposes to propagate both the species within and the desired traits throughout. Cattle may also be used, less frequently, for the sheer pleasure of human interaction, and there are those who roam freely, depending on the needs and desires of the predominating culture.
Besides meat and milk, other by-products of this culling of cattle process includes cheese, leather goods, waste products and not-intended-for-human-consumption animal proteins.
So it is not unreasonable to assume that if there is present in the alien abduction and human breeding experiments even one iota of other than non-subject reality at work, ... one percent fact out of a hundred fabrications and confabulations, then we are still left with an enigma of immense purport and one in which we might certainly consider ourselves in a position similar to cattle.
With the above in mind, we will now divide the Gray Alien Abduction Agenda into sub-categories for further analysis.

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