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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Grays and The Pineal Gland


Lately, I've been trying to uncover any possible connection with alien abductions and the pineal gland, or inner eye as sometimes called. If the subjectively real close encounters with gray aliens rely on any particular physiological happenstance on our part, then it would not be surprising to discover that the pineal gland is the bridge between their reality and that of our own.
I wonder about this possibility for many reasons, especially if alien abductions lay in some quasi - fuzzy state of neither here nor there, subjective nor objective. A hinterland of the mind, yet devoid of the common notion that what is not objective cannot then be 'real'. Before I continue further, I want to point out that according to mathematics, each successive dimension - as we go from 1, to 2, to 3, and so forth - each additional dimension must lay perpendicular to the one preceding it. Therefore, in a very real though abstract analogy, after the third dimension (or fourth if you care to include time/space into your count) - one must go inward, as there is no other direction available. Think of the hypercube, or tesseract that, in movement, folds and enfolds upon itself. Some have used the terms implicate and explicate order to label these movements.
With that said, the pineal gland has long been attributed with the ability to reach other worlds, inner space, higher dimensions, the seat of the soul is said to be reached by this pea sized gland, and much more besides. I encourage all my readers to do a little e-searching about the pineal.
Interestingly (or distressingly!), in our current time, the pineal gland is thought to be adversely affected by the chemical fluoride and calcifies as a result. Not good. This could go a long way to explaining why man has lost the abilities and insights seemingly so readily available to our ancestors; modern man may very well be locking the door to his own freedom!
I cannot help but recall of Jesus' statement in the Bible, "The Kingdom of Heaven lays within"!
Additionally, I cannot help but consider the idea that what if those privy (if such is the right term) to alien abductions, close encounters and many other forms of what is so carelessly labeled 'paranormal experiences' may not in fact stem from a more normally or properly functioning pineal gland? What experiences and accounts do citizens in those countries without fluoridated water systems have to offer? And does there exist a racial/genetic predisposition towards greater or lesser pineal function?
And there are many methods (should one so choose) to help stimulate the third eye into proper function. Be aware, however, that (at least in my own trials) such stimulation can lead to some terrific headaches, which thankfully don't last. With my rather haphazard way of personal experimentation, I can't say exactly which methods have been most productive for me, so you may wish to check around the Internet and see what sounds proper for you to try; again - only if that is your desire.
Because if the pineal gland acts as a doorway, or a portal to lands uncharted, only fools or angels may wish to enter therein.

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