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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gray Aliens and Evil Spirits?


What frustrates me more than anything are the countless side avenues which constantly arise whenever one undertakes to scrutinize the grey alien enigma. It becomes increasingly difficult to avoid distraction, to know what to include or dismiss, and how to tell the difference. Furthermore, it is absolutely plausible that what we may have relegated to the aliens, humanoids, reptilians, UFOs and Grays, may be a horse or horses of an entirely different color!
Which brings me to the subject of evil spirits, Djinn, demons, et al. Fallen angels, if you'd rather. In essence, anything or anyone possessed of an enmity towards mankind. Is there truly such an animal? There are just as many proponents as nay Sayers, and it's not within my agenda to ruthlessly tread on anyone's belief system. Not deliberately, that is. What I do propose to conjecture is simply one of many ideas up for consideration. If I have any bias, it is such that I really do not hold with a particular belief system at this time, preferring to keep an open mind and gather in all the facts.
So where are those facts? You know, it is rather tempting to shriek and moan, to manipulate and capitalize on any of the popular belief systems pulling in countless page views on the Internet. THE GRAYS ARE HERE TO SAVE US! THE ALIENS PLAN TO OVERTAKE US 2012! And so forth. As tempted as I am, that is NOT what my blog is about.
My blog is an attempt (futile as it sometimes seems) to pick apart, to analyze and consider every possible angle of the Gray Alien phenomenon and present it for discussion. I welcome responsible commentary - two minds are indeed better than one! If you can take the time to read a post, I hope you can also take the time to leave a comment. Help me to help unravel the biggest mystery of our Age! I sincerely am asking for intelligent input from my readership. Consider becoming a follower for when a new angle is posted in order to offer any fresh insight you may have. Remember when Christ promised miracles whenever two or more were gathered in His name?
Thus said, what IF the Grays or aliens actually are 'evil' spirits in disguise? Okay then, if they are, to what point? Also remember, the end reveals the intent. So, what could be their benefit (end result) in so doing?
Unless there is a sort of cosmic chess game afoot, where whomever captures the most souls wins (a new space cruiser?), what would the logic be in man's pursuit by evil beings? Because ultimately, evil cannot be the winning force of the universe, because it is a secular, selfish and destructive energy.
However, two possibly plausible scenarios do arise to mind here, at least in the support of an unknown 'evil' species with inimical plans for man.
The first being: In order for the cosmic life force to eternally continue - to avoid cessation via heat death (see the laws of Thermodynamics) - there might need to be a system of continual 'friction' as that which is commonly referred to via the Yen/Yang or dichotomy of being. As long as A is never at perfect rest with B, the resultant friction between the two opposites keep the system/life force in motion. Under this notion, should the two ever reconcile and truly become one (as is symbolized by the pyramid) then a THIRD state of being would then predominate and possibly be subject to complete stasis or non-growth (at least as we understand life/motion/growth/change).
The second being: (and I have touched upon this postulate in earlier posts) - That man is simply one of many links in a universal food chain; with an unknown predator standing above us, tricking us, deceiving us (as we manipulate and trick that which we harvest for our own benefit - such as using pheromones to lure game) and doing whatever it must to reap the nourishment provided by our human energies. Robert Monroe referred to this energy nourishment as simply 'loosh'.
If this is indeed the case, than these Gray Aliens or evil spirits, etc are simply no better or worse than we, ourselves, are! In fact, how dare we call into question their morality and ethics when we ourselves consider it fully proper and 'our right' to harvest planet Earth's fish, fowl, beasts, plants, oceans, insects, forests, and so forth without end ONLY as our needs dictate. After all, our excuse goes that God GAVE us dominion, didn't he? Doesn't that make it right to do so? We have to survive, don't we?
So what is the moral dilemma when another species smarter, faster, needier, more clever and more invisible to our awareness, - uses US to meet their own energetic requirements? Logically, there is none. Fair, my friends, IS fair.
However, in light of this latter hypothesis, I 'feel' this could be true or play a part in any perceived 'food chain' ethicism: No matter how we protest and gnash our teeth, we do not have the right expect any better treatment than what we deliver unto other life forms. It's as plain as that. As one sows, so shall they reap - if I remember correctly.
Additionally, the greater the intelligence of any hypothetical species, then also must come the greater and wiser implementation of 'ethics as deserved'.
We are JUST beginning, as a race, to recognize and protest the brutality which we visit upon the lower life forms on this planet. That is a start. Until we learn to meet our own energy needs in a humane and RESPECTFUL manner, we cannot and should not protest the treatment visited upon us.
Especially if you believe the God Force to be one of love and fairness for all.


  1. I can't believe I came across your blog - I've been searching and reading to find the answer to these very questions. I don't even know where to start. I do believe many of the lights in the sky and many of the crafts we see are of our own making - read "The hunt for zero point gravity" but I don't believe it accounts for all UFOs and I do believe there are some Aliens out there.

    I can't separate what I think they might be from my own personal beliefs - my foundation of beliefs - so basically I do believe in evil spirits, which are just like us only they don't have a body like us and they are not good. I do believe in good spirits too. I do believe in God. I don't believe we were created by some other race to be slaves. I think that is one of the lies. So basically thats where I begin - I do believe God has created many worlds and so has many others like us on many other worlds so they could infact be more advanced than us and visit here. On this planet we have people who range from 3 feet high to 7 feet high, they come in all colors, some of their eyes are round, some slant, etc. So I figure on other worlds as long as they have a body, head, arms, legs, they could just be different variations of what we already have here, maybe some look exactally like us. Now how to cut through all the crap on the internet and figure out what is truth and what is not. I'm afraid I don't have too many answers yet. Have read most of that book but not finished yet. I got it from someone who had been praying about these same questions and was guided to this book so I do believe alot of answers lie there, but not all!

    My only thoughts on whether aliens are evil spirits are this - if a body was created/manufactured/cloned a spirit would not/could not enter in as God I believe wouldn't allow that so what could enter in? Either artificial intelligence or an evil spirit, remember they ran into a herd of pigs so they are capable on entering into bodies of any kind. If artificial intelligence then it would be more like C3po or something but if an evil spirit - I would suspect they would be engaged in making more bodies. This is only a thought but it makes sense to me, I have heard the small greys have no soul and to me that means they were made for evil spirits to inhabit. Now thats if this is all true - I'm still not sure.

  2. Hi Etosha! What an intelligent, well-thought out comment! Thank you so much for sharing your unique perspective - two minds ARE better than one lol

    I will gladly look up the book you mentioned, hopefully I can get it thru our inter-library system.

    You know, from my personal experience of the one time I was fully awake, aware, substance-free and completely [well, fairly lol] sane and actually SAW one of the spindly greys crawling atop my body (I've written in depth regarding this incident in another post)and stared into those incredible eyes ... well, it blew me away! However, I didn't *feel* any threat or perceived evil - rather, in my instance, it felt truly/immensely alien. This is so hard to explain and get across. It still fascinates me 13 years later after the event.

    Anyway, I truly hope you will considering becoming a follower, and thank you again for such an insightful comment~ :)